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Shopify's Pinterest App: Boost Your Sales

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Pinterest is a popular social media platform that offers a unique approach to marketing for e-commerce businesses. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using Pinterest for businesses, how to connect your Pinterest and Shopify accounts, and the advantages of this integration.

Benefits of using Pinterest for businesses:

- Easy source for consumers to discover and convert to leads or sales

- Visual platform that is especially effective for female audiences

- Second most popular social media platform for driving visitors to online stores

- Allows businesses to successfully develop their online presence and grow their sales

Connecting your Pinterest and Shopify accounts:

- Log into your Shopify admin and click on the plus symbol for sales channels

- Look for Pinterest and click the plus symbol to add it

- Connect your Pinterest account by either creating a new one or linking an existing one

- Authorize Shopify to manage and access your data

- Install your Pinterest tag to track conversions and create targeted audiences

Advantages of the Pinterest and Shopify integration:

- Advertising capabilities

- Analytics to track customer activity on your website

- Frequent email updates on the performance of your Pinterest and Shopify accounts

By connecting your Pinterest and Shopify accounts, you can take advantage of the benefits that Pinterest offers for e-commerce businesses. With its visual approach, it allows businesses to create engaging content and reach a wider audience. The integration also provides valuable insights and tools to improve your marketing strategies.

Connect Pinterest + Shopify in just 5 MINUTES!

Pinterest is an excellent social media platform for e-commerce stores, especially if your target audience is primarily female. In this video, we will demonstrate how to connect your Shopify store to Pinterest, allowing your products to appear on the platform, and people to purchase them directly.

The Benefits of Using Pinterest for E-commerce:

- Pinterest is highly visual and ideal for showcasing products.

- The platform allows for lifestyle images, which can help build your brand.

- Rich pin data provides real-time product information, such as price, color, size, and description.

- The Pinterest app connects your Pinterest business account to your Shopify store, making it easier to upload and manage products.

- The app installs conversion tags, allowing Pinterest to track user behavior and provide valuable data for ad campaigns.

- The app is free, and new advertisers can receive a $100 ad credit.

How to Connect Your Shopify Store to Pinterest:

- Log in to your Shopify account and click on Sales Channels.

- Click on the plus icon and select Add Sales Channel.

- Choose Pinterest and connect your Pinterest business account.

- Manage your products by selecting which items to show on Pinterest.

- The app will automatically add rich pin data and install conversion tags for you.

Pinterest is an excellent platform for e-commerce stores, and connecting your Shopify store to Pinterest has never been easier. By using the Pinterest app, you can upload and manage your products, track user behavior, and receive valuable data for ad campaigns. Take advantage of the $100 ad credit for new advertisers and start experimenting with Pinterest advertising today.

How to use Pinterest + Shopify Integration? Selling on Pinterest | Pinterest for Ecommerce (2022)

In this article, we will discuss how Pinterest marketing works for eCommerce sites. We will answer questions such as how to connect your Shopify store and Pinterest and how to start profitably selling on Pinterest.

Why Pinterest is a great place to promote products for eCommerce sites:

- 90% of weekly users are looking on Pinterest to make purchasing decisions.

- 55% of users login to Pinterest to find products.

- 50% of Pinterest users buy something after seeing a promoted pin.

- Pinterest is 4 times more effective at generating sales than other social media platforms.

- Pinterest is more powerful as a traffic source compared to Instagram because every pin image is clickable and can be linked to your store or product page.

- Pins on Pinterest can bring traffic for months or even years because of the longer half-life of a pin.

Best eCommerce platforms to use with Pinterest:

- Etsy: Pinterest created integration with Etsy, and you can verify your Etsy shop by clicking the Claim tab in your settings.

- Shopify: Shopify and Pinterest work together to make integration seamless, and you can verify your Shopify store on Pinterest by following the simple instructions on Shopify Help Center.

Tips for eCommerce sites to see success with Pinterest traffic:

- Use vertical and worthy images that follow the 2:3 to 1:2 image ratio.

- Create multiple pins for each landing page or product page.

- Attach a simple blog to your store and drive additional traffic from Pinterest.

- Test promoted pins to promote your products and get affordable clicks.

- Use Pinterest SEO to add keywords to your pin descriptions, product titles, and descriptions.

Pinterest is a powerful platform for eCommerce sites to promote their products, and by following the tips provided in this article, you can see success with Pinterest traffic. Verify your store on Pinterest, use vertical and worthy images, create multiple pins for each landing page, attach a simple blog to your store, test promoted pins, and use Pinterest SEO to drive organic traffic to your store.

How to Advertise on Pinterest for your Shopify Store

In this video, Elle McCann walks through how to set up a Pinterest traffic ad to increase traffic and sales to a Shopify store. Before diving into the tutorial, Elle covers the power of Pinterest, the differences between Pinterest ads and other social media platform ads, and what makes a good and bad Pinterest ad. Key takeaways include:

- Pinterest has a unique system where pins can continue to be shared and seen years after they are originally posted.

