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sportsmans warehouse sale ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Classic Firearms : Tons of New Military Surplus

[Music]. so so, [Music], what's going on, guys? we're at classic firearms, we're at their warehouse. we did a previous video at their old location, but we're here at the new, improved. but one thing's for certain: we got a whole bunch of surplus stuff. in fact, this m1 carbine, we've got a lot of those. okay, well, that's a swiss, we've got k98s, we've got grands. i mean there's a lot of stuff we're going to show you, guys, but it's great to have clint with us and matt. what's up, guys? and you need to check out their youtube channel: classic firearms. i mean it's awesome. yeah, well, you've got a pretty good one too. man, i try a little bit. but you know, tok, about surplus, what. what's going on? because it has thinned out some. uh well, yes, so i haven't been in the industry as long as matt has, or even with classic for as long as matt have, but even just in my short time and tenure here, what we've been seeing is some surplus. every now and then we'll get like a good quantity come in and then it's just dry for months on end and then, all of a sudden, we get a small shipment of this small shrimp. is that i mean you, tok to it? you've got, yeah, i mean. so you know, surplus is always one of those games that people got into because it was cool rifles and they were cheaper. but it's one of those things where, first off, it's a diminishing market. there's just so much less because we've it's come through the market right, but then also government regulations make it harder, bring a lot of things in. uh, one of the things i find exciting about surplus is the idea that there are new things that are kind of surplus. so we look into new guns, not the traditional swiss stuff or or american surplus. but you know, when you look at police trading and stuff, yeah, those are always exciting to see. but yeah, it is one of those things where it's a game that's changed a lot. right, it has. and i'll tell you what guys this. there's a lot of stuff here, but they also have all the new guns and all the new stuff. and so just remember that classic farms is not just about surplus, it's about a lot of other things. but we're gonna jump in here. i'm gonna show you a lot of cool stuff. i've had a big time already and so i think it's going to be pretty exciting for you guys as well. all right, guys, one of the things that i'm probably the most excited about is to see a large quantity of m1 carbines come into the country. yeah, almond carvings- always one of those favorite uh kind of small lightweight rifles. i mean, they're just super handy, clint, i know that that was like one of your first rifles, right? oh, it was seven years old. this is what i learned how to shoot on, yeah, and i mean it's an amazing gun: uh, nice, lightweight, very handy, the 30 carving cartridge, easy to shoot, absolutely, just an absolute pleasure. i like this one with the a little bit of the artwork trench yard on the back or just some paintings. you know different arsenal markings. you know 15 round magazines. you know we're traditional, but with the m2 they came with a 30 round magazine, which is pretty cool. we got one right here. uh, these are aftermarket magazines and that they're going to be coming with these. but you know, in fact the original mags are getting harder and harder to get. they are, they are, um. one of the cool things about these is, even though they are like modern production, they are bolt hole open mags, so you actually have a hold open feature beside the little button on the uh charging house, right. and then, uh, of course, you know these things are just really cool in, they were made by so many different companies. in fact, this was the most produced rifle of world war ii- and by a huge factor like a factory four. so imagine that, like way more than grand or anything, this was the rifle we made the most of. well, and you know the thing is, um, there's so many different configurations with this rifle and it fought in so many different wars, you know: world war ii, korea, even in vietnam they were using these- and around the world. in fact, a lot of these came in years ago from israel guys. more inland carbines, i mean there's all kind of different stok configurations, site configurations. again, inland was the number one and that is through general motors, which is pretty cool. now, this is really neat. these are made by ibm, which made, uh, copiers for a long time, and of course, computers- this is a beautiful one. i just happen to see in here less of a manufacturer than necessarily inland. so these are a little bit more, you know, a little bit more rare, but a number of different configurations and, of course, ibm. this isn't a typewriter, speaking of typewriters, this is underwood, which i think is pretty cool. so, uh, you know, underwood was a manufacturer of typewriters, yeah, located in new york state. i mean, again, not necessarily the most prolific producer, but it just goes to show you that total war effort during world war ii where if you made anything we could put you to work making something to support the war. that's right now. this one has one of the older style peep sites doesn't have the fully adjusted sight and then also these did not have the bayonet lug. so again, a lot of these went into country just like they were and they weren't even refinished or anything. so a lot of different variations. now