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shopify website ideas

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

How To Design A Shopify Store In 10 Minutes (Step-By-Step)

having a bad website will kill your chances of success on shopify, even if you have the best products and ads. it's so much harder to see results with a low quality store. so in this video, i'll be sharing the exact store template that i'm using right now to generate over a hundred thousand dollars a month, and i'll be showing you, step by step, exactly how to easily build one for yourself. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire process of growing my ecommerce brand with as much transparency as possible. so if you're interested in starting your own online business, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. also just want to say thank you guys so much for 50 000 subscribers. so to give back to you guys, i'm gonna do something that i usually don't do. i'm gonna give away a free one-on-one coaching call to one of you. to enter the giveaway, just drop a comment down below, follow me on instagram and dm me. when you're done, i'll be announcing the winner for this next friday. anyways, let's get started with the video. first things first. here are some live results that i'm getting with this exact template. so, as you can see halfway through the day, i've already done over 2500 in sales and if we look at yesterday's stats, you can see that this store is averaging around five thousand dollars a day. everybody is always asking about profit, so let's take a look. yesterday i did around fifteen hundred dollars in profit and today, so far, halfway through the day, i'm at around in profit, which is close to 30 daily margin. i'm not showing this to brag, but just to prove that this layout is working. today, i figured the best way to explain this would be to make a sample store that follows this exact template, so that's what i did. let's have a look at that sample store. so this is a store that i created in the home and garden niche- the type of stores that i like to build to test products look just like this. basically, we're building a nice, clean, branded store with good logo, good images, multiple collections inside of that niche, high quality products and images and, overall, a trustworthy and legitimate feel. i get dms every single day of people asking me: why am i struggling to see results? and then i look at their store and it looks like this: if you take the time to make a nice, clean, branded website, seeing success with ecommerce is going to be so much easier. this kind of store is perfect for testing products because it is branded, it has a trustworthy feel, but it's also broad enough that you can test a variety of products without being too constrained. i like to call this kind of store a hybrid store. it basically bridges the gap between a general and niche store. building a store like this is really not that difficult, so i'm gonna break down how to do it right now. the first thing that you're gonna need to come up with is a clean name and logo. to come up with names, i highly recommend you guys check out this tool called lean domain search. basically, you can take any word or phrase that you like and plug it into here and they're gonna show you websites that are ready to go that have this word inside of it. so in my case, i used the word flora because it fit perfectly for the home and garden space, and i scrolled and scrolled until i found the name flora flow, which i really like. all of the names on this website are available to purchase for the com domain right away, so i would take some time and try to come up with at least five phrases that would fit with your branding. so now that you've come up with a name, you need to create a logo now. i know graphic design might be intimidating to a lot of you, but nowadays there are a ton of tools that make it incredibly simple. one of my favorite tools to do this is actually called canva. canva has a bunch of these logo templates already built into the app, and it's actually what i use to build the flora flow logo. you can literally scroll through their library and find a clean logo for your brand in seconds and know this video is not sponsored by them. i just really like their product. so, as you can see, the template that i use for the floraflow logo is right here. i literally typed in flower. i looked at the options, i found this one and i just simply typed in the logo name and then i made it a little bigger, centered it in the middle and i deleted the bottom and i made a logo for the brand in 10 seconds. now, look, it's going to take you longer than 10 seconds and you shouldn't rush the process, but i would highly advise you guys. use that tool to build your logo. i'm also a big fan of photoshop. for my brand that i'm running right now, i designed my logo in photoshop, but it's a lot more advanced and not very beginner friendly. once you've got a name and a logo, the next step is to build out a nice home page for your store. now, when you're running ads to this store, typically you're going to send people to the product pages. yeah, you might have a cool product, you might have a cool product page, but if your customer starts browsing around your website and they get a weird vibe, they're not going to spend money with you and even if they do, the chances of them remembering