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Social Media Formula for Real Estate Agents [400+ Personalized Templates]

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

Social Media Formula for Real Estate Agents [400+ Personalized Templates]

Social Media Formula for Real Estate Agents [400+ Personalized Templates]

today let's look at social media through
a real estate lens because now more than
ever the opportunity to tap into social
media to grow your brand to grow your
business is incredible and i fully
recognize that as soon as i say social
media a few of you are gonna check out
because you either get frustrated you
think that it's a waste of time or
you're just unsure what it even means in
your business or for your business so i
fully recognize that and i completely
understand and the reason for some of
these reactions is because you have
heard about social media for the longest
time but very rarely do you get a
blueprint on how to deploy social media
the right way for your business and also
very rarely will you even get the tools
required to do so so today let's look at
both of those let's look at the actual
strategy behind your social media and
also i'm gonna give you a tool that's
gonna help you deploy that strategy to
perfection first things first let's
understand the underlying leverage that
you have with social media with social
media whether you post a picture whether
you post a video whether you post text
you're speaking one too many meaning
that whenever you make a post you are
reaching tens into hundreds into
thousands of individuals with one
singular action so that understanding
alone should absolutely excite you
because what's the alternative sending
out individual emails sending out direct
mail calling every single person that's
within your sphere that's the
alternative and that actually can be
part of your strategy overall but at the
end of the day if you maintain a healthy
social media presence you're going to be
speaking to so many different people
that those types of actions aren't even
required so let's keep that in mind as
we go through our framework because
there's three types of content that are
essential for your social media number
one we need to make content that engages
number two we need to make content that
educates aka provides value and number
three we need to create content that
actually invites the collaboration aka
prospecting so let's break this down
further the first type of content that
you absolutely need to make is content
that engages so this type of content can
be anything it can be something like a
meme it could be you sharing a story can
be you asking questions trying to get
people to engage to your social media
profile because here's the thing you are
now a creator you are not a consumer
don't forget that you are a creator
above all because you are the one that's
driving the conversation and here's the
secret with engaging content you're not
trying to sell anybody that's not the
purpose of this type of content so
you're going to be making content that
just serves the purpose of engaging
you're just serving up content that's
going to bring people to you that are
going to like your post they're going to
share your post they're going to comment
on your post that are going to engage
that's the only purpose don't feel
pressured to let everybody know that
you're a real estate agent don't feel
pressured to share everything that you
can do for an individual because that's
not what this post is about now the
second type of content that you post on
your social media is content that
educates it's content that provides
value to the individuals that are
watching and following and commenting
and sharing and liking all of your posts
this means that you're sharing
educational content that you already
have at your disposal you're a real
estate professional that knows a lot
more about buying and selling houses
than any of the normies out there that's
what i call people without real estate
licenses you know so much more about the
real estate process than they do
so you can start sharing that type of
content that helps them along the way
that educates them on how to be a better
homeowner how to be a better home seller
how to be a better home buyer and how to
be a better person in relation to real
estate and here's the secret to this
type of content as well you're not
trying to sell anybody you're solely
trying to provide value you're trying to
educate the consumer that is it again
take off that pressure of trying to sell
somebody you don't have to do it if you
follow this type of structure that i'm
sharing with you because this type of
educational content is going to
establish you as the authority people
are going to look to you for what's
going on in the real estate news that's
what you're doing with this type of
educational content and the third type
of content that you can make on your
social media to really get the most out
of it is the type of content that
prospects for you the type of content
that invites people to collaborate with
you this is when you actually start
selling but selling in a very discreet
way with this type of content you're
just reminding people what you do that's
essentially it you're reminding people
what you do and you're also providing
questions out to the community that lets
you know what people are thinking about
when it comes to real estate so for
example if you were to post on your
social media right now what year did you
buy your first home
that type of post is gonna get a ton of
engagement but it's more than that going
to be a prospecting post for you because
as people start answering they're
letting you know a lot about themselves
that are letting you know number one
that they're homeowners
that's very powerful right but number
two they're also letting you know along
the way what their intentions may be
because some people within your sphere
are gonna say well i plan to buy a house
this year well if they're planning to
buy a house this year then that is a
great opportunity for you to reach out
to the individual posting that
and see how you can help them let's go
over another example because i think
that this category is really where the
biggest opportunity is for every single
agent every single professional watching
this video today if you were to go to
your social media right now regardless
of which social media platform you favor
whether that's linkedin whether that's
facebook whether that's instagram it
doesn't matter if you were to go to your
social media and post
if you were offered 20 000 more than
your house is actually worth would you
sell today what you're gonna find with
this post as well is individuals within
your sphere within your community within
your network that are going to share
with you their real estate goals they're
going to share with you what their real
estate intentions are
this is the type of prospecting post
that you need to make it's a way of
ninja selling now if this is making
sense let me know in the comment section
down below
i want to give you a resource i want to
give you a tool i want to give you
something that actually makes this type
of posting so much easier for you
creating content that engages creating
content that educates and creating
content that prospects is not difficult
so i want to make sure that you have a
resource that you can rely on to help
you with this so i want to introduce to
you agently now full disclosure i am
part owner in agently so just giving you
that heads up but more than that i want
to share with you our social media arm
of agently now agently does a lot of
different things it actually launches
your facebook ads it writes your
property descriptions it does a lot of
other cool features but what i want to
highlight with you today is our social
media content now if you apply the
social media strategy that we just
discussed through agently you are going
to be incredibly successful because the
content here that is specifically
created and personalized for you
is designed to engage is designed to
educate and it's designed to prospect
for you so what we're going through here
are all of the templates that are
released right now we have another big
release coming up this week with a ton
more templates that you can choose from
as you can see they're all categorized
to help you identify the message that
you want to convey and if you have a
listing that you want to promote you
have every single stage of the home
selling journey covered for you so all
you have to do is input the listing in
here with the few pictures and a few
details and not only will the property
description be written for you through
artificial intelligence but you can
easy to read easy to use
marketing marketing pieces that are
going to help you on your listing and
another huge benefit that agently gives
you is the ability to just select the
template and you can instantly push it
over to your social media now this right
now is going straight to your facebook
page but if you wanted to download the
image so you can put it on instagram or
other platforms you can do it from here
as well so if you're interested in more
information about agently the free trial
is linked down below but beyond that get
going on social media use the framework
use a strategy that we just toked about
and get out there

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