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super bowl 2021 ads cost

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

What makes Super Bowl ad prices worth it for brands

welcome back to yahoo finance live,everyone companies spend millions of,dollars for seconds of airtime during,the super bowl but is it worth it all,the work for it if the fans don't,remember what the product is and search,for it well here with more on whether,purchasing a super bowl ad is good,business is yahoo finances ali canal ali,yeah brad that's exactly the question i,wanted to answer especially since super,bowl ads are known for their sky-high,price tags according to variety on,average a 30-second ad spot this year,went for six million dollars that is up,from last year's 5.5 million dollars,with some ads going for a record 7,million and that's just for 30 seconds,so is it worth it the short answer is,yes i spoke to the ceo and president of,data analytiks company edo kevin crim he,told me that brands would have to buy,over 100 30 second ad spots and regular,prime time to get the same effect as the,super bowl since the average viewer is,nearly five times as likely to search,for a brand advertised during the game,compared to everyday prime time tv he,said it's a really rational buy in terms,of impact even during the games that see,viewership down overall the data has,been very consistent which is why we,keep seeing these prices for ads go up,year after year but when it comes to,what makes a super bowl ad a massive,success there's normally three,components according to edo number one,an introduction of a new product or,service something that can really grab a,viewer amid all the distractions at a,super bowl watch party that's why,typically we don't see everyday,household brands and products like dawn,for example do that well in fact dawn,underperformed the most during last,year's super bowl in terms of ad,engagement number two uh successful ads,normally have very solid execution on,the creative side historically speaking,funnier ads perform better than,heartwarming ones again going back to,that idea of really grabbing a viewer,and then finally these home run ads,almost always have an authentik,celebrity to drive home that brand,messaging according to edo the most,successful super bowl ad last year came,from glucose monitoring company dexcom,starring nick jonas the ad was 11 times,more effective at driving brand,engagement than the median super bowl 50,ad and crims said that it oh super 55 ad,i should say and chris said that this ad,hit all the boxes a relatively new,product that consumers weren't aware of,with an authentik celebrity attached to,it nick jonas has been very vocal about,his own diagnosis with type 1 diabetes,other top performers included the auto,entertainment sector and in total,advertisers in super super bowl 55 spend,an estimated 482 million on in-game,super bowl ads so you can expect that,number to be even higher this time,around,well ali that is a staggering number but,with all of those ad dollars going into,advertising during the super bowl with,all these success factors that you just,laid out in mind what can viewers expect,this year in terms of brands and new,advertisers that they could be seeing,well this year edo said viewers should,expect to see more entertainment and,streaming driven ads especially when it,comes to nbc's streaming service peacock,last year when the super bowl aired on,cbs almost 35 million dollars worth of,ad space was dedicated to vicom cvs,launching paramount plus so you can,expect nbc to promote its internal,brands during the big game as well,another emphasis this year uh that might,be different from years past will be big,pharma it's sort of a sign of the times,as brands like pfizer moderna johnson,and johnson they've really leaned in on,their newfound brand identities,following coven 19 vaccine rollouts,they're starting to figure out that,their brand onto themselves and they can,really go and put that money,uh for the big events like the super,bowl and really sort of change consumers,perspective overall though we're going,to see a lot of new faces according to,nbc the big game will feature 30 new,advertisers compared to last year's,event and representing around 40 of,total super bowl ads so a lot to look,forward to this year some new faces uh,and i know i'm excited this one my,favorite parts of the super bowl so good,business and entertaining to us viewers,it's fun that we get some of the drops,ahead of time now allie as well to kind,of preview him before and tell everybody,in the house hey hey hey you got to,watch this one great breakdown allie we,appreciate

