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super one weekly ads

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Weekly Ads & Inserts | Starting 06/23 - 06/29 | Best Deals From Each Store

hey you guys, it's early and welcoming back to my channel and welcome back to a new week of ads and inserts that are starting on June 23rd and ending on June 29th. now, coupon wise, there is literally like 29 dollars worth of coupons, but there is a good deal in Walgreens, a good deal in Michaels, CVS and target. so we are just going to go ahead and get on with the video so it won't be too long. first we are actually going to start with probably the coupons only, because there's really nothing in there in my opinion. I mean, can't say about y'all, but we have RetailMeNot, we have a smart sauce, and then we have this like just random insert that I'm never seen before, but it's like PNG, but pretty cool. so let's start with reiha. tell me not so well. it's through this really quickly. this is mostly like medicine and everything. there's a fait robes. zzzquil is equal is your friend. it's what I've to use all the time. there's the one Gillette razor or blade refill four dollars off if you are fan of Burt's Bees. there's some toothpaste for adults and kids. I didn't even know they had a toothpaste brand. I'm gonna have to check that out because I'm a really, really loyal like Arm and Hammer. so next one we have is a smart source. so we have some soy sauce and teriyaki sauce. if you're a fan of Russ aroni or canned fruit, sweet tea, up tune. highlight sweet tea. I live in the south. I was raised in the south. do not like sweet TV at all. all of garden coupons, blend of coupons. that's actually probably a good, a good coupon. so it's a very high-value coupon, to be exact. so that's is everything in the smart source. next, more medicine: probiotik supplements- zzzquil- telling you love me, some sequel and probably won't have to stok up on that- pet money and whatever this is. I guess this is new. I'm not sure. I've never heard of it. so if you've ever heard of it, let me know down below. alright, so that is everything on the inserts. moving on to the Target ad, they are still advertising for summer. we're just going to go through there really quickly. I hope you're having an awesome, awesome weekend. Toy Story 4- oh my god, I'm gonna have to go watch it. I absolutely love Toy Story. I don't know if I'm gonna get to watch it this weekend, though, because it's just been busy. we got a work party and I didn't come home till like very late Friday night, early Saturday morning and need some more gym outfits. here are some baby deals and some pet deals for you to screenshot if you would like: Ted, such a cute little doggie. all right. so the first deal that I'm actually going to advertise is this $5 gift card when you spend $20 on beauty and personal. now it does tell you some of the list. there is cosmetik: cosmetik bags, framelits, body washing, soap and sanitizer, skincare and Sun care, haircare, color accessories, appliances, all care, shade, deodorant and care. so that is like makeup razors, anything. now, if you saw life- I don't think I ever ties it last week, but in the cart, well, if it's still there, there is 50% off makeup. so that would be a good good deal to do with that $20. so I'm probably actually gonna do it on Tuesday. maybe it might be in a bla vlog, it might not. I might actually do it sometime on Sunday, I'm not sure, but if you only look out for that, the next deal that I'm going to highlight is this deal: when you buy three, gain, Tide, bounce, bounty or any of these items shown below, you get $10 back in gift cards, $10 back. so that is a really good price. now, if you've seen my vlog last week, I actually got $10 back last week and it was. it was really cool. if you do not watch my vlogs, I'm going to link that blog down below and I just go to different stores. do I bought a deals, do some couponing, Target deals, all that stuff, so make sure you go and check that video out. and here is some snacks. that is actually all for target. moving right along is a CVS. of course we have the make up deals again. I highlighted it, Don, because Don is always a good product to buy. the first deal that I'm actually going to highlight is the spin 20 gets $5 back in extra care bucks, and that is with Kleenex Cottonelle- more cotton. now there is apparently a 50 Cent's off manufacturer coupon on the app, so make sure you check that out also, but this is always a good deal. paper products are awesome stok up because they literally do not expire, so that's a good stok up price for it, so make sure you check that deal out. here are some new items at CVS. all right in the blue section- and I marked this- any of these products that are shown is at thirty seventy nine and you get a $2.00 instant coupon from the Redbox machine, making it only a dollar seventy nine. so if you have a sweet tooth, that would be a great deal for you to do. also for the trolls sour pact and the sweet tarts, it's two for four dollars. there is a dollar extra care bucks when you buy two, making only two for three dollars. here is some more beauties. now I'm just going to show you this real quick. you can screenshot it if you would like. alright, moving right along, you have some beauty care. all right, I highlighted this because there is some coupons for summaries. when you buy any some Ernie eves freshness cycle, you get three dollars back in extra care bucks. now I'm not sure how much it is at CVS, because it is a drugstore. I know at Walmart it's about dollar seventy two to four dollars. so just make sure you check this out. if you want to do this deal at CVS, that's fine. you'll get three dollars back in extra care bucks. if you want to go to Walmart, then it would be cheaper, I am Telling You. but whatever you want to do, baby stuff, here is some medicine for you guys. you guys, I'm just so tired, so tired. I took three vamps today because of that party from last night, oh my gosh. alright, so the last deal is is actually the same deal- from that cotton nail, cut a nail and that Kleenex- it's been 20- get $5 and it still has tied and Sharmon and a bounty, if you are interested in that blue section. and that