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shopify tee shirts

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads


what is up, good people, welcome and welcome back to another video. it's your girl, alex, and defined by alex and you guys. so in today's video, i'm going to show you how to build an online store using the shopify domain, where you're going to be able to fully leave this video, understanding how to create everything you need, how to navigate through shopify's platform, knowing where to go, where you need to go to find your data, how to add products- i mean everything. okay, so i'm gonna go ahead and hop into my computer, but before i do that, let me go ahead and encourage you to stay to the end of this video so that way you guys can see me answer questions in real time that you've been leaving in my comments. so, for those of you who are new here, just really quickly, i'm doing what's called audience highlights, where i spend some time answering questions that you, good people, have left me in my comments. so feel free to stay to the end of this video so that way you won't miss any good information that i'm going to share. but without further ado, let me go ahead and hop into shopify and show you how to build your online store. let's go all right, good people. so let me go ahead and just break down pretty much how to navigate and how to build your online store. so once you pretty much go through those preliminary steps with shopify, like adding all of your information, like your personal information, your store, the information where your business is located, all that good stuff- then it will bring you to what i have in front of me. so, for the record, this is a fake store i just created. it's nothing serious, it's just for the purposes of this tutorial. so i just want to go through and let you guys see what that you know what it looks like. so it's going to pretty much walk you through things that you have to do. shopify is really good with putting things right in front of your face so that way you know what you need to pay attention to and you know all that good stuff. so, for example, when it comes to, like, your state tax and sales tax and setting all that up, you could just merely hit view state and it just takes care of that and you're good to go. this will go away once you complete that step. but then, moving forward, if i just want to go down here and see all of the steps that they are um suggesting, i should say, to complete this gives you a really good walkthrough of how to you know, knowing what to do and how to do it, and stuff like that. i'm not going to focus mainly on this main section, because i want to take you guys to where you can actually add a product and build your store to give you more of that confidence. so, moving away from that, i'm going to navigate to my left hand side. here. you guys see how it's all of the things that you need to know when it comes to your own store. so let's just go ahead and start with the home page. this is the home page, so this is what we're looking at as we speak. when it comes to orders, every time you have an order it will show here, or, in the event that you have to create an order, just on those one off. you know moments that you have to create an order. then it does it here, and so this is where all of your orders will be housed. if you have draft orders, they'll be housed here as well, and things like that. moving on to products, i'm going to show you here in just a moment how to add a product, but this is the section where you house all of your inventory. so this is where it's going to show you all of the active, inactive and giraffe products that you've added to your store- archived, i mean. i guess i should say more, more so archive, but nonetheless, this is where it'll be housed. when it comes to knowing your inventory and all that stuff, so, so, under the overarching product umbrella, then you have like sub tabs, which is your inventory, your transfers collections and gift cards collections is going to be important to point out because when it comes to housing same like product- so, for an example, when it comes to accessories, you may still sell t-shirts, but if you're someone like me who sells like hats and journals and coffee mugs, this collections piece is going to be important because then you can just say i want it as collection and everything under accessories will be housed and that's it collection that you make. moving on to customers, when people start purchasing from you, this is where they'll be. so, um, this is all of your customers. so this is not just email subscribers, it's all of your customers that are going to be, of course, you know, shopping with you, who have purchased, and things like that. when it comes to finances. if you are, you know, wanting to look at the, the money and the numbers and things like that, this is where that's housed. and to show you your balance- and you have like a shopify balance from your monthly subscriptions and your shippings and things like that- your payout, your net sales- again, all of those figures that you need to constantly look at. i mean, like, make it a habit at this point to really know how your shop is performing when it comes to the numbers. so, under finances, you'll find a good chunk of information when it comes to your financial performance of how your store is doing. okay, so, moving on to the analytiks tab, so this is where, like y'all when i tok about getting into the data and the data don't lie- this is where it's going to be. so, right here, let me just hide all these extra tabs. so, right here is where you'll know how your shop is performing when it comes to how many online sessions, how many people and visitors are visiting your store, your return customer, right, so who is buying from you more than once? okay, so your conversion rate: how many people are not only adding to cart, but how many people are actually reaching checkout to where they're completing the sale. okay, average order value, total orders you've had. i mean, this is pretty much it's gonna tell all of your businesses business when it comes to knowing how your store is performing, things that you may need to improve on, things that you know is working, and all that good stuff. so, because this is a test store, i don't have any you know type of figures or metrics that's pulled in. i just want to help you guys know what to look for and how to navigate it first, before we get to the building part. so, moving on to the marketing, shopify's like: oh my god, shopify is just the bombcom when it comes to marketing and having a all-in-one platform where you can sell your products, download app, market. you know, i mean it's just, it's a lot and it can be overwhelming in the beginning, but trust me when i say i have never thought about switching to any other platform since i've used shopify, which is now over over a year, you know well, over a year. um, i really enjoy just knowing i know where to go to look at how my store is doing when it comes to discounts over here. so this is where you can create um discount codes, whether you want to have customers type in the code when they reach their- you know- checkout and leaving your store. or if you want to have something, automatik, um, where they click a product and they add it to cart and the you know shopify already just embeds the automatik discount that you've applied and created in this tab here. moving on to the app, so if you want to start adding um, likes what's a good app, like your upsell app, if you want to do print on demand, you will go here, go to customize your store and it will bring up. i mean, it's an app store. think about how we use our phones, like you know, our iphone and our android, and we have those apps, you know, that app store where we may need to know, like, how to organize, how to cook, how to play it. well, think of shopify as the same thing, but for your business. so when it comes to, like i said before, creating an upsell, when it comes to, you know, wanting to use print on demand and having those apps that integrate with shopify, you're going to want to make sure that you know what to look for and, going here, you can honestly just browse, like it's just so much to already search for. so this is.