How The Super Bowl Became The Championship Of Advertising

every year as we approach the Superbowl,you start to see football themed food,and products everywhere it's more like a,national holiday than a sporting event,one that involves watching evaluating,and discussing television commercials,this tradition has turned the Super Bowl,into the championship of advertising,[Music],Super Bowl 18 changed everything,job said I need an ad to announce the,advent of Macintosh that will stop the,world in its tracks the media director,of Tschida Hank Antos so there's only,one place you can run this the Super,Bowl and Steve Jobs naturally said I,don't know a single person who watches,the Super Bowl and I said of course you,don't you're Steve Jobs to be that brave,to go on such a platform as a Super Bowl,to do that ad for me that's that was,always just you know brilliant,everything was changed with Apple 1984,it became an event TV networks,discovered an opportunity to expand the,audience beyond just football fans and,of course make more money the Super Bowl,became the ultimate advertising showdown,with advertisers paying huge amounts to,play this year 30-second spots cost as,much as 5.6 million dollars,these are the secrets of the Super Bowl,right want to be funny intelligently,funny - do not try to sell too hard or,sell hard at all number three you know,there's not to fail in front of in the,best we used to plan for things like,four months in advance six months in,advance,now we change things overnight like,let's Friday we decided to change the,entire Superbowl launch plans for what,light and we just did it what do you do,for maximum impact,I think the joke is you using animals,whenever I see the way people react to,the Clydesdales whenever they see a,Clydesdale whenever they're in front of,a Clydesdale it's an object of a,generation like their eyes light up and,they feel like wow I don't know why they,show the movie spots I mean you know,they must work though because look there,are more and more of them I know more,and more they're just spots,studies have shown that the economics do,work and movies with trailers that air,during the Super Bowl were found to,boost opening weekend sales by more than,twice the cost of the ad time a Stanford,study showed that Budweiser Super Bowl,ads boosted its sales by almost twice,what they spent on the commercials CFO,of PepsiCo Hugh Johnston actually gave,the commercials on the Super Bowl credit,for a 5.2 percent increase in sales the,price of partikipating in this,advertising showcase continues to climb,even though viewership of the Super Bowl,has fallen off you cannot ignore the,Super Bowl there's the stage is just too,big you can't it's there was a time when,you go well it's expensive is it worth,it it's worth it it's rare to see a,country that has a moment like this when,the whole nation stops in front of it in,front of a TV set to really watch the,game this is one thing but I think Super,Bowl brings something else on top of,this which is the fact that people are,willing to see the commercials the,pressure of doing something great has,gotten greater with every year you know,it cost so much money so many people are,seeing it now people are sharing it,we're toking about it before the game,and after the game yeah there's more,pressure to have it be good yeah last,year the major Super Bowl commercials,that were released before the game were,already watched over a hundred million,times online by Friday before the game,according to a company that tracked the,views across many different platforms,and social media engagement around the,advertising has completely changed the,game a B and Bev decided to release two,Bud Light Seltzer ads featuring post,Malone a few days before the game and,let the audience decide which one will,get the spot which is helping both ads,rack up views online,if initiated so why post Malone not only,because he's great on helping us drive,cultural conversations but also because,he's known has been a huge Bud Light fan,and then we said have you ever tried,this but like Celtiks he said no are you,thinking about trying this he said no so,why don't you try this and tell us how,you how you feel because this is what's,going to happen,people after we saw the assets ready we,started toking to consumers and it was,amazing because thankfully the response,was overwhelmingly positive but we saw,people saying we love the number one no,no the number two is much better then we,started to have internal conversations,should we stik to the plan should they,flip it and put number two first and,then last Friday we said you know what,let's invite consumers to help us decide,it maybe the food the actual game or the,commercials but the Super Bowl is one TV,event that still commands a huge live,audience while only one team can win the,game there's always a few brands that,steal the show here's my new zero I am,thirsty,[Music]

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10 Best Super Bowl Commercials 2021