is all for CVS. now Michaels. Michaels is going to be super fast, super hot deals: by one, Get two Free. the thing that I highlighted was super hot deal: 50% off all craft storage baskets and decorative boxes. so that's will be a great, great deal. so make sure you go and check that out on Sunday. the next thing that I highlighted, which I feel like they always have: they always do a 30% off deal for the happy planner, but just highlighting new styles, 30% off on the happy planner in the recollection branch. so make sure you go and check that out. I absolutely love Michaels. and also there is a coupon: 50% off one regular priced item. next it is Walgreens. I really do love Walgreens, especially these two deals that I'm going to show you, but let me show you the first page. second page: some food grilling out, some snacks. I didn't know. nice had a pizza. interesting household products, laundry and cleaning supplies. now these two all-time favorite deals at Walgreens, like hands down. first up, you have this coupon that is good for a limit of four. it is the household supplies for paper plates in aluminum foil. I absolutely love their aluminum foil. I have switched from rentals to the nice brand and I swear by it, you guys. so it's only 99 cents. make sure you go pick those up, because is amazing. the next one is the nice sandwich bags- freezer bags- absolutely love it. limit of four. there is a sandwich of 50 or 150. freezer is a 20 pack. ending you have a storage pack for a 15 or 20 pack. so I absolutely love these. we go through these so so much. so every time it's on sale, I've got to go get it. so you will probably see that in the vlog of me going to get it and, honestly, that's literally the only thing that I'm super excited about in the Walgreens ad. it's very sad, but I'm going to go through this slowly. move down. if you want to pause screen shot anything, you're more than welcome to all right, you guys. so that is it for the video. so we did. we did: Oh, Walgreens Michaels, CVS target. and then you have your inserts and there you go, you guys. so here is everything that is going to be happening on a June 23rd through the

Weekly Ad Review | Aldi & Save-A-Lot | June 13-19, 2018 | April Holly Smith

hey friends, its April, Holly Smith and it's time to have a look at our ads. when I got my ass this week I didn't get a save a lot ad, so we're gonna be looking at the screen today. so right up front we have this dollar 29 bone and assorted pork chops and a family pack, which means it's going to be a 5 pound pack. so we're looking at about 650 for that, which is pretty decent, I will say. the one thing I don't care for about these family packs is frequently they put in like funny cuts underneath, like everything looks normal, like this, like you recognize, and they have these weird ones underneath. so if you're leery of that, be aware that that could happen down here. um, t-bone steaks for $5 a pound actually is pretty darn good and they're in a family pack, which usually means there's three of them in there, which is how it works out, which to me is kind of an odd number. but this is a good deal moving over. we have- and I move my face- we've some beer and liquor deals- not my thing, but if it's yours that's fine. plums and peaches and nectarines for 89 cents a pound is April great price. that is a premium good stuff and then down here 16-ounce. these are a full pound of the Farmington bacon for $2.99. $3 a pound for bacon is an amazing price. this is 100% something that you should be getting and stoking up on and keeping in your freezer for all of your bacon needs: BLT sandwiches, bacon wraps, meat loaf, bacon and eggs- all of those things. I can personally vouch for this brand, and the fact that it is a 16, which is a full pound, instead of a 12 or a 14, makes this an extra special deal. over on the next page it is looking a lot like we're doing the summer BBQ deals: dollar 25 or 2 liters. really. that sweet spot is $89.99 cents. this is a good price for nathan's hot dogs if you can find a coupon for it, which I have seen in the past it, so it could be a way better deal down here. these are all items that are and they're okay, like these two tea nose rolls, if you had a coupon form might be a good deal. these, these potato chips for 250 is not terrible for a name-brand, but I feel like you can get that deal kind of in other places as well. again, if you have your coupons and you can use your quilted or then this could be an outstanding deal. so check with your superior stok and your coupons. I keep making motions with my hands and you can't see them again. we're doing more of the cookout things. this barbecue sauce is okay. it's really better. if you want to use it as a marinade, because it's kind of them, then, as opposed to like a dipping BBQ sauce, like a finished barbecue sauce where you would dip fries or something in it, it definitely needs the heat to thicken it, to carbon, caramelize the sugar. so this is okay. I'd really like to see it at $2 or under or a real go price, kind of everything here. like. some of these things are not on sale. not on sale on sale. do you see the difference in the listing? oh, it has the yellow and it has the old price in the new price. just saying, and I will also say that these Jegs, these are actually pretty good. most of the Jay hates brands pretty darn good. so if you're doing something like in the fall- I know, budget girl, does a chocolate covered one of these at like Christmas, get these instead of the Ritz. no one will ever know the difference. so I don't see anything here that is not in fact these are like seem higher to me than normal, like this should only be $0.99, all right. on the next page, oh, we've got some food, okay, so 87 cents for whole chickens, that is a huge go price. you have room in your freezer to put three or four whole chickens. this is the time to buy them, because I mean, the the best price is like 69 cents, but anything under 90 cents is usually a pretty good go. this seems like a real good thing, but you have to buy 10 pounds and it comes in a frozen lump. it's not like you can take part of it and use it a little at a time. it's not like that. 50 cent mangoes are not bad. this is not a fantastik price. this