Stop Selling T-Shirts With Printful On Etsy/Shopify Print On Demand Stores In 2022

what are the biggest problems facing print-on-demand sellers in the year 2022? it's not the continuation of the rising facebook ad costs or even the big mystery around why some people get banned from running facebook ads. it's also not the continuation of the increases to fees on etsy. it's also not the inability by some to actually get approved to sell products on merch by amazon. in fact, the biggest problem facing print-on-demand sellers is the constant promotion of selling t-shirts by some of the most popular youtube channel. in 2019, i made this video here, where i started to tok about not selling t-shirts. in 2020, i made this video here, where i continued to make that point. and in 2021, i continued with more videos trying to tell people not to sell shirt. on those videos, i got comments like these: it's not about the t-shirt or whatever you're selling. people buy your stuff because they like your design. if they like your design, they'll spend that money. or this one guy who failed with shopify and printful is all over youtube toking about nothing. or even this one here for every here is how to make money video. there is a don't do this or you will lose money video and people wonder why everyone is so indecisive and, honestly, the majority of the people that made comments like that likely closed their print-on-demand store a long time ago because it probably didn't work out. there was, however, a lot of really positive comments on those videos that i just referenced, so before you comment on this one, please watch the whole video so that way you can understand exactly what i am trying to say. so now, in 2022, i am still going, and over the last few months inside of my print on demand facebook group, i've been giving tips and keeping people updated as i've scaled one of my newest stores to over six figures in sales. now i certainly don't claim to have all the answers, but what i do try to do is share some of the most up-to-date information about what's working right now with print on demand. a lot of the other channels out there just sort of recycle content about things that they did back in 2017, trying to convince you that those things still work today. now here's the basic premise of what i do with my print-on-demand stores. the first is i need to choose a great niche. this is what gets people interested. secondly, i choose high profit products and then i make a great design, and the key here is: i really do recommend shopify and i recommend people to go all in on paid traffic, whether it's with an instagram ad or a facebook ad. to me, that is the quickest way to make real money with print on demand in the year 2022, and i know there are other ways to sell print on demand products and i'm sure there are people out there that do very well. i will even address some of those other methods in this video today and tok about why i think, as beginners out there, you might not have as much success with those methods. now, before you say what some of the other people on some of those other videos said, keep in mind i started my first print on demand store in 2016.. i eventually had some success with t-shirts in 2017.. i had a store where i was selling shirts. i was using facebook ads, i was using instagram influencers and i was growing my own social media pages to make my sales. i eventually ended up selling that store on something called the shopify store exchange. this is a website where you can list stores for sale. shopify handles the entire transaction to make sure that both sides cannot get ripped off. basically, what i'm saying is: i've had success with shirts. however, it was a long time ago and then something happened. not only were facebook ad costs continuing to rise, but tons of different print on demand companies started to innovate and they started to offer some much cooler product, and when i say cooler, i mean things that customers were going to get much more excited about. i also mean products that were going to make a lot more profit margins for me on my store. now i've been making print-on-demand content and posting about my journey for a while, and i dug up some of these old posts. this one here was made back in 2018, when i started selling hooded blankets from a print-on-demand company called wc fulfillment. over the years, even throughout 2019, 2020 and 2021, and even now, i've continued to try to sell a lot more unique products that make me a lot more profits on my stores. i'm toking about things like car seat covers from the pillow profits print on demand company. toking about all over print hoodies or other oliver printed apparel from companies like printfy or subliminator. toking about print-on-demand jewelry from a print-on-demand company called shine on, and so many more. if you want to check out some of the other videos on my channel, i show some of these awesome products all the time. so this takes us to today, where i'm still making videos like this, and there will definitely be people out there that don't want to hear it. they want to continue to try and sell t-shirts on etsy or on shopify or wherever, and ultimately those people can do what they want. but for those that are interested in learning some things that might be a little bit different than what you're used to hearing, definitely stik around, because in this video i'm going to be breaking down a whole bunch of things that can help you to be successful with