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Step-by-Step Guide To Making $100,000 With An Online Course (No Paid Ads)

Published on: December 8 2022 by Buildapreneur

Step-by-Step Guide To Making $100,000 With An Online Course (No Paid Ads)

Step-by-Step Guide To Making $100,000 With An Online Course (No Paid Ads)

in the last three years we've done just
shy of a million dollars selling one
single online course and we've done that
without spending any money on paid ads
using completely free organic traffic
and automated sales systems this video
is going to show you step by step
everything that we did to get there
we're going to show you how we're
getting the traffic we're going to show
you how we're turning those into leads
i'm going to show you how we're taking
those leads and turning them into sales
this is going to be a life-changing
video for some of you so let's not waste
a single minute let's just dive right in
some real quick background about my
online course i teach people how to
start a successful affiliate business
and grow it to a full-time passive
income over time it currently sells for
about fifteen hundred dollars but for
most of its life it sold for about nine
hundred dollars we also have two payment
plans available where they can pay 197 a
month for nine months or six hundred
dollars a month for three months and get
full access up front the course is
hosted in thinkific who i'm very very
happy with and who's actually agreed to
sponsor this video so we'll probably
tok a little bit about why i love them
further on in the video but for now
let's dive in and tok about how you can
do this exact same thing now your first
step is actually going to be picking a
topic and maybe you already have a topic
in mind but also a direction or how
you're going to run with that topic
something that's typically a little
counterintuitive when you're creating an
online course is that the riches are in
the niches and we've all heard that
statement a lot of times but it's a very
true statement and especially true here
and what i mean by that is you don't
want to say something like i'm going to
teach you how to make money or i'm going
to teach you how to look good or i'm
going to teach you how to lose weight
you want to go much much much more
specific than that if you think about it
there's millions probably hundreds of
millions or even billions of people that
are looking to lose weight you need to
do something that makes you stand out a
little more than just saying i'm going
to help you lose weight maybe you have a
very specific method maybe you can teach
them how to lose weight in a very
specific way maybe you have a very
specific audience meaning you can teach
people post-pregnancy how to lose weight
or people that have a certain disease
how to lose weight or something like
that you can take this much narrower
audience and you can really tailor your
market and your course to them and one
it'll be a lot easier as you start
trying to sell to reach a much smaller
audience as opposed to reaching the 500
million people in the world that want to
lose weight it's much easier to reach
the one or two million people that just
have a baby this year or much easier to
reach the 500 000 people that have this
specific disorder that's causing them to
gain weight right the more narrow you
can get the easier it is to reach them
but then also you can take this course
and instead of being so broad you can
tailor it to these specific people and
you'll be able to sell it a lot better
and you'll actually get a lot better
results for your students as you can
tailor this to their needs their desires
and their actual things that are holding
them back from achieving what your
course is going to help them to achieve
i've seen million dollar courses on how
to listen how to train a dog how to do
cpr on a dog how to dance how to dress
nice there's millions of different
niches and small tiny subsets of the
broader market right maybe the broader
fashion market or the broader pet market
that you can take and really dominate
step two is traffic and this is where
everyone kind of crumbles no matter how
well they do on step one they need to
get eyeballs to their course and i'm
gonna show you exactly what i do because
this can be applied to virtually
anything and it's a very simple system
that works very very well so the way
we're going to work this part of the
video is we're going to tok about how
to get traffic we're going to tok about
turning that traffic into a lead right
and a lead is someone that you have
access to that you can run emails to or
run ads to and that you can market to
and who knows who you are all that kind
of stuff qualify someone to be a lead
and then we're going to tok about how
we take this lead and we turn them into
a customer right someone that bought our
course and a happy raving customer and
so let's start with traffic and we'll go
from there now remember i toked about
how my course is on how to make money
online but specifically it's about
affiliate marketing now the way that i
drive a vast majority of my traffic is
through my youtube channel and there's
two big reasons that i just love youtube
as the best way to get customers to your
online course the first one is that
people that are looking on youtube tend
to be looking with their credit card in
their hand they're what we call either a
warm or a hot lead right if you're
running an ad let's say on facebook to
someone you're having to take somebody
who's just scrolling across facebook and
stop them and get them to read your ad
even though they're not interested in
that right then right like as they're
scrolling facebook their interest is not
