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Sony and Microsoft: Gaming Ads War

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

There is a rumor going around that Sony and Microsoft are considering putting ads into their games. This would include all games, not just live service games. This could be a huge change for the gaming industry and could potentially affect players' experiences.

Possible ways ads could be implemented:

- Product placement in sports games

- Billboards or posters in open world games like Spider-Man

- Ads in first-person shooters during lobby/waiting periods


- Fans may not want ads in their games

- Ads could be disruptive to gameplay, especially during intense moments

- Ads could be seen as a cash grab by companies

It remains to be seen how Sony and Microsoft will implement ads in their games, but it is clear that many players are wary of the potential changes. While some may not mind ads in certain games or situations, others may see them as a negative addition to the gaming experience. Only time will tell how this will play out.

Sony and Microsoft have decided to put ads in their games

- Sony is reportedly planning to put ads inside PlayStation games, similar to what Microsoft is doing with Xbox.

Bullet points:

- Microsoft has been working on ads for free-to-play games on Xbox.

- Sony is testing ad tech partners to help game developers create in-game ads.

- The idea is to encourage developers to keep building free-to-play games.

- Ads in free-to-play games may set a precedent for ads in fully paid games.

- Microtransactions started with cosmetics and led to loot boxes and incomplete games.

- Some argue that non-intrusive ads are not a big deal, but it may be a slippery slope.

- It is important to consider the potential consequences of ads in games before allowing them to become too prevalent.

- As history has shown, what starts as a small addition can lead to bigger problems in the future.

- It is up to consumers to voice their concerns and push back against practices that could harm the gaming industry.

In Game Ads Coming To Xbox and PlayStation Games

Sony and Microsoft may be planning to integrate in-game ads into free-to-play games, but it's not as intrusive as you might think. The ads will be sold through a private marketplace and would appear in inconspicuous places within the game like billboards. Players could also get rewards for watching advertisements, but most people would skip the ad after three to five seconds. While Sony and Microsoft have admitted that they are taking losses on the ninth generation consoles, they don't necessarily need advertisements in games from a monetary standpoint. The ads would only be on free-to-play games, and it's unlikely to be on large platform games like Fortnite and Warzone. It's unfortunate that smaller multiplayer games that might have hardcore cult followings probably will start seeing these ads on PlayStation and Xbox by the end of this year. However, if the ads are implemented in inconspicuous ways like on billboards or an avatar's clothing, it's not the end of the world.

Should Sony and Microsoft Start Putting Ads in Their Games?

In this video/article, we will be discussing the possibility of ads being added to open-world games and free-to-play games. We will explore the reports of Microsoft and Sony considering this move, what form it could take, and whether it would bother normal players.

Xbox Report:

- Microsoft is reportedly working on a technology that will allow brands and advertisers to buy and place ads in free-to-play Xbox games.

- The ads could appear as digitally rendered billboards in racing games or open-world adventures.

- It is currently unknown what other forms these ads could take or if they will include videos or audio.

- The ad system is expected to launch around the third quarter of this year.

Sony Report:

- Sony is also reportedly planning to integrate ads in free-to-play games to incentivize developers to continue making them.

- It is unclear if Sony will take a cut of ad revenue or charge partners for data on consumer behavior and PlayStation games.

- The goal is for the ads to appear like they're part of the game, such as digital billboards in sports stadiums.

- Formats could include ads that give viewers rewards for watching ads and promotions for in-game items like avatar skins.


- The idea of ads in open-world games and free-to-play games doesn't bother the author if they're visually similar to in-game billboards.

- However, it could become problematic if ads start pushing players to watch them to progress in the game.

- The author suggests that ads could be used as incentives, such as getting in-game currency or skins for watching ads.

- It is a slippery slope, and companies must handle it correctly to avoid player backlash.

While the reports of Microsoft and Sony considering adding ads to their games may be concerning to some players, it remains to be seen how it will be implemented. If ads are used as incentives and are not a necessary part of the game, it may be a reasonable addition. However, if ads are pushed onto players and interrupt the gameplay experience, it could become a significant issue. It's crucial for companies to handle it properly and not cross the line to avoid player backlash.

Sony’s plans to run in-game ads seem real bad

According to recent reports, both Xbox and Sony are exploring the idea of introducing in-game advertisements. Sony is building a program to allow advertisers to buy ads in PlayStation games, with plans to launch before the end of the year. The goal is to encourage developers to create more free-to-play games and monetize them through ads and microtransactions. The program is expected to include ads that give viewers rewards for watching ads and promotions for in-game items. However, it remains unclear which games will be included in the program.

While in-game advertising is successful on mobile platforms, its introduction to console gaming is controversial. Some argue that it may not work well in certain games, especially those that are violent or have a fantasy world. Others worry about the invasion of player data and potential privacy issues. Nevertheless, advertisers are interested in reaching the gaming demographic, as they are spending more and more time playing games.

In conclusion, the introduction of in-game advertisements to console gaming is a contentious issue. While it may work well in some games, it may not in others. Additionally, the invasion of player data and potential privacy issues are concerns. Only time will tell if this new revenue stream will be successful in the gaming industry.

Sony, Microsoft Will Introduce Ads Sooner Than You Think...

Sony is reportedly planning to include ads in PlayStation games, which would appear in inconspicuous places in the game like billboards. The in-game ads are expected to launch by the end of this year. The move is aimed at giving game developers a way to monetize their work and encourage them to continue building free-to-play games.


- Microsoft is also planning to introduce ads in free-to-play Xbox games later this year.

- Sony's ads would appear in inconspicuous places in the game like billboards.

- Players could get rewards for watching advertisements.

- The ads would be sold through a private marketplace.

- Sony hasn't yet decided if it would take a portion of ad revenue.

- Microsoft doesn't plan to take a cut of the revenue.


- The move is not expected to be intrusive.

- Product placement is already present in games, so why not ads?

- Ads could be a good way for free-to-play game developers to monetize their work.

- If the ads are too intrusive and interrupt gameplay, then they will fail.

Sony's reported plans to include ads in PlayStation games could give free-to-play game developers a new way to monetize their work. While the move may not be intrusive, it is important that the ads do not interrupt gameplay. Microsoft is also planning to introduce ads in free-to-play Xbox games later this year. It remains to be seen if these moves will be successful.

Microsoft, Sony, and In-Game Ads

- In game advertising has been around for a while

- However, it can break immersion and diminish the player's connection with the game

- Microsoft and Sony have announced plans to embrace in game ads in free to play titles

- This could potentially lead to in game ads in all games, including full price titles

Main Points:

- In game ads can be irritating and break immersion

- The video game industry is always looking for new revenue streams, even at the expense of the player's experience

- Microsoft and Sony are embracing in game ads in free to play titles, but it's only a matter of time before they are implemented in all games

- Online connectivity makes it easy for ads to be constantly updated and inserted into the player's experience

- Full price games with in game ads wouldn't be too big of a leap for companies like Microsoft, who are known for unethical business practices

- In game ads ultimately lead to a slippery slope of adding more and more features that detract from the player's experience

- In game ads are not a welcome addition to the gaming industry

- They can break immersion and detract from the player's experience

- Microsoft and Sony's plans to embrace in game ads in free to play titles could potentially lead to them being implemented in all games

- The video game industry needs to prioritize the player's experience over making a quick buck.

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