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shopify vs ecwid

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Ecwid vs Shopify - Which one is better for Building an Ecommerce Website?

what's up guys. i'm paul and welcome to my channel. so is ecwid or shopify the better option for building an e-commerce website? well, that's a question i'm going to be looking to answer in this video by doing an in-depth comparison between these two platforms. now i am going to be covering quite a few sections and if you want to check these out individually, i will leave all the timestamps in the description below. i would honestly recommend stiking around and watching the video all the way through, because it's going to give you lots of information and help you make an informed decision about which platform could be the better option for you and your business. so, with the introduction out of the way, let's get on with the comparison. ecwid is a fully hosted e-commerce platform and, while it can be used to build standalone e-commerce websites, the actual primary focus of the platform and what it was originally designed for was to be more of an e-commerce tool for other content-driven platforms such as wordpress, wix and squarespace, rather than being used as a standalone e-commerce website builder, whereas shopify was designed from the ground up to be an all-in-one e-commerce platform to help you build a feature-rich e-commerce website for your business. now, when it comes to pricing, both platforms offer a range of packages. ecwid offer a total of four, which is the free package, which is free, the venture package, which is 15 a month, the business package, which is 35 a month, and the unlimited package, which is 99 a month, and if you pay for these plans annually, you actually get the equivalent of two months free every single year, which, on the business and unlimited packages, is actually quite a saving. now, the difference between these packages with ecwid is the amount of products that you can sell and also the features you get access to with the platform. now, shopify actually offer a total of five packages, but the smallest package, which is the shopify light package, doesn't include a website builder, so i haven't included it in this comparison. but the three fixed price packages that they offer are the shopify basic at 29 a month, the standard one at 79 a month and the advanced package at 299 a month, and the biggest difference between these packages is the additional transaction fee that's charged on payments that received. i'm going to cover that more in the payment section later on in this video. they also offer a custom package, which is called shopify plus, but this is only really for like enterprise level ecommerce businesses that need a completely custom solution, and i'd imagine for most people watching this video, they're just going to be looking at the standard packages. and if you want to try either of these platforms out for yourself, you can do by taking our ecwid's free plan or taking our free trial with shopify, and i will leave my links to both platforms in the description below. now, these are affiliate links, which means if you do purchase a paid service through these links, i earn a small commission, but it comes at no additional cost to you but does help me out a lot. but when it comes to these platforms, it's a win for ecwid on this one, just because it's cheaper overall. when it comes to marketing tools, ecwid has a really good selection of tools to not only help get people to your site but also help convert these visitors into paying customers. and one of the main things with ecwid is the ability to sell across multiple sites. so you could build a site save with ecwid's instant website builder, but you can also list your products on wordpress sites or wix sites that you may own. you can also sell via social media platforms such as facebook and instagram with the ecwid system, but when they actually get onto your site. there's features like facebook messenger, live chat, so you can converse directly with your customers. you can also offer discount coupons and gift cards to help encourage people to buy on the business, and unlimited packages. you also get abandoned cart emails, which you can actually add discounts in if you want to, to try and encourage people who have abandoned their cart to come back and complete the transaction, and you also get to offer your car in multiple languages as well. so if you sell to a global audience, this is going to increase the chances of getting sales on your site. shopify also offer a really good selection of marketing tools, and these are very similar in a lot of ways to the ones that are available from ecwid. so you can sell via your facebook page. you can also sell via instagram through shopify as well. you can have social shares so you can share your products to your social media pages. you can also offer discount codes. you can offer gift cards, but on all packages you also get abandoned car recovery and you can sell in multiple languages. so if you're on the shopify standard package, you can offer your site in two languages, and if you're on the advanced, you can offer in up to five languages. but one thing that shopify does offer is the ability to create ad campaigns directly within your shopify dashboard, and these campaigns can be run through facebook, through snapchat, and you can also create email marketing campaigns as well, and this can be done directly within your shopify dashboard. so, when it comes to the marketing tools that both of these platforms offer, there's really not a lot to choose between the two platforms, so i'm going to have to call this one a draw. when it comes to seo tools, ecwid isn't that great, to be honest. even though they say they have advanced seo tools, they're actually pretty basic. so if you go onto your product page and go under the seo tab, all the tools you get are the ability to create a page title and change the meta description. you don't get the ability to customize the url, and one strange quirk with the ecwid system is it adds a random number to the end of your url. i don't know why it does this, and this is just a random generated number, and, while this won't have a massive impact on your site's seo, for people who like to create really clean urls for your site, this is one of those things that's just going to be a little bit of annoyance more than anything else, but ecwid doesn't offer much more in terms of seo tools, because you're limited to the amount of pages you can create on your site and they don't have any blog functionality either. so seo tools really are quite limited on ecwid. shopify offers much more when it comes to seo because on every single one of your pages- so whether it's a product page, it's your collections page or a custom page you've built for your site- you get access to shopify's seo tools which look like this, and this allows you to change the page title, add a meta description and also control parts of your url. now, certain things aren't customizable in the url, so if it's a product page, you're going to have this product section. if it's a page, it's going to say page, but you can edit the end bit of the url, which means you do have more control over the url than you do with ecwid. also, on shopify, you can create unlimited pages for your site, so you can create custom about me pages, teams, whatever it is, pages you want to create for your site. shopify also offers a blog functionality as well, so you can add a blog to your site, which can be very beneficial to seo. so when it comes to the seo tools between the two platforms, it's really not close. it's a clear win for shopify on this one. ecwid offers a really good selection of payment gateways. in fact, there's over 40 to choose from, including some of the biggest names in the industry, such as paypal, stripe, clarner square and apple pay, and if you do sell apple pay on your site, you can actually enable one tap checkout. so for any of your customers who are checking out using apple devices, you can really streamline the checkout process for these customers. there's also a range of offline payment methods, such as cash on delivery or bank transfer, and one good thing with ecwid is they don't charge an.

