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skittles ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Skittles is a popular candy brand known for their colorful and flavorful bite-sized sweets. Their commercials, featuring the iconic Taste the Rainbow slogan, have become just as iconic as the candy itself. In this article, we will explore some of the most memorable Skittles commercials and why they have become so beloved.

1. Skittles Pox

- This commercial features a young boy who tells his friend that his doctor says he has skittles pox

- The friend asks if it's contagious, to which the boy responds that he doesn't think so

- The commercial ends with the tagline Contract the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.

2. Portraits

- In this commercial, a man named Mr. Tyler is showing off his portraits, which are made entirely out of Skittles

- When someone tweets that they find it disgusting, Mr. Tyler responds with You haven't heard me sing diddly ding yet

- The commercial ends with the tagline Taste the rainbow.

3. Lemons

- This commercial features a man and woman fighting over the last lemon Skittle

- The woman says that lemons are killers, while the man insists that they're his favorite

- They settle the argument by playing rock-paper-scissors, with the woman winning and getting the last Skittle

- The commercial ends with the tagline Taste the rainbow.

4. Mother's Day

- In this commercial, a daughter is seen eating Skittles and saying that she loves her mother every time she eats them

- She then says that every time her mother eats Skittles, she misses her dad

- The commercial ends with the tagline Taste the rainbow and a message wishing viewers a happy Mother's Day.

5. Telekinetic

- This commercial features a man who claims to have telekinetic powers

- When someone questions him, he responds with Maybe I just have you confused with you

- The commercial ends with the tagline Touch the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.

6. Smoothie Mix

- This commercial showcases Skittles' new smoothie mix, which blends two different flavors together in each piece

- The commercial highlights some of the unique flavor combinations, such as peach and pear

- The commercial ends with the tagline Taste the rainbow.

7. Tropical Flavors

- This commercial introduces Skittles' new tropical flavors

- A man offers his friend some of the new flavors, which include pineapple, mango, and banana

- The commercial ends with the tagline Taste the rainbow.

Skittles' commercials have become a beloved part of pop culture, thanks to their catchy slogans, colorful imagery, and clever humor. Whether you prefer the classic Taste the Rainbow ads or the newer flavor introductions, there's no denying that Skittles knows how to capture our attention and our taste buds.

Top 10 Weirdly Funny Skittles Candy Commercials EVER!

Skittles are a popular candy that come in various fruit flavors. People love to eat Skittles and use them in various ways. In this article, we will explore some funny Skittles commercials and interesting Skittles-related situations.

Funny Skittles Commercials:

- A witch offers Skittles to a boy, saying eat my boy, but leave room for regret.

- An ad shows a man getting a Skittles transplant, which causes him to taste new flavors.

- A man does a rush dance for a bag of Skittles.

Interesting Skittles-Related Situations:

- A person loves lemon Skittles and settles arguments with them.

- A person runs out of Skittles and can't get any more, causing them to be upset.

- A person only eats one Skittle at a time due to a serious condition.

Skittles are a beloved candy that can lead to funny situations and commercials. Whether settling arguments or getting a Skittles transplant, people will do anything for a taste of the rainbow.

Taste The Rainbow Skittles Commercials

Skittles are a popular candy with a range of flavors that people love. From the classic rainbow to new, fancy coated versions, Skittles have become a household name. However, the advertising campaigns surrounding Skittles have been just as popular as the candy itself. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most memorable Skittles commercials and the catchphrases that have become part of pop culture.

Skittles Commercials:

- Taste the Rainbow: The classic Skittles slogan that has been used for decades, emphasizing the variety of flavors available.

- More Yogurty Coated Skittles: A newer version of Skittles with a creamy coating, marketed as fancier.

- Just one Lemon Left: A commercial featuring a man who loves lemon Skittles and is willing to settle a dispute with them.

- Eat the Rainbow: Another take on the classic slogan, emphasizing the colorful nature of the candy.

- What's Your Favorite Skittles Flavor?: A commercial that asks viewers to share their favorite Skittles flavor, with the strawberry flavor being a popular choice.

- My Life is an Unending Cycle of Disappointment and Regret: A humorous commercial that uses Skittles as a way to brighten up a dull life.

- Skittles Portrait: A unique commercial that creates a portrait of Steven Tyler out of Skittles.

- Everything I Touch Turns to Skittles: A playful commercial that features a man named Doug who has a cat named Whiskers and the ability to turn everything he touches into Skittles.

- Skittles Are for Closers: A commercial that parodies the classic line from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross.

Skittles commercials have become just as memorable as the candy itself, with slogans like Taste the Rainbow and Eat the Rainbow becoming part of pop culture. The advertising campaigns have been creative and often humorous, making Skittles a beloved candy for many people. Whether you love the classic rainbow or the newer, fancier versions, Skittles remain a popular choice for candy lovers.

Funniest Skittles Taste The Rainbow Classic Commercials

Skittles is a popular candy brand that offers a variety of fruit-flavored treats. From skittles bubble gum to skittles mints, the brand has expanded its range over the years. This article will explore some of the most iconic Skittles commercials and slogans, highlighting the brand's unique and fun personality.