is starting to come around pretty often. Hey look, I've got an Evelyn and $2.99. this, this is a good deal. this, this comes around kind of a often, so I don't feel like you need to feel super urgent about getting the steel, because it will come back around, but it's not terrible. also, this is not. this is a. this is something. yeah, corn. it's not a super great deal now, but because of the time of year, it is the one of the best deals being offered. you're gonna start to see this coming around- six for a dollar, a dozen for a dollar, things like that- because this is going to be coming into season. so if you want to have a taste of it and get ready, go ahead and get three for a dollar, because all these is not as good a price as this. but just know, if you feel like that's high, it's because that season is coming around, alright. so that's the end of the save-a-lot ads. so then what we're going to do here is we're going to swap over to the oldies. add these: 89 cent for the 8 ounce is pretty decent price. it's about 30 cents off. ok, if you see the watermelon at the same prices, save a lot. add this, however: this Michigan asparagus for a dollar ninety-nine. it will not be so so big in the stok, but if you want to do some asparagus on the grill or if you just want to put it on a flat tray and put a little olive oil and salt on it in the oven, it will be fantastik. now, if you remember what I said about the save-a-lot corn being a better price, it's a four pack. four for a dollar sixty. so the three for a dollar is way better. it's 33 cents apiece. [Music]. we'll have to see if they're in the ad. I don't feel like any of these are partikularly a great deal. the green grapes: if you needed something for fresh produce, that would be the thing that I would send you to, if not the 50 cent mangoes that save a lot. watch how I am filming. this is the 85% ground beef and if you look here in the fine print it's sold in a four pound pack for $18. so this is like: oh, I'll get a pound. no, no, you all. boneless, skinless chicken thighs for a dollar 69 is pretty decent, but I do feel like when did chicken thighs become the same price as chicken breast? but? but? but fresh st Louis spareribs- the go price on it is a dollar 79 or a dollar 89. so this is men, all right. so we are on the inside page here. I'm gonna scroll up so I can move my face over lot of summer things, and these are not food, so I will let you peruse that at your leisure. the next page is food. this is the back page. mm-hmm, I really like these Italian sausages and bratwurst to be a dollar ninety-nine or less as a go price. it's better than the 299, but just not. that great ice cream is 399 for this great big bucket for a 4 quart frozen size. if you have room in the freezer, that's the way to buy it, especially if you're having a party or something. it's not terrible amount of money and I would like to point out that at least all of the things on this page- literally everything- is on sale and that you can tell because it has a red and yellow price and not a red and white price. Brenden white is a full price, regular price. many bunny ears here. if you, if you're putting chips in a bowl for a party, you should be getting these Clancy ones. they are an off-brand but I'm gonna tell you when people are putting in their mouth they're not gonna tell the difference majorly from any other brand and there are a dollar seventy nine and they are good. it's fight over time here. so those are the the big deals that I see on all these and save a lot right now. that asparagus is a great deal, these mushrooms are a great deal. I like these boneless, skinless chicken thighs mostly because really I like to chop these up into like cubes or strips and they're great for stir-fry like general Chinese, like in general, Chinese food. if you're gonna be doing like potpie things like that, um, any kind of cubes of chicken, I really like this ice bort because they just they taste better. so because we are online this week, we're gonna look at the insider for next week. so these items all start next week, on the 20th. the downside is not a lot of food, but here is.

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CVS weekly ad preview 12/29-1/4/14

hi, everyone in solana, welcome new subscribers. thank you for watching my channel and this is CVS Pharmacy preview- december sunday, december 29 through saturday Saturday- it's January for the next year. ho ho, happy year, happy new year. the first deal on a spin: 20 get five. sorry, my camera decided to play on my jokes again and spit theurgy. get Chan. ah, and there's limits of only one. tanta, a bounty charming: 988. buy one, get one free. my vitamins: I want to get one fifty percent off cover grow. so we still can use the P&G from previous week. 50 Cent's not supposed to be a coupon for the down 99 cents when a hand in annual- which is good deal- 374 on the crest product and glade 247- fine teen and supposed to be coupon- won a dollar 50 coupon- supposed to be an entire, but we still have what we have. this to the order coupon from previous one, so use it on before. first it's 594 minus total with 394. you can use this deal if you need that. items. there's a Pepsi product: 298. buy one, get one free. not above the nuts and those dreams. I'm going over this and like there's a deal. Chun extra box when you spend 30 on this product. club itself on. there is a Pepsi products 298, another pastry products 299, 243 on starbucks coffee: ninety-seven cents. pepsi o'toole your bottles products to 99 on a tostito slays to 4chan costs about coffee: 243. Tropicana Ocean Spray juice to foot. you got ray, it's over the deal. this is the just the prices on all that. food items guys. I'm going to go over each of damages to the work. ph was prices. there is the same thing for the daft. you for three to four, three Reese's, Hershey's- we have a printable by what. you get one free 245. twizzlers, KitKat are good in the quad, tamale good and plenty bye. you get there for one sin, but you get the funds and extra to come out, would say my buddy to get for once and third one and but sneakers the nips by to get the wrong for once and dump em in. James 297, kisses 499. we still have printable. door door chime