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shopify twilio

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

How to create Twilio account & connect with Shopify to send Automated SMS

hello. in this video I will show you how to create an account on twilo. so first you need to go to toilocom and click sign up, enter this detail and click Start your free trial. now you need to check your email address and in the email you will receive a verification link. click on the link. now you need to verify your phone number. enter your phone number here and click verify. you will receive an OTP code. you need to input the Otep code here. okay, as your trailer account has been created. now you need to purchase a phone number to send SMS. you can also upgrade to the toilet account to get all the features of the royal services. so go to phone numbers, click on manage and click by a number. here you can select your country and select a capability as SMS to send the SMS. you can select your country or any other country to send SMS from the specific number. okay, let me select this number- the monthly fees of the number has been displayed here- and click Buy. agree to the service and click buy. the next step is go to the messaging. click on Services. click on create messaging services. select your messenger services name- okay, you can add as any name as you want and click on notify my users. click messaging services. click on ADD sender. select phone number. continue. select the number you have recently purchased and click on setup integration. click on ADD complies info. if you want to send bulk SMS in us or Canada, you need to register your profile here and all the documentation here. okay, for the time being we can click skip setup. go back to this. click on this link and now click on explore products and click on notify. pin to sidebar. click on services. click this plus button and name these two. allow Shopify, notify and click create. in the messaging service Sid, click twilo Shopify and click save. now you have a service ID selected and the service successfully updated. click this service ID. copy this. go back to twilo account. click on settings. paste it here. then go back to 12 account. click on my first file, account. click on account Sid. copy this and paste it here. next step is Click. you want to show the Earth coupon? paste it here. please make sure the account Sid and the service ID are different. this is account Sid. click on the phone number you have recently purchased. get it here. click here. click, paste and Save. now your twilo account configuration and account setup has been successfully done, you now you need to configure this SMS setting. we will discuss this in this video.

3 of Brian's Favorite Tech Stocks (Shopify, Twilio, and Lemonade stock analysis)