your brand and buying again are so slim. so this is the exact layout that i use for all of my home pages. let's break it down. there are a ton of themes to use on shopify and it can kind of be overwhelming. this store is actually built on the impulse theme, which is by far one of my favorite paid themes, and if you're looking for a good free theme, i recommend that you guys check out debutify. i've used both of them and personally i like impulse a little better, but if you're on a low budget, debutify is an amazing option. first things first. we need a nice and clean header. try to come up with something creative that introduces the people to your brand in a very inviting way. now i could have easily wrote the best products for your home and garden, but i think it's much better to put something that has a little bit more flair and life to it. so in this example, i put stylus essentials for the modern home designed to elevate your lifestyle. if you're struggling with copywriting, just go look at some of the biggest brands out there. in terms of this image and all the images on the site, shopify actually provides a bunch of really sick free images and a lot of people don't know about this. so if you go down to image and you click on change and you go to free images, you can search up almost anything. so in my case, i searched up flower and you'll see that shopify has a bunch of these really nice high quality images that they're constantly updating almost every single week, and they're really fire. the next thing i do is typically put one of our collections on display. in this case it's the best sellers, because those are my favorite products on the store, so i wanted to put those front and center and when they click on it, you're gonna see that these are our top selling products and a nice, clean, organized page. we also give them an offer with up to fifty 50 off on the select products, and it's just something that gives them some incentive to click and start shopping. the next thing that i really like to do is show some type of mission statement for the brand. i think that this really helps your customers connect with you and feel like they're a part of something greater than just buying a product. so you can see, what i put here is that we want to help over 10 000 people create their dream environment through providing our own unique products worldwide. now, this is going to be different for everybody, so make sure that you come with something unique for your brand. and once again, i just took the image directly from shopify. now, the next thing that i threw in here: it was just a promotion. you don't need to have this, but i included it because i thought it looked nice, so you can just see it's 50 off of our spring and summer collection. and then i just put a little blurb about stay at home and stay at peace with these essentials t.

How To Design A Shopify Store Like a PRO (& Sell More!)

if you don't spend the time and effort on crafting a nicely designed Shopify store, you can forget about making sales with that store, because your store design is something practikally everyone sees before they purchase your product and it's also what they use to navigate to that important checkout page. so in this video i'll go over the exact store design, layout and design essentials you need to know about, with examples, so you're able to skyrocket your shopify sales. so the best way to show you the must-have shopify design essentials to implement in your own store is to just simply show you on screen. so the first store we'll deep dive into is a store called aloe yoga. so getting stuck into it on screen, here i'm gonna go through uh, why the store is great, and a few more examples other than this store. but before we get started, let's quickly check using this wapalyzer tool here that it's actually a shopify store. so you can see here that it is indeed indeed a shopify store and this tool, by the way, highly recommend that you use it and grab it. it's completely free and you can install it as a chrome extension. it gives you a whole load of back-end data on basically any website. so to get started, as you can see, the home page is very clean. it's product centered and below here you can immediately see that they have the instagram social proof and then the best seller alerts. so really simple and clean store. it's a large product catalog so it needs to be as clean as possible, simply because there's so much display here. but i want to show you what they do so well. if you look at their product catalog right here, which is just the yoga mat, you can see that there's a consistency with their product imagery, so they don't have, you know, like, um, like a whole load of different product shots, but it's all the same product shot, but just with different variations in color. so this is something to be really wary of. if you have multiples of products or if you have variants or you have a large product catalog, it's really important that you display these items as clean as possible, and this can be achieved really simply through product imagery. and if we jump into one of these products as an example, the product page is even better in my opinion. so you don't see any product description on the side here, right, you just see the product imagery, the name, the price, the variations and simply add to bag. but if you do need more information about the