some of these higher profit products. so i'm not sure if i actually said this earlier, but my name is joe robert. i make videos here on my channel to help you start grower scale your print on demand store on shopify. if you want to access my free course, there's over 20 step-by-step videos that will help you to get started to actually build your store and get started with facebook and instagram ads. check the link down in the description. you can also check out the pod ninjas facebook group. there's over 50 000 store members inside of that group. there's a link for that as well down in the description. now, the first reason to not sell shirts in the year 2022 is the saturation, no matter what platform you are selling on, whether it is shopify, amazon, etsy, redbubble or anywhere else- they are all saturated. now, this book here was written by someone named dan kennedy, and he is a marketing genius. he toks about a concept called a red ocean, and this, right here, is a red ocean: tons of different sellers, tons of sharks eating all of the fish, causing the water to be red. if you're starting an etsy store in 2022, you're instantly putting yourself in direct competition with hundreds of thousands of other sellers, and if you're doing t-shirts or even mugs, it's likely that your designs look exactly like everybody else's. that's because with those products, it's pretty difficult to make your stuff actually stand out. in this book, he also toks about a concept called a blue ocean, which is an ocean that doesn't have a lot of sharks in it. there's not a lot of blood in the water, which means there is less competition. this to me, in the year 2022, means building your own website where you are actually off on your own and you're not competing with everybody else on a platform for limited amounts of organic traffic. what i would say to do from there is to build your own communities on social media and go all in on driving paid traffic to your store. some of the biggest print on demand stores out there are doing just that, and one of the keys to actually succeeding with that method is choosing better products, things that make you more profits, and avoiding things like a t-shirt or a mug. now let's break this down. earlier, i mentioned that facebook ad costs have been rising. this certainly doesn't mean that we cannot use them. it just means that we need to do things a little bit differently than we did back in 2017.. it means we just have to adapt and choose new products and get out of our comfort zone and get away from some of the things that we are so used to seeing when it comes to print on demand product. take a look at this study here it shows on aver.

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How To Make A Shopify Store For Your T-Shirt Business In 10 Minutes (Printful Print On Demand)

what's going on, guys? in this video, i will show you how to make a shopify store for your print-on-demand t-shirt business. let's not waste any time and get right into it. alright, guys? so making a shopify store is something that is super easy to do, but a lot of people are having trouble with this, so i'm gonna simplify it in this video. so shopify is by far the best and easiest way to make an online store. the first thing you're going to do is go on shopifycom and sign up for a monthly plan. their plans cost around 30 a month. all right, guys. so after you register for a shopify plan, the next step is to buy a domain name. you're going to go on this main shopify page right here, and you're gonna click on where it says domains. you're gonna click buy new domain and right here, you're gonna type in the name of the domain that you want to buy. so we're gonna do surfingmergecom and, as you guys can see, the domain is gonna cost 14 a year. so after the domain is purchased, it's going to be automatikally linked to the website. if you guys don't buy your own domain name, shopify is going to assign a domain with a myshopifycom at the end, and you guys don't want to use that. you will not get any sales like that after the domain is purchased. the next step is to get a shopify theme. we're going to click on themes. we're going to scroll down. we're going gonna hit explore free themes. we're gonna scroll down again and we're gonna click venture, click, add theme to library. the theme is now added. let's click customize and right here is our empty shopify store. all right, guys. the next step is to get all of our website assets, such as pictures and logos for this website. instead of using a logo, we're going to use a custom font. so we're going to go into google, type in surfing font and download this font right here in photoshop. we're going to make this file with the clear background and save it as a png file. the next thing we're going to do is get pictures for our website. we're going to go on istokphotocom- since this shopify store is going to be a surfing t-shirt store, we're going to type in surfing. let's go ahead and do that, hit search and right here you guys will get thousands of different surfing pictures. we're going to find one that we like and use that for our website. so this one right here looks pretty good. let's click on it. so this picture right here looks perfect. it's gonna cost you around twelve dollars to purchase. now the next thing we're going to do is go on a website called playsetcom. with this website, we can make professional looking pictures without using professional photographers. this website has tens of thousands