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The 1 (And Only) Make Money Online Method That Actually Works

Published on: December 5 2022 by Miles Beckler

The 1 (And Only) Make Money Online Method That Actually Works

hey miles here milesbeckler.com this
video is going to reveal the one and
only method to making money online that
actually truly works now i've spent a
fair bit of time in the facebook groups
of some tools that i use to generate
millions of dollars online and i keep
seeing a similar comment pop up people
are saying i'm trying this method but
the method isn't working and the truth
is much different from what they expect
so here's the flawed thought that
there's some sort of a system some sort
of a method just click here and do this
over and over and over again and you
will make money the truth is and the
real method that works is helping people
get what they want you see there's a zig
ziglar quote that you can build your
entire business on i know because that's
how i built my business and that quote
goes that you can have everything you
want in this world if you help enough
people get what they want okay so let's
reverse that so you want a successful
business maybe you want 10 grand a month
maybe you want a hundred grand a month
or more to get to what you want that
simply means you have to help enough
other people get what they want and so
many people disassociate this kind of
income right creating income as an
entrepreneur online from the other side
of the transaction and every time you
sell something whether it's your course
your product that you created whether
you're drop shipping things or even
selling things as an affiliate there's
another human being on the other side of
that transaction and to boil everything
down to the method doesn't work simply
means that you don't understand that
you're not delivering value for anyone
therefore you're not making any money
and if you don't deliver enough value
for enough people you're never going to
make what you want right i want to
remind you of that quote you may even
want to write this down on a post-it
note and stik it on your freaking
laptop just to have it by you you can
have everything you want in this world
if you help enough other people get what
they want my day-to-day activities with
this online business that's doing seven
figures per year is constantly thinking
about you how do i help you get what you
want and as i help enough people get
what they want and that one word enough
simply rules out the
high high tiket i'm gonna sell ten
thousand dollar coaching three thousand
five thousand dollar coaching that's not
how i help enough people get what they
want i'm leveraging scale and as of this
moment right now i've got about 175 000
subscribers on this youtube channel
that's reached nearly 10 million people
through just me putting up videos that's
helping enough people and then i
actually deliver the goods i actually
teach people how to get the results that
they want whether it's how to run
facebook ads successfully how to build a
funnel how to do copywriting how to do
email marketing how to do affiliate
marketing i've taught it all for free so
i am helping enough people right at
scale i'm being of service at scale and
i'm just putting out great helpful
content freely to make sure you can go
get what you want assuming that you want
to build a business online here's the
cool part youtube knows if you're
interested in building a business online
or you're in if you're interested in
scaling traffic or leads or conversions
online even if it's not your business
and youtube the search algorithm that
runs this platform you're watching me on
right now it's going to do all the
sorting for you and it's not going to
show my videos to someone who has no
interest in building business and just
wants to watch cat videos they take care
of that side what do i do me as a
business owner an extremely successful
business owner online i've been full
time at this for 10 years i spend all of
my time thinking what do you need to get
to where you want to be who are you what
do you want where do you want to be i'm
guessing 10 000 a month is one of those
close solutions that you're after cool
how do i take my time and energy and
knowledge and experiences from 2003 to
today because i made my first money
online in 2003 until today how do i take
all of that and simmer it down in a way
that i can help you take one more step
closer to your goals right now that's me
living and embodying the zig ziglar
quote that i can have anything i want in
this world i'm on 20 acres i have a 20
acre estate with lake access i'm living
beyond the life of my dreams at this
point in time and i've been able to have
all of this in my life because i'm
helping enough other people get what
they want and my wife has a brand where
she's going off and being of service at
scale and she's also helping millions of
people her website has reached over 40
million people and we help tens of
millions of people in that world as well
get what they want as well and that's
the one and only make money online
method that truly works you go help
people and you might be thinking miles
but i don't know how to help anyone the
truth is you absolutely can help someone
now if you want to think about this in a
physical business in your neighborhood
that might work out you've probably got
some neighbors who have dogs and they
probably don't walk their dogs enough
and you probably have the opportunity to
walk their dogs for them and that
neighbor who you're walking their dogs
for what's the result that they get well