losing weight at that moment or making
money at that moment it's basically
turning off their brain and chilling for
a little bit and you're disrupting that
interest but on youtube somebody
typically comes to youtube and they type
in something right how to lose weight
post pregnancy right that might be
something that somebody types into
youtube right there and then we've got
all these different videos now those
people are very interested they have a
problem and they want to solve it right
now and can you imagine that it might be
much easier to take these people and
sell them a course or a product than it
would be to take somebody who's just
scrolling across facebook and try to get
them to remember the problem they have
and convince them they have the problem
maybe and then go from there i'm gonna
tell you right now much better leads
coming off of youtube because somebody's
already actively searching to solve
their problem the other reason i like
youtube is the exponential way that it
can grow and here's what i mean by that
so you remember that my course is on
affiliate marketing you can see right
here i made a video about affiliate
marketing with no website right it's
kind of like a subset of affiliate
marketing and you can see that i rank
right here number two on affiliate
marketing without a website and that
video to date starting two years ago has
gotten 65 000 views and it continues to
get thousands of views for me every
single month so that means that i've got
people that come in they watch this
video and then they head down my rabbit
hole that we'll tok about further on in
this video where they start putting in
emails and turning into customers and
all of it is from stuff that i did two
years ago this means that you can
exponentially grow your online course
what i mean by that is if this video is
bringing me two sales a month i can make
another video this month that will bring
me two sales a month for the foreseeable
future as well that means i'll be
getting four sales a month and then next
month i can make another video right now
i'll be getting six sales a month and i
can start to grow this business because
all the labor and work that i did in
putting out these youtube videos in
previous months or years is still
yielding results so this means you can
grow a lot faster one but two you can
also turn this into a much more passive
income where you can disappear for a
month or two and you'll still get lots
of core sales and i can tell you right
now that's one of the best feelings in
the world where you're sitting there on
vacation getting up out of bed in an
airbnb or something and you pop open
your phone and get a notification that
you just sold a course while you were
there now a lot of people over
complicate youtube videos and think well
you can do this this is not for me let
me explain exactly how my process works
very very quickly so you can know that
you can do this exact same thing just as
easily as i can all i do is i take my
main word right the main thing that my
course is about which in this case is
affiliate marketing i type it into
youtube like this and i'm going to get
10 videos right away right 10 video
ideas that i can start right now making
but that's not the end of it my
channel's got hundreds of videos right
next i'll just start typing in letters
i'll type in the letter a the letter b
the letter c and you can see right here
youtube's just telling me it's telling
me everything that people are looking
for on youtube in relation to affiliate
marketing so these are what all the hot
leads the people that probably could
benefit from my course this is what
they're doing and typing in on youtube
and i can do that same thing before i
can type in a space um b space actually
i got like this a space b space c space
uh g space skipping a few over time as
you continue to put up these videos
you'll see some do very well some do
poorly but overall your business starts
to grow and if you think you can't film
videos for a vast majority of these
videos that we're doing right here we're
just doing screen shares okay i'm
literally just recording my screen as i
show these people how to do something
and then i publish that to youtube and
that's almost the gist of what i'm doing
and you can do this across any niche
right if you want to show somebody how
to lose weight just show you doing some
of these exercises if you want to show
people how to do cpr and a dog just show
yourself doing cpr on the dog
okay it might not be applicable there
but for a vast majority of these you
don't have to over complicate it they've
got a problem show them a simple
solution and then tell them to head over
to your affiliate link and on that note
you can see in this youtube video that
we just toked about the very first
thing they see in the description of
that video is right here
billetpreneur.com webinar and that is
our conversion system that's where we
take these people we turn them into
leads and then we turn those leads into
customers we're going to tok about that
right after a brief note about our
sponsor now as i mentioned earlier our
sponsor is a very relevant sponsor for
this video thinkific and thinkific is
the company that i use to host and
manage all of my online courses and
students i sell or give away eight total
courses and every single one of them is
built inside of thinkific i've been
extremely impressed and happy with them
the entire time because there's so much
more than just a place to host my online
course they have everything i need to
create about basically an entire
e-learning business you can see here in
my back end as i go through my back end