coupons, pop tarts, Kellogg's items two, three, four, five. Kellogg's com has a key bonds cheese eats at 345, 319 will have a milk in my California will have of California milkha coupon and he called for any meal coupon. check out your local guys and I. bata has fifty cents. if you go to a butter i'll give you guys link and I butter. they have a coupon fifty cents off. go lean crunch tooth, let's go. cassius: 246, there's 299 through the vests and don't own Cisco 499 you bond with. still have a coupon for 99. Campbell's total nine and we have a coupon. beef jerky: 399. Jack Link's check for the pill is in store: 2, 45 GS. Parker's frosted flakes raised in rain, it clogs cereals 245. cheese check on deltacom for coupons. sun-maid raisins: 245 and there was some other coupons i can recall right now. but but you get 3rd free mix and match on a CVS brand products. there's all the pictures, products. just go kind of try to go kind of slow. my bottom and mike, i'm gonna let me and you just see what it is. so I'm go look that one. no interesting, there are same deals on every page every week so you can see soon TV. ah, let's see if I one get one fifty percent off on a Crayola product. so Crayola, we still have printable: one dollar after 88. washable spend 59. UGL. GE bulbs: get three back on per household by two candles light sent to jail. a jar candles, 18 ounces, get eight dollars back, one per household, as was printables before. 69 cents on a Happy New Year hats: 5099 HP cartridges. and let's go to the next page. there is 90, 99 to pursue a sweeper and we have those pagar coupon 799. oxyclean and dryer- kid, I refuse to. 45 Clorox: 599 down again. we still have the dough to our coupon 99 cents for that, I'll go down. it's 499 cascade. so check out guys. this is done, not an ideal for spender. you get chance with you, careful with that. buy 1, get 1, 50 off our clocks, 49. wind XD. let's check on the side and start. I give you guys link of Satan. subcom has a G on it. spend 15, get 51 per household by to get 3rd free mix and match on a CVS brand products, household product, for there are full of dog treats, said 247. bacon strips: 10, 4, 550. Fancy Feast: fifty cents. the sweepers refills: 759, 699. half tea bags have half cheese. storage bags 246, 247 bound c 3, 99 for the febreze- we all have a coupon for that thing's. 299 for the febreze sprays- nonsense will have a facebook or use it door 50 of 34, 99 from the febreze to supposed to have a coupon. let's see what next page. let's see revlon spin travel and univ long cosmetiks. get for back six times. you can do that. we supposed to have a coupon sexual printables they're supposed to be covergirl was supposed to have to. the other coupon, 1199. so I don't know about that deal but I 1999 sales and L'Oreal youth cold: buy one, get one. fifty percent off. on the artificial eyelashes: buy one, get another 50 off. on the Milani cosmetiks I want to get another offer: email cosmetiks: five bucks, three. water. when you spend 15 on any Maybelline cosmetiks and you see this one supposed to be 699, mascara, maybelline makeup blush, rocket, volum, Express mascara, check on the two bonds will have a coupons for nail polish on. and we decided by my god- I don't know if I now around anybody- spend 12 in Sally Hansen, exclude clearance kit for back one per household. there is a lot of shape, was a, it's been 30 get ten, one per household. let's see about sell fifty percent off recorder chill, choose from the celebrity sense crisis and this is a drink, no God. let's see. 1999: two dollars back, one per household. olay, 2499 to back on per household. another Lee, only twenty-nine. ninety-nine products on laid 550 sale, 1799 on all. a total fact: car, a storewide CVS brand, bite to get. 3rd free: 249 for the Irish Spring softsoap, get one. doc, just a second. it's one per household. we have a printables online media will spend ten, get five back one per household. you, serene, we- I don't have in my area this coupons by- to get three back one per household. alvina, we have a coupons: buy three, get turned back on per household. that is two or three dollars three hours on. this amount was: buy one, get one fifty percent off and instead of fell and others, awesome, rock upon a scene. 1899, always go for the database, gonna keep on decreasing. polycom did have almost everything and let's see garni, I'm three for ten to fourteen. clear 245. Dolph, 899. alia, 499, got to be 24 a trace and now have a coupon to those of 246 are herbal essences: buy one, get another 50 of vaseline products and simple: buy one, get another 50 off. Rogaine, buy one, get another 50 of Marc Anthony bond, get another 50 off. on. it's the organics: buy one, get on the 50 off four. jewel called biosilk and all these items sell for 899 without so soon. hair color products and shoulders to 4chan. next is 20. it's been 28 jan. one per household. sometimes facebook has this coupons: check out. I spent six get to back on for households- conscious con in here and 999 for the Venus. I mean Gillette's cartridges get to back on per household like that deal was better three days ago. 949 for the pull ups and Huggies, baby wipes and your diapers. huggies, diapers and pull-ups could not jump back, sorry. 299 for scoop, we'll have a coupons 24, 598. go get my fresh. get to backwards to play house hook. fixodent 399, cress 545- that's antikavity begins. so down and get a rush scoop scoop to go. okay. um, check for the redbox coupons because i know there's a redbox coupon. was for mod product coming toothbrush product: 599 and auto beam pulsar toothbrush: get 225 back to per household. supposed to be some kind of keep on there because price like this, 599 again on an auto be cross suction power toothbrush: if you order fuel to cons, get to back. usually there is. if the deal like this is supposed to be, someone a two dollar coupon and this tube. super households will look. on the PNG: okay, again, mixing my spin, invite you get that free. on the CBS product: okay bye. clearblue pregnancy test: it seeks back one per household and spend chan. get five back to per household. on a crest white product, Listerine, I'm spend ten. get five back to per household. who have to dog printable. let me run to.