product, like most of us do, we're likely going to scroll down below, above the fold. so this is where you get the description, the fit, etc. etc. but this is a really, really nice and clean setup of the product page. and what i really like about this store as well is that they include videos within their product images. so you know, this is not a requirement, but as you grow, i think this is something that most stores should look into and it's really easy to implement. on your own shopify store, you can easily upload just a video into the image catalog. i think one of the things that you'll notike really quickly with the examples i'm giving you today is that the product images is a core element of all stores. now i understand like it can be really expensive to take images, get a photographer and get really professional photos. so i want to show you a quick hack, and i've recommended playset many times, but it is so essential for a lot of the stores that i run and the businesses that i run. this is a such a simple way to grab images and mockups and designs without needing to hire out, you know, a studio and a photographer and get it professionally edited, etc. etc. like you can immediately mock up a yoga mat as an example, um, and upload that immediately and it looks superb. so i've just uploaded this logo here as an example. this is our logo and i'm just going to click crop and you can see that it immediately adds onto this yoga mat and you can change the background to be transparent. you can change background to be, you know, green teal, whatever it might be, and this in itself is going to save you so so much time. so place. it is a huge integral part to really quick mock-ups, um, and it doesn't need to be a yoga mat. obviously. they have a whole load of different products that you can mock up. if this is a tool that you're interested in, i'll drop a 15 off code down in the description box below for you to check out. moving on to the next store: now this is chaos. it is an advanced print on demand store. it's pretty straightforward, ridiculously simple and clean. one element that i really appreciate is that they have a floating transparent header on top. so if we scroll down, you see the section up here with their logo and the hamburger menu here. if we scroll down, it's stiky, it follows you, it shows you, you know where you're at: the brand, the cart, the quick search button and the hamburger menu- incredibly simple but important. these things all add up to how to create a really enjoyable uh store experience. the ugc here, which is the user generate generated content, is a big, big part of this store. so under here you can see that they have a almost instagram like feed of different products and also user generated content in this section. it depends on the type of product that you're planning to sell, but ugc is so incredibly important, really easy way to show off your product and create that social proof. big part of this is personalization. it's having your initials on these phone cases. so, um, let's jump into this product here. this is such a simple product page. uh, it's a step, step-by-step process because it is all about customization and print on demand. you select your case size, whether it's a 12 pro max or whatever it might be, your case color, your initials, you type it in and i should update on the fly. i think, yeah. so having a preview and having a mock-up of your product is again so important. i just mentioned this, but it is so, so important. and if you're wondering: how do you get this step-by-step customization process? well, there's a lot of different approaches you can take when it comes to that, but one of the options that i recommend is infinite options, which is a very easy solution where you just install this app and you get a whole bunch of different options that you can customize. there's actually a free way to achieve this if you're a bit adventurous and you want to learn how to code. so this is an example store that i found where they use liquid coding to get all these custom attributes and features in. so if you are experienced with coding, or liquid coding specifically, and you want to save a few dollars every month, then this is a great approach too. i'll probably leave a link on how to achieve that. going back to the store now, you can see it is step-by-step process up the top and really there's nothing distracting you here. it is again just focused on adding to bag. that is it. if you want to read more, there is a waterfall function here where you can see the different details and delivery, returns and whatnot. contrary to popular belief, you don't need a long essay about your product, especially if it's a very simple product like a phone case. there's not all too much to say about it. you don't need to sell it too hard and you know tok about how fancy the materials are and what not. like chances are it's not going to be like. you need to rely on other things like customization, user generate content, marketing off the store. all that good stuff, and really the product page, is to be focused on simply just getting the sale, getting people to add to bag and enjoying that seamless transition from adding to bag to check out and that is it. so moving on to the next option here: nerd wax. this is a great example that i want to show you because we're moving on to a one product store, the one product store.

