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SICHER HOCHLADEN im T-Shirt Business - Markennamen Recherche (Markenrecht Tipps)

Published on: December 9 2022 by Frank Bendler

Are you planning to start a T-shirt business and wondering how to upload your designs safely? One crucial aspect of launching a brand is conducting thorough research on trademarks and brand names. In this article, we will provide you with essential tips on secure uploading and researching brand names for your T-shirt business.

Sub-heading 1: Sicher Hochladen (Safe uploading)

• Use a secure platform to upload your designs

• Avoid uploading copyrighted or trademarked images

• Ensure that your designs do not infringe on anyone's intellectual property rights

Sub-heading 2: Markennamen Recherche (Brand name research)

• Conduct extensive research to ensure that your brand name is not already in use

• Check for similar sounding or spelled brand names

• Register your brand name to protect it from infringement

Sub-heading 3: Markenrecht Tipps (Trademark tips)

• Familiarize yourself with the trademark laws in your country

• Get legal advice before choosing a brand name or logo

• File for trademark protection as soon as possible to prevent others from using your brand name or logo

Launching a T-shirt business requires more than just creating designs and uploading them online. To protect your brand, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on trademarks and brand names, use secure platforms for uploading, and comply with intellectual property laws. By following these essential tips, you can launch your T-shirt business with confidence and ensure that your brand is protected.

SICHER HOCHLADEN im T-Shirt Business - Markennamen Recherche (Markenrecht Tipps)

Can I Upload These Items Without Getting a Copyright Infringement?

Frank, the operator of a YouTube channel with almost 15,000 subscribers, shares his insights on copyright infringement and how to avoid it. He has a broad overview of who has received a legal notice and offers tips for creators to protect their content.


- Frank has encountered 34 cases of copyright infringement.

- Some cases were due to using copyrighted designs without permission.

- Using a celebrity's name or image without consent can result in legal action.

- Researching if the design is protected before using it can prevent legal issues.

- Using websites like TMview and the German Patent and Trademark Office can help with research.

- Seeking advice from a trademark lawyer can offer further guidance.

- Spreadshirt and other similar sites are not responsible for legal issues related to designs.

- Creating original designs can be time-consuming but safer than using someone else's work.

Frank encourages creators to use common sense and do research to avoid legal issues related to copyright infringement. He suggests seeking professional advice and being cautious when using copyrighted designs or celebrity names and images. Creating original designs can be a safer option for those who do not want to risk receiving a legal notice.

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