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hey everybody. so today I'm going to be doing the walgreens ad. preview for you guys is gonna be some january fifteenth 2017 through january 21st of 2017. so, yeah, let's just go ahead and get started. okay, so it looks like we have some deals on theraflu and then we say sunny nine: each mucinex is me 2099, with card. each alka-seltzer is only 599 and the night koalas and we 799, and it looks like when you spend $25, you're going to get back five dollars in points. they're also doing the five times everyday points, so it would be 50 points per dollar you spend. so that's gonna be on top of any bonus points that you receive. okay, so we have tied. it's going to be on sale: 599, and then we have a two dollar off coupon in most Sunday papers, making it 399. the blue diamond almonds are going to be x: 0 and get one free. Listerine is going to be a one that is very hard to see. I believe this is: when you spend ten dollars, get five dollars back. there's a pretty generic deal that they run, so that's a pretty good deal. you're getting a fifty percent return. Pepsi products are going to be 3: 4- 10. that's a pretty good deal. last league with three for 11. so that's a. that's a really good deal on my opinion. here we have some deals on Valentine's Day products- and I'm sorry about the glare, whoever did the ad skin a little bit, a little bit bad. but I'm just going to go ahead and scroll through the seasonal stuff because I really don't like toking about it too much. okay, we have some good deals on candy and snacks. Hershey's candy isn't me, 59 cents each. that's a really good filler item if you have any register rewards you want to use. okay. so we have some good deals on different, you know, snacks for lunch. the bumblebee snack on the run- all I hate those. I have like the tuna and the chicken and then they have like snack pack and then just some nice brand stuff is to me three for three or a dollar each. okay. so we have Capri Sun, right here it's, and we 245. there's a dollar off coupon in store. so it's me in the booklet in the front of the store making your total to four. four Pepsi cheerleaders are going to be four, 4, five dollars. so it's a pretty good deal. the arizona iced tea is me to four dollars. that's a pretty generic sale that they were on this wall. that's a pretty good deal for you. they're only like 50 cent to eat and I'd be a good solar item as well. here are some deals on different super products. Tyson boneless, skinless chicken breast is only 499, nice egg noodles 129. butterball chicken broth 59 cents and then a nice brand seasonings are gonna be seventy-nine cents. can we have Kellogg's cereal? it's me 348. Tropicana, or simply orange, is 246. the chobani greek yogurt is 545 and that's another good filler item. is that something that you would eat? and if it's a good price? I'm not sure if that's a good price. you have a good deal on ziplock bag containers. they are going to lead to 45, 50 or two for 450 because there's a dollar off of to coupon and then we're getting a dollar fifty back as a register reward when you buy the two. so basically, you're going to go to the register, you're going to hand the cashier your coupon or your products and this mb 550 and then the dollar off coupon. you're going to pay 450 out of pocket and then you're going to get the dollar fifty back as a register reward, making your final two little three dollars or a dollar fifty each. that is a really good deal for ziploc brand product. so there is that. the dawn dish soap in the suit little bottle is going to be a 99 cents and then we have a 25 cent coupon and it's a negative 74 cents. prego, ISM, youtube for three. and then the nice brand pasta is ameet 99 cents each gosh. that glare is so bad, I'm sorry about that. we have Glade products right here. they're gonna be 246 or 245 because we're bringing a dollar off of to coupon and then when you buy to get a two dollar register reward as well, making your final total after register reward 243 or a dollar fifty each. that's a pretty good deal. the raisins is the coupon right here and that's what walgreens coupon. if you have a manufacturer coupon you can stack it with that coupon. it's going to make that a dollar ninety-nine. so that's a pretty good deal. be mac and cheese, the kraft mac and cheese or the Velveeta single-serve are going we 343. that could be a really good deal. the extra laundry detergent is believed by dollar 49. that's also a decent deal. okay, they have beauty must-haves. these look like really new products. honestly, they are all new. I have not seen any of these since. well, they are only. oh, it says right there. no, but I haven't seen any of these products since I worked there before, so they must have done like a reset or something. so they got new Head & Shoulders products, new Nexus and it looks like Maui brands, and then not your mother's natural hair care. they're going to be bound getting fifty percent off for their- not your mother's- in the Maui. and then Nexus is going to be: spend twenty dollars, give five dollars back, and then the new head and shoulders is me 999 and get a 50. Wow, a five-dollar registrant reward for your next purchase on one. so if you have any coupons for that, you know that could make for a really, really good deal. probably such a high register reward because it's a new product. usually they do that. garnier nutrisse hair cat hair color is going to be 2 for 14. we're getting a four dollar