- Pinterest ads are cheaper than Facebook ads, but it may take longer to see the impact of the ad campaign.

- Good Pinterest ads are visually appealing and follow the flow of a normal Pinterest feed.

- To set up a Pinterest traffic ad, first create a pin with an engaging image and description. Then, create a campaign with a daily or lifetime budget and set up ad groups with targeted keywords and other qualifiers like gender, age, and location.

By following these steps, businesses can leverage the power of Pinterest to drive more traffic and sales to their online stores.

How to Sell your Shopify Products on Pinterest - Updated 2022

Music today is the preferred social platform for everyone, with Pinterest being a popular visual search engine, productivity tool, and social network. Pinterest has an average of 454 million monthly active users worldwide as of Q2 2021. It allows users to create themed photo galleries known as boards where they can pin photos from the internet. This feature helps marketers to identify consumer aesthetic preferences and interests, making it easier to promote their products.

How to tag products on Pinterest:

- Sign in to your Pinterest account and have your product page ready.

- On your Pinterest home feed, click Create Pin.

- Add an image or a carousel of images.

- Add a description of the pin, including important details and a destination link to the product page.

- Edit or adjust the appearance of your pin, including cropping, changing orientation, and adding branding.

- Add a tag to the image by clicking the tag icon and selecting the product description page URL.

- Review and publish your pin.

Pinterest's unique features make it a popular platform for arts and crafts enthusiasts, fashion bloggers, and house decorators. Marketers can take advantage of Pinterest's user profiles to identify consumer preferences and interests. By tagging products on Pinterest, marketers can increase the possibility of closing the deal with potential customers. With over 83% of weekly pinners having made a purchase based on the platform, Pinterest proves to be an effective and cost-efficient platform for businesses.

Sell On Pinterest With Shopify (Complete Guides 2021)

Selling on Pinterest is a great way to tap into the creative bones of millions of Pinners and stand out from the information overload of other social media platforms. In this article, we will provide 10 steps to start selling on Pinterest, along with strategies to help businesses make the most of this dynamic platform.

Reasons to Sell on Pinterest:

1. Pinterest demographics are unique, with 442 million monthly active users who come to the platform to be inspired and plan their best life.

2. The power of search is at the heart of Pinterest, with 150 million people using it every month to plan their lives and make purchasing decisions.

3. Visuals are key on Pinterest, making it a mobile-friendly platform with 80% of Pinners using the app.

10 Steps to Start Selling on Pinterest:

1. Create a business account on Pinterest to gain access to more features, analytics, and ads.

2. Brand your account with high-quality photos and regularly updated information.

3. Map out your content strategy with a clear primary photo and appealing titles and descriptions.

4. Link and verify your business website to your Pinterest account.

5. Focus on Pinterest SEO by including popular keywords in your industry and relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions.

6. Use rich pins to extract extra data and information from your website to display alongside your pins.

7. Automate posting with Pinterest post management tools like Sprout Social to save time and engage your audience.

8. Organize your pins into a catalog to promote your products and reach shoppers.

9. Create collection pins to link to several products in a single pin and make it easy for users to checkout on your website.

10. Optimize your online store with a store design app like PageFly to increase conversion rates and make mobile and desktop navigation effortless.

Selling on Pinterest is a unique and effective way for businesses to tap into a creative and engaged audience. By following these 10 steps and strategies, businesses can make the most of the platform and increase their sales and success.

Pinterest Ads Full Tutorial (2022) | Shopify Dropshipping & eCommerce

If you're frustrated with expensive Facebook ad campaigns and not seeing any results for your dropshipping and e-commerce stores, then Pinterest ads might be the solution for you. In this article, we'll show you how to start leveraging Pinterest ads for your business.

- Pinterest ads are 2-3 times cheaper for conversions than any other social media platform, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to save on ad spend.

- In this article, we'll show you how to set up your Pinterest business account, install the Pinterest pixel on your Shopify or WooCommerce store, create Pinterest ad creatives, set up Pinterest ad campaigns, and read ad data for your Pinterest campaigns.

Facts about Pinterest ads:

- Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users, with 60% of users being women.

- 50% of US pinners frequently shop on Pinterest, and more than 25% of time spent on the platform is spent shopping.

- Millennials and Gen Z use on the Pinterest platform is up 35% since 2020.

- Users are three times more likely to click over to a brand's website on Pinterest than any other social media platform.

- Pinterest ads are 2-3 times cheaper for conversions than any other social media platform.

Setting up your Pinterest business account:

- Shopify users can install the Pinterest app, while WooCommerce users can download and install the Pinterest for WooCommerce plugin.

- Once your store is connected to Pinterest, you can create a business account, upload a profile picture and enter your website address, choose your business goals, and describe your business.

- Set up your Pinterest tag to automatically measure conversions and events on your website.

Building your Pinterest profile:

- Create pins to make it look like you're active on the platform, using images of your products and adding a title, description, and destination link.

- Categorize your pins into different products and boards.

- Add a cover to your boards to make them more visually appealing.

Creating Pinterest ad creatives:


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