here are some m1 carbines. uh, these are saginaw productions. yeah, there was something. saginaw is another division of gm located in saginaw, michigan. so go michigan. here we have a bunch of us postal meters and, uh, there's a. these are fairly rare. i mean not super rare, but they're in the common group. i get, when you look at a rifle that was made in the millions, even someone who made something like you know, several hundred thousand is a rare variant, right, and these are actually made by quality hardware. so, and this is a really beautiful carbine. but again, i mean, there's so many different models and variations. all right, guys. one thing that i'm really excited about are m1 garands. i mean, they've been very difficult to come. absolutely, it is the epitome of the surplus us american rifle, right. i mean, these, these are beautiful. now some of you guys are looking at this. these are actually arsenally refinished. they are springfield armory manufacturer, but they also have h? r and they have um international harvester, yeah, international harvester. so there's a number of these coming in, but these have been refinished or arsenal refinished with james river armory, yeah, and just to go on a little bit more about that. so they did a barrel inspection and either the condition of the barrel graded upwards to where we were able to accept it or it's been replaced by a new criterion barrel. i don't think we're distinguishing between replacement barrels or non-replacement barrels, but you can see they've gone through and done a complete re-blueing on all the metal parts. uh, the stoks have been either refinished or replaced with kind of like new old stok stoks, uh, but they're just in gorgeous shape, absolutely, and they're beautiful, and of course i mean patton himself, right, greatest battle implement ever devised, that's right. that's right. these things are beauty and there are a ton of them. this is sitting on top of a box. all these are bubble wrapped and taken care of, you know, so they don't get them messed up, but they are all the way down to the bottom. there's probably 150 in this box. man, the stok on here, this refinished stok, is absolutely beautiful. uh, the parkerizing. i mean these rifles look like they just came out off the line. i mean they are absolutely gorgeous. and again, it's an actual surplus rifle. so you know these were used during world war ii, correct issue. uh, i'm sure most of your uh audience does know about the m1 grant, but just in case there's some people out there that are new, you know it's 30 out six. it fires from an eight round in block clip. i'll click. you got one of those on you. yes, i do so. they're really interesting. the end block clip goes all the way directly into the action, which is the difference between that and like a stripper clip. so i mean it's a really cool design and

BEST METAL DETECTORS: 7 Metal Detectors (2022 Buying Guide)

if you're looking to discover a new hobby, metal detectors can be great fun. after all, it provides the allure of hunting for treasure with the potential of finding riches. however, metal detectors also have a practikal use, as they can allow you to gather up discarded nails and screws or help you locate an important heirloom that you buried a long time ago. today, there are so many metal detectors that are specifically designed to find certain things, such as gold, silver, coins, jewelry, relics and so much more, and as a consumer, it can be difficult to know which metal detector will suit your needs. with so many brands and models of metal detectors, choosing the best one that suits your needs can be daunting. but to make the task easier for you, we've put together a list of the best metal detectors that are best for your needs and your budget. but before we get started, be sure to hit that like button, subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell so you never miss any of our upcoming content. this video is presented to you by globalsurf number seven- sun pow metal detector. the sun palm metal detector features six types of metal samples and it has four strong detection modes. it can detect metals such as iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver and other metals. this best metal detector features the disk and notch modes that help you ignore unwanted metal, thereby improving the detection efficiency, and using the pp mode, you can accurately pinpoint the location of the target. it boasts an ergonomic design that involves an adjustable armrest and an anti-slip handle that equips your hunting experience while providing comfort and convenience. this best metal detector on amazon is equipped with a 47.3 inch to 55.2 inch adjustable stem that applies to different height gold detector fans. as a bonus, this best metal detector for gold features an all metal mode that offers a ground balance adjustment function. this means that the metal detector can be adjusted to suit the environment so as to reduce interference. also, in the all-metal mode, it can locate a quarter coin up to 10 inches in the ground. this way, you can explore hidden treasures. it has an upgraded dsp chip that improves the metal detector's search range and sensitivity. this best metal detector for depth comes with a headphone jack that shields you from outside distractions while you detect. this ip68 waterproof metal detector boasts a 10 inch waterproof surge coil that allows it to work well in shallow water, making it perfect for the beach, streams and other outdoor activities, and it comes