did you steal my cheetos again,just tell him it was you,but i cut you at the counter it wasn't,me,[Music],saw you snacking on the sofa it wasn't,me,you even had them in the shower,it wasn't me,i even caught you on camera you don't,want to grunt it access to your snacks,don't tok surprise don't you sleep,behind your back you gotta keep times,before she emptied up but let's review,the situation orange fingers red flag to,keep you one star sugar tied it better,if she asks where they are you say,forget to never admit to a word and,please don't upset her and if she keep,well,did you,wasn't me,oh,okay,well that's the first time that's ever,worked new cheetos crunch pop mix,can we even afford this house i'm pretty,sure we can pretty sure,rocket mortgage you can be certain not,pretty sure what's the difference,let me show you,i'm pretty sure these aren't poisonous,[Music],i'm pretty sure these are parachutes,mine has a sandwich that's mine,i'm pretty sure you do not run,i'm pretty sure you could take batista,down,you're on,okay i'm pretty sure this is trending,i'm pretty sure these hornets aren't the,murdering type,pretty sure we can make it,[Music],[Applause],certain let's go with certain good,choice when you're buying a home pretty,sure isn't sure enough when you need to,be certain about how much home you can,afford rocket can hi neighbor,i'll hold the dog not again,did you know that norway sells way more,electric cars per capita than the u.s,norway,well i won't stand for it,come on,never mind with gm's new ultim battery,we're gonna crush those losers,crush them let's go america,keenan norway's out evening us wait,what's this oh it's my daughter's,birthday she's really a pirate i don't,care grab an ev meet me in norway can i,say goodbye to my family nope all right,aquafina sorry to disturb you but,norway's beating us at evs,uh-huh,meet me there in an hour can i ride with,you no gm's ultim battery is made for,all types of vehicles so soon everyone,can drive an ep,whoa,why didn't we all just go together,knowing wheel is probably flying private,[Music],this place is adorable damn it,where are you guys we're in finland,where are you i'm in norway norway,you're in sweden,oh,damn it,[Music],lately i just,i haven't been feeling quite like myself,life used to feel,fuller,[Music],some days are harder than others i want,to break free,it's like i used to be on solid ground,did you drive here or did you travel by,fax i want to break free there's got to,be a way to get back,i want to break free,[Music],know,[Music],doritos now in 3d,[Music],this local access message is brought to,you by ubereats,hey everyone welcome to waynesboro party,on wayne party on garth as a local,access show we want everyone to support,local restaurants but we'd never,manipulate you the way all these other,commercials do,oh god,sure that's really sad,totally,we're better than that yeah we'd never,shamelessly rely on a celebrity cameo,right cardi b,yeah eat loco,or jump on the latest trend,[Music],i feel bad for kicking your seat on,purpose,i'm sorry for mansplaining that's when a,man i know what it is,we should have just told you it's a boy,i wish he didn't have to hear all that,sorry i called you karen that's my name,sorry your name is karen i promise i,will not eat any more of your friends,really,[Music],okay it might happen one more time,[Music],ah the backyard it's had quite a year i,say let's keep this backyard thing going,that's why scots and miracle grow want,to give you a chance to win the lawn and,garden of your dreams like mine you know,just not better than mine like mine,where you can work on your short game,like mine,oh it's a little close,it only turns left come on leslie crush,your core i don't crush it emma dad it's,the red one i know the other red one i,know feeling good,like i said,he still got it so text me now and win,the lawn and garden of your dreams hey,travoltas don't be tikety toking on my,grass,your soap is,ugh and your body wash is a synthetik,detergent but you're not a dish you're a,man switch to dr squatch natural soap,for men for men who build things open,pickle jars on the first try,slay dragons and let their daughters,braid their hair men who like to feel,good and smell,titillating dr squatch takes you places,you never thought you'd go,naked,where is everyone,pringles original,barbecue,pizza the barbecue pizza stack,look we're saved,we're going home,thank you,stokton,[Applause],endless flavors to stack enjoy carefully,mrs long yes,we've found a baby girl for your,adoption but,there's some things you need to know,she's in siberia and she was born with a,rare condition,her legs will need to be amputated,i know this is difficult to hear,for her life,it won't be easy,[Applause],mrs long,it might not be easy but,it'll be amazing,i can't wait to meet her,we believe there is hope and strength in,all of us toyota proud partner of team,usa,we both love this place now what i'm,pretty sure we have everything in order,pretty sure,with rocket you could be certain not,pretty sure,what's the difference,well let me show you,yeah i'm pretty sure that's all of them,maybe not,i'm pretty sure this won't hurt,pretty sure that's a figment of our,imaginations,i'm pretty sure we can park in joey,bose's spot,that spot works too,i'm pretty sure they come in peace,let's do certain yeah certain is better,when it comes to home buying pretty sure,isn't sure enough find the right,mortgage with the local broker and,rocket tiknology when you need to be,certain rocket cam,come on,hey adam when's stefani what's happening,i think i'm ready to start dating again,what are you looking for i'm sick of la,guys i want someone completely different,maybe from another country and someone,cultured insensitive and who is not,threatened by a strong competent woman,on a spotty network this is what adam,heard sick of l.a guys i want someone,completely country uncultured and,threatened by a strong confident woman,it's not wings or nachos it's wings and,nachos,hey send my onion rings down here i have,your guy,[Music],gwen blake um oh my god hilarious right,i mean,no what do you mean are you wearing,spurs did you ride a horse here yeah,don't trust your love life to just any,network t-mobile has more number ones,than 5g than any other network you need,a ride home,t-mobile is the leader in 5g,[Applause],[Music]

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Super Bowl LV: Ticket Prices Soar and Advertisers Pull Their Ads | The Daily Social Distancing Show