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How I made $1 Million in a DAY on Shopify

hey guys, greta, here and today i am going to be chatting with you about what led to me doing a one million dollar revenue day for one of my four multi-million dollar ecommerce brands, [Music]. so this was for my second e-commerce brand, the fifth watches. by this point, i had been in e-commerce with my first brand scheme, et, for three years. it was december 2014.. i remember we received the watches the second or third of december and we're like: well, we're called the fifth, we may as well wait until the fifth to launch. and we're like: yeah, sounds good. at this point, we were just going to be selling our watches every day and we launched the brand. we had around 70 000 instagram followers on instagram when we launched, which was like a really large following at the time and now- and i'll get back to you on how we went about growing that following- but at the time, yeah, we launched- we had about 70 000 instagram followers. we had about 8 800 people signed up to our waitlist. we went live and we ended up selling out of all of our stok on the first day of sales. so we had, like i think, 1 200 watches to sell. so we did over a hundred thousand dollars in revenue on the first day of sales, and it was actually my co-founder, alex's birthday as well, so pretty sure it was like his best birthday ever. but the issue was that now we're sold out of watches and our followers and our subscribers, the people on our waitlist, had already been waiting for like a couple of months as we were kind of building our following and building a bit of hype around the brand while we were going through the manufacturing process. so they'd been waiting a couple of months and people were getting pretty fed up with waiting and we're like, oh, oh, now everyone is kind of going to hate our brand. they're not even going to, you know, they're not going to wait around and buy from us. like we've lost, you know, those 7 000 people. we may as well just start over and start waiting. you know, building the next kind of list for the next launch, and then we kind of sat down and workshopped it out. so i remember we were in the kitchen and we were toking that and i was like, oh well, we're called the fifth. we launched on the fifth. we sold out in, yes, a day. but what if we sent an email out to the rest of the people that missed out saying: okay, we're called the fifth and little did you know, or well, actually, even we know that at the fifth we only sell our watches on the fifth of each month for five days or until sold out previously. so it's really important that you're on our wait list because it means you'll be notified first when we're back in stok again next month on the fifth. because we already actually had our second round of product pre-ordered, because once we got to that many sign-ups and that many followers on insta, we were like we realized about a month out before that, because it was about a two month lead time to get the watches, we realized, oh, we better order a bit more stok. we only have, you know, this amount and this many people are waiting. we ended up actually ordering that. so we were going to get the watches like in another like three and a half weeks or something. we were like, okay, we'll make sense. now we can say that. so that actually ended up accidentally becoming the kind of central, unique value proposition of the entire brand. it helped position us in the market, whereas before that we were just like these cool, minimal watches. now we were exclusive and now we were focusing a lot on scarcity and that was driving a lot of perceived value for our brand as well, because traditionally a lot of designer items are exclusive because they're expensive. you know that four thousand dollar handbag is exclusive because not that many people can afford it, therefore not that many people have it, and that adds the exclusivity and increases perceived value. we were exclusive because we were only available for a limited amount of time. so that limited sales model not only increased the exclusivity but it increased demand through scarcity as well, and we had a really, really strong compelling reason to have to sign up during the month. so basically, for 25 days a month we would be collecting leads or emails any way that we could kind of notify our customer that we were like going to launch or go live. so we would do things like send out calendar invites. if text message had been a thing at the time, we would have been able to do text blasts. we had push notifications enabled through our website. we had all these different kind of means to let people know that we were launching. on the fifth and on the fourth. what we basically do is we would shut down our website. we'd lock it with a password and only people who had signed up to our wait list would send the password so that created a really, like i said, strong, compelling reason to sign up each month, or you wouldn't even be able to access the store, let alone, you know, buy a watch for the first. you know not. i think it was nine- yeah, it was nine hours, from midnight australian eastern standard time until 9: 00 am. we'd kind of give our wait list like a head start on the store and most of the time, as the months kind of progressed and went by, we were selling out like almost instantly. it's like some products would sell out in like a minute or two. it was almost like a music festival or like a concert where you like stay up really late on like tiker tik and like keep refreshing until suddenly the tikets go online. or people are like willing to line up like around the whole block and wait all night to get something. because we launched at midnight australian time. people would literally like set their alarms on their phone. that was one of our main methods of notifying people. it would be like set your alarm and that works for like a lot of different brands. i even saw mecca, which is a big makeup brand in australia. one of their email subjects the other day was: like: launch tomorrow, set your alarm, sort of thing. so i think once people have gone to kind of the effort of setting their alarm, waking up at like an awkward hour especially, they're pretty likely to buy something like i'll conversion rates for the first hour would be like unheard of. like 90 percent conversions, like just crazy things like that. and as we were building up to our kind of million dollar day, i guess, like each month, we understood that the more emails that we got, the more money that we ended up making. in the following month, when i was building skinny meti, i just kept focusing on the things that were working. so, like building a larger instagram following meant that we were, you know, when we were posting more, making more sales and working with more and more influencers. at the fifth, we worked with influences from day one. when we were ordering a sample of our watch, we actually ended up ordering 50 samples. some of them didn't even work, but we sent them out to 30 influences before we even launched the brand, and these were all either influencers who i had relationships with from already working with them with skinny me tea friends of mine that had reach or influences that just really kind of jumped at the idea of getting one of these watches early before everyone else. and so we had this great bank of content before we launched which we could, um, push out to our instagram following and a lot of hype and buzz. so we kind of let them know one would be launching and if they could do a post that day, that would be like ideal. and so we had all these different influences posting at the same time, generating all this hype, helping us build trust with a new brand. at the same time we had 70 000 followers which, as i said, we converted about 8 800 across into our email subscribers, who were all there just to buy watches. so a lot of the time, brands that are launching might kind of kid themselves with their metrics a little bit. they're like: i've got a thousand sign ups, like it's gonna be fine, but you have to be sure that they're warm leads, like if they've signed up to win a pair of nike runners and then

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Shopify Store Ideas. Top 5 Niches in 2022.

