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The Best Websites to Dropship on this Q4

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

The Best Websites to Dropship on this Q4

The Best Websites to Dropship on this Q4

we're approaching q4 which means there's
a lot of opportunity to make money out
there in e-commerce in general but in
today's video we're gonna cover the best
sites that you should drop ship on and
focus your attention here in q4 so that
you can obviously make the most profit
alright so first and foremost let's get
it out of the way i don't really have
any experience with shopify obviously
that's a platform that you can drop
shabom it's very different than
my experience drop shipping on retail
websites where there's already customers
there's already traffic and there's
already people searching for specific
things and buying specific things
whereas with shopify you have to run ads
and you have to spend money whether it's
on influencer marketing whether it's on
facebook ads whether it's on tiktok
ads it's a very different business model
than the ones that i do specifically and
the ones that we're going to tok about
in this video okay so obviously that
discount shopify i don't have a lot of
experience with it and so i don't really
do it or recommend it okay now the next
one is gonna be four websites that are
all in like the first tier okay so these
are websites that i've made sales on
i've drop shipped on successfully and
they seem to have promise although the
sales velocity is not all the way up
there like a site like amazon for
example okay so you can make sales here
this should not be like this tier and
these four sites should not be your main
focus but if you have a little bit extra
time especially with a software like
list perfectly where you can list
products from other websites super
quickly to these sites it's a no-brainer
and you should definitely focus on these
if you've already spent a lot of time on
the other marketplaces and you're just
looking to like diversify into other
websites so those four websites are
kitazin curtsy grilled and tradesy i
have tutorials on every single one of
these i will make sure to drop all four
of those tutorials at the bottom of the
description if you want to check them
out after this video okay now the next
one tier two is gonna be offer up now
offer up
everybody is still sleeping on offer up
the reason being is like there's no
software that lets you list to offer up
and copy and paste things there's also
you can't actually also list on offer up
on the actual computer you need to do it
on your mobile device that said you can
do it very very fast with a browser um
app like google chrome or you know
microsoft edge or any app that lets you
just like click and save pictures you
can you can drop ship on offer up super
quickly i have a tutorial on that as
well i will drop that at the bottom of
the description but on offer up i've
probably made probably close to like two
grand in profit now granted that's over
several different months right so it's
not like you're gonna become a
millionaire on this platform but there
are sales there there is a lot of
opportunity to make money on the
platform it's very very easy to list
there and there's practikally no
competition because you can't use
software and because you have to list
your phone okay so i'm not saying focus
your main attention here but if you have
some extra time if you're on the couch
watching a movie with your significant
other or you're laying in bed at night
and you have a little bit of time or
you're on the toilet you have a little
bit of time hop on your phone list some
products on offer up it will make a
difference okay i promise you you will
get sales if you do this all right offer
up is tier two tier three is poshmark i
love poshmark again i still think people
are sleeping on poshmark i have a
million tutorials on poshmark now
poshmark is great because you can list
very very quickly with software a
software like list perfectly a software
like z drop both of those lists
perfectly nz drop will be linked down in
the description if you want to get those
softwares for yourself which basically
just copies listing titles listing
pictures listing descriptions and
obviously marks the price up if you want
to they'll be both linked in the
description with discount codes one of
the benefits of poshmark as well is you
can use automation software to auto
share and auto bring uh traffic to your
closet right so
the software does cost money it's like
9.99 a month it's a no-brainer and it
will literally make you sales and it's
not 100 automated but it's like 95 to 99
automated you click the software on it
start sharing starts bringing traffic to
your closet which obviously is going to
bring more eyes and more potential sales
there's a decent amount of sales
velocity on poshmark and there's no
reason that you can't make an extra
thousand dollars on poshmark in profit
every single month if you do it
consistently and if you share with the
software now the next tier is murkari i
love mercari i think it's kind of like a
baby ebay you can definitely definitely
make you know a thousand dollars profit
a month on mercari if you do it
correctly again there's there's a right
way to do it there's a wrong way to do
it just like any of these platforms they
have specific rules on each platform so
on mercari specifically like you're
tiknically not allowed to drop ship
it's tiknically against the terms of
service although that said you can do it
you can get away with it if you do it
correctly okay so obviously you want to
use your own shipping label you also one
of the things on requires you can't use
all stok photos so you need to know
ways around that i used to have mercar's
drop shipping tutorials i can't link to
one because they sent me cease and
desist letters for teaching people how
to drop ships so just understand that
you can do it it's possible it's a good
opportunity if you do it correctly the
next tier is ebay okay i don't have
really any experience drop shipping with
ebay especially recently in the past
like three to four years just understand
it's good opportunity there's clearly a
lot of sales philosophy on there full
disclosure you can't retail drop ship on
ebay but you can wholesale drop ship on
ebay also one of the things that i know
from like people that i network with and
other friends that do dropship on ebay
is there's opportunity there you can
make sales but the margins because it's
super competitive um are relatively
small right so average margins on ebay
i've been told are like 10 to 15 which
hey i'll take that it's not a big it's
not that bad like i'll take that roi
especially because you can automate a
lot of the process with software on ebay
so ebay is a good opportunity it's
another place that you can diversify get
more sales this q4 and really in the
extended future it's not just this q4 so
if you do it correctly you can drop ship