✋7 Ecwid vs Shopify Things You NEED to Know Before Choosing Shopify!

So you are looking for an eCommerce solution and you keep seeing SHOPIFY clickbait everywhere. And then you saw Ecwid and you were like - how do you even pronounce that? Ecwid is a hidden gem And it just may be a better eCommerce solution for you than Shopify? At the end of this video, you will have a clear path to making a smart decision in knowing if Ecwid or Shopify is more adapted to your eCommerce needs. What Shopify is? a combination of a website builder and an eCommerce solution. Ecwid is a powerful eCommerce solution that offers a standard eCommerce landing page. Both are cloud and web based, allowing you to take your online store with you anywhere in the world Where Shopify stores only work on Shopify. so once you start, you can get locked in quite easily. However, Ecwid plugs into practikally any website builder and can allow you to sell in multiple places online at the same time. It’s super powerful if you also want to sell on WordPress, Wix, Weebly or partner’s sites. Both have social and marketplace eCommerce capabilities. Setup Ecwid literally takes 5 minutes to setup, Not joking. there is a video on my channel where I show you how to open a store. add two products, accept payment methods, setup taxes and shipping in less than 5 minutes in Ecwid. Watch it and you will be astonished. However, the setup process in Shopify is MUCH longer and may even require you to hire a developer if you don't have any tiknical skills Features. The shopify App Market definitely has more apps than Ecwid, But, contrary to Shopify, Ecwid is laser focused on being an awesome eCommerce solution and therefore has more baked in features than Shopify does. For example, Ecwid’s product options are much more powerful than Shopify, allowing unlimited options in free or paid plans. You can add text boxes, radio buttons, a date selector and multi choices options, for example. It’s really powerful, Whereas Shopify has basic features and then charges you extra for all those extra app integrations and upgrades. Price Speaking of pricing, Ecwid offers a free plan which is forever free. So if you have less than 10 products and don’t need advanced features, you can use their solution for free. However, Shopify is only free for 14 days. Shopify also takes commission fees on your sales. Ecwid never takes any commissions on your sales and that can be a huge advantage that can make Ecwid much cheaper in the long run. Shopify may seem cheaper at start, but can become much more expensive than Ecwid depending on what you add to your store and your volume of sales. Ecwid offers clear, transparent pricing that is very affordable for small business owners. User Experience: Ecwid offers stellar user experience. If you have no tiknical development skills or don't know how to code, you will love working with Ecwid. It’s very simple and intuitive. Ecwid’s automated setup guide will help you through the process of setting up your store. Shopify is fairly easy to use, but may require development or more tiknical skills, especially when it comes to store design or setting up advanced features. Another huge advantage of Ecwid is it’s language capabilities. The seller control panel in Ecwid is available in over 20 languages, whereas Shopify is only available in English, French, German and Japanese, Depending on your client’s browser language. Ecwid also automatikally translates emails into 12 languages, including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, And parts of your storefront will also translate into over 50 languages for your customers comfort, Whereas in Shopify you have to do this manually and may not be able to translate things if your theme does not support it. Conclusion: Ecwid is a better choice for you if You already have a website and do not want to start over from scratch. If you just want to add eCommece capabilities to your current site, Ecwid is the right choice, for sure If you want to benefit from a free plan instead of a free trial, than go with Ecwid. If you want to get selling quickly and easily, If you don't want to pay extra fees on your sales, If you are a small or medium sized business owner, If you do not want to hire a web agency or developer to create your online store, Give Ecwid a try for free, no credit card required. Simply click on the on the card above or the link in the description below. If you want to learn how to create a professional online store in one day, check out my Ecwid eCommerce Power Course that provides 60 up to date videos on how to setup Ecwid and get sales starting day one. If you want a more detailed review of Ecwid vs Shopify, than check the link below- (affiliate) to view see my blog artikle that goes into more detail. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for more Ecwid tips and tricks.

