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The Most Innovative Real Estate Marketing Right Now

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

The Most Innovative Real Estate Marketing Right Now

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The Most Innovative Real Estate Marketing Right Now

so today we're looking at the most
innovative real estate marketing that's
happening right now now we're going to
cover some
actual tactikal strategies that are
innovative yet
they are still working so simply because
they're innovative
doesn't mean that it's going to work for
you it's going to work for the industry
or it's going to work
period so we're going to cover those
innovative marketing strategies
that actually get results now you're
going to be able to use this innovative
with your traditional style marketing
such as open housing
door knocking cold calling direct mail
things of that nature
and you're also going to be able to
integrate this innovative marketing
with your new style of marketing and
this covers your new media so we're
toking about social media marketing
both organic and paid
this toks about youtube this toks
about the newer ways to generate
business so with that being said
let's get into some innovation and the
first innovation that we're going to
is barcode marketing where you're able
to create
a barcode that people can scan on their
and get to wherever it is that you want
to send them so you can send somebody to
your website
you can send somebody to a lead capture
you can send somebody over to your
facebook messenger if you wanted to
you can direct people wherever you want
from a simple barcode and what's awesome
about this strategy is that you can do
this inexpensively
you're able to create these barcodes
almost at no cost including there are
some websites
that allow you to do this for absolutely
free you just need to
identify what needs you actually need
now if you remember a few years back
barcode marketing was all of the craze
the downside though was that you needed
to download an
actual app in order for the barcode
scanning to work
but now any camera that your smartphone
comes with
is able to pick up those barcodes so
little friction that people had of
actually downloading an app
in order to scan your barcode that's
gone so now you can deploy your barcodes
on flyers on postcards on your social
heck even your yard signs they're that
effective now i do need to give a shout
out to an amazing realtor
julie out of arlington virginia who
turned me on to this strategy she is the
one that
made me see the light to include your
bar code
on your yard sign and see how effective
it actually can be so be sure to connect
with her especially if you have any
referrals in the area and i'll link her
information down below
so you have it now the second innovative
marketing that you can do
this very moment is through messenger
bots messenger bots have been around for
several years
but now more than ever they're extremely
important for you to stay
engaged stay connected with your
audience messenger bots have gotten
extremely sophistikated so much so that
you can actually get some
artificial intelligence messenger bots
that will carry on the conversation with
the buyer
or seller it doesn't matter now you can
go all the way to artificial
intelligence if you so choose
but you can also do more of a pre-built
template so you can
build out templates or build out flows
as they're called
to respond to a certain question a
certain way so
if somebody is asked do you want to buy
a house if they say yes
you can send them down the funnel or if
they say no you can send them down
a completely different one now what i
really like about messenger bots is that
the open rate is still
incredible we get so many people opening
our messages so that is a complete 180
from what you experience with email
marketing and the beauty of messenger
bots is that you can leverage them
anywhere digitally
you can leverage them on your website
you can leverage them in your emails
you can leverage them on all of your
social media posts so anything that has
to do with digital
you're able to post that initial startup
flow that initial answer to a question
and get them going down your messenger
bot now the third innovative strategy
that's going to help your real estate
a ton is text marketing inviting
somebody to text you
a certain code to a certain phone number
is a fantastik way to collect somebody's
real phone number now i understand that
text marketing has been used for a while
but as i mentioned in the beginning i
wanted to address innovative marketing
that's working
in the industry right now that's
actually out there going there's no
reason for me to bring up some very
abstract future tiknology that's not
even here yet
and if it was it would cost you a lot of
money to implement
right now text marketing is extremely
cheap to implement
and you need to be using it in your
business because text marketing is a
fantastik way to have somebody opt-in to
your funnel
it's a very non-threatening way for
somebody to text a certain code
in exchange for information whether
you're offering additional information
about the home buying
process the home selling process or even
the house that you have up for sale
it's a fantastik way to collect
information now again
text marketing is quite simple you can
invite somebody to text you
pretty much from any platform whether
that's social media whether that's paid
per click
whether that's yard signs whether that's
flyers whether that's postcards
just about anywhere now with that being
said i want to hear from you
let me know in the comments section down
below which one of these strategies
you're using right now
or let me know which one of the
strategies you plan to use in the very
near future
and as always if you can hit that
subscribe button down there it's going
to help out a ton

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