on ebay and there's a lot of money to be
made there now the last three tiers are
going to be my favorite websites coming
up here in q4 and beyond into 2023 2024
and really the foreseeable future so the
next tier is etsy i'm very bullish on
etsy even still i have a bunch of
tutorials on etsy i will drop the etsy
dropshipping playlist i think it has
three or four tutorials in it at the
bottom of the description if you want to
check it out etsy is a great opportunity
there seems to be a lot of sales
velocity on the platform yes there's
decent amount of competition but i would
rather go after a platform and a niche
with a lot of competition and a lot of
sales velocity rather than like no sales
velocity but no competition and one of
the benefits of etsy is once you do the
product research and you create the
it's 100 automated okay those tutorials
in that etsy drop shipping playlist will
show you how to automate it meaning the
company that you set it up with will
literally handle everything after the
fact they will create your order right
they will create your product
they will ship it to the customer they
will go into the back end of your etsy
store and pull all the information and
ship it to your customer without you
having to do anything without you having
to relay any information you will never
have to process the order they will do
it all for you after that they will
obviously handle the customer service
they will also input the tracking number
and all of that good stuff so you don't
have to do anything after the fact
that's why i love etsy and i highly
recommend that you start listing there
get your feet wet if you haven't already
it's a great opportunity moving into q4
and beyond okay especially like as we
move into like closer to christmas as
well because a lot of people buy gifts
on etsy they buy gifts on amazon and
everywhere else as well and ebay you
know obviously a lot of people buy like
handmade gifts during christmas in that
season even like like thanksgiving and
halloween right so you should hop on it
now get your feet wet start learning the
ropes that you can delve really heavily
in that as we really approach when q4
starts okay now the next one is amazon
amazon is phenomenal i've made so many
videos about amazon drop shipping now
keep in mind you're not tiknically
allowed to retail drop ship on amazon
you are allowed to wholesale dropship on
amazon so keep that in mind as well i do
recommend that some people start with
retail drop shipping even though it is
against the terms of service but i never
recommend staying there for very long i
typically just recommend that you use
retail drop shipping as a way to get
into wholesale as a way to kind of test
different products see what's working
for you obviously learn the ropes as
well and then once you learn the ropes
and you figure out what products are
successful you then reverse engineer
those products and find the wholesale
supplier okay there's many different
ways to approach that and i have so many
tutorials in the amazon drop shipping
playlist i recommend you check it out
again linked at the bottom of the
description a lot of sales velocity on
amazon a lot of potential there to make
profit for all of us and one of the
benefits of amazon that is also the
benefit of etsy like i just touched on
is once you find the products which you
can do with software again many
tutorials on this once you list the
products it's not 100 automated like
etsy but it's 99 automated there's
software out there that will do
everything for you from monitor your
price and change your your price so that
you're competitive and you always have a
chance to make a sale stok that will
input tracking numbers for you stok
that will monitor the stok levels uh
and the prices on your suppliers
websites and adjust them in your
inventory accordingly there's software
out there that will do everything for
you and i've touched on them in so many
tutorials check them out if you want to
hop into amazon but i highly recommend
that you learn the ropes and you get
into it it's a great opportunity okay
and finally the best one in my opinion
even still to this day is facebook
marketplace and facebook shops okay
facebook marketplace and facebook shops
are one of because they're basically the
same thing people like especially new
people kind of get it confused like they
think that they're very different and
they're not the only difference is that
a facebook shop is basically just a
business facebook marketplace okay so
anybody can sell on facebook marketplace
from their personal facebook profile and
you can start a business page and then
link it in to facebook marketplace and
it just is it gives you a little bit
more features it gives you obviously a
lot more tools to use in the back end
and you can automate some things with
software as well and list a lot faster
but basically just understand that while
they're similar they are different but
they're they're both great opportunities
regardless of if you choose one or you
do both of them facebook shops and
facebook marketplace the sales velocity
compared to the competition even still
is something like i've never seen before
it's super easy to get started
super easy to learn super beginner
friendly there's a lot of potential
there and obviously as we move into q4 i
expect sales to really skyrocket really
boom and there's a lot of opportunity on
there i've made so many videos on
facebook marketplace drop shipping
because it is something that's brought
me a lot of revenue and brought me a lot
of profit in the past year as i've kind
of really jumped into it so you can
check all those tutorials out in the
facebook drop shipping playlist which
will be linked up in the right hand
corner right now you can go through all
those tutorials i will also link it at
the bottom of the description if you
want to watch all of these videos and
all these tutorials like i said i've
made tutorials on all of these but
basically i recommend that you go
through that especially if you're new
all the tutorials are there there's no
secrets literally everything that i've
learned throughout the process of the
last year scaling my facebook drop
shipping business and really my amazon
drop shipping business as well just the
drop shipping business as a whole to
multiple six figures a year in profit
okay that's profit not revenue multiple
six figures a year in profit is all in
those playlists especially the facebook
marketplace drop shipping playlist and
the amazon drop shipping playlist which
are basically my two biggest and best
earners all right it's all there there's
no secrets you can learn it all and
everything that i've learned every
strategy that i've basically come across
every tutorial that i've created is in
there for you for free all right it's
all there so if you appreciate the value
in today's video please give it a like i
genuinely appreciate it until next time

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