with a bag to safely store the metal detector. [Music]: same thing, maybe five inches. four inches silver quarter. [Music]. it does register well on the machine once i get to about five inches. same thing even with a big coin: half dollar, number six. garrett pro pointer at waterproof pinpointing metal detector. the garrett pro pointer at waterproof pinpointing metal detector offers maximum sensitivity that improves the detection of nuggets and other small targets. it's fully waterproof, which allows it to be fully submerged in water to a maximum depth of 20 feet or 6 meters. it also features a bright orange casing that makes it extremely visible underwater, which helps to reduce your chances of losing it when exploring under the water. this best metal detector boasts a fast refund button that allows you to tune out the environment so that you can accurately pinpoint larger targets. it features a lost pro pointer alarm that emits periodic warning chirps after five minutes of inactivity. it offers various settings, including power refine, sensitivity adjustment and stealth mode ruler in inches in centimeters. this best metal detector for depth provides all-terrain versatility for locating and pinpointing metallic targets. it's battery powered and it weighs a light seven ounces. and, of course, the pro-pointer at is equally at home on land. the proporter at features simple one-touch operation. all settings are controlled with this button. to power it on, press and release the button while holding the pin pointer away from any metallic objects. you will hear two beeps and the led will remain on. to power off, press and hold the button for about one second until you hear a single beep indicating power down. the pro pointer a t has three sensitivity settings. it also has two detection settings: an audio plus vibrate setting or a silent vibrate only setting. number five: garrett ace 250 metal detector. the garrett ace 250 metal detector offers big features, such as excellent detection depth, rugged design and ease of operation. this best metal detector is an all-around detector that comes at a reasonable price. it features an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable. it boasts a solidly built and sturdy frame. it features foam on the handle and armrest, along with a velcro strap on the armrest that provides a very secure feel. this best metal detector for gold features an lcd display that makes the screen easy to read. it also displays the estimated depth of any metal it finds, as well as a wide range of options and data. this best metal detector has been praised as being the most reliable metal detector when it comes to locating coins, relics and gold, and this is thanks to its eight levels of sensitivity for different ground conditions. it features a depth meter pinpoints feature and various other features that help it offer the widest variety of modes. this metal detector is easy to use and easy to tune. it's perfect for beginners as well as expert enthusiasts. it requires four double a batteries and it weighs a light 2.64 pounds. stay to the end of the video. got a few shouts out, naming the sky, uh, and i'll see you then, toronto wolves. so first signal, very first signal. i'm trying to go out there as, uh, as far as i can. a bit of a dodgy signal. um, oh, dearly me, bags are falling everywhere. first signal though: um, obviously, the back of a watch rang up is just under a ring pull. the first find of the day- and it's something interesting- is a bit of writing on the back. number four: nokta macro simplex waterproof detector. the nokta macro simplex waterproof detector prides itself on being the first waterproof detector on the market that offers extreme depth and high-end features at all an entry level price. this best metal detector is perfect for beginners because it's easy to use and offers extreme depth with top-notch features, but it's also ideal for experts. this metal detector is a turn-on and go detector with auto-ground balancing. it boasts preset search modes, including a beach mode that is very easy to use thanks to its single menu design. it boasts a waterproof dd search coil that allows it to be fully submerged up to 10 feet or 3 meters. it also boasts fabulous lighting for night and underwater use with its lcd backlight, its keypad backlight and led flashlight. it features notch discrimination that discriminates target's ids of unwanted metals. this best beach metal detector features an iron volume that turns off or adjusts volume of the low iron tone. this metal detector is durable and it features a modern and lightweight style, since it weighs 4.69 pounds. it offers ip68 waterproof protection that keeps dust from getting in, and it's powered by one lithium polymer battery. it's fully submersible, has wireless audio, usb rechargeable and is updatable [Music]. and- oh, i haven't finished yet. it has a backlit keypad and lcd flashlight and vibration, which is a great feature for underwater use. and the best bit, it's only 299 dollars. number three: bounty hunter tk4 tracker 4 metal detector. the bounty hunter tk4 tracker 4 metal detector is a rugged detector that is ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions. it boasts a motion all metal mode, discrimination mode and two-tone audio mode that aids the detection of all kinds of metal. it features the disc and notch control that distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals. this best metal detector for depth can detect coin-sized targets that are up to six inches.