off 2 coupon, making it to 10. here they are showing us this new dandruff shampoo. again. select designer fragrances are gonna be ten dollars off. they have a new journey product coming out and they are by own getting fifty percent off for the garden you skin care. so this a good deal. so revlon all in one mascara is, and we five dollars with card, or is that? oh no, ok, so it's all the mascaras shown here. they are going to be. this is a pretty good deal, all the mascaras shown right here to all these different types. you have to make sure and check your store signage to make sure it's the right one, but they're going to be five dollars with card. that is a really good deal. prl, wife sore hand sanitizer are going to be by own getting free. the soft soap ism a buy one, get one free, and this also a dollar off online coupon. so basically, I know that the big retail is like 59, the iron or something I thought you're going to pay for 99 for two refills. so that's a pretty good deal in my opinion. revlon cosmetiks super lustrous or ultra HD lip cosmetik surgery is 699 each. that's not that great of a deal. so you know, whatever aquaphor and you, sir and I are going to buy one, get one fifty percent off. dragons, wet skin and TRL is going to be a buy one, get one, fifty percent off. Vaseline is me by Owen Jones, Thank You. percent off secret is 499 and when you buy two you're going to get a dollar back as a register reward. making your shoulder for 49 each. lady speed stik and the speed stik only a dollar ninety-nine or a dollar 49 with card. old spice or Gillette products are going to be bound, going fifty percent off. it says that there's an online coupon. it doesn't say what the value is and then when you buy two you're going to get any dollar back as a register reward. they have crest brand products- it looks like the profile toothpaste, 3d white, the oral-b toothbrushes and the mouthwash they are going to be tuning on each and when you buy for you can get six dollars back as a register reward. wow. so when you buy any 2 oral-b or crest whitestrips brand products you are going to get 20,000 points or twenty dollars back. this is a really good deal, depending if you need it. they're like 50 bucks each. so if you don't need it, don't buy it, but you know that's a pretty good return. if that's something that you use, okay, here's a really good deal. crest oral-b dental care, select toothpaste, toothbrushes and or floss and mouthwash- it looks like it's on the bigger size mouthwash or the double packs of the toothpaste. when you buy any 3 year you get ten dollars back as they register reward, the Colgate, a cavity protection to face and they clean toothbrush. they're going.

Weekly Ad & Inserts | Target & CVS | P&G SmartSource & Retailmenot | 08/25 - 08/31

hey guys, it is surely and welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another weekly ad and inserts. this video is going up super late because I went to the store on Saturday and they did not have the newspapers out. I was highly upset, but it's better late than never, as I say, because I did not post one last week and this week is actually a pretty good, a good insert and weekly ad. weekly ad maybe not, but insert it's pretty good because you get the PNG smart source and retold me not. so if you just want to get the newspaper for the inserts, I highly recommend that. and then we're gonna go over target in cbss. always all right, before we get started, make sure you go and search, scribe down below. let me know if you're gonna do any of these deals. I probably won't do any of these deals, but you know, Never Say Never. I don't know what what's in store for this week, but that is that my plan for right now. so the first thing that we're gonna go over is the coupons, just so we can get an idea when we go through the ad. so we're going to go look through the PNG first. so PNG is it usually has the same thing all the time every month. I'm gonna zoom in just a little bit for you guys so y'all can look at it. so we always have the Pantene deal, so as to five dollars off the three. there's a dollar, two dollars. on this side there's always Olay products, so there's two dollars. two thousand dollar. Herbal Essences: you have some- always discrete- Old Spice, some head-and-shoulders. usually when the PNG comes out you usually kind of know what to expect in the ads, also because they usually have the deals surrounding, mostly the pansies all right. so you have some nyquil, some sinus medicines. Zeke will absolutely love Zeke, will you guys? because I can't sleep with a crap so I have to take that sometimes. alright, here is some oral products. always have that in the PNG tied. a lot of people go and buy the tie. that that's what I usually buy. that's the only reason why I pretty much get the inserts when the PNG comes out. it's because of the tide, because guys always have high-value coupons. there are always $2 or $3, and then on this side there's a lot of downy and bounce, which is pretty good. also, you can always do a great deal at Target with their gift cards. there is mr clean, there's some Don, but this done is for two to four - Don's yep - Don's for the ultra dish watch. just watch it, there's cascade for breeze. this was actually a buy one, get one, and then this one is also buy one, get one, all right. and here is some paper products. there's always puff and Downton Jarmon here is a gain. this is by two also. and then you have some finiman products, alright. and here is some baby