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Ecwid vs Shopify: A Full Comparison of Two Great Online Shopping Carts

an ecwid versus shopify comparison highlights two very different but very good e-commerce platforms. but which one is better? stik around to find out. welcome back to our channel, mavericks. if you're searching for a new ecommerce platform for your online store, you've probably come across the big name, shopify. but before you make a choice, you might want to check out another leading player, ecwid. they both have a ton of features, very similar features, but there are some key, important differences between the two and we're going to find out what those are. so in today's head-to-head, we're going to compare features, pricing, ease of use, customer support and reviews and comparisons and integrations to find out which one of these platforms is better for you- not necessarily better in general, but better for you. but before we get started, make sure you click that subscribe button, hit the alert bell, so you can be notified every time we publish new content here at merchant maverick. all right, so let's get started with features. both of them, out of the box, have very basic, good features to help you get started with selling online. some of those basic features are going to include the ability to sell physical products, secure an easy checkout, inventory management, product options, coupon management, multi-channel selling, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, free hosting and ssl certificates, seo tools and more again- pretty much everything that you need to sell online. but let's look at what those key differences are. first off, if you're trying to sell digital products, like digital ebooks or whatever information products, you're gonna have that feature built in with ecwid, but not with shopify. with shopify, you're gonna have to add a third-party app in order to sell digital products. when it comes to free themes, shopify is the winner here. they offer 11 beautifully designed free themes, whereas ecwid offers a whopping one. if you're a blogger, a writer, you want to add blogging functionality to your ecommerce platform, you want to publish content, then you're going to have that built-in functionality with shopify's platform. you're not going to have it with ecwid. if you're a drop shipper and you want to drop ship, shopify has a direct integration with one of the biggest drop shipping platforms, oberlo. with ecwid, on the other hand, you're gonna have to install a third-party app. and lastly, if you need fulfillment services, shopify offers in-house fulfillment, whereas with ecwid, you're gonna have to use a third party like red stag or shippy pro. all right, let's move on to pricing. ecwid has four very simple, straightforward pricing plans, and they all increase in price and functionality as you move up. starting with the free plan, which is, surprisingly, zero dollars a month, offers you the ability to sell up to ten products on a one-page website with a built-in online store. the free plan also allows you the ability to sell on multiple social media sites with buy now buttons or social media integrations, and the ability to sell in person in a brick and mortar store with three different point-of-sale integrations. additional plans include venture at fifteen dollars a month, business at thirty-five dollars a month and unlimited at ninety-nine dollars a month. and, as the name implies, unlimited allows you to list as many products as you like and you can add any number of staff accounts under the unlimited plan. moving on to shopify's pricing, ecwid compares a little bit more favorably here because they offer a free plan, whereas shopify does not. shopify's lowest plan is shopify lite at nine dollars a month, which is very similar to ecwid's free plan. shopify's most popular plans are basic shopify at twenty nine dollars a month plus a two percent per transaction fee, regular shopify at 79 a month plus a one percent per transaction fee, or shopify advanced at 299 dollars a month plus a half a percent per transaction fee. under