everyone. I'm Zane back with Brian Withers, but this time we're not toking investing mindset, we're toking individual stoks. Brian's going to share a couple of his favorite stoks- in short, uh clips of why he owns them- and we're going to kick it off with Shopify. can you tell us a little bit about what Shopify does, why you own it and maybe some of the big opportunity or risks that you see? yeah, so Shopify. I think a lot of people who invest and may even own Shopify don't really completely understand uh sort of what the company does, and I guess uh simply is: if you are selling things on the internet, whether it's through your own website, through Amazon, Facebook, other other channels- um, you can use Shopify as a central point to hold all of your sort of back office information. it has your product catalog, your pricing, your orders- um you know you you can manage what's available and what's not available. so it's essentially um, if you're in in large corporate Enterprises, a lot of times people call tok about an Erp or an enterprise resource, um uh platform to manage all of all of your assets and what you're trying to sell. so Shopify does that for small business owners and and single entrepreneurs, and that's what I like about it really gives uh solo entrepreneurs a leg up and gives them access to super powerful software to enable them to build their business. and what's been interesting is there have been a number of companies- all birds and figs are two great examples- that started and grew with Shopify and then eventually went public and are their own companies in their own rights, still using Shopify as their platform, as where they got started. so the growth: not only you can help small entrepreneurs, but it has, uh, you know, upwards to large Enterprises as well. so it's it's um really neat there. yeah, that's that's a great point, because I think it's pretty tempting for investors to think, oh well, once the company gets big, they're just going to leave for Amazon or they're going to leave for whatever it might be. but that's really interesting. Shopify can actually hold on to customers like that. next, on The Chopping Block, do you want to tok about twilio a little bit? this is one that I still struggle, uh getting my head around uh, what they do, but I know they've been a pretty solid performer. yeah, so twilio is another one of those um that has come out of. I think they were founded in the 0809 era and um originally, when um companies were trying to communicate with their customers either via text or or voicemail messages, would have to put together a ton of of software and Hardware in their own data centers. you know, take time to build and connect to their legacy applications, and it was just really really difficult for the longest time and what twilio did was sort of package all that. they set up their own data centers- um, they call this the super Network- and basically with within a couple of hours, any software developer can spin up the twilio app, connect it to um, one of their legacy applications in their Enterprise and communicate with customers, whether it's your medical appointment is coming up via text, or your package- here's where your package is, here's where your pizza is, you know those kinds of things. um, we're these. these are all really normal, uh, normal things today, whereas 10 years ago they were extremely difficult and twilio makes it super easy for companies to get started. one of their most recent acquisitions, um, is called segment, which added onto that communication. um platform is a customer um, a customer data platform that captures all the data about you, your customers and where you have- whether you've left your, you've abandoned your cart, whether you've had service issues and it allows those messages to be much, much smarter and more focused and more personalized, and I think that's going to really help them grow the business going forward. that's that's interesting. I can I feel like that is such a a service that's taken for granted, or at least I do. I've never thought about where do these messages come from. you just kind of assume oh, they have my number or whatever. it must be easy, but that makes a lot of sense. um, pivoting, maybe we'll finish this up quickly with uh, lemonade toking about this insurance tik business which I actually am a shareholder of as well. so I'm hoping maybe you can kind of reaffirm my bull thesis here. yes, uh, lemonade, lemonade. all three of these companies have taken a beating uh, lately, but I am, I am super excited about lemonade for a couple reasons. one of the things that I see is they're approaching Insurance a little bit differently. um, as many of the existing insurance companies use agents to sell the insurance and sort of have a large agent Network as well as potentially large customer service call centers and things like that to handle incoming issues and whatnot. um, lemonade looks at all of that stuff and says: what can I do digitally first, how can I build this on what they call a digital substrate? and one of the examples is: within a couple of minutes you can submit a claim and about a third of their claims that they process are paid out instantly. you know, just think about dealing with your insurance company and you've had something happen and you, you call them and maybe they have to have somebody come out to the house and then you have to wait for things to happen. I mean, it's just insane that you know you can upload a video. you can you know if your, your apartment was, um, caught on fire or, uh, you had a theft, and you can just film it. you, they have your face there and then, um, and then they'll pay out the claim. the other thing is within like 60, 60 to 90 seconds, so think about waiting in line at the Starbucks. you can get a price quote from Lemonade if they serve, serve your area and again, lemonade had a recent acquisition of Metro mile, which really rounded out their insurance products. now they also have car insurance with licenses in 49 states across the US, so you can get from Lemonade. you can get renters insurance, homeowners insurance, pet insurance, life insurance and now auto insurance, and I think auto insurance was the one thing that was may be potentially causing people not to become customers. you know, why would I go with my home insurance if I can't get my auto sort of bundled with that? and now they're taking that away, they're taking that argument away and as lemonade builds out and they're they're really saying they're still really, really early in this game and um, I know like they don't have home insurance coverage in North Carolina yet or in Florida, and certainly they have active um auto insurance policies, I think, in eight states. so there's there's a tremendous growth Runway ahead and they don't do a lot of marketing. so it's it's word of mouth and sort of the app Community. um, they they try to strive to uh get younger users who've never even bought Insurance in the past and so really excited about what this company has. um, they're hiring people from other companies, established companies in the industry, and bringing them in to help increase the knowledge base, to balance out sort of the new disruption piece with, you know, the the complexities of the insurance business, so really excited about these guys. but you know, with all three of these I think patience is key and um, I think over the hold them over the next five to ten years, you'll be really happy. well said I I. now I'm reminded of why I own lemonade. it checks so many boxes for me, right? it's fundamentally different. it's fast, customer, uh, oriented, and that word of mouth marketing is so huge, and I love when companies can do that. you know, basically cut out a line item of expenses and have their customers do it for them. it's, it's really amazing. well, thank you again, Brian, for coming on and giving us the rundown on a couple of your favorite stoks. but if you're interested to see the other 14 in Brian's portfolio, go on Twitter and check out at stoks with Brian. um, some great, great material on there on his Twitter and if you're inte,