of different pictures and video mockups, so let's click this one right here. so the way place it works is that you will select the color of the t-shirt. let's do this color right here, and after this, we're going to upload the design. let's raise it just a little bit, hit crop and now we have a professional looking picture with our design. we're gonna hit download and we're done. so we're going to put all of our t-shirt designs and website pictures into one folder and let's take a look at them real quick. here. we're gonna use this picture for our banner. so here are the pictures right here, so everything looks perfect. so the next thing we have to do is make our collections pages. we're going to go back to our main shopify page. we're going to click on products, we're going to click on collections and we're going to click create collection. you're going to make a collections page for each type of product that you have. so, for example, if you have t-shirts, you will make a collection for t-shirts. if you have hoodies, you will make a collections page for hoodies. if you have tank tops, you will have a collections page for tank tops. so let's make our first collections page. you guys can make a description if you want. we're going to upload an image for the men's collections page. click add image and make sure under collection type you're going to select manual, click save and our men's t-shirt collection is created. next we're going to the women's t-shirts. again, click create collection. we're going to type in women's t-shirts. click manual, add image and hit save. next we're going to make our tank top collection. click create collection and type in tank tops. add our picture, hit manual and click save. click back. now we're going to make our hoodies collection. click create collection. hoodies manual. add image, upload the image, hit save. and now let's add one more collection for accessories: hit create collection type in accessories manual. and for this one we're not going to upload an image right now, we'll just click save. okay, perfect. now we're going to click on online store and we're going to start designing our store. click on customize. we're going to start with our header: click header. we're going to upload our logo and here's our logo right here: click select. now we're going to add our menus. here we're going to click edit menu. we're going to click add menu item. we're going to name it men's t-shirts and for link we're going to add our men's t-shirts collections page. hit add. now we're going to add women's t-shirts: link collections women's t-shirts: click add, add menu item. we're gonna add hoodies: link collections hoodies add. add menu item. let's do tank tops: link collection tank tops add. and let's add the final one: accessories- add menu item. accessories- link collections accessories- add. our accessories- page. click add. right here, if you guys want, you can click on these dots and you can move things around. now we're done, hit save. let's go back to our online store. let's go back to customize and here you guys see all the menu items that we just added. now, if you guys want, you can add an announcement bar. let's click show announcement and let's type in free shipping on all us orders and here you guys can see the announcement bar popped up. now let's go back and let's add our picture slides: click slideshow. all right, guys, now we're going to add our slide pictures. we're going to click on the first slide. we're going to select image. we're going to select our main surfing image, click select and here you guys see it right here. now for heading we can type 10 off. for button label we're going to type all men's t-shirts use promo code summer 10.. i will show you guys how to make a promo code a little bit later. whenever somebody presses here, we want to direct them straight to the men's t-shirt collection page. so we're going to click here. we're going to click collections and we're going to select men's t-shirts, click save and we're done. now let's move on to the next slide. go back, select the second slide, select the image. let's select this girl right here, click select. now for heading let's type woman's t-shirts and again, when someone clicks here, we want them to go straight to the woman's t-shirt collections page. so let's click right here, select collections and select women's t-shirts, click save. now let's make the third slide. click slide, select image. let's select this image right here. and for heading we'll type in t-shirts for everyone and we'll leave this empty for now. save, all right, and right here you guys can see what we just made. so everything looks good now. next let's add our collections list: click collection. click select collection. we're gonna add men's shirts. click select, edit collection, go back. let's do the second collection. let's do woman shirts: click select. let's go back. third collection: let's do tank tops- select and let's add one more. let's add collection and select hoodies. click select and we're done. click save. now let's do this. let's take our feature collection. let's click on these dots right here and let's move it up. let's move right here. let's make our feature collections and men's t-shirts. let's click over here. let's click change. change collection- men's t-shirt: click select and click save. all of the men's t-shirts are going to show up right here now. the next thing you guys are going to do is click on apps. you're going to click s.