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Archery Review Arrow Comparison - Budget VS Expensive Arrows | Easton FMJ, Victory, Gold Tip

what is up, guys, and welcome to another episode of structured archery reviews. in this episode it's going to be quite different because we're finally introducing arrows into our review series. we're going to apply the same unbiased and data-driven reviewing methods from our bow reviews to these arrow reviews. so, as you probably already know by the title of this video, this video is taking a look at the cheapest arrows I could find and comparing them to high end arrows. so we're going to be taking some store-brand arrows from Bass Pro, Cabela's, Sportsman's Warehouse and shields and comparing them to high dollar arrows like the east and fmjs and the victory v. once this video idea was a result of a three part series than coming out with soon covering arrow selection, building and tuning. I was working on this video series in an idea popped into my head: I wanted to know how cheap of an arrow is acceptable. are we all spending too much on arrows? so to answer these questions, I went to these big-box stores and picked up every arrow with their name on it. I tested all of them with a professional spine and straightness tester and compared them to high dollar counterparts to see how bad or surprisingly good they were. but before I jump into the rankings and how these arrows did. lets get educated on what's important and what I'm measuring. first of all, air quality is all about consistency. without it, you'll never be able to get a good groups and you won't be able to distinguish between bad shots and bad arrows. so in the end, there are three major areas of concern. there are spine, straightness and consistency. to address these factors, we will be measuring each of the six arrows per box with 12 separate measurements, so 72 measurements in total. in the end, I'll combined 42 of those measurements to create a strong shot score for that arrow choice. this is to summarize its performance. so we're going to be looking at four different stores: Cabela's, Bass Pro, Sportsman's Warehouse and Sheils. first off, we'll start with Cabela's, which have their own branded arrows. obviously they don't manufacture them. they just buy them from a manufacturer and throw their labels on. in Cabela's case, the arrows are manufactured by Easton. so let's take a look at the two arrows that Cabela's offers: the stoker extreme and the carbon hunter. the carbon hunter comes in at forty ninety-nine in. the stoker extremes come in at $45.99. so there's a five-dollar difference between arrows. Bass Pro owns the black Outbrain arrows. now, as you may know, they recently bought Cabela's, but I think that this has been their in-house brand since before they merged. instead of putting their best pro buckle on these arrows, they created a brand name and made some pretty nice packaging. at first look, you would never think that these were actually sold by Bass Pro. the actual manufacturer of these arrows is gold tip, hence the use of gold tip knocks. so Bass Pro bought these arrows and, through some different stikers on them, we're going to be looking at the two arrows that black out offers: the x300- $44.99- and x5 hunter at 3499. next let's tok about Sportsman's Warehouse, which has one brand of arrow called the vital impact. it comes in a pretty cheap looking box and I'm not sure who manufactures the arrows, but they come in at 36: 99. next we have shields, which is another large chain sword, but you might not be familiar with them if you live towards the coasts. they have a total of 27 locations, primarily in the Midwest. it's a lot like a cross between Bass Pro and a traditional sporting goods store. if you want to check out if one is near you, they have a store map available online. but let's tok about their arrows. they have two shields branded options: the vendetta and the vendetta pros, which are co branded with victory archery. who manufactures them? the vendetta comes in at a price of $34.99 and the pros come in ten dollars more at $44.99. lastly, let's get into the to more expensive arrows. that will be the benchmarks in this comparison for Easton FMJ. everybody knows about it and I consider it a gold standard in the bow hunting community. it's a carbon, aluminum shaft plus. it's extremely popular, so this will definitely be a part of the benchmarks. finally, there's the victory BAP v1, which is my personal hunting arrow choice. I used to shoot victory and competition and they have some features that are important to me. I was able to get my hands on the victory rip via ones which are very similar to the VATS, so I knew I had to throw these in for reference and as a higher price benchmark. all right, the time has come. let's take a look at their results. we'll go through the benchmarks first so we can get a sense of what you're getting out of high quality arrow. I really consider the east and FMJ to be a standard within the hunting community. Easton is the only company at this point that creates arrows that use both carbon fiber and aluminum. Easton's premier target arrows are the x 10's, which have similar construction, except the aluminum is on the inside