Skittles Commercials:

- Taste the Rainbow - this slogan has been used by Skittles for years and has become synonymous with the brand. The commercial features people experiencing a rainbow of flavors with each Skittle they eat.

- Skittles Pox - this commercial features a man who believes he has contracted Skittles Pox, a made-up disease caused by eating too many Skittles. The commercial ends with the message Contract the rainbow, taste the rainbow.

- Bubble Gum - Skittles introduced a new product, skittles bubble gum, in a commercial that featured a group of friends chewing the gum and experiencing five different fruit flavors.

- Sour Skittles - a commercial that humorously suggests that eating too many Sour Skittles can sour your milk.

Skittles Slogans:

- No two Skittles are the same - this slogan highlights the unique and varied flavors of Skittles.

- Taste the rainbow - this slogan encourages people to try all the different flavors of Skittles and experience a rainbow of tastes.

- Share the rainbow, taste the rainbow - this slogan promotes sharing Skittles with others and enjoying the flavors together.

Skittles has built a brand personality that is fun, playful, and unique. Through its iconic commercials and slogans, Skittles has become synonymous with a rainbow of flavors and a sense of fun. With new products and flavors being introduced, Skittles is sure to remain a popular candy brand for years to come.

Why You Should Be AFRAID Of Skittles

- Skittles are a popular candy that have been around since 1974

- There are many theories about who created Skittles, but no one knows for sure

- Skittles are fruit-flavored and often compared to M&Ms

- Skittles got their name from an old game called Skittles


- Skittles were created in 1974 but no one knows who came up with the idea

- One theory suggests that a British man named Mr. Skittles looked at a rainbow one day and wondered how it would taste

- Skittles is the second most popular candy in the United States

- The name Skittles was inspired by an old game called Skittles

Creepy Skittles Commercials:

- Skittles is known for their weird advertising

- The Skittles Touch commercial is dark and depressing

- Skittles Pox commercial grossed people out

- A Yogurt Boy commercial is creepy and messed up

- Skittles made a short horror film called Floor 9.5

Urban Legends:

- In the early 2000s, there was an urban legend about catching a closet troll with Skittles

- The legend states that everyone has a closet troll that loves garbage and can eat people if they don't get enough Skittles

- Skittles are a popular candy with a mysterious history

- Skittles is known for their weird and creepy advertising

- Skittles has been used in urban legends to scare kids into cleaning their rooms

- Skittles even made a short horror film that has nothing to do with the candy

Top 10 Most Exciting Skittles Taste The Rainbow Funny Commercials Ever

The Skittles ad features a group of people engaging in quirky and humorous interactions over a bowl of Skittles. The conversation is filled with idioms, colloquialisms, and transitional phrases that add humor and a playful tone to the advertisement.

Interactions in the Ad:

- The ad opens with a man who claims to have minds to twist and values to warp as he encourages the others to try Skittles.

- The group engages in banter and exchanges witty remarks, showcasing the playful tone of the advertisement.

- The conversation takes a humorous turn when one person mentions a Skittles portrait that resembles the letter 'E' to the 'Z.'

- The group engages in a playful argument about the best Skittles flavor, with one person claiming that lemon is their favorite and another insisting that they are a lefty.

- A man named Louis is introduced, and it's revealed that he doesn't like to be touched, adding a comical element to the advertisement.

- The group encourages one member to try and retrieve Skittles that are stuck in a vending machine, leading to a hilarious sequence of events.

- The ad ends with the group enjoying Skittles and showcasing the brand's slogan Taste the Rainbow.

The Skittles ad effectively uses humor and playful banter to promote its brand. The use of idioms, transitional phrases, and colloquialisms adds to the advertisement's lighthearted tone, making it memorable and engaging. Overall, the ad showcases Skittles as a fun and enjoyable snack to be shared with friends.

The Best Skittles Taste The Rainbow Funny Commercials EVER!

Skittles has come up with a unique advertising campaign that involves the viewer physically interacting with their phone or computer screen. The ad prompts the viewer to touch the Skittle on the screen, which leads to various interactive videos.

Touch the Rainbow:

- The ad encourages the viewer to touch the Skittle on the screen and become a part of the Skittles world.

- The viewer's finger is portrayed as a hero fighting crime, a tool to rule Skittles land, and even a ride.

Idioms and Interjections:

- Seriously put your finger on your screen where the Skittle is.

- Stupid finger, did you really think you'd get away with stealing all those Skittles?

- Come on, I'll give you the raise.

- Outlive the rainbow.

- Hop on, hope you're not some kind of weirdo.

Dangling Modifiers:

- Something that might scare you, so make sure it's there now.

- Something you probably shouldn't touch, so make sure it's there now.


- What's up, man? I didn't recognize you with the hat.

- You big knucklehead.

- I should never have hit that mailman. Get me a bucket.

Overall, Skittles' interactive ad campaign is creative and engaging. By encouraging the viewer to physically interact with the ad, it creates a unique experience that sets Skittles apart from other candy brands. The use of idioms, interjections, and colloquialisms adds to the playful and fun tone of the ad.

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