How to Start a T-Shirt Business For FREE & Make BIG Profits - with Print On Demand 2022 | Tutorial

i'm going to show you how you can build a wildly successful print-on-demand t-shirt business with no money. so this is my printful account and this is some of the stats just from the last seven days. in this video, i'm going to show you how i'm doing it. i'm actually going to show you one of my designs that is selling like hotcakes at the moment, and i'm going to show you everything you need to know to get started yourself. in this video, i'm going to walk through the entire process of how you can start a fully fledged, profitable ecommerce business just using a laptop: no investment required, no amazing design skills required and no printing or fulfillment required by you. this is a fantastik passive income business model that you definitely need to try. i recently started doing it myself and making some epic profits, and if you follow what i'm going to show you in this video, you could have your first sales coming in by today. now let's dive into it first up. if you don't know, print on demand is a simple but effective business model which allows you to sell unique products online, such as printed t-shirts, mugs, wall prints and so many other types of products. but the great thing about it is you don't have to invest in any stok up front. you don't have to do any of the printing or fulfillment yourself because it's all taken care of by an external printing company such as printful, who have kindly offered to sponsor this video. we're going to be focusing on t-shirts with this business, mainly because they've got quite a good profit margin. they're very quick to print and they're also quite easy to ship and fairly cheap shipping, so i think it's a very good product to get started with. the only thing that we really need to worry about is the designs which are printed onto the t-shirts. but do not worry, because i've got you covered in this video. i'm going to show you how to find and create super simple designs that sell like hot cakes. it's really not as difficult as it sounds okay, so let's get started. so first of all, you're gonna need to create a free printful account. you can use my referral link in the description to sign up to printful totally for free and, if you don't already know, printful is a global printing and fulfillment company and they've got a range of blank products available and the way that it works. we can sell any of these products with our own designs on online and if someone purchases from us. printful will print that product and send it to our customers. so it's totally passive income. so all you need to do to get started is create your printful account. okay, so once you've created your printful account, the dashboard should open up looking something like this. now i am actually going to go into the setup of everything a little bit later on, once we've actually created our designs. i'm just going to show you some results from my actual printful account, because this is obviously the one that i created for this example, and then i'll show you how we're setting all of this up. so this is my printful account and, as you can see, just this week so far i've managed to make a total gross profit of 620.. and let's just change it to the last seven days just so you can see: the last seven days total profit of 1 277. now the way that i'm making these sales is on etsycom, so there are actually a few etsy fees which come off this, but it's well over a thousand dollars profit just this week using the print on demand business model. if you don't already know, etsy is a massive marketplace which gets around 300 to 500 million visits every single month and it's the best place where people are looking for unique gifts. but t-shirts sell incredibly well on etsy. so it is the perfect free traffic source for your t-shirt business. and the great thing about printful is it connects directly to etsy, so if someone orders a t-shirt from your etsy store, it will be automatikally sent over to printful. printful will deal with that, they'll print it and they'll send it to your customer and you don't have to do anything. it is true, passive income. so first of all, you need to create an etsy account now. usually with etsy, you will need to pay 20 cents every time you upload a listing. now, if you actually click on the link in the description box below, you can actually create an etsy store for free. but you'll get 40 free listings and in this video, i'm going to show you the best way to use your 43 listings to make the most profit. now, once you sign up to exit, it'll walk you through the steps of actually setting up your account where you can name your shop. but in order to complete this setup, we actually need some t-shirt designs. so now we need to focus on the t-shirt designs. you might think in order to sell t-shirts online, you're gonna need to be some amazing designer or have a fashion degree or something like that, when that is really not the case. some of the best selling t-shirt designs online and on etsy are super, super simple designs. now i'm going to show you one of my t-shirt designs that i'm currently selling in just a moment, but i just want to show you this one that i just found on etsy just to show you the potential and how simple this can be. so this t-shirt here- all it says on the front is nap queen in white writing, super simple, would have, took literally a minute to create and they're currently selling it for 23 us dollars, which is probably around about 18 pounds, and just down here. this is a little tool which estimates how many sales people are making on etsy and it says they currently made over 5 800 sales just for this single t-shirt, which is a total revenue of 134 000 for one single t-shirt. now, based on my experience, you can probably buy this t-shirt from printful for around about 11 to 15. so let's just say, for instance, after some of the etsy fees and stuff like that, they're probably making, say, for instance, six dollars per t-shirt, which let's just add that up just to see how much profit. that is six times five, eight, four, nine