what's going on everyone? it's jamie here from shopify masterclass. today we'll be looking at these shopify store ideas. we'll take a look at five different niches here, so i'm gonna give you a broad range of different categories that might give you ideas for your shopify store. we take a look at google trends data along with all this so you can make sure you're starting on the right foot and not starting a shopify store in a niche that has been declining and that is isn't as popular anymore. take a look at several niches, ones coming from post pandemic, as well as which ones are still popular. so make sure you stay to the end of the video here. before i dive into it, i just want to thank our sponsor, profit calc, the one click profit calculator app available on the shopify app store. it comes with a 15 day free trial and there's a link in the description below. i'm going to show a quick video detailing their full feature set. discover profit calc, the affordable and easy to set up shopify app that crunches your numbers in just one click. it automatikally syncs with all your accounts and expenses to calculate your profit, displaying everything in an easy to read dashboard so you understand your business in real time. start for free on the shopify app store today. the first niche we can take a look at today is men's skin care and beauty products. this has become more popular in the last few years. men have tried to take care of their skin more. they're more focused on making sure it looks good. gone are the days where they didn't take care of anything. men are trying to step their game up, and so skincare is a way they can do that. you start to see quite a few products target men here in drug stores as well as makeup stores as well. something like nivea ferment is quite big now and that's simply just targeting men here in their products- maybe different fragrances. another company is brickell, who offers skin care for men, and that has done extremely well over the last few years. so we take a look at google trends here for men's face wash. we can see it has started to tik up quite steadily around that 67 point mark here. things such as charcoal face wash- the man company- have all become more popular in the last few years or so, so this could be a good niche to start into. the next niche we'll take a look at here is called recommerce, so it means selling items that were previously owned, both new and used. this is great for luxury products. here, a company such as rent the runway is now valued at one billion dollars. this is where you can rent high-end goods instead of purchasing it yourself for more of a one-time use here. so if you can rent the runway, you're making use of something that's cheaper to you and you're reusing the same clothing. people have started to become more environmentally conscious, so we can see that the resale sector for secondhand goods is expected to grow 11 times faster than the broader retail clothing sector by 2025.. the next one take a look at here is home office. although it has been decreasing since the start of the pandemic, as everyone just needed a desk and home office equipment all of a sudden is still a very popular niche, as we're starting to see companies as well move from remote work or to remote work, from just being in the office all the time. so home office still is a big thing out there, as we're starting to see a huge shift in how people work. we take a look at desks, for example. it did peak during the start of the pandemic, but has started it uptiks slightly here, using different companies- just the company or the office that runs metro new york switched to one day a week. that's remote, and so people are still doing remote work here. so they still need the desks and they were impossible to get a few years ago but they're becoming a lot better now as supply chains are catching up a little bit. the fourth one here is going to be pet products. so if you go to search for dogs here, people are always looking for dogs. there was a huge spike in the beginning of cobit, as many people got puppies. being said, it is still extremely popular now. pets is always a niche that has thrived, as people love taking care of their pets. they love spending money on their pets. this is something that's probably not going to go away. so if you can start a niche selling some really nice products or good quality products or specific need that you discovered for your pet, this can be a opportunity for you in 2022.. the fifth and final niche we're gonna take a look at today is gonna be educational toys. these always spike during christmas time, as people are looking to get presents for their kids here. but when kids were home for the pandemic, you saw exactly what they were doing with their time and how they were spending their day. so parents want to make sure they have good quality toys here that can help educate them, not just going to be a time sink here. they can make a little more use and create some productive time. this was learning something along the way, so that's great use for educational toys. we can see related queries here, plus 900, 800, 700 or just educational toys for toddlers at different age ranges. you can niche down on for something like toddlers- you have different categories on your website for different age ranges- but this will probably continue to be a popular niche as we haven't seen it really change over the last five years, and it's always spikes around christmas time as parents are looking to get presents for their kids. so this concludes the video on five shopify store niches. this will help give you shopify store ideas in different categories in which you can enter in the market here, so you can create your own niche online and sell specific products, or you could just try a general store too, if you want to select different niches and sell them at once if you're not really sure which one you want to focus on. this concludes the video on shopify store ideas. let me know in the comments what you think here. if you enjoyed the video, i would love if you hit that like and subscribe button below. lastly, i want to mention our sponsor profit calc again, the one click profit calculator app available on the shopify app store. there's a link in the description below to access a 15 day free trial. thank you so much for watching and i'll see you in our next video.