their dog gets walked which means they
get more free time and hopefully the
puppy doesn't chew up their furniture
now i'm being really specific on almost
kind of an obscure example that doesn't
fit into this business model but i want
to show you that you have unlimited
opportunities to go help other people
get what they want if your neighbors are
tired of having dirty windows you could
clean their windows for them if your
neighbors don't want to spend two hours
per week mowing their lawn and cleaning
landscaping up you could go offer that
service for them and there you are in
alignment with this idea of helping
people get what they want now do you
want to go cut grass or do you want to
go wash windows or do you want to go
walk dogs i don't know probably not but
here's the truth i didn't want to make
this video today right it's saturday
it's the weekend i have a lot of things
i could be doing i could be enjoying my
time i could be working out on my
property it's finally outdoor weather
here in very early pre-spring i don't
really want to be doing this but i want
the result i want to maintain this
lifestyle that i have come to love and
enjoy and expect for myself the utter
time freedom to be able to hop on a
plane and cross an ocean if and when i
so choose and paying for business class
without thinking twice about it that's
what i want in my life therefore for me
to maintain that lifestyle i have to
help enough people get what they want
and i've chose to just leverage my
expertise in building businesses because
from 2003 to 2007 i had about 15 failed
businesses for literally 2003 to 2009
five years non-stop failed businesses
then from 2009 to about 2016 it finally
clicked on one business and that's when
i started to teach everything we did to
build that business now most people when
they want to transition from being a
practitioner who does the actual
marketing work to a guru a greedy guru
who charges three thousand dollars to
teach what they did
when they make that transition they're
thinking about themselves that's all
they're thinking about how can i get
more from these skills that i've learned
and although there might be a short-term
potential victory in that method my
approach here is creating a legacy and
it's creating a long-lasting brand that
will survive decades regardless of where
the world goes regardless of what
tiknology becomes the dominant
tiknology the miles beckler brand and
the brand value i've created by doing
what helping enough other people get
what they want that brand value will go
on to serve me for decades to come and
this is how i'm ensuring my lifestyle my
ability to live a 20 000 or 30 000 a
month lifestyle because i want to and
the way i can maintain that and manage
that long term is by making sure i'm
helping enough other people get what
they want i've helped brand new people
build six figure businesses i've helped
six figure businesses owners get to
seven figures per year that's over 83
000 a month and i've even networked with
and assisted eight figure businesses
these are businesses that are making 830
000 plus dollars per month i've helped
them build out systems to get to the
next level within their business so i'm
helping everyone i can at every level
help enough people i'm getting scale
behind this and finally so you're like
okay miles i get it and i really do want
to build a real business online i don't
want to do the the neighborhood work
okay i don't want to actually go trade
dollars for hours in that world which i
think you're overlooking a great
opportunity if you don't have any other
skills but then your only option is
really to become the researcher for the
searcher okay so you commit to a world
and let's say it's um how to sew your
own clothing you decide that how to how
to make clothing or how to repair
clothing is the niche that you want to
get into so you go all in and maybe
you've never sewn before but you're like
i'm going to figure this out i'm going
to master this so what do you do you do
all of the research and you document all
of the research that you do and it's
ultimately probably going to take you
even more time but just as i spent those
years from 2003 to 2009 doing nothing
but failing and then from 2009 to 2016
actually succeeding and growing a
business to multiple multiple six
figures per year then i started teaching
these videos so i was in a self-training
mode for i don't know approximately 14
15 years before i ever started to teach
what i'm learning and what i'm helping
you understand is you can enter a niche
and you can start learning and teaching
immediately your local library has all
of the books on sewing and patterns and
all the things you would ever need to
learn about sewing it's all right there
at your local library and it just takes
putting in that time and you can build
your business in a sense that you go
find a topic that's commonly searched
about in all of the subreddits about
sewing this is the biggest problem that
people in the world of sewing
consistently have and you go down to
your library you spend a week or two to
find the absolute best answer you go
through three or four books you really
master that one thing and you go create
a wonderful blog post and a wonderful
piece of content and maybe even a
wonderful youtube video that answers
that one question then you publish it
then you get on to the next and on to
the next and on to the next and that is
how we like brick layers brick by brick
by brick we leverage content that helps
other people get what they want and when
we get enough of these bricks laid
helping other people get what they want