and the carbon fiber is tapered for better aerodynamics. with this carbon- aluminum construction, the carbon fiber gives the air resiliency. in the aluminum sleeve that's bonded over the carbon fiber shaft gives an arrow straightness. having aluminum on the outside also provides a layer of protection, hence the name Full Metal Jacket. before I show you the numbers and ratings on these arrows, let me first explain my methodology. I've taken the measurements from all of the arrows in and combine them into a single score for that arrow choice. the score takes into account multiple different measures of spine straightness and consistency and boils it down to one overall rating. I've also taken those separate domains of spine straightness and consistency and summarize those into star ratings. this warning method is to show you the summarized quality of these arrows, as well as where these arrows are strong and weak. I did this because nobody's going to want to weed through all of these numbers. alright, let's finally take a look at the F MJ's results. starting with spine, the FMJ receives four and a quarter stars. for straightness, two gets four and three-quarter stars and for consistency, the FMJ gets four stars. with all 42 measures weighted by importance and combined, the easton full-metal-jacket received a structure archery quality rating of 83. let's move on to the victory rib: elite 204. this is an all carbon arrow, unlike the fmjs, and you might have heard the elite designation that I gave the ribs. this means that they are the best quality, with only one thousandth the run-out according to victory. this is some extremely high tolerances. so let's take a look at the results. the rib performed extremely well in my test. in a spine category, the victory rib took all five stars in the straightness in one another five stars. in the consistency category, the rip walks away with four and three-quarters stars. overall, the victory archery ripoli 204 walks away with a quality rating of 95, which is really crazy to see. I have to admit I was quite surprised by these results. I, like a lot of other people, consider the FMJ to be of gold standard when it comes to general-purpose hunting arrows. I think this just goes to show what happens when you rely on measurements and data. what's thought as common knowledge gets challenged. looking over the rips numbers, you can tell that victory is excelling in both their manufacturing process and in their quality control. the construction of the arrow was extremely consistent in the variance from arrow to arrow was minimal. they really did an outstanding job, but this is probably a good time to tok about the limitations of what I'm doing here. well, the tools that I'm using are tough quality and I've made sure that that process is that I'm using are very consistent. the only issue here is sample size. at this point, I'm testing one box of arrows that I'm buying off the shelf, just like you would, so I can't say that the box I get is a fair reflection.

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SW Spotlight Black Friday

[Music]. everybody, welcome to a special edition of anger seannalcom video. we're at Sportsman's Warehouse Columbia, South Carolina, with Sam Johnson from the fishing department. it's Wednesday, November 21st, which means Black Friday is two days away. everybody, some of the best deals of the year right here, this and every Sportsman's Warehouse throughout the country. you know, Sam, we picked up the flyer just a little bit ago and there are tons and tons of specials in every department, no matter what you look. that's right. that's right. so we kind of took a sneak peek- which, by the way, the catalog is online starting tonight at 11 o'clock Eastern, throughout the holiday, so you can get a sneak peek at everything online at Sportsman's dot-com. so we'll let you guys do that at 11 o'clock tonight, but for now we're going to give you a sneak peek at a few things we found that we think make a whole lot of sense. Sam, there's some PFDs that are in the the water sports department. incredible, your inflatable Onix PFDs. we got a blue one and we also got a pink one here. these things usually run about 120 bucks. they're only gonna run in about 80 bucks this Friday. wow, that's a great deal and that's something you have to have. that's right on the boat. that's right. yeah, all right. well, tell you what else is pretty good deal. we're in the camping department. right behind us is a bunch of grills, that's true, and there's a manufacturer called the Black Mountain, Green Mountain. Green Mountain- I was thinking Black Friday, I hear you're right, right, so Green Mountain, and they've got a tremendous grill. it's a smoker grill that is caught on like wildfire and I believe that's on sale for $339. yeah, it is. yeah, I mean, you try to go find that grill with that price anywhere else. oh, yeah, it's a good deal with, you know, 50 bucks off. dude, you're not gonna, you're not gonna find it. you know, in the fishing department there are tons and tons of specials that are going on. we're not in the fishing Department today because Black Friday is coming up and it really is a time that everybody searches the whole store for the deal