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Targeting College Students: Effective Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

The world is full of stereotypes and prejudices that often limit the potential of individuals. Women, in particular, have to deal with a lot of these biases that can hold them back from achieving their dreams. In this article, we will explore how society perceives women who challenge the status quo and break barriers.

Breaking the Stereotypes:

- Women who show emotions are often called dramatic.

- Women who want to compete against men are labeled as crazy.

- Women who dream of equal opportunities are seen as delusional.

- Women who stand for something are perceived as unhinged.

- Women who are too good at something are seen as having something wrong with them.

- Women who get angry are called hysterical, irrational, or crazy.

Overcoming the Stereotypes:

- Women who run marathons, box, dunk, coach NBA teams, or win Grand Slams are breaking barriers.

- Women who change their jobs, switch sports, or have a baby and come back for more are showing what crazy can do.

- Women who defy the stereotypes are inspiring others to do the same.

A Personal Experience:

- Last Thursday started as a normal day, but then something unexpected happened.

- Max, the pet dog, started tickling the narrator.

- Julie, the owner, came home and used Resolve pet expert to clean up the mess.

- The incident was no big deal, and life went on.

Society has many stereotypes and biases that can hold women back from achieving their full potential. However, when women defy these expectations and break barriers, they inspire others to do the same. So, if someone calls you crazy for pursuing your dreams, show them what crazy can do.


Hey guys, welcome to the best marketing podcast! In this episode, I'm joined by my friend Paula, who works with the University of New Hampshire and is trying to promote a program called Study Away. It's like studying abroad, but in different places across the US. We discuss Facebook and Instagram advertising and how to effectively market this program. Here are some key takeaways:

- Paula's ultimate goal is to increase the recognition of the National Student Exchange program and recruit more students to go on exchanges.

- The program is a member of a national organization with 160 schools in the US and Canada.

- Paula wants to visually connect her university with the national branding of the program to create a cohesive marketing strategy.

- She has a Facebook page dedicated to the program, but the university has restrictions on layout and design.

- Paula has run ads on Facebook and Instagram before, but has a hard time measuring their success.

- We suggest creating a list of potential students by following and messaging people who have liked posts related to the program on Instagram.

- Paula's budget is limited, so we recommend running a cheap ad to get a list of potential students and convert at least 5% of them.

- We also discuss the importance of having a clear goal for the marketing campaign and tailoring messages to specific audiences.

In conclusion, Paula has a great program that deserves more recognition, and we hope these tips will help her effectively promote it. Don't forget to listen to the full podcast episode for more details and insights!

Facebook Ads Audience Targeting Tutorial 2021

When creating Facebook and Instagram ads, it is crucial to decide who your target audience is. Showing your ads to people who are not interested in your product or service can lead to a waste of money. The Facebook Ads platform offers various options for targeting your ideal customer. In this article, we will walk you through the different targeting options available on the Facebook Ads platform.

Targeting Options:

1. Saved Audiences:

- Custom Audiences: Add audiences you have created previously.

- Locations: Select physical locations for targeting.

- Age and other demographics: Choose age, gender, and other characteristics.

- Detailed Targeting: Add interests, behaviors, and other targeting options.

2. Custom Audiences:

- Website visitors: Show ads to people who have visited your website.

- Customer list: Upload your customer list and show ads to them.

- Lookalike audiences: Target people who are similar to your existing customers.

Targeting the right audience is crucial when creating Facebook and Instagram ads. The Facebook Ads platform offers a variety of options to help you target your ideal customer. By using the targeting options mentioned above, you can create profitable and effective ads that reach your target audience.

Ten Ways To Market To College Students

Marketing to college students is a lucrative opportunity as they are a massive consumer group estimated to spend over $500 billion annually. This article presents ten ways to effectively market to college students and establish brand loyalty.

1. Make Business Videos:

Create informative, fun, and entertaining videos that tie into your product or establishment, such as how-to videos on decorating a dorm room or effective ways to study for an exam.

2. Provide Something Free or Different Pricing:

Offer students exclusive coupons, discounts, and special deals to provide purchases and repeat business. For example, American Eagle offers coupons and three flip flops during move-in week.

3. Identify and Target Directly to Them:

Target college students specifically with ads, emails, and campaigns that offer incentives, such as Amazon's free Prime subscription for students and Apple's product discounts.

4. Host Your Own Event on Campus:

Hosting an event or supporting an on-campus event can provide valuable exposure as a student-friendly business.

5. Offer Free Delivery to Students:

Offering free delivery to students can give your business a competitive advantage, as seen with Domino's 30-minute guarantee.

6. Run Giveaways:

Create giveaways that students are interested in, such as something they'll use daily, and advertise in student newsletters.

7. Offer to Speak to a Business Class:

As a start-up founder, your expertise can be of significant interest to future entrepreneurs, and speaking in a business class can give you an opportunity to talk about your product and establishment.

8. Implement Student Loyalty Programs:

Incorporating students' parents and teachers in a loyalty program can encourage repeat business and establish brand loyalty.

9. Utilize Social Media:

Join college students' social media networks, such as Facebook, to go where they hang out and attract them to your business.