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Amazon Lex - Conversational Bots with Shopify and Twilio

hello. in this video I will show you how we used Amazon connect to create customer support call center backed up with Shopify API. so external services that we used here: our Amazon Connect, lambda and Lex for voice recording we used earlier and finally, for customer data we used Shopify API. there are three interesting cold flows that I want to show you. so let's start with first. when cold arrives to the Amazon Connect, we have callers number available in our flow. say, medium started a call, we invoke a lambda function that will query shop for API by the phone number and get callers info. we can get that info from the API. we will use it to create a custom greeting for the customer. it will contain his name and we will also give him status update on his last order. after that, customer is presented with few options like connecting with an agent or getting order info. so the second flow I want to show you is getting an order info from the order ID. this is done by using Amazon Lex and lambda2 query Shopify API. at this step, customer is asked to provide an order ID. then we invoke Shopify API with a lambda function and if we find that order by the idea that customer provided, we will play the prompt message with text-to-speech functionality. and the last flaw that I wanted to show you is implementation of the voicemail. so, since Amazon connector does not allow recording of the call until the agent picks up incoming call, we had to use a trivia to do this. so, in case, when customer requests tok with an actual agent, he will be transferred to a queue where, if he has to wait too long, we'll be prompted with an option to leave a voicemail. if he chooses to do so, we will issue a call to our trillion number and/or the lambda function. we can instruct it to record a call and notify agents with mail once call is recorded. after that, recording will be available in the trivia dashboard. okay, let's start testing this. okay, there, no calling. we're calling snapback customer service. you have reached us during the off hours. please email us at support at snapback online. press 1 to leave us a message. press Q to check on the order status. provide us the order ID: one, zero, seven, zero. give me a moment to check 1070 status. your order 1070 is fulfilled on November 21st 2018. please email us at support at snapback amar. press one to leave us a message. press Q to check on orders.

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Twilio Shopify and SPY Trade Setups Today