products. there's always going to be loves of members, usually never Huggies. here is some deodorant body wash. here's some saved razors, Venus Rogers. there's always a good deal at CVS for those. and then that is it for the PNG, moving right along to the Smart Source. so there is extra virgin olive oil. absolutely love this brand. I love using extra virgin olive oil for anything. really zooming out just a little bit, there's some oatmeal. here's some cereal. I usually don't buy these, usually don't buy cereal, like two cereals at a time, so you really don't use that coupon. here's some grill seasonings, marinades, some cheese, boring and boarded. they usually don't have that at Walmart, I think it's like very rarely. I never see it, so I have to like go to Greer's or something like that. there's toothpaste: two brushes- always a good deal. usually they have a deal at CVS for that. here is some White Castle people's magazine. if you like to read about gossip, I do, but I just go to Barnes and Noble and read that instead of paying buying a magazine at Stewart. here's some string cheese. never saw this brand at the, at Walmart or anything like that, so I'm not sure where you can find those at some sandwich meats. here's some Glade products. there is a buy one acylated product and guess in you get one for eco or a lesser value. oh, it's free ones. light product up to two dollars value. that's pretty good. so go and get you that. so that is everything for the smart source. moving right along to the retail- me not, you tell me, not all is always a good read. they usually have stuff going on at CVS and at Walgreens. I usually don't highlight Walgreens because I really don't go and shop there, because it's just stressful to me. I don't know why, but it is. there's mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. I really thinking about buying Dijon mustard because I really want to smear that on my fish and then crust it like that. so I think that would be pretty good. here are some tomes, gas-x, laxatives, any of that stuff. you have some butter and some rice krispies treats. if you're kids that like the rice krispies treats, that's a good one, but you have to buy two for that. this is pretty good if you like using paper products. sometimes, if you have a barbecue party, anything like that, if you go to Walgreens this week it is buy one, get one free on the dixie products, so you can use this dollar and make it and you can get both of them for like $2. so just a heads up, if you want to do that, I think the only deal that I might do this week- and there is some gum. all right, moving right along, we are going to go over to the ads. alright, so we are going to do CVS ad for you guys. so the CVS. so the CBS ad goes from August 25th through August 31st of always a week, and let's get into it. so, as always, like I said, if you see the PNG, you can expect this deal to be popped up. it's either twenty on five or thirty on five or thirty on ten. so just show us. I know these in the blue area. you can use any of your PNG coupons for it. I'm not gonna go too crazy into details. y'all can see it from here. I will zoom in for a second for you guys, just so y'all can screenshot it and then y'all can zoom in more for yourselves. but it's always a good deal. I've kind of veered off from doing that deal because I always try to go to Target because I'm trying to save gift cards for Christmas. all right, so we gotta zoom out was just a little bit more, because there it's just the ads, just huge. all right, you have your school products. there's batteries, there is gift cards. when you spend 50, you get $10. Palmolive and err, they're a dollar ninety-nine with your card if you want to do that. here's some snacks and stuff. buy one, get one, 50% off. nothing really going on, alright. so in here there is some gum. when you buy any two, you get three dollars. there's some springle Pringles and some drinks. it's three, four, five dollars. and there's a dollar manufacturer coupon on the app, making it three for four dollars. let's see, you have some candy deals. so dove is two for seven dollars. there's a dollar extra care bug that you can get after you - making it - for $6. the Twix, I think, is the fun size pack the 99.9 - eleven point five, two, four, six dollars. you get a dollar extra care, but making it two for five dollars, you can go ahead and stok up for Halloween if you can, because I mean it's still gonna be good, it's going to last. here is some makeup deals, or some mascara and some eyelashes. next up there is the spin 20 to get $5. again. there's some Aussie and Pantene Head & Shoulders, just some name a few things that could be added to that deal. nothing really going on here. Vesely: there's usually some vaseline in the RetailMeNot insert, but there wasn't any of ours. but is twill spend 12 and get four dollars to paste? this is spin: $4.99. there's a $2 for care. buck and use that manufacturer coupon that I showed y'all, making it only a dollar 99. the cress is $4.99. there's a dollar manufacture coupon. it's like getting three for it first, $30.99, plus you get a $2.00 extra care about and making it a dollar running on here is more. Colgate: it's $2.99. there is a $2.00 extra care book whenever you buy it and then you get it for $0.99. finiman products: spend 30 and get $10. here is some medication or anything. you have eye stuff, you have allergies, advil, excedrin. this is all. buy one, get one, 50% off. here is some vitamins also: buy one, get o.

