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The most slept on website to dropship on (hidden gem)

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

The most slept on website to dropship on (hidden gem)

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The most slept on website to dropship on (hidden gem)

one of the best untapped drop shipping
is poshmark now the reason being is
because it's not as simple to drop ship
on poshmark as it is on other
marketplaces unlike marketplaces like
ebay amazon and facebook for example
where you can simply input the tracking
number from your supplier into the order
with poshmark you need to ship using
their specific label this presents a
major challenge because you can't just
order the product directly to your
customer and give the tracking number to
the marketplace in order to get paid but
that's a good thing because it's not as
easy there's also barely any competition
on there full disclosure dropshipping on
poshmark will not make you a millionaire
but you can easily make an extra
thousand dollars a month in profit on
the site honestly in my opinion makes it
a great side hustle for anybody to start
especially if you already dropship on
other platforms as well then it's a
no-brainer i barely spend any of my time
or any of my attention on poshmark and
it still pulls me in about an extra
thousand dollars a month in profit which
isn't bad for another stream of income
in a drop shipping business that i'm
already doing every single day poshmark
is a public company its market cap
currently is almost a billion so it's
not a small company that's like not
worth your time to list with primarily
poshmark buyers are clearly looking for
clothes that's what they built the
platform on a majority of the listings
that i put up are in fact clothing but
they recently started to expand their
product catalog so now you can pretty
much list anything on the site and
because majority of poshmark shoppers
are women looking for clothes you can
really reach a specific type of buyer
that you might not otherwise reach on
other platforms that you're drop
shipping so before i take you through
listing a few example dropship products
on poshmark understand that there's two
main ways to drop ship on the platform
the first way is to order the products
to you and then use the poshmark label
because one of the issues that i said is
you have to use the poshmark label so
you can order the products to you using
amazon prime or walmart plus or really
any website that delivers them really
relatively fast within like a day or two
sometimes three you can get away with
and then use the label and ship it out
to the customer now this does take a
little bit of extra egg leg work you do
obviously have to either leave it in
your mailbox so that the postman can
pick it up or drop it off to the post
office or put it in one of those blue
bins um and it also does involve like
you spending a little bit of time to
package it up and label it which doesn't
really take that much effort but the
benefit of this i call it dropship
arbitrage by the way the benefit of this
is that you really can list as many
listings as you want without having to
store the inventory it's just like
fulfilling it like you bought the
products ahead of time you're staying
sort of within the terms of service of
poshmark and you're shipping out using
the poshmark label so you really won't
get caught or run into any issues doing
and you can as long as you're willing to
like put the legwork a little bit and
like package products up and ship them
out you can really scale this really
easily now it does take a little bit of
legwork so what a lot of people do
decide to do is option number two and
that's where you order the product to
the customer from your supplier just
like you would with any other drop
shipping business but then at the same
time since you also have to use the
poshmark label you can ship it to them
with a thank you note two options
dropship arbitrage or dropshipping with
thank you note they both work well so
the first example of a product we're
gonna list on poshmark is from amazon
now because this is an amazon prime
product it's really easy to either
choose whether we want to do the drop
ship arbitrage which because it's coming
to our house within a day or two
realistikally then we can package it
back out that's typically what i
recommend for most people or you could
obviously do this with a thank you note
too and it's better this way with a
thank you note as well because then you
don't have to hold on to the thank you
note for a few days and time it right to
make sure that the jacket gets there
before the thank you note does so just
like you would copy this to facebook
marketplace or facebook shop or
realistikally anywhere we're gonna copy
this to poshmark right and z drop does
the same thing z jobs always linked in
the description i believe you can save
like a dollar there's a deal down there
grab it it's a game changer of a
software now you have the photos you
have the title you have the description
i would say if you're drop shipping on
poshmark mark it up more than 40
typically i would say mark it up at
least 60
because the poshmark fees are the
highest on any marketplace i usually
almost double what i'm marking it up on
poshmark you don't sell as much but when
you do sell you make a decent profit
category we're going to categorize it
and just like i said it's primarily
geared around around clothing but you
also see that they introduced the kids
uh category the home category the
electronics category
and the pets category okay all with
their own subcategories in there so you
can pretty much list anything on
poshmark now it's not just clothes this
is a men's jacket so that's what we're
gonna go after men's jacket and coat so
we have a small medium small the double
x five of them in there just so you
don't have to worry about your quantity
every time the original price doesn't
matter i always keep that zero the
listing price matters so it marked it up
to 112 which is a markup of 40
i'm gonna mark this all the way up to
159 and just to show you one example of
a random other product that i that i
always i always use this product as an
example when i'm listing it's just
always the first one that pops up so
again we're gonna copy this to poshmark
this is a like an automotive like
organizer for your car we're gonna move
the picture around because that's
clearly not the best picture this one's
the pair the best
now category it's going to be home
because there's no other category that
really fits it you could use storage and
organization you can go other i'm going
to go storage and organization because
obviously it's storage for a car if it
doesn't fit a category just put it in
home and other and obviously poshmark's
expanding you can see that from the
categories that they're they're
introducing slowly
once you list products on the site
there's two main ways that you can get
traffic to your listings the first is
organic search traffic this is where the
amount of listings that you have up
matter it's simple math and the second
one is people coming to your closet from
sharing or from parties this is where
the automation software comes in now i
personally use simple posher it's like
10 a month it's super worth it it shares
for me all day while i'm doing other
things and brings traffic to my listings
and ever since i started automating my
closet and the sharing of my closet with
this software my sales have been much
more consistent if you want to learn how
to use simple posture i highly recommend
checking the tutorial up in the right
hand corner right now that will explain
it in depth how you can use it in
several different ways to bring more
eyes and more traffic to your listings
so i really hope you enjoyed this video
if you got any value from it whatsoever
please give it a like i genuinely
appreciate it
until next time

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