hey traders, nick here, um doing some homework after hours, looking back on day and see what we did wrong and right. today we didn't do anything wrong. today was really good. so, um, on top of the regular. by the way, if you do like this video, give it a like down below. um, so i do share my thoughts through a chat room, through write-up- write-ups, first, and for people who can be in the chat room 24-7. they're open, they can go chat, we can chat 24: 7, but on top of all of this, i added an extra layer of service, which is sharing my screens live during the day. so i have i don't know 20 charts going at the same time and trying to find positions in and out on intraday that yield results, and today they were outstanding. we played it pretty well, pretty safely, especially the smp, and i'll show you also shopify, just to name two. and the s? p was a massive, massive win, and i mean massive wins. so if somebody spent a dollar fifty on a call, it was nine dollars and 40 cents by the time was a time, the day was over, it was just a couple hours and it wasn't a lot of luck in there. it was um. so the point of this video is again, just like the one from yesterday. you can go look it up. um, use charts. if you don't get together with somebody that knows how to use charts, because the door is open for taking money from people who don't use charts, for example. uh, this was during the. by the way, today ended on. today was what, uh, wednesday fed day ended. i think the s? p was up three percent, but they were down 0.7 or something like that in the morning. so, um, it wasn't all roses. so the snp fell and i said i literally typed in to the chat room. i said, um, this is where the market makers can take money away from people, because they were testing what looked like a disaster. but if you had looked left, i i wish i had shown it here. uh, that's why i put the support zone, because there there was, there were a whole bunch of tails through 413, 6.. so i expected them to try and poke through stops, force people to capitulate by, get out of lungs and buy puts, and that's exactly what you don't do. so i added this line and i said this, starting to look like an inverse head and shoulders, and if it plays out, it's going to here. meanwhile you have to look for the support to hold. if not there will be descent. so we went long. i didn't nail the bottom. i think i got long here somewhere. so my position went red first. but i knew i had support, so i wasn't timing the market, i just knew that there would be support and i took a thesis along based against the support. so that's a reason to get long and not blind. and or you can wait for the breakout. either way you would have made a ton of money. so the stok market ended up way up there. so here's how it unfolded. this was 7: 59, so 8 o'clock my time in california, at 6: 30 is my time. when the mark opens, market opens. then, um, you know that's the same line. they breached it. so when they breached it, i said this is not the place where i get long. if i'm not long, i would not get long into this. i said you get long above that line or you wait for a dip to get long. either way, this is the target that i'm looking for, my trigger. but notre dame trade, i said could bring 421. it's right there could bring 421. by the way, i had 313 people, i believe today that's a record for me. um, everybody was having fun. couple people missed out and they were upset about it that they missed out because they had to step away. but that happens. it's not the last time. we did it yesterday, we'll do it again tomorrow. so this is post. if you see that that was um 9, 30 and then post i added these two. there were a series of other charts i didn't show you so. when they got to here and then they fell back, i said this is normal. i said, if i haven't gotten long yet, this is where i do get long, because they're retesting the neckline from which they broke out. it's normal. i said, however, if you do get long now, know that if they lose that they could come back a little bit lower, which also be okay. i said so, be careful for this. so the yellows are exactly the opposite of the red opportunity. it never played out, not yet hold on. then they went to the target, all right. so they didn't go to 421 yet they will by the end of the day, but anyway. so they got to my target. so, job done, boom, booked it, and then all hell broke loose. um, don't know what happened. i don't remember what happened. look at where they went. you saw it right. when did i draw this? they were already rallying. i drew this. look at where they went. and then the day ended super green, and i mean like super green. so this is shopify. what time? 744, around the time this was done slightly before that. let me see if i came back to it. yep, shopify. no, that wasn't the first one shopify. it was falling. and then i get this harmonic setup. it's a five minute chart, as the, the person that made this tool- this is harmonic tradercom- calls it reactive. so yeah, you can take it if you have corroborating evidence, and i did. the internals were good and i was going against support and i said: you know, you have to stop out here somewhere. and then this happened. so that was about an hour later. i drew this line, same chart, i added the line and i added the target and this is a little better picture of the same one. it got to it. so, either which way, that's shopify 460.. so i was already along shopify, so i didn't need to add along. but somebody i said: if you're brave, you can trade this because it makes a lot of money, but it loses a lot of money fast. a few people took it. i. i opted out. i was long via a debit call spread from a while back and it's green, so i just left it. i didn't actively buy a call. they're super expensive, they're illiquid unless you're on top and i know if i'm doing this with 300 people i would mess it up. so i didn't partikipate in shopify. but the the i was long sofi, which did well today. and anyway, if you're not looking at lines or you don't know how to draw lines, join a group that does. we do it all day, every day. if you can't be in the live room, everything you saw here was posted in. in fact, these screenshots i took from the chat room because it's easier to click on my link in the chat room in order to get here, so i don't have to go copy paste and all that. so find somebody that can draw charts for you or help you with that or or learn it yourself. it's not that difficult, it just takes a little bit. some people have it, some people don't. you know, you can look at a chart and see some things and you can explain it to somebody and it will take them a lifetime and they still don't get it. but that's fine. that's why they have somebody to help them out. so i'm not saying: get in this partikular way or that partikular way. i share mine. i say what the target is and everybody can trade it however they want. in fact, here's the thing: after hours somebody reported who was it. they fell apart. twilio. twilio reported and it fell apart after hours. let me see if i can bring you a picture. this is hilarious. so this is a one minute chart. this was going into the close and then market closed and then they reported earnings. this happened. so this was my guess about the earnings before the market closed. part of what i do is every day i go through all the open interest, all the volume of all the ones that we care about, and i share my thoughts as to what i think they should do. so my guess on twilio is: i looked at the open interest, i looked at the volume, i said i think it's going to fall and if it does, i will catch it. so that was my guess. tradition: the tool that i used as a source of data: guest bearish. it had bearish flow, very sentiment. i said i i don't disagree, but i think that it will rally after a dip, because i was looking out in time. i looked at their data and i think they misinterpret their own data, but that's fine. so my goal was to catch the falling knife and look what happened. so apparently there was a leak or a mistake in the report or somebody misread something. and look at what happened. this is a great company. so in the open, in in after hours, i said: if you guys can trade after hours, i woul.

