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Should you even run a Black Friday sale?

Published on: December 25 2022 by The Facebook Disrupter

Black Friday is one of the most popular shopping events of the year, where businesses offer significant discounts to attract customers. However, with the rise of online shopping and the impact of COVID-19, some businesses are questioning whether they should even run a Black Friday sale.

Reasons to consider running a Black Friday sale:

- Increase in sales: Black Friday is a proven way to boost sales and attract new customers.

- Clear inventory: This is an opportunity to clear out old inventory and make room for new products.

- Compete with competitors: Other businesses are likely to run Black Friday sales, and not participating could mean losing customers to competitors.

Reasons to reconsider running a Black Friday sale:

- Impact on profits: Offering significant discounts could eat into profits and potentially harm the business in the long run.

- Brand image: Participating in Black Friday could potentially harm a business's brand image and perception among consumers.

- COVID-19: With the ongoing pandemic, some consumers may not feel comfortable going out to shop, which could impact foot traffic and sales.

While Black Friday sales can certainly benefit a business, it's important to carefully consider the potential impact on profits and brand image. Additionally, with the ongoing pandemic, businesses should prioritize the safety and comfort of their customers. Ultimately, the decision to participate in Black Friday should be based on the specific circumstances and goals of each individual business.

Should you even run a Black Friday sale?

Running a Black Friday campaign is a good way to acquire customers and increase revenue, but it is not necessary to do so if it does not fit your business goals.

Reasons for Running a Black Friday Campaign:

1. Q1 Cash Flow: Preparing for the slower months of January through March is crucial, and acquiring customers during Black Friday can help with cash flow in Q1.

2. Profitable Customer Journey Acquisition: Rather than focusing on immediate cash flow, use Black Friday to acquire customers who are likely to return and make future purchases at full price.

3. Building a CRM List: Use Black Friday to build relationships with customers and establish brand integrity.

Why Immediate Cash Flow Should Not be the Focus:

1. Sacrificing Long-Term Success: Constantly running sales and discounts can harm the long-term success of a business and create a reliance on discounted prices.

2. Impact on Future Revenue: Sacrificing future revenue for immediate cash flow can lead to a significant decrease in sales and revenue in the following weeks and months.

When deciding to run a Black Friday campaign, it is important to consider the long-term goals of the business and not focus solely on immediate cash flow. Acquiring profitable customers and building relationships can lead to long-term success and increased revenue.

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