right here they've got everything i need
to create and host the course they've
got everything i need here to design a
website and a front end for my course
they've got all these different things
to help me sell the course and then
they've got all these different things
to help me help my students and engage
with my students and create communities
and then down here you can see just tons
of different options here that i can use
to help my students so if you're looking
for an easy to use platform to take all
the tik headaches out of creating a
course i would look no further than
thinkific the link down below is
actually going to give you a 30-day
trial free everything in this video with
no upfront cost now let's move on and
tok about what we're doing with all
these people that are watching our
youtube videos and then clicking the
link in the description now this is a
super simple way to get people's email
addresses as you give them this webinar
so it's an hour and a half long webinar
and this isn't something that i'm
filming right now this isn't something
that i'm doing live every single day or
even every single week it's a recording
of a webinar that i did over a year ago
and so these people that are interested
in learning more about affiliate
marketing i make them a promise that
i'll teach them more inside of this
webinar and show them inside of my
affiliate business they click register
and they have to put in their email
address and they're done they now get
access to that webinar now this is
really really important the structure
that i'm using for this webinar is based
on something called the perfect webinar
by russell brunson we'll leave a link
down below to a book that really
explains it very very cheap very very
easy to use but essentially this webinar
has two purposes one we want to teach
people but two we want to change their
beliefs or change the way that they're
thinking because a lot of people come
into these online courses and these
online trainings with limiting beliefs
so they come into this affiliate
marketing world thinking that they're
gonna need a budget of a thousand two
thousand three thousand dollars to spend
on ads before they can ever start making
money and that belief is limiting them
right they're not going to buy my course
if they think that because they may not
have three thousand dollars and so one
of the things that my webinar does is it
attempts to show them and change that
mindset and say you don't need to start
with paid ads you can easily start using
free traffic methods and make some money
before you ever get into paid traffic
and the second thing a lot of these
people think that they need to be good
at selling they've got to be like these
like ultra good sales people to get good
at affiliate marketing and so another
thing that we try to do in this training
is while we teach them this isn't an
issue you don't have to be a master
sales person to be able to be good at
affiliate marketing you just have to be
good at marketing or sending traffic so
while this webinar is teaching we're
kind of adding that in there as well
we're trying to help them learn but also
help them change these beliefs that are
going to stop them from ever moving
forward with a life-changing opportunity
and then almost as important as the
webinar itself is how we present the
offer at the end right so we've just
given them this training on affiliate
marketing we've hopefully changed their
mind where they now believe that this is
something that they can actually do that
this is something they do want to move
forward with and then we come forth with
this offer and you can see right here we
don't just come out at the end of a
training and say hey you know do you
want to buy this course i just gave you
this good training if you want to move
forward with this i've got a course boom
go ahead and buy it you'll probably get
some sales that way especially if you
have a good training but instead you
want to structure the offer in a way
that they call an irresistible offer i
mean we need to make this no-brainer
offer to the audience where anybody
that's just watched that webinar they've
gotten excited they want to take this
life-changing opportunity and now you've
just given them a life-changing offer as
well something that's just irresistible
if they take it now you combine all of
those and that's how you start to see
these six seven figure earners with
these online courses so you can see
right here we present the course and
then we start to present these bonuses
where we say hey here are some maybe
gaps or some other issues that you might
foresee coming that might hold you back
from achieving the desire that you hope
this course will help you achieve but
we're going to help you with each one of
those once we start to stack on these
bonuses you can see we're going to add
this we're going to add this right we're
going to add this we're going to add
this and by the end we've got this big
slide and they're salivating for it
right we've we've built up this mega
mega offer for them where it just seems
like there's almost no way that they
could fail if we've given them all the
different pieces of the puzzle so this
takes a little bit more work right
you've actually got to build these
bonuses you've got to look ahead and say
what are the things that people foresee
holding them back and what can i offer
to help overcome those but if you do
this right you've now taken people
you've given them free training you've
helped them to see what's possible
you've overcome some objections already
in the webinar and now they've got this
incredible offer sitting in front of
them and this is how you get a lot of