How to send SMS using the Twilio SMS API? | Twilio Console | Twilio API

in this video we are going to demonstrate how to send a text message by using twilio sms api. first, open the try twilio free link in your browser. since we have already created a trial account, we'll directly log in. enter the registered email address: here we'll enter the password created during the sign up process: [Music]. after that we need to insert a verification code received on the registered mobile number. next we'll start setting up the twilio account. here you have to choose which twilio product you want to use and what results from twilio you're expecting. then choose how proficient are you in the programming language. if you choose with code, then you also need to select the preferred language. we are going to choose no code: [Music]. in another drop down, select what you are going to do, like integration or develop something new. after that, click on the get started with twilio button. once finished, you will be able to access the twilio console and from here the real work will begin. first of all, you need to get a trial number from twilio so that you can send a test sms. on the pop-up window you'll see the twilio phone number. you can find a different number if you want from here. otherwise, click on the choose this number button [Music]. now you've got the number, you can send and receive calls and messages via it [Music]. from the left navigation panel, select the manage option under the phone numbers section and next click on the active numbers. here you will be able to see all the active twilio numbers and since it's a trial version, you will only get one phone number during a free trial. first you need to verify the non twilio number in order to send sms and calls to it. we have already added a phone number as a verified caller id. the good thing is you can verify multiple numbers. for this, click on the add a new caller id button at the top right corner of the screen. now all things are configured. we'll send an sms for this. click on the explore products from the left side panel. then, among all products, find the api explorer and open it. from the drop down at the top, select a communication channel. we'll select programmable messaging. after that, from the messages drop down, you can choose what kind of api request you want to send. we are going to select post, that is, creating and sending a message via twilio programmable sms api. first choose the format, then select from your twilio account. in the to field, enter the phone number to which you want to send the sms. make sure this number is added to the verified caller id section. in the from field you need to select the twilio phone number you recently generated. next, enter the text you want to send in the body field [Music]. finally, scroll down and click on the make request button on the right side pane. you will see a success message, followed by the representation of the response. now let's see the sms we received on the phone. the body content is exactly the same and this is the number from which we have sent the sms: [Music].

How To Get Email From Shopify For Order Fulfilled & Notify the Customer using Twilio and WhatsApp