we essentially have the core business
model that can help us get anything that
we want so if you've been thinking out
there that
make money online is a joke or or this
stuff doesn't work or that method didn't
work and shame on them for selling me
this method and shame on them for
selling me that method you now know the
secret and you are the the one special
thing it's 100 in your hands and is 100
on your shoulders you are either going
out every single day and creating value
in the lives of others and you're
reaching enough other people and you're
helping enough other people get what
they want or you're not or you're
sitting there thinking about yourself
and you're sitting there thinking about
your problems and you're sitting there
thinking about how can i get money from
the internet and when you shift that
focus how can i get from the internet
how can i what method can i get a
hundred dollars a day to how do i give a
hundred dollars a day of value to a
thousand people per day when you shift
that conversation and then apply it then
you go do the work just like i have 670
some odd videos on this channel teaching
step by step how to go do this how to
set up a funnel how to get a
clickfunnels alternative how to run
facebook ads how to do copywriting all
the bits and pieces are here and it's
because i took my time okay i've
rescheduled my day and i'm doing the
work that i don't necessarily want to do
to create a piece of content that is
valuable hopefully to you if it is
valuable give it a thumbs up so i know
that you value this content and i'm
sending it out to the world and then i'm
repeating that process and now over the
course of four and a half years i've
created nearly 700 videos because i know
the truth of the universe the truth of
the way the world works and the truth of
the way that business works if i help
enough other people get what they want i
can have anything that i want and i love
this lifestyle i've created and now i'm
protecting it i'm digging a moat around
it and my moat is 700 plus videos and
people rip off my videos all of the time
they copy my thumbnails they copy my
titles they copy my videos word for word
and they don't stik with it long term
because it's a lot of freaking work is
the truth of it a lot of people want the
result they want to get the money but
are you willing to put in the work to go
literally create massive amounts of
value for millions of people like my
channel has like my wife's brand has and
like every other six and seven figure
business owner that i personally know
they all reach and touch the lives of
millions of people through content that
content could be facebook ads opt-in
pages and emails that content could be
blogging podcasting or videos it's kind
of irrelevant but i'll tell you another
secret everybody i know who's making six
figures and seven figures per year and
beyond with their digital businesses
they've been doing it for years they've
been doing it for closer to a decade the
closer someone gets to a million dollars
per year the closer to a decade they've
been at this game it's a long journey
takes a lot of time energy and effort to
help other people get what they want
it's a difficult task especially when
you have to learn all of the domain
knowledge to be able to create that
content to go out but it works and it
works every single time when someone
applies it so i hope this has helped you
get your mindset right that is the
number one part of the game to be
perfectly honest and you might even
observe this video is gonna have way
fewer views than all my tactikal videos
like how to run facebook ads and how to
spy on people's facebook ads because
people think it's the tactiks right
because it's the method and that just
shows you that the mindset of mass
consciousness you can see it in my video
from your perspective it shows how far
off mass consciousness is and that's
this is the truth of why you might be
one of the lucky few who actually stik
with it long enough and apply the right
strategy to create success because 90
plus percent of people they will not
create long-term life-altering success
that allows them to fire their boss and
never work a desk job again because all
they think about is themselves and
they're running around trying to get
from the internet and although it might
work for a short period of time it's
surely to come crashing down at some
point in time but when you build a real
business based on giving of yourself
giving value to others sharing your
talents with the world getting it out
there to multiply using a cell phone i'm
on an iphone right i'm literally
recording this on an iphone that is the
fancy tiknology required for me to
reach millions of people and as i go
forth and i help enough other people get
what they want that's how i've been able
to get what i want and when you apply
this philosophy when you apply this
method to building your business online
you'll be amazed at what you create it
does take time but it's the most
rewarding thing i've ever done in my
life and i'm glad that i did the work i
didn't want to do today i'm glad i took
time to set up my camera and get outside
and do a quick video for you today
because honestly i really do want to
help you build the business of your
dream and this in my opinion is the one
key that opens everything up so if
you've enjoyed this video please let me
know in the comments i do appreciate you
i hope this has been helpful give me a
thumbs up do all the engagement stuff
share it in a group or on reddit if you
found this video useful i appreciate you
and i look forward to catching you on
the next video until then be well