equals thirty five thousand dollars profit for a simple t-shirt design. that is how crazy this is, and that's just one. they've probably got lots of different t-shirt designs that they're making constant sales from and constant profit from, totally passively. now it obviously would be amazing if you could get a t-shirt design that sells as crazy as this, which is totally possible. it really is possible. you can see that. but you don't obviously have to get these super high selling individual designs. you can still make money by tapping into niches or jumping on like events and trends that are happening as well, which is what i've kind of been doing myself. so let's just have a look at one of the t-shirt designs that i'm currently running. so this is it here. as you can see, it's a fun queen themed t-shirt, mainly targeting people in the uk, but i have been getting sales all over the world for this, and the reason why i created this is because there's a big event happening in the uk. you might not know if you're not from the uk, but it's the queen's jubilee, happens every 10 years to celebrate her being in power. people have loads of street parties and it's a big, fun event and obviously people want to wear fun t-shirts at these fun events. so i thought it would be a great idea to create a fun party t-shirt for the queen's jubilee and it's been selling fairly well, currently selling it for 23 pounds in the uk, which is probably around about 30- 29 in america, and i'll just show you some results from this now. this is obviously not my best selling t-shirt, but so far i've sold 22 of these, got a total revenue 386 pounds, which is probably around about nearly hundred dollars, and i'm making probably on average between five to ten pounds profit per t-shirt, which is around about six to twelve dollars profit per t-shirt. the reason it varies is because i've been running different sales and changing the price and testing different things to see what people will pay for it and what's going to work out the best. but let's just say on a

Stop Making T-Shirt Clothing Brands w/ Shopify Print On Demand

so here's the thing: if you are using shopify and print on demand, the best strategy for you to use looks something like this: start your store, pick a niche, make niche designs and then use facebook ads to promote your products. why? well, in 2020, this is by far the quickest way that you can get your brand new store off of the ground to make you some real money, compared to any other strategy out there. another option which is free would be to start a instagram page for your niche and post videos and images and use highly targeted hashtags to grow your account to a level where you can then promote your products to your own audience and get free traffic to your store. now, i've been selling print on demand products in this way for the last four years. i've also trained hundreds of other people to do this as well, and these two strategies, in my personal opinion and experience, lead to the highest rates of success, and unfortunately, so many people that are starting their own print-on-demand store are not doing anything like this. see, what they've done is they've jumped on the internet and have seen: with print on demand, they can create their own t-shirt clothing line, for example. they decide they want to create an urban streetwear brand with a cool logo and slap it on t-shirts. and then what they do, after spending weeks, months or even a year building out their store and perfecting their logo and putting it on shirts- is they launch facebook ads and start showing that branded t-shirt to people who have never heard of their brand before. and yes, i do recommend using facebook ads, like i said earlier, to promote products to people who have never seen your store before. but if you're just simply promoting a t-shirt clothing line in this way, you're likely going to fail. you're not doing print on demand correctly. see, what you have to realize is that print on demand and facebook ads, in that entire strategy of running an online business, is based solely on emotion. your design that you're putting on your product must cause an emotional response in your audience to get them to buy. if it doesn't and if you're just selling a shirt with a random logo on it, nobody is going to have an emotional response to that and you're not going to make any sales. and in this video i'm going to make my case. if you have any comments, please make sure to watch the entire video before you challenge the points that i'm about to make, because likely. i will address your comment or question in this video and we'll jump right into it right after this. [Music]. all right, guys. joe robert here, founder of podningerscom, you are now entering a guru-free zone. i make videos here on my channel to help you start, grow and scale a print-on-demand business on shopify. if you guys are new to the channel, make sure to like the video and subscribe. it really helps my small channel to grow. and if you're looking for some more resources to get started with shopify and print on demand, make sure to check out the links down in the description. you can start my training program for free. you can also check out my facebook group with over 23 000 print on demand store owners. i hope to see you there now. over the last few years, i have used shopify print on demand in the strategies that i'm going to tok about in this video, to create a full-time income for myself. i have profited about a half million dollars from this business model and i tell you that to let you know that i do have a little bit of understanding of how this business model works. i'm not just some random person on youtube making a video about something i know nothing about. i'm actually trying to help you here and today. i have a plea for you seriously: please stop using shopify print on demand to create a t-shirt clothing line based around a logo. on my channel here i make a ton of videos giving you advice on what not to do, and every single day i see people, especially inside of my facebook group, making posts about something they're doing and saying