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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman



people King human here and this is gonna
be another tutorial in the Vegas series
giving you more special effects to dig
around with get a lot of emails from a
lot of people how do I do this how do I
do that eventually you'll see everything
and you'll be able to make some wicked
cool videos and you know go back and
look at some of my other earlier
tutorials and toks about chroma key and
other things um this specific tutorial
is going to be about making s motion
making slow motion and making stop
motion in your Vegas sony vegas is what
we're toking about sony vegas editing
software so it's really really simple
really really simple and it can be used
to great advantage just ask Benny Hill
so without further ado let's go in I'll
show you on my computer and you'll have
it mastered like that wait a minute like
that how's that timing most important
thing in life timing anyway let's go to
it hey guys here we go this is going to
be really easy trust me and I'll go
pretty quick on this okay as you can see
I've dragged a little raw video clip
into my timeline if I play it oriol in
the Vegas series given you more fit you
can see it plays in in normal time but
let's say I wanted to play in fast
motion very simple just bring your
cursor to the end of your clip timeline
and locate the control button on your
press and hold it down and you'll see a
little squiggly line appear right under
your drag indicator and if you take and
hold your mouse button down click your
mouse while you're holding the ctrl
button down all the time and I'll just
slide this in and what I'm doing is I'm
I'm now compressing that video
compressing the time frame of that
snippet so now it's going to play in
fast motion so let's go ahead and play
that and see how stupid it looks here
and this could be another tutorial in
the Vegas series give any more special
effects to dig around so Allah Benny
Hill now you have a fast motion clip let
me restore that now we'll go to the slow
motion effect same thing just put your
cursor on the end of your clip timeline
hold down your control button you'll see
the squiggly line up here click your
right mouse no I'm sorry click your left
mouse button and drag the clip and let
go and now we'll have a slow motion clip
and very simple very easy let me restore
this okay now let's go to the third
sequence we need to learn which is how
to get a stop frame right in the middle
of a moving video I mean if you can see
I never shut up through this whole clip
I'm yakety yakety yak it up but let's
say for effect somewhere in here I want
to get this clip to freeze frame so that
I can maybe superimpose some text in
over it whatever the reason punctuation
bullet points whatever I want to do a
freeze frame right there how do I do it
okay this is how I do it and it's real
simple the first thing I'm going to do
is go in here and split the clip right
where I want to insert my freeze frame
now I'll come over here to where this
little icon here that looks like a disc
and if I click on that it's going to
save a snapshot of exactly what I'm
seeing here on to a file so if I click
on that a dialog box pops up where I can
save a snapshot now i'm just going to
save it to my desktop and this is just
i'm just going to keep it as an image
and you'll see boom it all of a sudden
it will show up in your project media
tab which is at the bottom left of your
sony vegas cliff you click it'll
automatikally switch over to that so you
don't have to go looking for it and
you'll see there's the clip right there
I mean that's not the exact clip here it
is right here image3 but I want to
insert that so I'll just slide that over
get my image 3 drag it over drop it in
I'll even resize it a little bit so it
doesn't say stay stopped that long just
for demonstration purposes and of course
you can stretch this or compress it as
long or as short as you want however
long you want to be the still frame is
how long you make this clip I'll make it
fairly short just to show you how it
works and now I'll come over here and
I'll play it and you'll see I'll be
yakkung yakkung and it'll still frame
and then duly yak yak yak k human here
and this is going to be another tutorial
still frame Oh in the Vegas series and
then it resumes very simple very easy
now you've got three more things you can
do with Sony Vegas so go out and try and
find a way to use those three things in
your next project fast frame slow motion
and still frame okay i hope that
explained everything and now you're a
master of fast motion slow motion and
stop motion within sony vegas now
subscribe to me King human and the
reason for this is I'm going to be doing
more tutorials and I get a lot of emails
from people asking me questions tik
support all that kind of stuff and I
don't answer emails from people that
don't subscribe it just I don't have
that much time these days first of all
and secondly it's rude I mean the least
you could do is if you're going to ask
me for help the least you can do is
subscribe so if you don't subscribe I
ain't toking to you so at least I'm not
toking to you giving you a tik support
and spending my time teaching you
so anyway there you have it listen good
tutorial coming up the next tutorial is
going to knock your socks off about
making cool animated lower thirds and a
made it logo said that you can use to
really make your youtube videos stand
out it's wicked cool all right people
King human out of here be cool sayonara

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