10. Don't Miss Out on the Next Generation:

Marketing to college students is an opportunity to establish lifelong customers and secure a place in the next generation's purchasing habits.

Marketing to college students requires targeting them directly with incentives, providing something free or different pricing, hosting events on campus, and utilizing social media. With these ten ways, businesses can effectively market to college students and establish brand loyalty, securing lifelong customers and missing out on the next generation.

Facebook Ads Targeting: How to do Detailed Audience Targeting in FB Ads - Full Guide

Hello everyone! Welcome to another video on Facebook Ads course. In this video, we will be discussing targeting, which is a crucial aspect of Facebook Ads. In the previous video, we covered the different settings in the targeting levels. We will now take a scenario and set the targeting accordingly.

- Targeting is a crucial aspect of Facebook Ads.

- In this video, we will be discussing how to set the targeting for a travel agency.

- We will cover various aspects of targeting such as location, age group, gender, interests, etc.

Targeting a Travel Agency:

- To target a travel agency, we need to know the attributes, characteristics, behavior, and interests of the target audience.

- We can target people who follow travel-related magazines, visit travel-related websites or blogs, or visit booking websites.

- Age group is an important factor to consider while targeting. For financial services, the target audience is usually between 20-50 years.

- We can also exclude certain locations such as Lucknow and Kanpur while targeting Uttar Pradesh.

- In the detailed targeting section, we can select interests such as frequent travelers, travel photographers, travel bloggers, etc.

- For international tours and travel services, we can target people interested in the same.

- We can also explore the different options available for targeting such as demographics, interests, etc.

Narrow Targeting:

- Narrow targeting is an effective approach for hyper-targeted audiences.

- We can target students doing MBA from Delhi University and Amity University.

- By narrowing down the audience, we can improve the targeting and reach the relevant audience.

Advanced Targeting:

- We can target employees of specific companies such as Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys.

- Language-based targeting is also available on Facebook Ads.

- Facebook Ads provide various targeting options for advertisers.

- Targeting should be based on the target audience's attributes, characteristics, behavior, and interests.

- Narrow targeting is an effective approach for hyper-targeted audiences.

- Advanced targeting options such as language-based targeting and employer-based targeting are available.

Google Ads Audience Targeting and Audience Segments 2022

What's up everyone, welcome to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel! Today, I'm going to be going over Google Ads audience targeting and everything you need to know about targeting audiences for your search, display, and video campaigns. So let's get started!

- Google Ads audience targeting is essential for reaching the right people with your ads

- There are various audience segments you can target, including demographics, affinity audiences, in-market audiences, and more

- By using audience targeting, you can increase your chances of conversions and get more value from your ad spend

Creating a Display Campaign:

- To create a new display campaign, start by selecting your location and language targeting

- Next, come down to targeting and select Add targeting

- From here, you can choose between keywords, topics, and placements, or select audience targeting to target specific demographics or interests


- Demographics include gender, age, parental status, and household income

- You can target a broad audience or narrow it down by selecting specific demographics

- Keep in mind that targeting too broadly may result in a less relevant audience for your ads

Affinity Audiences:

- Affinity audiences are based on interests and habits

- These audiences can be very broad and may not be ideal for direct response campaigns

- However, they can be useful for reaching people with certain interests or habits

In-Market Audiences:

If Student Loans Were Honest - Honest Ads (College Debt)

College is often considered the logical and natural step after high school, but the cost of attending college is prohibitively expensive. It is one of the biggest investments in your lifetime, and what you decide now will have a tremendous impact on your future. However, you can trust some loan companies, such as Horton's student loans, to help you fund your education without worrying about interest or credit ratings.


1. College is a Price Tag without Real Financial Responsibility

- The modern college experience is designed to insulate you from real financial responsibility as much as possible.

- Everything about college is designed to trick you into thinking you're an adult, but it's closer to adult training wheels.

- One student loan covers your housing and most of your groceries, so you won't need to learn how to budget until you graduate.

2. College Doesn't Guarantee a High-Paying Job

- The national student loan debt is at 1.2 trillion dollars, which translates to a whole lot of fancy graduates who don't have jobs that can actually pay back the loans we forced them to take out.

- The reality is that it's almost impossible to make student debt disappear, even if you go bankrupt.

- It's not like this money is wasted - it goes right into the school's endowment, which is used to play the stock market and make America's 1 percent rich.

3. Loan Companies and Government Control

- The government decides what companies you borrow from, and then your debt can actually be sold multiple times to different organizations beyond your control.

- It's almost impossible to find a loan company that's better to borrow from.

- Your debt can result in paying for literally 50 years, even if you get a six-month grace period.

College is a big investment, and what you decide now will have a tremendous impact on your future. Loan companies, such as Horton's student loans, can help you fund your education without worrying about interest or credit ratings. However, the reality is that college doesn't guarantee a high-paying job, and the national student loan debt is at 1.2 trillion dollars. The government controls what companies you borrow from, and your debt can result in paying for literally 50 years. It's important to carefully consider your options and the impact they will have on your future.

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