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So, You Want To Be A Young Millionaire?

Published on: December 2 2022 by Tatiana James

So, You Want To Be A Young Millionaire?

The above is a brief introduction to So, You Want To Be A Young Millionaire?.

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So, You Want To Be A Young Millionaire?

so you're young and you want to become a
i'm tatiana and i wanted to make this
video today
for my subscribers who are in your
teenage years or maybe even early 20s
because i've been fortunate that at a
relatively young age
i was able to achieve financial freedom
by age 24 i officially became
a millionaire and by age 25 a
so when they say that the rich get
richer there's definitely truth in that
and it's simply because when you have
money it does become
easier to make more money to put your
money to work
however most of us didn't grow up with a
silver spoon in our mouth so we all had
to start somewhere
i by no means did i worked for every
dollar that i've spent
and so i wanted to make this video for
kind of my younger self for those of you
who are
young and ambitious motivated driven
those of you who have
great goals for your life a beautiful
vision great
big dreams for yourself who want to earn
financial freedom at a young age
so that you can live life and not have
to wait until you're retired to
do a lot of the things that you might
want to do and it is
totally realistik for you to have this
there are more young millionaires than
ever before in history
and the internet has made that a
possibility so it's absolutely
realistik for you as long as you're
motivated driven
creative and willing to put in the hard
work nothing is going to
replace hard work nobody's going to hand
anything to you
so this video i'm just going to share
with you some tips maybe some pieces of
that might help you as you are
at this age so the first thing i want to
is about the importance of making
every decision you make is going to
shape your destiny
if you weigh them on a scale there are
some decisions that are not going to
weigh heavily they're not going to make
such a significant impact on your future
but there are other decisions that will
your future that will change the
direction that you go
and so as a young adult it can be
very easy to be impulsive it's actually
a hormonal thing especially in the
teenage years
as the hormones are starting to change
a lot of people can be very impulsive
but it's also
you know social setting social pressure
to fit in and so you can make rash
that really aren't well thought out and
so i want you guys to really
emphasize and understand the importance
of the decisions that you make
and you know when you're young you tend
to have a lot of time on your hands
um a lot more time than adults a lot
fewer responsibilities
and you don't realize how big of a
benefit that is until you become an
once you're an adult you've got your
career you're working nine to five say
you come home you've got family
you have very little time to work on
yourself you have very little time to
work on a side business
your time becomes more limited and so in
your teenage years when you're in high
school when you're young
and you are living at home with your
parents they're taking care of you
they're feeding you you don't have
financial responsibilities you just have
that's valuable time and that time can
be wasted you can choose to just
go to parties hang out with friends
spend your time just like working on
your social status because let's be
most of high school the worries and the
it's all about how you're showing up in
your social circle
it's all about the clicks and do i fit
in and what did this person say and that
person say
and let me tell you that once you get
out of high school
none of that matters all of that drama
is gone
you're probably not even going to tok
to 90 of the people that you went to
school with
so i would advise you not to waste your
on that even like spending time to just
get dolled up in the morning if you're a
woman and you care so much about your
look i know i did that i would wake up
and spend an
hour just trying to dress up and look
good just to show up for school
like all of these this time each hour
that has been spent
is in my opinion time that is wasted
in hindsight i would have preferred to
use that time to
learn to develop myself to equip myself
with skills
life skills that are going to benefit my
future self
and so if you're in high school and
you're spending every weekend going to
or spending your money going and
drinking with friends
like how is that really going to help
you achieve your dreams
how is that going to help you earn
financial freedom or become a
it's not so i'm not saying that you
shouldn't have fun
because by no means you want to become
an adult and then later have regrets
that you didn't enjoy your youth
but understand how precious your youth
and understand that you have a lot of
time on your hands that you could be
putting to good use
in my 20s i made the decision that
i'm not going to do what most people do
you know because if you do what most
people do
well you're going to get the same
results that most people have and the
truth is that most people are unhappy
with their lives
so i want an extraordinary life so i've
got to do what most people aren't
willing to do
and so in my 20s i made the decision
that i'm not going to do like what
a lot of my friends are doing going out
and partying
and having a great time every weekend i
decided that i'm just going to be laser
focused on my growth
i used that time to read as many books
as i could self-development especially
learn about myself and my psychology my
limiting beliefs
go to events and seminars that would
help me grow
and also build a business and save money
again because it's it's a great time to
save money when you don't have
a lot of financial responsibilities and
so i use that time
i would say wisely and that's how i was
able to achieve financial success
at such a young age you know by 24 and
four years i became
a millionaire officially and that's
because i made the decision that
you know what i don't think i'm going to
regret missing out on a few parties
and having fun with my friends and
having more of a social life
i don't think i would trade that for the
ability to retire in my 30s
i'd much rather the option to retire in
my 30s
so i would encourage you to kind of look
at your
personal life your social life right now
are you wasting these precious years are
just spending them worrying about
keeping up with your appearances or your
clique or whatever it may be