Top 9 Shopify Dropshipping Stores Examples: Their Secrets & Strategies

tetap siapa. fight shopping stores and The Secret intip video Ambon. so you guys, some examples from such shopping stores and how The Winged water circuit court was given the success and would weaken your Stories to inspire and tagged in the Interaction of an endless video show. kytnfr WhatsApp pribadi. hope you're having a Wonderful Day Today. My name is around the country manager for the last several Years. this video is all about Chaeri sewot Yoi and implementation process is not protected, gue Kings and giving eHow marketing Award. What you're going and get inspired. the most important things to learn about the best practikes were working and implementing an archaic YouTube channel. subscribe now always on another. coming in the drop shipping industry, khairin, begin with the beach style derek sample and everything in this video is your blog page. you can find the link below video Khair, always doing so much. for example, the website's let's, let's Chairul zainist store and it has yowes, Bright Lights, something with LED Light, and has been such Feelings: nice Purple, pink, neon, khairin, the feeling of LED Light and let see exactly what the heavens door soundtrack colors here we bring you and cute They're, just by looking at the colors and score underside and make me feel like falling away from westfalenpark early life and having the school, neochain products and such functions and products as well, such whole new world and every product look very relevant to what you're trying to show. how much, How bout, nearly that feeling better, gaming you. they will make you feel like the website is all about elitis Neon Lights and it looks really gets worst Nightmare website-website colors. here are some of the app semoga shapefile website-website using one another with another, using each so cute and frequently. heimei usut adbch selingkuh ended up. another is showed you and you sign-out: njugo. so much for your right now songgon klik X6 going to close the steps towards the end. I lifted high enough. So what your heart? because it could help get me back by sending message, send me an email. if my email and other messages and the way to get some people should go to the transaction, browsing each Share. 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How To Design A CUSTOM Shopify Store THAT SELLS!

Hey friends, Andrew here, hope you're well. In today's video, I'm going to show you one of my favorite Shopify apps to completely customize and transform your store in only about 10 to 15 minutes from scratch. so, without wasting time, let's jump straight onto my laptop here and i'll show you, step by step, how to build a beautifully custom shopify store with this no code page builder app- incredibly important considering that your store represents your brand and your vision. and, by the way, i'll be giving away this exact store i've built in this video to a subscriber. more details at the end of this video. so, to build out a custom shopify store today, the very first thing you want to do is go on to the shopify app store. actual first step is to get shopify, if you haven't yet already. and if you haven't yet already, i'll drop a link to an extended free trial down below if you want to follow along with this video. now, once you have your shopify store, go on to the app store and then this is where we're going to get a crucial tool, and this app is going to allow us to build and design a shopify store without all the custom coding, and it's called gem pages right here, so gem pages. they're known as this no code page builder on shopify, and it's really useful in building a high converting store without code. it's essentially a drag and drop builder that myself and the team have used to design custom shopify sales pages, and the plan of attack today is to create a custom one product store simply by using the gem pages drag and drop tools right here. i've spent some time before this video creating the brand and all the assets like product renders, brand name and whatnot. i'm calling it to charge because we all need to charge our devices. that's terrible. i know i have all the assets to go in my folder right here, as you can see, and so what we're going to do now is build out our page with gem pages using all the files that i've created here. so head on to the dashboard and then click create new. from here is click more types and you can see that you're able to create a bunch of different pages based on what you want to go for: so a landing page, a home page, a product page, etc. and so let's just click, for example, home page. so there's a whole bunch of home page templates here. there's also a whole bunch of landing pages. the theory here is: i'm going to build a one product store, so i'm going to use a landing page only, and i found the one that i want to use, and it's bluetooth headphones. you can click preview to preview the template first, or you can just click start editing. so i'm going to click start editing. i'm going to give the the page name a name, and then click header and footer. i want this off only