sales with not a lot of traffic on your
online course but it doesn't end there
and in fact you'll find that almost 60
percent or 70 of your buyers are
actually not going to buy as they watch
that webinar instead the real money
comes in the follow-up sequence so you
can see right here they watch the
webinar and then they can click buy if
they like the offer i present them in
the webinar they click buy but whether
or not they click buy we still have
their email address right to get access
to the webinar they had to put in their
email address now this can be done in a
number of different autoresponders but
you can see right here what happens is
after somebody gets added to this
meaning they watched the webinar and
they didn't buy the course in a certain
amount of time then i start to send an
email so first i deliver a link to the
webinar hey here's the webinar just in
case you didn't get to it or you want to
like watch the replay of it okay and
then i start waiting and every single
day we drip out another email number one
is just a recap hey did you miss the
webinar here's a few things we went over
you should go watch the webinar though
it's got a lot more than that right and
then i keep going down i wait another
day or two and once again we send
another email this time we recap the
offer we say hey did you watch the
webinar i don't know if you made it to
the end and then we go over the offer
again so a lot of people watched the
offer but they didn't buy it and now we
recap the offer and say hey this is your
chance to buy as a reminder here's all
the things you'll get if you buy now and
then we limit these usually we'll limit
them by numbers or time so what works
for best for me is to say 100 people 200
people that's what we're going to limit
this to and then this partikular bonus
will go away so we've actually had to
take away bonuses over time as we reach
those thresholds of 100 or 200 people
that have purchased the course and this
creates this this limited mindset where
people say you know i've got to be one
of these 100 or i'm not going to get all
the things that i need to succeed with
this and there's a lot of people in this
camp where they want to buy they plan on
buying they just haven't got around to
it yet and they just need that final
little push which oftentimes is limiting
how many people are allowed to have
certain bonuses continuing on in that
email sequence though you see i send an
email with testimonials so i say okay
hey i told you about this offer last
time now let's tok a little bit about
some of the people that actually took
the offer and i go through all the
testimonials that i can find in my
course and we have dozens probably
hundreds of testimonials that we show
them about different people that have
taken and achieved the results that that
everyone's wanting to achieve who's
watched the webinar i actually stop in
the middle and i just give them some
free value i say hey you know you're
trying to do affiliate marketing it's
hard you should check out this and
sometimes this will be motivation in
this case it's just a big list of
affiliate programs that they can get
started with whether or not they buy my
program and then we're back to selling
again you can see email number five
email number six we do another round of
testimonials email number eight the
price is going up okay this is where i
we actually raised the price every 100
people that purchased this course the
price goes up another i believe it's a
hundred dollars and we've done that like
i said it started at 900 and i believe
it's at 14.97 right now because of those
price raises so we do the prices going
up and then we do one final email saying
hey i'm not going to bug you about this
anymore but if you want to achieve the
result that you originally watched the
webinar to achieve this is a way to
accelerate it yes you can go the other
routes yes there are free routes but
this will help you accelerate your
learning and achieve your desire much
faster and then we're done okay and so
we'll make about 25 to 35 percent of our
sales up front as people initially watch
this webinar but we'll make much more of
our sales on the back end as the people
that watch the webinar get dripped these
emails they continue to hear about me
they continue to see my face and my name
pop up in front of them multiple times
and that's when kind of the real magic
happens and we can convert another 65
percent of these people into sales and
that's when you start to see these seven
figure course sellers come in because
they've created this conversion system
that we're looking at here and they just
have to focus on one thing and that's
traffic so that's those youtube videos
we toked about in the beginning once
you've built all this all you have to do
is produce those youtube videos you've
got the course you've got the conversion
system now you've just got to make some
content in youtube and the rest of this
will all take care of the rest for you
one more time i'd like to thank
thinkific our sponsor i genuinely
believe there's no better place to get
started with an online course and that's
why i use them for all of my online
courses so don't forget we've left a
link down below if you want to get
started with a completely free 30-day
trial go down there and you can get
started hopefully building your course
and even making some money from your
online course before you ever actually
have to spend money on the system that
we're toking about in here and remember
if making money online is something you
want to do don't forget to subscribe
thanks so much for watching guys

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