the basic shopify plan you can set up a standalone ecommerce site, a blog. you can add unlimited products and add to staff accounts. each plan offers more functionality and features, with the advanced plan allowing up to 15 staff accounts and up to eight locations. you'll notike that there is a per transaction fee added to the monthly cost of every shopify plan, which genuinely sucks. but you can get that transaction fee waived if you use shopify's in-house payment processing service called shopify payments. that'll give you the ability to accept credit cards directly through shopify, waiving that additional, pointless transaction fee that you'll have to pay. you'll just end up having to pay credit card processing fees, which generally run from 2.4 to about 2.9 depending on the type of transaction. and if you're a big e-commerce platform, you're a big dog. you're selling thousands and thousands of products, you're doing millions and millions of dollars in revenue and you need some white glove service or you need additional help. then you can do shopify plus, which is their enterprise platform. it's very much a customized solution. you probably have to tok to a shopify rep to even get pricing, but really it's like the next level of service beyond the regular plans. moving on to ease of use, both platforms are very easy to use without any overly complicated is making them perfect for those of you that want a simple, easy user interface. but all that simplicity comes with the price. if you want a simple platform, you're going to have to sacrifice on the functionality side, which means that you're going to have to engage in adding add-ons and apps and integrations, and those apps are sometimes owned by third parties that charge an additional fee, so the cost can balloon if you really want to add functionality to your ecommerce platform. so to summarize, ease of use: they're both very easy to use. they're both limited in functionality. they both kind of rely on third-party apps, but ecwid has a little bit more functionality in-house. but again, both of them are very easy to use. moving on to customer service and support, both shopify and ecwid offer support in a variety of ways. shopify provides phone and email support, live chat forums, a help center, webinars, a blog and other free tools for making the most of the platform. shopify also offers full api documentation and other resources for those who are tiknically inclined and also maintains a roster of experts available for hire. ecwid support options include email, live chat help center, community forum guides, videos and more. ecwid users on paid plans can access telephone support too, and users on the top tier plans receive custom development support. some ecwid users have expressed frustration with the lack of full support on lower plan levels. but really, i mean, what can you expect when you on a free plan? you're not really paying that much? on top of that, there are plenty of self-help options that you can use if you're unable to get that full service from ecwid. shopify support garners mixed reviews too. some users are happy with the helpful, friendly support that they receive from shopify representatives, and others sometimes receive the exact opposite. it's kind of a crap shoot depending on which representative that you get, but i guess that's the same for a lot of big companies. again, if your representative isn't so helpful, you have so many self-help options that if you just do a little bit of digging, you probably find the answer yourself. all right, let's move on to reviews and complaints. both platforms receive more praise than they do complaints, but let's cover some of those complaints, however small they are. as i mentioned before, some ecwid users are definitely upset about the fact that they don't get full support on the lower level plans. but again, it's to be expected. it's a.

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Top 3 Shopify Alternatives - Cheaper and Better

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Ecwid Warning! TOP 3 Reason NOT To Use Ecwid For Ecommerce Store - Ecwid Review