because we're creating a one product store and we don't want a header and footer at the bottom. really quickly though, you can use a completely blank canvas, but if you want to get up and running really fast, like in 15 minutes, then it's good to use a foundation such as a template. on the left hand panel you have all your tools and drag and drop widgets. you can see that literally anything can be customized. you can literally drag and drop and select an image, new images. you can go through the widgets here and literally customize every single component of the page, unlike the typical shopify builder. now i'm going to continue building what i've built off this video. so, after spending about 15 to 20 minutes on this page, here is exactly what i've come up with so far. there are still a few things i want to add to this page to clean it all up. so let's do it together while i walk you through the design process and the thinking behind it. the beauty of gem pages is you're able to drag and drop absolutely anything in. so let's say, i want to add a logo, so what i'm going to do is drag and drop the image tile, then click images and click replace image. then i'll find the transparent logo that i have, and then we're going to slightly resize it because it's probably going to be too big. so we're going to resize this. i'll go with 20, and so now we have a logo up there, so we're just going to leave it as it is the copy that i have up here. the fastest portable charger, you know, just assuming it probably is, and then we have this really cool animated cta button here, something that you typically don't see or get the option to add in shopify, but with gem pages we're able to do that, and we also have a countdown timer. these are all widgets that we can drag and drop into this page here, also have this really cool sort of uh animated counter that comes up, and then, of course, we have the product itself. i'm also going to change the button color here. so, going down to bottom color under background color, what we're going to do is change it to this font color. here you want to take the hex code, this little hashtag code. here i'm going to click copy, scroll back down to the background color, drop the hex code into here and it should update automatikally. and there we go. it's looking much nicer already. here is the product itself and of course we have that same cta button here, and so we can easily remove some of these images. we can remove some of these logos as well. if you click icon list, you can see the items here. you know, for example, i don't want the authentik product over here. i don't really know what that means. so over here i'm gonna click the rubbish bin icon, delete this and if i really wanted to, the. we've got this nice purple theme going on here. i'm going to add some purple into the background here. so by doing clicking the background box here, click design, going down to background, we can again use that hex code right, and then bring down that transparency just slightly, just like so, and that is looking much nicer. i also have a bunch of usps here unique selling points as little boxes. we have a carousel with images here. the tik specifications are drop down boxes. essentially all of these elements, including even this comparison box here, is all added just through widgets. there are so many powerful widgets here that we can use, including even crazier things. so let's say, for example, share buttons. we can add element here where we can get people to literally share all of this and share this page on their socials. and we also have other crazy elements, like we've got video pop-ups, we have video integrations, countdown timers. like we said, i believe there's a before and after module here. so this before and after module is super powerful for those who have a product that demonstrates a before and after. if you did not have gem pages, something like this to implement would take a lot of time. it would take a lot of coding as well. you can start to see just how easy it is to change all of this up. so, yeah, this is what i've come up with, and this is so much more custom than what's available on the shopify template pages, unless you want to hire, you know, a developer, a shopify liquid coder, to build out something for you separately. and i've done this in literally 15 to 20 minutes and it's a whole bunch of fun too. it's also pre-optimized for a whole bunch of different platforms, such as mobile and tablet, etc. you want to go through each device and make sure that it's correctly optimized for each device. here we want to change out the font color, we want to reposition the buttons, etc. so we want to build for desktop and mobile. so we've gone from essentially. this don't get me wrong. it looks great as it is already, but we very quickly freshened it up and integrated into a single home page, a single page a1 product store, and we also have this really neat looking unique selling point section here where we call out all the features and the benefits and we have text specifications. you know advanced drop down boxes- here we have comparison boxes. here we have