that it's not working, and i respond to them with a link to a video on my channel telling you to not do the exact thing that they are doing. another thing i want to share real quick is, as i was preparing to make this video, i was going through some of the links that i have saved over time. basically, what i do is, as i come across stores that i think would be good examples to show inside of my videos here on my channel of things that i would say not to do, i have found that a lot of those stores have actually closed. as i was preparing to make this video, i was going through all of the links that i have saved and out of about 30 links, about half of the stores are no longer being operated. that means that they failed because what they were doing was not working and hopefully, by watching this video, you will be able to save some time and, more importantly, some money. so here we go. if you do want to start a t-shirt brand based around a logo, right? you essentially want to create your own version of nike using shopify and then facebook ads is not what you should be doing. what you should do is invest money in your own equipment, buy a whole bunch of t-shirts and print your own shirts, and focus on growing your brand in a grassroots way. to help you understand what i mean by grassroots, i'm putting the definition on the screen right now. what you should be doing is focusing on your community. you should be willing to spend one year, two years, three years, four years or even five years slowly growing your brand. the idea that you're going to just start a print on demand store on shopify and then use facebook ads to promote it and all of a sudden get a whole bunch of new customers for your brand that they've never heard of before is simply not going to happen, and i would challenge you, if you were watching this video, to show me an example of a successful store that does this in the last three years of me teaching print on demand and also running my facebook group. i have not come across a single person that owns a store that does this and is successful. do they exist? i'm sure they do, but, like i said, the odds are heavily stacked against you that you are going to create a brand on shopify that is going to be able to be successful if you are using facebook ads. if you want to do this, what you're going to have to do is print your own stuff. you're going to have to go to people in your community. maybe you'll find a local t-shirt shop or something like that. go to nightclubs, work with people on instagram to promote your brand and then, over time, maybe you have grown it well enough that people are going to be passionate about who you are and what your brand stands for. another thing: when you use shopify and print on demand apps to create your t-shirt brand, you're going to be automatikally at a disadvantage, and that's because you're going to be paying two times or three times or even four times as much for your shirts through print on demand apps, and that's really going to limit you because you're going to have to make more sales to make the same profit compared to if you are printing the shirts yourself. when you rely on these facebook ads or other strategies that are typically associated with my strategy of print on demand, you're basically showing people a brand, a logo that they've never seen before and asking them to give you money for it, which is just not going to happen. they might come to your store and check out the brand. they might think the shirts look cool, they might even like your posts on instagram, but the odds that they are just going to come to you in mass numbers and give you money for your products is pretty slim. now here are some examples of what i am toking about. these are shopify print on demand stores that have created t-shirt lines that are based around their logo. there might be an underlying niche here, like skateboarding or streetwear or something like that, but in the end, they are basing their entire store around their logo in the brand that they have created. people are si.

I Made $10,000 In 2 Days Selling A T Shirt | Shopify POD Business

I made ten thousand dollars in just two days selling one t-shirt design and don't worry, I'm gonna tell you guys exactly how I did it. the best part about it all is I didn't pay for any ads to make this happen. instead, I went back to the most basic strategy- follow Trends- and I realized, saying it like that sounds like it's over simplifying the entire process. right, and you're probably thinking, Charlie, it's not that easy. if it was that easy, anyone can do it, right? well, I'm here to tell you that anyone can do it. it's really that easy. and if you try to Google what a trend is, you're going to get the most basic, like vague definitions. let me actually read them real quick. so the first one is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. second one is a fashion, literally just a fashion. the third is change or develop in a general direction. scratch those. okay, they're terrible. now let's go to my definition. to me, a trend can be anything, anything from a new popular Style, video format, world event, gossip, unfortunately. basically, if anything is gaining crazy amount of traction and everybody's toking about it or trying to replicate it, that's what a trend is. you remember when will Smith walked on stage and slapped that- you know what I'm saying- out of Chris Rock. yes, that was trending all over the place. that would have been a good idea. to capitalize on a shirt or something of Chris Rock and Will Smith going at it, right? if you need a quick tip to find a trend, here's what you do: you go on your phone and you go on Twitter, tiktok, Instagram, whatever- and go to the trending tabs. Twitter actually has a trending tab, or whatever is like being toked about, and then tiktok has a For You page, so usually you can find what is trending just by searching those sections. it's really that simple, guys. doing it this way is fail proof, because it's right in front of your face, but not all Trends are worth chasing, so you do have to decide that for yourself. I got really