i must say one thing before we start toking about equip cons is that i'm not paid by any of the competitors. this is just like my review of ecwid or the things that i like and don't like. i'm not here to present you like, oh my god, you should definitely use this tool only because i'm going to have affiliate link double description. you won't find any. also, before we start off the cons, i want to highlight features of echoing the things that i like and for who. i would definitely recommend using ecwid. so let's start now. ecwid is a wonderful tool for everyone who is starting out with their ecommerce store or you don't have like many orders. in that regard, i would definitely go with the equity. let's say that i don't know anything about, uh, e-commerce. i don't know if i will succeed. i never ever run a facebook ad or google ad. i never posted too many things on instagram. therefore, i'm just like testing the waters if it's actually going to work out. in that regard, using ecwid is a good and effective way how we can start with your ecommerce store. now, what i wouldn't recommend: using equip if you're gonna have a lot of orders. this is the first disadvantage that i'm going to share that sometimes it can um not work, so i can. it can create. let's say that you would have 100- 200 orders a day. i wouldn't recommend using using ecwid anymore. i would try to go to something more more effective in which you can use the sales practikes like upsell, cross-sell, maybe even with affiliate uh sign up tools for like shopify. but like comparing equity to shopify, shopify is quite expensive for everyone who is like starting out. with ecwid, you got free and you don't have any transaction fees. so with shopify's you have, but shopify got different advantages. but this is pretty much it. so ecwid is good for everyone who is starting out. if you're testing the waters and if you want to learn things about e-commerce, i would definitely recommend doing that. now. what are the cons of it? i even wrote them out right here. so, as i mentioned the first con: more orders you're going to have. maybe your website will go down. people uh said also on the forums and everywhere that when they had a lot of orders, the salary crashed. also, the customer service wasn't that helpful, um, so that's something you should definitely keep in mind. now the second and the biggest, from my perspective, disadvantage of ecwid is: if you're gonna have. let me show you applications, the apps. the apps are heavily limited comparing to shopify. so if you're gonna have like earn more money, if you're gonna make a good revenue, jump to shopify and use good applications for cross-sell, upsell, affiliate, for coupons and everything. and why is that? only because, from my perspective- and this is my perspective- test the apps on ecwid and go on a free trial on shopify and test apps there. let me just like you will see it by yourself- that with the shopify you would achieve much more when we compare the applications and also integrations with other marketing apps. so, definitely, equity is good. it's like limited, but shopify got it better. so this is the disadvantage. i personally see that if you want to really heavily convert someone who is going to come on your website to be a customer or a fan, shopify is much better option for it. this is like my perspective. but shopify is more expensive comparing to ecwid. that's another thing, and they have transaction fees. so, yeah, now the third i have is that they allow you to have very limited amount of customization. so, using ecwid- and, yes, you can use and edit with the code if you know the html and css in that regard, you can design it. but other than that, it's really really limited how you can optimize and design your website. so if you're looking for heavy customization, that you want to customize it as much as you want, i don't know if that's going to be possible. so this is another um like con that i see. of course you can have um catalog of your product, the custom url. i think that won't be possible too, but maybe it's changed. so that's something that i saw in the past. so let me just show you from the seo perspective. but this is pretty much it. it's like okay, if you're just starting out and now you can need to also upgrade. so this is another thing that the free version is kind of limited, what you can actually do with it. like understandably, it's a free version. my recommendation: if you want, you can also check square if you're looking for ecwid square online. if you want to build a store, square online is a good option that you can do and use. if you uh want to create a retail- so no retail, but it's primarily for the retailers- but uh, you can really customize it. i think even better comparing to equity- but they have the transaction fee. so that's something you should definitely keep in mind and that's pretty much it. so this was like my short video on um equity reasons why i shouldn't use it, but maybe when i i was toking in the beginning about the option why you should use it, it's a good option to use it. it's like not bad. so thank you very much, guys for watching and have a great day and goodbye, see ya.

Shopify vs Ecwid - Which One Is Better?