📝 Is Performance Planner for Performance Max Any Good? | Weekly Google Ads Live Q&A

over here. so now you know people cannot complain in the uh in the YouTube comments, be like: I can't hear it so echoey, so I bought a microphone for for all of you. hopefully this sounds really good. it's actually quad, felic, Jim, that's probably. uh, that'd be perfect for our segments. it's uh, it's always. it's always gets weird, which keeps it kind of fun. um, the weirder is, the better it is, so let me move my camera here, all right, uh, we got a decaz. uh, I think there might be kind of newer to the channel, which is: I don't remember seeing your neighbors, so welcome. um, thank you very much for doing these videos. uh, we want to use max conversion with no target CPA. if we set our daily budget at 500, we'll Google blow through that ASAP, ASAP, or will it spent a balance? the spending it initially will usually go through that budget pretty quickly. what it's doing, though, is is trying to find a time in which the interest and conversions come in, so it will get better. usually takes about three days. my opinion: if you are wanting to spend 500, start with a hundred, because it'll still kind of blow through that budget early sometimes if you, if you look at the the hour um per day that a campaign is spending. it's like between 12 and 6 am. sometimes your whole budget's gone. so my opinion is to do one of two things, depending upon the industry. if you're like, hey, this is going to spend a lot, there's a lot of demand for this, it's a High um, it's a, it's a highly searched product or it's an established industry that is a lot of activity online, I would set your um. I would do two things. one, use a like a division of that daily Aspen, so 100, 250, whatever you can afford to kind of blow to test, but then also start your campaigns at possibly 6 am. um, this means that there's people that are awake, that are relevant um, it is going to blow through that budget potentially by 10 to 12 am, usually by day three, though it's running, you know, 20 hours a day and you can then move it back to a 24: 7 campaign. if you think the people that are that are searching for you at midnight to 6 am are still relevant, there's absolutely the need for it. um, you have people that are working. you know day shift, night shift there's. you know I usually adjust my, my daily, uh, sorry, my, my, uh, my schedules based off of um, the different types of campaigns I'm going to be running. usually pmax is 24, 7. um, but you can always just to make sure that launches by or at 6am, then goes till midnight and then you can kind of see what is gonna, what is going to happen from that um. so that that helps there. uh, yeah, usually this is a lot more populated. I'm not sure why there's only one, one question so far. maybe I'm scared of my gym like this isn't awesome. yeah, who's that weirdo with the weak? I was just gonna say, with that too, um, you, they might want to just check the reports and just see if when you, when you're starting, go into your reports and you can do your pmax report and then your mcid report and just compare: oh, are we getting shopping spend, is it DSA? and then do you um check your cpvs as well, and that way you can get an indication of where pmax is starting to spend your traffic. yeah, a lot of times too, you'll see that, even sometimes YouTube and display, because channels I can spend if it doesn't have a lot of advanced search traffic that they kind of know of. like there's not. that's what I'm saying. someone's gonna be dependent upon that activity business. hey, investors, shopping is not really relevant to the feed. optimizations have been done, so I'm not exactly sure the product, so let's push this on display in YouTube and then just blows through the budget because it will spend there immediately. um, for sure, all right. uh, next question, Matt Nightingale, which is such a cool last name. um, Nightingale, that's awesome. uh, I had John and WinCos, so for everyone, it's Glenn. I guess you didn't catch it. Glenn's filling in for Costco today, but he's got the hair. um, so, hi, John of, because, uh, two Max, two pmax campaigns running around are running, run full build. uh, no, set to row. as. second is smart shopping: upgrade same products in both. is this detrimental? how to scale these? setup the spend weekly? so this structure and setup we use quite often for scale. the reason being is that if they're both running on, let's say, a relatively low budget- when I say relatively, I mean like 100 to 200 per day, which is relatively low in the world of pmax, um, I have pmax campaigns that run 25 Grand per day. that would be high. so, depending upon, again, the, the amount of search traffic available, sometimes if you have a full build pmax that does well on shopping. the second campaign- that's an upgrade from Smart shopping, is just gonna fight it. you're gonna see flip-flopping performance between the two. the reason being is that pmax is trying to find the channel That it likes the most, and most often it's inbound search and bond shopping for e-commerce. so it says, okay, well, 70 of my conversions are coming in from inbound shopping. and then we put another inbound shopping campaign out there and say, okay, you go after a different source of audiences if there's not a bunch of omnichannel uh traffic coming to the site. these two campaigns are just going to fight over cold traffic. so what ends up happening is we- we end up running these campaigns a lot of times when we're trying to scale. so it's like if we take our uh second Campaign, which is the Smart shopping upgrade, and then we run it at, let's say, 200 a day, but then our full build PMX is running at two thousand dollars a day, the full build pmax is going to start to go outside of shopping. because I've I've kind of set up a uh scenario where I've told pmax: you know, okay, you've, you've exhausted your, your shopping campaign Channel budget. where else are you going to go? it's like 12 minutes are going to YouTube and then Gmail. I'm gonna start to go on display. I'm gonna do more DSA. it's going to start to spend elsewhere. and my second campaign, that's my smart shopping. there's already ranks better on shopping. it's sort of going to take priority. so you're, you're pushing into other channels of pmax but you're still getting that Dynamic remarketing inside of the full build smart shopping campaign. so we usually like to use the structure sub to scale because I can keep pushing, push, push, push, pushing and I'll see the row as it's getting higher and higher and higher on the smart shopping upgraded pmax campaign. row at State low on the full Bill PMX campaign, a lot of times with brand excluded and you're, you're kind of going after now two different audiences and into these channels while still having your back appear. but if you're running on relatively low budget you'll sometimes see those things just kind of split and fight with each other. would you, um, in that second pay Max campaign? you've got your upgraded paymex campaign. they've got the feed on the second pmac. would you take the feed out? you could, you could absolutely test it for sure, um, and that's going to be depending upon how much omnichannel because the smart shopping upgraded campaign is going to prioritize people who are already on the site. that's why you run that, in addition to a full build, you bring the full build people, or you bring the people to site with the full build and then that smart shopping does a lot Dynamic remarketing, but with the feed. so in that scenario you'd want the feed in both. in a scenario where there's not a lot of omni Channel um traffic, that you're not spending a bunch of money on Facebook, there's an organic um, then you would probably want to test taking the feed out of full build and then, but you're just, you know, if you're, it all depends on if there's an existing audience on the site that smart shopping upgrade would prefer um, then it's not going to fight on cold traffic and that's a scenario trying to create. sounds like it's one of those depends situations. exactly, yes, reports. then wouldn't you just to go? yeah, look at the reports. yep, yeah, it's, it's exactly right. sorry, go ahead though. awesome, cool, cool nex.