and finding that balance because of
course you do want to have a social life
it is important as well
the second thing i will say is that it's
important to understand delayed
when you're making a decision you have
to realize that
there are going to be short-term
benefits in this decision
but long-term are there repercussions
long-term if i delay the gratification
what are the long-term benefits and so
for example
i can give you something we can all
relate to you know in the short term we
might want to have that cheesecake
you know or in or have indulge in
whatever it is that we want to eat
and in the short term it tastes good but
long term
what are the repercussions long term
will end up gaining weight over the long
long term it can lead to obesity it can
lead to diabetes
it can lead to cardiovascular disease it
can lead to low self-esteem like there
are repercussions from that decision and
of course
one piece of cheesecake isn't going to
do that for you but if you're making
that same decision day after day
it adds up and so i would say that you
again for me i was willing to delay my
gratification i was willing to
say okay i'm not going to indulge in
this right now
because i will save that for later right
now i'm going to use this time to kind
of grind put my head down
focus and then later i have the rest of
my life to live i have so many years
ahead of me
that i can enjoy myself and do that and
i do that to this day to be honest
um i'm i live well below my means
in terms of lifestyle i could go out and
kind of spend more money have more fun
indulge myself more
but i'm trying to be wise with my
investment decisions with my
money management and you know a lot of
women in my position might be making the
decision that hey
i would love to buy that five thousand
dollar louis vuitton purse
or prada purse or whatever that designer
brand may be
but the way i see it is that that five
thousand dollars
if i delayed my gratification i could
put that into a stok
maybe an apple stok or an amazon stok
and that stok over the long run will
and will help me get closer to achieving
my financial goals and uh or i can
invest it into like a dividend paying
stok which will help me earn money
passive income each month so i'm much
i'm very willing to um not indulge
in a lot of these materialistik things
so that i can create an investment
that's going to enable me to earn truly
passive income
for the rest of my life like for me it's
a no-brainer
and yes once in a while i do buy some
luxury items i don't feel bad about it
why not
but it's not a routine thing of mine
so just consider that delayed
gratification it's a very important
um thing to understand and have a
grapple on
because there are going to be a lot of
decisions that you have to make in your
and sometimes you need to understand
that hey maybe if i can delay
indulgence for a little bit there are
many more long-term benefits
now i also want to share with you how
important it is to choose your friend
wisely i understand that in high school
it's all about your social circle it's
all about your friends and maybe you're
limited with the people that you can
to be in your life but understanding
in any situation you are going to be
by the people in your inner circle you
are going to be
influenced by their personalities by
their habits
by the way that they live their life
whether you're conscious of it or
not and most often we are not conscious
of how our friends friends are
influencing us
so i want you to understand that you may
have a friend
group that you've been friends with for
a number of years or even recently
and maybe you're just you're different
maybe you're just more a bit more
ambitious than everyone else
not saying that it's right or wrong
there's no right or wrong here there's
no right or wrong way to live your life
i'm just saying that for you if you are
someone who has big goals for yourself
you have a lot of dreams that you want
to accomplish you have good work ethic
and and you kind of want to go here but
your friends want to stay
here then they
will in some ways most often than not
hold you back
and it's not because they don't love you
it's because they love you that they
hold you back
it's another subconscious thing when
they see that you're growing as a person
that you're developing that you're
learning that you're you're changing it
scares them
it makes them feel like because you're
changing they might lose you
and so subconsciously they might start
to hold you back
they might start to um discourage you
for certain decisions or they might um
they might uh kind of hold you back with
the decisions that they make the
lifestyle that they have
so one tip i have for you when it comes
knowing whether your friends are kind of
good friends or not
is when you achieve something in your
or when you have a moment that you're
excited about you have something that
you want to celebrate
you've achieved a goal or just something
great happened in your life and you're
excited to go and share that story with
your friend
and as you're sharing this story with
your friend
be aware of their reaction
if they're excited and they're happy for
and they share in your your celebration
they share in your joy and your
happiness well then that's a true friend
but if you see that they they don't like
it when the spotlight is on you and they
start to take the spotlight away from
you and they start toking about
themselves and maybe sharing a similar
story to yours and instead of
celebrating in your success
all of a sudden you're toking about
them then that may be
an indication that that friend is
actually jealous
and that friend is insecure and they're
not comfortable with your success
or your growth or your um whatever it is
that you're celebrating
so i think you know that's kind of
something that makes me weary
and maybe it's something you can think
about in your life if you have any
friends past or
or present when you share something with
it's like they're they're kind of fake
happy for you
you can tell and they're not genuinely
because a real friend when you're happy
i'm happy
that's real friendship if the person's
not happy for you
and they're kind of like trying to shift
the spotlight to them
that's insecurity and jealousy and it's
very hard to build true friendship
when one person in the relationship is
jealous of the other
so just be aware of that you can love at
a distance
if you find that your friend group you
know it was great you had a great time
with them during high school but now
you've changed as a person
there's nothing wrong with them they're