foreign videos. today, in this video, I'll be showing you how you can actually get and customer details from your order fulfilled. so once your order gets fulfilled, you can notify your customers using WhatsApp and SMS. that is, I am using twilio app to send SMS for our users. so let me show you how you can do all this using a tool called connects it and workflow automation tool. so let's get started by logging into connection. so once you log into connexit, you will be able to see a dashboard and the apps page over here. so you have to authorize the apps you are using. so, basically, in this case, so we are using Shopify, twilio and WhatsApp and also Google sheet to store data records. so for authorizing these apps, just click on the app. so I'm just clicked on Google sheet and then click on add account, on clicking on add account, so you will be redirected. you to the app page where you have to give permission for connection to access your account. by selecting your account, I already authorized Google sheet, so let me close that. so, similarly, you have to do this same thing for filio and WhatsApp. I will show you how to authorize WhatsApp account. the detailed setup of WhatsApp Cloud API will be added in the description below. I have created an, you know detailed setup video for how to set up a WhatsApp Cloud API account. it is an official WhatsApp Cloud API by meta so you can go ahead and check that complete video and set up your WhatsApp Cloud API. so once you set that, you have to click on add account so it will ask you for token, phone number ID and WhatsApp business account ID. I already shown in that partikular video how to get a, you know, permanent token, so token will be something like this: you can copy that and paste inside connects it, and also phone number ID. so how to add phone number ID. so I had shown in that video and also I had shown how to create templates. so basically I just created a template, uh, using Whatsapp Cloud API. so you just need to click on SN, continue to authorize WhatsApp code API inside connection. so for creating templates. so the templates will something look like this when you click on: click here so it will go to the template messages. so you can see that you can create a message just like this. so right now I just created a template so where you can add an adder and body and also you can brand via, like you know, like, basically, you can add your branding over here and also the Callback URL. so, basically, I just created one WhatsApp template message like this and you have to submit for approval. I had shown all these things in my previous video, so I will add that link in the description below. please do watch. to set up WhatsApp Cloud API account. so now, once you set up, so just need to authorize that inside connection. and similarly, you have to authorize twilio app to send SMS so you can use any other SMS apps as well instead of twilio. so basically, so to authorize, just click on the app name and click on add account. so this will ask you for account ID- Sid, that is secret ID, so- and the auth token. so just go to twilio account and here you will get that yes ID. just copy that and go to connects it and paste it over here. and similarly, you have to paste the auth token. so go to twilio, so you will get that token. just copy that and go to connect it and paste it over here and click on SN- continue. so this will go into authorize your twilio account inside connection. so, once we are done with our authorization process, so now let's move on to create our workflow, where all the magic happens there. so just click on create connect. so start by naming your connect. so I'll just say that. so send notification. so now let me start with trigger. that will be for Shopify. so for Shopify, you don't need to authorize that account, so you can just drag and drop the app. basically it's a Web book enabled app. you have to copy and place the instructions. So, based on the instructions provided, so copy, uh, the webbook URL. so right now I'm just going to take order fulfilled as my trigger. copy the webbook URL based on the instructions given here. so we have to place our MacBook URL. so go to your Shopify store, click on settings and then click on notifications and then at the bottom down so you will get a button called create webbook. just click on that and select that as order fulfill. so basically, you can go and search for your trigger, that is order fulfillment, and leave the format as Json. just paste your webbook url which you copied from connect see and select the stable API version and then click on Save. that's it. so once you've done that, go to connection and click on capture web book response. this will enable connection to capture the response from your Shopify store. so this is the one time process you need to do so. now click on send test notification, because I didn't have my complete shop setup, so I'm just using the test notification. you can use your exact order fulfillment from your store. so when you go to connects it so you will receive all the details with the email ID of the customer and also the customer details. so basically, which will be giving you all the details about customers and their order details. so now let's go to the customer details. so basically, that will be there at the end, so under the customer tab, so you will be able to get all the details, so the name and the email ID. so now what we will do: we will just add this details inside my Google sheet. so let's drag and drop Google sheet. so now let us search for Google sheet and drag and drop Google sheet over here and select our account and select the sheet. so here, in this case, I am just selecting, creating a new row for my order fulfilled. so and select this respective spreadsheet. so I'll be selecting the sheet as order fulfill. it will give me the details. it will ask me for details. you can add further, more details. so basically, this is the first row which we created on our Google sheet. so I'll show you this is my Google sheet so, which has first name, last name, email shop details and the phone number. you can add multiple other details as well. so right now I just used this partikular details. you can even add address and all other details. so just created a sheet name and also the first row which will go into display like this: now what you need to do is just connect between the note. that's it just easy. PC have is like this: like an email field to the email field and also first name to the first name and the last name to the last name. so even you can connect the phone number and even other details as well and click on test and review. so this will going to create this partikular test order details inside my Google sheet store. so you can see that the scene will be get created inside my Google sheet. so now let's go ahead to connects it and let us send WhatsApp message or like text message, SMS using twilio. so before that, I will format my data for twilio SMS. so basically, this is an optional thing. I'm just doing it to send in a respective format for twilio. so let's go ahead and click on merge text options. so this option- it is an inbuilt app inside connects it- which is being used to, you know, format the data. so I'm going to do an you know like connect, like notes, like this. so basically I can connect first name and the last name and I will just type the message, something like this, so you can just type anything like your shipping, your order is already been shipped, or you are already being printed, like that. you can do that. so basically, here you have to use at the rate symbol to just to enter the details. that is the first name and I'm just entering the last name as well. so I need to select this by typing at the Red symbol and you can see your order is being delivered. thank you for shopping with us. so similar kind of messages, any kind of messages, and just click on validate. so this will going to validate your data inside text formatter. and now our order is like data is successfully validated. so let us go ahead and search for twilio app. so which we authorized before. so go to tw.