What's up, sports fans?,He's Roy Wood Jr., I'm Michael Kosta,,and it's that time again, Roy.,We are getting ready for the Super Bowl.,Yes, we are, Kosta. Super Bowl LV,,where young upstart Patrick Mahomes,takes on Tom Brady, who's trying,to become the oldest man in history.,You know Tom Brady's been playing forever, Roy,,because I've had time to like him winning,,get sick of him winning,,then get sick of myself being sick of him winning,,and now I like him again.,I'm rooting for Mahomes,,but I kind of feel bad for the dude, Kosta.,You know, on the one hand,,if he loses, you lost to an old guy.,And then on the other hand, if he wins,,it's elder abuse.,But either way, I'm looking forward,to Super Bowl LV-- Kansas City Chiefs,,-Tampa Bay Bucs, let's go! -(claps),My whole house is riding on this. Oh, my God.,Hell, yeah, Roy!,I'm still coming over to watch the game, right?,Oh, no. No, the hell you are not, dude.,You're a walking petri dish. Ugh.,A walking pe...?,Why do you and the CDC keep saying that?,But let's be real about this year's Super Bowl.,Things are going to be a little different,-because of the rona. -That's right, Roy.,This ain't your mom's new boyfriend's Super Bowl.,Coronavirus is changing every part of the game,,including the stuff that plays in between the game.,NEWSWOMAN: The companies behind,some of the most iconic Super Bowl ads ever,announced they're staying on the sidelines this year,,choosing not to run any ads for their products.,Budweiser says they will donate the money,that would have gone to a TV spot,to COVID vaccine awareness campaigns instead.,It's a tricky year to hit the tone,and decide, are people ready for a laugh?,Or do they want something more serious?,Now, this is a travesty, and I'm not just saying that,because I nailed my audition,to become the next Budweiser Clydesdale.,I ate 50 pounds of hay for nothing, Roy.,Oh, that's what that was.,I thought you looked a little horsier than usual.,I mean, how are you gonna sit out the Super Bowl?,It's the one time of the year people are actually toking,about the commercials.,You go to work on Monday, and your coworker's like,,"What'd you think of the commercials?",And I'm like, "I don't know. I was too drunk to remember.",I don't know, Kosta. It's kind of hard,to do a fun commercial right now.,And those somber commercials, they're the worst.,The last thing I want to see on my TV on Super Bowl Sunday,is the Pillsbury Doughboy,toking about these unprecedented times,before his belly gets finger blasted.,The good thing, though,,is that these bigger companies not advertising,makes room for smaller companies,,like, say, Yankee Candle.,That's who I want to see a commercial from.,Big production, fireworks, the whole nine.,A-And have Morgan Freeman do the voice-over.,(imitating Freeman): "Yankee Candle.,"The official shit smell cover-up candle,of the NFL.",That's what I want, bro.,Fingers crossed, Roy.,Of course, the Super Bowl ads aren't the only way,the big game will be affected.,If you were hoping to get a tiket,,you're even more out of luck than usual.,If you want to go to the Super Bowl,,get ready to dish out major money for a tiket.,Big game is always pricy,,but there is limited capacity this year.,We're toking about major, major money.,Right now, prices range from about $10,000,to nearly $85,000.,I can't even wrap my head around this.,This is the most expensive Super Bowl tiket yet.,$85,000 for a tiket?,If I was spending that much money,,the seat better come with unlimited drinks,and all-you-can-eat hay.,One thing I'm glad to see?,The NFL is giving 7,500 vaccinated health care workers,free tikets to the game.,They busted their ass for us this entire pandemic.,What better way to let off a little steam,than to see 100 men slam their brains together?,And those health care workers,aren't the only ones getting tikets.,It turns out at least one poet got the invite, too.,NEWSMAN: She was the breakout star at the inauguration,,and now inaugural poet Amanda Gorman,is going to perform at the Super Bowl.,She's going to perform an original poem before the game,to honor three heroes the NFL has named as honorary captains.,A poem before the Super Bowl?,Eh, I don't know, Kosta. I-I guess.,But, like, when I'm trying to get hyped up,for some gridiron action,,the last thing I want to hear is somebody telling me,about the two roads diverged in the yellow wood,and then, the next thing I know, I'm crying in the queso,'cause I never went to dance school.,There's no shame in giving up on your dreams, Roy.,You know?,Props to Amanda Gorman though.,This just shows how huge she's become since the inauguration.,There's no way the NFL was like,,"We definitely want a poet to kick off Super Bowl.,It's just a matter of which one.",I'm happy for Gorman. I know she'll crush it.,But the NFL better not think we're gonna forget,about their diversity problem though.,They promised us Black coaches.,And of the seven head coach positions that were open,,only one was filled by a Black guy,,and I'm pretty sure they only hired him,'cause they thought he was Obama.,Yeah, I don't know. They don't really look alike to me.,Wow.,Okay, Kosta. So you're seriously saying,that all Black people don't look alike?,Um...,-Yes? -(music stops),-(chuckles) It was a test. You passed, man. -Oh! Yes! -? ?,-You passed. You were scared. You passed. -Does that mean,we can bubble up and watch the game?,I promise I'll be safe. All I have on Saturday,is a dentist appointment and a four-hand massage.,-But that's it. -No. Not a chance.,That's all for us, Trevor. Back to you.,What? Dude, come on, I'll bring hay.,(stammers) Stop with the hay.,I'm really worried about you.