great people but maybe you have changed
you have grown you've become different
and because of that
maybe they're no longer um they're no
longer suitable to be in your inner
circle because
you don't want to be influenced by them
so just be conscious of who your friend
group is because they will
influence you and even if you don't have
friends in some ways
you know that can actually be better
because if you have friends that are
negatively influencing you
that's worse than having no friends at
all and you can always make new friends
now this leads me into kind of the next
thing i want to tok about is
inserting yourself finding people that
you admire
finding people that have similar
interests as you
um finding mentors that you can learn
surrounding yourself with from with
that have kind of achieved what you want
to achieve or have
the same type of desires and motivations
as you in your life
i would encourage you to also try and be
try and find people who are older than
you who have the success that you want
to achieve and learn from them
as a young person you can find a mentor
who'd be willing to kind of take you
under their wing
and show you the way and that's really
valuable because you can learn
so much through someone else's
experience and
you never want to be the smartest person
in a room if you're the smartest person
in the room you're in the wrong
room you want to be like a fly on the
you want to be in a group of people that
are so intelligent having such great
discussions that you're just sitting
there like a sponge
absorbing everything that they say so
i'd encourage you to go out step outside
of your comfort zone because i know it's
not comfortable meeting new people
that's often why we stik with the same
friends that we had for many years since
high school
because we're too scared to step out of
our comfort zone to meet new people
but that's when when you start living
your life is when you step outside your
comfort zone
so go ahead do that go to meetups go to
events go to seminars
join a mastermind where you can be
around like-minded people who have
financially invested
to be in that inner circle that's what's
going to help
accelerate your success you can learn
from as many books
and podcasts and you know
events as you want but if you're
actually in a group of people
who have a certain level of success
that's going to help accelerate yours
now the last thing i will say is that
success often gets the wrong definition
a lot of people will associate success
financial success but the truth is that
the definition for success is setting a
goal for yourself
and achieving it so if i set a goal for
myself this morning to go and empty the
and i do it then that is a success
so the better question is success in
what area of
life we have many different areas of
life right our life is not just about
money how about success in your
spiritual life
your relationship with the creator how
about your success
in relationships with your mom and dad
your intimate relationship your friends
how about success with your physical
and your health how about success with
emotional body with your mental health
your inner state
how about financial success so these are
all different areas of success
and i would encourage you to
focus on all of them it's very easy to
have tunnel vision
and to just narrow in on the financial
and there are many reasons for that and
i understand that it's important to
achieve financial success to achieve
financial freedom
to live a more comfortable lifestyle it
also enables you to focus on other areas
of your life
but don't wait until you earn a certain
amount of money to focus on those other
because those other areas are more
important than the money
what's the point of having money when
you don't have good health
when you can't even get out of bed to go
and enjoy the money
what's the point of having money when
you have broken relationships
when your parents don't even want to
spend time with you when you don't have
any friends in your life
when you don't have an intimate
relationship that is
truly um that's truly loving and
and someone to share your life with
what's the point of having money
when you don't have a good mental state
of well-being
if you have a lot of addictions in your
life that are leading you down a dark
so focus on all areas of your life
and studies show that once you get to a
certain amount
of income per year i think it might be a
hundred thousand dollars per year i'm
not sure what the exact figure is
but once you reach that point where
you're able to pay for your lifestyle
expenses and also have
money to enjoy yourself and do fun
things with your life and have a social
uh a social environment where you can
really have fun
then anything beyond that doesn't
contribute to your levels of happiness
so don't get deluded into thinking that
the more money you have the happier
you will be that's not true at all as
you know money can solve some problems
but only the problems that money can
solve money is not going to solve
your relationship issues okay money is
not going to solve your
uh health issues it can help to some
but it's not going to solve them you've
got to do the work on that
so that's all i have for you guys today
i want to thank you for watching
if you're young and you're eager to
to build a business and get started
good for you you know you have time to
your advantage
use this time it's so so valuable life
will pass you by
i'm only 26 years old but the last six
years have flown
by and i'm really grateful for
you know the decisions that i did make
in my early twenties i'm really grateful
i was able to delay gratification
because it's put me in the situation now
where i get to live a life that i
really i honestly it wasn't within my
dreams it was beyond that
so i'm super super grateful for that and
i know that you guys can achieve that
so congrats for being here for taking
the time to watch this video
if you'd like to get started with
building an online amazon fba business
then i can help you you can get my free
fba training series by going to
fba and you can get all of the videos
sent straight to your inbox
so that can be a great way for you to
get started but again just use this time
to learn as much as possible
save money and when an opportunity comes
your way and you feel like it's the
right thing to do the right way to start
a business
you're gonna know and then you're gonna
have money to actually invest into it
so thanks for watching if you have
questions comment down below
i'll see you next time

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