that makes sense for whom? and their family, and really every department has a little something for everybody. that's right. that's right. that's what we're all about now, speaking of everybody. we're gonna transition, Sam, we're gonna walk over the hunting department and hook up with Craig Baird who's going to show us some gun specials that you can take advantage of this product. hi, I'm Mike from sources warehouse. we'd like to show you a few things that we're offering for Black Friday, but this is only a few things. we have so many more things that you need to come out and check out, but I'm gonna give you a little bit of a preview. first thing I'd like to show you is our 1911 22s from brownie: very nice, very sleek and very subtle, and these are a hot seller, especially at the price that they're gonna be coming in, if you feel that you want to upgrade. we also have the three 80s that are coming into sale, but let me tell you about the 45, so that we're gonna the XT 45s for the price that you're gonna be getting these at, and you have to come in and check them out. you will not believe. one more thing to show you is our XSP shotguns: very smooth. you're not gonna get much better for the pricing you're getting these at. and, lastly, we have a special on our Nikon optiks. that our Nikon optiks right now. I'll give you a hint, it's lower than $200 but, like I said, you have to come in and check it out everyone. we've moved over to the apparel section. we've got some incredible deals this coming Black Friday, starting with this Carhartt jacket. that's $100 off and I'm telling you this is a fantastik jacket. we're gonna move over here to the fleece shirts, which are all $25 off. that's 50% off this Black Friday. we're in the Columbia section. if you see up here, everything in the Columbia Sportswear section, 20% off and folks starting tonight at 11 pm go to sportsman's comm. all of these specials and other specials are online for you to see. otherwise, come in the store on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. have a happy Thanksgiving, everybody. [Music] you.

Don't Be this Guy | Gun Shop Don'ts

[Music]. good, let's see you guys may be interesting buying that. okay, you many shirts that came in, but there you go. I just cleared Steve from top guns again. we want to take a little bit of time and discuss an issue that's kind of present in gun shops throughout the US but it doesn't get discussed quite enough, and that is the issue of people coming in with loaded weapons. it's not that we would ever discourage anyone from carrying a loaded weapon. in fact, we encourage anyone that's licensed and legal to carry and is responsible to carry the weapon. however, the issue becomes when they decide it's time to pull it out and really not for a good reason. the only reason you should be pulling your weapon out really anywhere in partikular a gun shop would be if you're saving someone's life. so if there's a threat present and you are coming to our help with coming to assist someone, then we greatly appreciate anything you are there to do to help us. however, in the instance where you simply want to know, hey, do you have a holster for this gun or can you put night sights on this gun, or whatever other reason you can find to pull your weapon out, I would tell you if you, you don't have to look very far, especially in today's media, to find accidental discharges. in many cases it's with law enforcement officers. so we would say that this is a rule that applies to everyone across the board, because accidents happen no matter how much training you've had, whether you're military, law enforcement, civilian who's had a lot of hours for training, whether you work in a gun shop or don't work in a gun shop. we hold ourselves to the same standards. the employees of top guns all know that we don't pull out our weapons for any reason at all. even if someone says, hey, I would like to look at your weapon or your holster, the fact of the matter is we don't have it somewhere else in the store. then we simply are gonna miss out on sale because we're not pulling out our loaded weapon just for the purpose of making a sell. and we would certainly appreciate the same courtesy on the other side of the counter, where the patrons of the shops would exercise the same restraint and say: you know what? I respect the establishment and I find no reason to pull my weapon out. or I don't have a good reason to pull my weapon out and just be safe, man, keep it, your holster. you know, sometimes what we find is is a person in some cases has walked in and said: hey, I've read your sign up front and I know you're not supposed to pull your weapon out in the store, but and they reach back and they pull their weapon out and once again, no one is above that rule. it's a rule and it goes for all gun shops. I'm sure that I speak for every gun shop out here when I say we're all uncomfortable when anyone- and I do mean anyone- pulls their weapon out in the store if it's loaded. now the next phase is the person who walks in and simply doesn't know they have a loaded weapon. so that's almost even worse, because there's a person that's coming in and they say, oh, it's unloaded, I need a holster for this- and as soon as we