The reason why Super Bowl ads are worth it

Budweiser McDonald's coca-cola Budweiser,budweis Donald MacDonald coca-cola hole,why would a company like coca-cola that,everybody already knows spend millions,of dollars to remind you that they still,exist why does coca-cola want to buy a,Super Bowl app to answer this question,we brought in a smart person who gets,paid to get inside your head,meet Amy Avery chief intelligence,officer at Drogo 5ad we can adages top,creative agency let me guess,faking your own death to get out of your,Verizon contract you know people around,me ask all the time because I do,measurement is 5.1 million really a,reasonable amount to charge for that and,why would a brand ever do it yes you're,buying exposure but that's not really,what you're buying there you're buying,access into conversation you're buying,access into a memorable experience,you're triggering emotion one truth,about advertising is that you really,targets your subconscious more than it,does your conscious mind so much of,advertising is built for a long tail,people say it doesn't work and they're,like because I didn't see something and,then go by and I'm like that's not what,we're counting on actually we're,counting on this long tail for some big,purchases like a car you might research,it give it a lot of thought and that's,where the details of an ad you saw about,an a PR deal might kick in its 0%,financing for 60 months but for most of,the things that you buy every day you,don't really think about why you're,doing it it's that brief moment before,you grab a product off the shelf that,those countless ads you've seen over and,over and over again take effect should,you go with the cheaper brand you've,never heard of or the more expensive,brand we show on TV so there was this,study done and it took two items that,were exactly the same but one had a,brand on it that people knew and the,other one was the same product without,the brand people preferred the exact,same item branded by 24% cut to four,years later and that brand slashed their,ad budget the same test was done and the,brand's perceived quality was cut in,half,perfect one of the reasons for this is,that not only does not advertising make,your product seem,desirable it also raises the perceived,quality of your cheaper generic,competitors your perception of the,difference between product you know X,and product you've never heard of why it,shrinks and advertising is not just,meant to make you go out and buy,something yes that is a big part of it,but it also works to make people happier,with a purchase that they already made,people in the ad world call this,reinforcement you want to know that the,thing you bought is good and seeing an,ad makes you enjoy the product that you,already have more so without ads on TV,to make you feel better about the,purchase you might think the item is,worse and when people tok about how it,doesn't work I'm like mathematikally it,does I mean they wouldn't keep doing it,these companies are vast of companies,with a lot of investment behind making,sure that it's working and tracking that,it's not there is twenty to thirty,percent of your sales typically come,from advertising so yes you're still,going to have sales your company's not,coca-cola is not going out of business,if they stopped but they're no longer,counting on that percentage of sales so,if they have a hundred sales they're now,gonna have eighty sales let's go back to,that Coca Cola ad there's family there's,friends and not a lot of coke the soda,is kind of secondary here what it's,really doing is stirring up your,emotions it's making you feel something,family patriotism coca-cola knows that,that feeling that emotional connection,is what's gonna make your hand want to,reach for the red bottle