lucky, though. I didn't have to go on social media to find a trending idea. instead, my brand manager called me and told me about one really good idea, and that's what sparked everything and led to me making ten thousand dollars in two days. so let me call him real quick, actually, because I think he can explain this whole thing better. hello everyone. so, yeah, Sergio, if you don't know him already and I'm going to link his socials in the description below if you guys want to check him out. but basically he has an extensive background in digital marketing. he's worked with some large Brands guys and now he works with me, um, as my brand manager. so I'm really happy to have him. and now he's going to explain this trending idea that he presented to me when Queen Elizabeth passed away. of course, that type of event with, uh, such a significant figure in the world, there's a lot of media attention and traffic from all sources across the internet on this one partikular person. and it dawned on me the same thing that happened with Michael Jackson or a lot of these other celebrity figures. we don't tend to really miss people until they're actually gone and people buy up CDs, albums, movies, whoever it may be- memorabilia about this person. and I thought, hey, this would be a great idea for Charlie to create a merch design or a t-shirt, uh, in recognition of Queen Elizabeth and showcasing it on his channel to share with his audience. and that's kind of how the idea gave birth and and came into fruition. I remember what I told you exactly, but I'm pretty sure I shot the idea down pretty quick. huh, I was like I don't know about that man, like I don't think I want to do that. yeah, I think you're a little verse, um, this is a subject. of course, when somebody passes away, it can be, uh, taken into the wrong context, but I think you you did it with a with goodness in your heart, and you you wanted to share something that other people can enjoy, and the design came out great, and I think it was. it was playful and fun, uh, but it also, um, showcased her elegance and what she represented to the world. when you're basing a design off of a trend, there's potential for large amounts of cells, which means you have to be prepared for that. so how are you going to sell print and satisfy your end customer? those are all three things that you really have to think about, which means you're going to need an e-commerce website. I use Shopify, in case you guys wanted to know, for print on demand. you definitely want to go with a plague, like me, because they offer something called private labeling, which means you can make that garment your own, and they have a ton of extra features that other print-on-demand companies don't offer. and if that's not good enough, they also offer Bella canvases 3001, which is my favorite blank to print on. Bella chemist just sent me some blanks because I'm going to show you guys something real quick and my wife is behind the camera and I want her to fill both materials real quick and to tell me which one she thinks is softer. okay, and remember guys, soft material means better print, because when you have a flatter surface, less imperfections in the cotton, you're getting a smoother print of. I don't know if smoother is the word, but you're getting a high quality print because you have a flatter surface to lay ink on. kind of makes sense, right? so, yeah, let's check it out, and I don't even know what they sent me. so these are the three. zero, zero. one style right here, one of my favorite styles, and already I can tell the difference. but we're gonna have her film real quick. side by side you can even see the color difference. look at that. yeah, Bella canvas is definitely more soft. this one just feels like you took sandpaper to it maybe. yeah, this one just feels like it'd be more comfortable on your body. this one's a little bit more- just, I don't know- thick. should I try it on, since I lost weight, and see if it fits me. yeah, you should. you guys can't see this part. I should not be able to fit in a large now. I'm fitting in a large right now. looks good. shout out to Wes man, we did a large dude, we makes it. we can't, tok, do like jumping jacks. it's more comfortable, it just feels comfy. what that means is you're getting a softer fill, a flatter surface to print on for screen printing and DTG printheads, which means that your ink is going to look more vibrant and it's also going to last a lot longer versus other cotton tees that are rough and the basically the process of removing the imperfections from the cotton is just not as good, quite frankly, and that leads to imperfections, which means that your print is not going to lay perfectly flat, so obviously will cause issues when you go to wash your garments. the ink is going to break apart much faster. that's pretty much the dumbed down version of it, but Bella canvas just has amazing Styles and if you're looking to take all this stuff serious and satisfy your customer, you definitely want to use a Pleak and Bella canvas a plate already integrated with my Shopify store. so all I had to do now is come up with the design, which was the fun part, because it needed to be like: obviously cool, people need to want to buy it, and I also didn't want to disrespect Queen Elizabeth in any way, so it was challenging. but here's what I came up with: foreign [Music], [Music], [Music]. foreign [Music], [Music]. I needed to show it to my wife and my brand manager, Sergio, to make sure they liked it, and they both loved it. so I already knew that we had a hit on our hands. now all I had to do was upload my design to my plea cap through my Shopify store and then choose the Bella canvas3001 to print on and basically just position it where I wanted it on the mock-up and then hit publish. and it's good to go. it's on my Shopify store. I had the design and now I needed to promote it on a platform. I picked tik tok because I don't know if you guys know this, but tiktok is a great place to sell products, and I knew that because if you go on there right now, you'll see a ton of product placement everywhere. so I knew that I needed a