hey there guys. my name is marcus and in this video i'm going to compare shopify with ecwid. the first thing i'm going to compare are pricing plans. then i'm going to share with you the main differences, like in what situation i would go with the shopify or ecwid and in what situation i would choose equity over shopify. then i'm going to compare themes, plugins, applications, integrations and also how it feels to build website with both of these website builders. so let's start now. ecwid is much cheaper comparing to shopify. also, ecwid got a huge advantage: that you don't have any transaction fees. this is something that shopify has. when you come here that, let's say, you can use shopify payments and you want to connect shopify with a stripe or paypal, you always gonna pay not just the fee for the paypal or stripe, you have to pay the fee also for shopify: two percent, one percent of zero point five percent. so this is something you should keep in mind. it's based on a plan that's 29.79, advanced shopify, which is 299.. here you're gonna have the free version. so if you're starting out, zero transaction fee, um, it's completely for free. in shopify, you have only 40 day free trial. so this is ecwid is winning in this department? definitely. but there are some advantages to shopify over ecwid. i will get to it. but then you have the monthly price: 12, 50, 15, 35, 99 euro. so even the business it's cheaper and like those are really similar. but plenty of people are saying that ecwid doesn't have good customer support. when they have problems they couldn't solve it. you can read it also on forums, etc. that's the first thing. the second thing is that e-commerce on shopify is much better. if you can have a lot of orders, ecwid would get overwhelming. there are better plugins and automations on shopify, or this is like the main differences segment. on shopify you got better applications that you can use and how you can create automations. you get really limitations what kind of apps you can use in equity. so this is something you should definitely keep in mind: that application in shopify they are top notch. so that's the first thing why i would rather choose shopify. if i want to go long term- and let's say that i want to be in a spot, then i'm going to get 50- 100 orders a day. in that way, shopify is going to cover you with automations, with the email marketing, with clavio, then also with zoho books or quick boosts to create directly invoices. in that way, shopify's top notch, ecwid, won't handle so much pressure. that's the. that's another thing. so if you're just starting out, equity is amazing. let's say that i won't go into. let's say i'm going to buy or like, sell products for my local town and people can buy it from my store. but if i want to sell internationally with multi-currency systems, with a automatik calculation for taxes and i want to have good automations and processes, shopify is like this all the way. so if you want to build a simple store for a local town and you're not going to get a lot of orders a month- and you won't- you and you know that you won't get a lot of orders to the future because it's just like a my little side project- ecwid is a top notch. but if you want to build, uh, something long term and you want to write on a 150 blog posts, then you want to have plenty of products retargeting on facebook and also have plenty of combined application. shopify is a top note like this: ultimate sales boost. when you come here you can simply see that you get like big cell here, get it by timer, check out motivation. that is much easier to convert someone when it's going to come on your website on shopify, comparing to ecwid. that's my perspective. also, another thing is that shopify got better themes that you can choose from, because they have better categories. when you come here to the ecwid, you see right here that let's say, i'm going to show you themes and now your categories help, beauty services, electronics, food, jewelry- right, but in shopify, do you see how many options you have here with the free page, number of products, layout, style, home page navigation. then you can actually set it up as much as you want, like jewelry and accessories, and then i can simply choose one view demo and then i, what can i do? i can simply change. i can change the products here and start selling straight away. but yes, there is this disadvantage that shopify is more expensive comparing to ecwid, and that's how would i describe it when you come here- how you can also build a website in shopify. let me show you- i'm lost a little bit- i can simply click here and move the sections. you can simply add a new section, you can add html block, and it's kind of similar in ecwid. let me show you. so i go back here and then i can arrange sections here and i can simply remove or i can simply move them. see, really similar. i can edit the headline coverage here, custom testimonials, the store version- if i want to have it. small, large thumbnail aspect ratio, i can edit it. but it's similar also with the shopify. so that's pretty much how it works. now, when you come here to equity control panel, you got to design marketing with sales with the website here with the seo. seo is good on both. i can really say that one is dominating to the other. it really like boils down to what you want to build with ecwid and what you want to build with shopify and how much money you want to pay. so, to summarize this whole video: guys, shopify is amazing but it's expensive and you got the payment processing there- transactional fees. equity, on the other hand, won't handle, in my opinion, if you can have a lot of orders a day, because you need automations, you need those processes and you won't be able to achieve it with ecwid. shopify, in the regard, is much better. so if you want to, if you're starting out, ecwid is a top note that you can use, but if you want to build a big industry business, like in your big business in your industry, and you know that you're going to get a lot of orders to the future and you want to build a straightaway good and prepare for a lot of orders, shopify all the way. so what you can do is this: choose a basic shopify version- any of those 14-day free trial- then you can click through the link down below in description, create a store, test it out if you like it. you won't have to pay anything and you can start selling connected with really good applications, because when you come here to shopify you can simply click apps and visit the shopify app store. here on apps on ecwid it's really limited, but on app store on shopify is a top notch. set up everything with the automations, with emails, and choose shopify. or let's say that you want to sell something locally, that you know that you're not going to sell a lot internationally, that you don't want to have, like advanced automation, newsletter writing blogs. in that way, ecwid is a good choice for you. so thank you very much, guys for watching. if you have any questions, ask me, download comments. i'm really happy to help you and have a great day and goodbye, see ya.