Breaking down the 2021 Super Bowl ads

whole lot of people are more interested,in the super bowl ads than in the game,itself,and joining us to tok about the ads,we're happy to have once again the chief,creative and growth officer,from the marketing communications firm,cronin and company mr steve wolfberg,steve glad to have you back on the show,and boy with five and a half million,dollars for a 30-second spot some of,these,better be good so why don't we take a a,a a beginning with uh,looking at the amazon ad that you like,fantastik let's roll,do we have it it's just flawless,isn't it i think so yeah i mean i,literally couldn't imagine a more,beautiful vessel for alexa to be inside,alexa how many tablespoons are in a cup,there are 16 tablespoons in a cup hey,food just got here why you cooking,[Music],who's turn on the sprinklers,honey i already ran the sprinklers,things that get way too wet around here,the first time i've seen that steam,right right off right off the bat a,great spot you know somebody decides to,embody alexa,in the body of mike michael b jordan the,great actor you know i i like the spot,because i like spots with product,demonstration you know a few years ago,they had famous actors do the voices of,alexa,this is a fun memorable extension of,this idea well shot well written well,acted,i think this is going to be i predict,this will still be my favorite spot,after the game,on sunday all right and i always go for,comedy first and foremost,all right here's the next one from bud,light seltzer lemonade,did the light soldier start making,lemonade probably when 2020 handed us,all those lemons,20 20 was the limit of a year,monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday,it's about the only thing that didn't,happen in 2020 steve,yeah that's a fun spot it acknowledges,the awfulness of the previous year but,does so in a way that highlights one of,the product's main features which is,lemons and lemonade,so you know as much as i like spots with,product demonstration i like spots,with clear product features and this,often gets lost in big budget,extravaganzas but,but not this time you see the features,in a memorable fun and relatable way,we all know the year was terrible let's,move forward,yes all right another uh surefire winner,or at least the closest thing you can,get is celebrities,in these ads and boy there's a lot of,them in the scots miracle grow one let's,for sure it's the red one i know the,other red one i know,feeling good,he still got it so text me now and win,the lawn and garden to your dreams,hey travolta's don't be tikety toking,on my grass,what did you think of his dance moves,not quite as spry,as they were 40 years ago but still,better than i can do no but personally,if i just saw travolta for all,60 seconds at that spot i would have,been happier i don't need to see martha,stewart i don't need to see half those,people,he was great i thought it was fun you,know scots is one of the brands that is,in the super bowl for the first time,they had a very very good year because,nobody left everybody took care of their,lawns,so a lot of brands who had a very good,year are in this year's super bowl,scots is one of them all right the next,one sam adams taking a jab at some,people up in boston yeah hey,you have to watch jason alexander hoodie,that looks clean of me is it though,[Music],[Music],i got ahead of myself this is a tied ad,and one,we're not fond of huh yeah no you know,to me speaking of is it a tied ad i,thought two years ago,is it a tied commercial campaign won the,super bowl every spot you saw you,thought was a tied commercial,yeah i thought you know jason alexander,who's not been relevant for,20 or 30 years on a shirt um,old song you know the old great american,hero theme song,i don't know who they're toking to i,guess they think everyone watching the,game is going to be in their,night in their 60s like me um but i to,me that's not,that won't be one of the favorite spots,that the game is my prediction yeah it,just uh,it seemed to lack a cohesive theme yeah,i just didn't get it,all right well look sam adams they're,known for sometimes,uh uh being very boston-centric okay,this is it let's show it,[Music],[Applause],whoops your cousin from boston i did not,see that coming,anyway they're actually throwing shade,st louis's way well that's well that's,it this is a regional spot i'm not sure,we'll actually even see it in,connectikut i know it'll be in new york,and,in boston yeah and the fact that,budweiser and the clydesdales are not in,this year's super bowl,because budweiser for the first time in,37 years is out of the super bowl,that makes this even more interesting,it's like what the clydesdales off they,go,your cousin from boston see you later,great spot,and uh real quick why is budweiser not,taking this time uh,to run a spot this year well budweiser,itself isn't doing a spot some of their,other brands are like bud light and,nickelo but they're putting a lot of,their money into,uh messages to get people to take the,covet 19,vaccine quick plug here from the your,folks cronin,we're actually doing some spots that are,running on the super bowl to get state,residents to get the kova 19 vaccine so,shameless plug,thank you for letting me plug cronin at,the end of this segment,it's it's my pleasure do do we know when,and the broadcasts are going to run,yeah those spots are going to be running,actually all day and then during the,during the game pre uh half time and,then post games so,pay attention to those i do think,they're super bowl worthy and uh you,know a message that important needs an,audience that important so uh yeah i,hope people uh,take the message to heart okay steve,will park thank you for uh for taking,the time sorry i got the,order there mixed up a little bit but uh,okay go giants,go giants well next season how about,next season