take it and clear it around, pops out of the, out of the chamber. we've actually started a collection and this is just within the last maybe three weeks to three weeks. so this is what we've collected in just a short period of time: rounds that have popped out of someone's chamber and we wanted to start just bringing it to the table and letting people become more aware of just how big of an issue it is. we're asking and encouraging everyone to please keep your weapons holstered when you're in a gun store. Jennifer has been here now for maybe just a little over a year and, quite frankly, was new to firearms when she and into the industry and started working here. how often have you seen it happen in the year that you've been here? once or twice. even in the same week, people have: hey, can I get a holster for this store? it really makes you uncomfortable, whether it's loaded or not. even the fact that they're sweeping you with it. yeah, she brings up a good point. I didn't mention that, and that is something that does happen. a lot is people will sweep- whether it's our patrons or or us and the employees, and they'll take their muzzle and sweep across the room, and it's something that you just cannot take lightly. you know we have enough bad press and we have enough of the Liberals trying to take our rights away from us. the last thing we need is to give them more ammunition, so to speak, to to fight against our fight in favor of gun laws and gun restrictions. so you know you're doing everyone disservice when you're putting us all at jeopardy to increase the stats of accidental discharges, negligent discharges and, quite frankly, just making people under. you're doing it. we're basically asking for your help out here. please, please, please. keep your weapons holstered when you're in the shop- not just our shop, that any one shop also. give us your feedback. we want to know: are you offended by the video? do you agree with us and let us know why? please comment down below and let us know what you think in your opinion. don't forget to Like, share, favorite subscribe.

Stoeger M3000 Unboxing $399 Black Friday Deal

what's up y'all? what'd you get for your Black Friday? did you even go shopping? I took the day off so I could, and there really wasn't anything great out there that I really wanted. I did go ahead and pick up a stoker shotgun. I'll get to that here in a sec 5 am hit. I just turned that alarm right back off, went back to sleep and then we just kind of hit things at a leisurely pace. crowds were so. so I don't live in a too big of a town, but our biggest game in town is Sportsman's Warehouse for firearms and such, and it wasn't too busy. I got the run 11 ish, but I still had to wait around, try to get someone's attention and to help me. but got the Stoeger shotgun. it's a semi-auto, it's the m3 thousand 28 inch barrel, 12-gauge. you can see 399. and now part of this deal is you got to do a $75 Mellon rebate. so got the form to do that guy to definitely do that. they're counting on people not doing their rebates. but yeah, I'm doing mine. it'll be prepped up, ready and everything today. super easy, get that 75 bucks back. let's take a look at this shotgun. you all right. so this is what is in the box. this is how it comes first up, our real tree max 5 pattern there I like it. the finish is really nice on this, really nice, and I will put this together here in a sec. we're here in a minute. barrel: 28 inch barrel does have three chokes with it, a turkey choke and has a modified, an approved cylinder. when- I'm sorry- in the barrel you do get the tool for your choke to remove. your trouble can install. it does have some additional shim plates so you can adjust the angle of your buttstok, kind of get it set up for best fit for you. that's very nice. and oh it. it already has a. I just glanced at the instructions there. it has a magazine to limiter. Lincoln limits it to two shells so you can pull that out, depend on your rules, laws for your state, that type of thing for hunting or whatever you doing. they're really nice. I like this. this is my first semi-automatik shotgun so I'm looking forward to actually learning all the pieces, parts, all that stuff, inertial driven, inertia driven- set up with it. so you know, there it is, let me get it put together. all right, got her a symbol to do a little flyby here, really digging this finish on it and this pattern is pretty cool. it was pretty much everything else I got in. the safe is black for the most part, maybe some stainless that type of thing. but 28, 28 inch barrel, 12 gauge, 3 inch shells, 2, 2 and 3/4- my first semi-auto. so I did do a little bit of a kind of fast-paced research last night when I saw the black friday Ad for this and I think the general consensus was that the Stowe Graham 3000 s were pretty decent, especially for the for the price point. and so my first Samara. looking forward to getting out there and using it and who knows where that will lead. but yeah, awesome, what did what y'all get for Black Friday? anything is even go out. put some comments down below. thanks for watching, like and comment and subscribe. and yes, I don't even have those like buttons on anymore. haven't had those on for a while, boom.