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Smatree Gooseneck Clamp Mount Review

Published on: December 6 2022 by Craylor Made

Smatree Gooseneck Clamp Mount Review

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Smatree Gooseneck Clamp Mount Review

hey guys what's up its dura mater 365
here with another review today I'm going
to review be reviewing the small tree
gooseneck lamp for gopro so this is it
it's a very simple basically clamp as
you can see with a movable gooseneck and
at the top we have our little our little
ball adapter here which you can see
moves around like that and to top it off
of course we have our gopro adapter
which is actually a tripod mount as you
can see so as far as functionality of
this mount i would say very great i was
super impressed with the durability i
really put it to the test by clamping it
to the simple side climbing into the
cymbal stand of my drums and you know
little stand shake around a lot there
was a lot of pressure and shaking and
through all of that not once did this
fall off now of course the housing kind
of slipped but it was because i had to
do it quickly and i did not tighten the
thumbscrew enough so that's nothing
against this mount now as far as how
practikal is it i found it very tough to
even find a spot to clamp it on my drums
that's mainly because they're round and
this clamp is not round which is nothing
against them out at all it's just my
specific scenario because i mainly use
my gopro from my drums so I do like I
can think of some scenarios in the past
where this mount would have really come
in handy and I wish I would have had it
so that being said it is definitely
worth the 20 or so dollars that it costs
now I will say it's a little bit
how on the official go pro one the
gooseneck is able to detach and you can
use it for other quick release mounts
but I understand GoPro is most likely
patented that design and since this is a
different brand from GoPro I understand
that is not going to be the case and you
also have to look at the price
indifference are you going to pay
seventy dollars for a gooseneck clamp
that can do that or are you going to pay
twenty dollars for a clamp just as good
in the main functionality your choice
guys but I would say this is definitely
worth the money definitely a five-star
review here so with that being said
thanks for watching if you like this
video subscribe rate and comment thanks

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