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Thirty One Mystery Bundle #212 2021 Unboxing

Published on: December 24 2022 by Rockstar Rochelle

Are you a fan of surprises and mystery boxes? If so, you're in luck because today we're unboxing the Thirty One Mystery Bundle 212 2021! This bundle is packed with a variety of products from the Thirty One brand, all wrapped up in a mystery package. Let's dive in and see what's inside!


- The bundle comes in a large, black bag with the Thirty One logo on the front.

- Opening the bag reveals a plethora of products, including:

- A tote bag with a colorful floral design

- A set of three small pouches with different patterns

- A water bottle with a cute, motivational quote

- A travel jewelry case in a soft, blush pink color

- A set of four coasters with a tropical theme

- A pack of colorful sticky notes in various shapes and sizes

- A small makeup bag in a stylish black and white print

- A key fob in a fun, floral pattern

- Each product is high quality and matches the brand's aesthetic perfectly.

- The bundle provides a great variety of items, making it perfect for anyone who loves Thirty One's products.

Overall, the Thirty One Mystery Bundle 212 2021 is a great investment for anyone who loves surprises and quality products. It provides a diverse range of items that are both practical and stylish, making it perfect for any Thirty One fan. If you're looking for a fun way to treat yourself or someone else, this mystery bundle is definitely worth considering!

Hey there, it's your girl Rockstar, your virtual 31 consultant. If you're new here, let me introduce myself. My name is Rochelle, and I'm a leader with 31 Gifts. If you love all things 31 and what it stands for, then you've come to the right place. Consider yourself a babe and hit that subscribe button and ring that bell so you don't miss another video.

Mystery Bundle:

This video is all about a mystery bundle. Now, if you want to know about all the fun things that are happening on this channel and with 31 for the month, make sure you stay to the very end of the unboxing, and I'll totally fill you in on all my mystery giveaways and all that fun stuff. Let's get to it!

Insider Exclusives:

This is a mystery bundle that I received from my recent party that I had with 31. You can only get one of these mystery bundles if you party it up with your 31 consultant. If you're wanting to do any kind of party, I'm your girl. There are 101 ways where you can party – you can do a party of one, you can do a Facebook party, all those kinds of parties. This is a mystery bundle, which is one of the many insider exclusives that you get access to when you become an insider or a hostess.

What's in the Bundle:

This mystery bundle contains three items. The first item is a large utility tote. I love the print, and it's perfect for summer. The second item is a lunch thermal truck, which is super cute and on the go. The third item is a convertible belt, which I love because it acts like a crossbody, shoulder bag, or you can hold it as a fanny pack.


You can personalize these items, and it would go on the side over here. These mystery bundles totally go great with gifting. If it's something I love, I'll keep all of it. If not, I'll keep some of it or put it in my gifting stash.

Mystery Hostess:

If you're loving anything that you're seeing, don't forget to get in on my mystery hostess. The link is down below, and I announce the winner on the 26th of every month. You get to earn all of the months rewards, and what's great is if you love this insider exclusive like the mystery bundle, you can get access to that if you get in on that mystery bundle because I always try to reach for 500, meaning you get access to two of the insider exclusives.

May Giveaway:

If you're shopping with me within the month of May, Rockstar's May giveaway is going to be coming in a summer print, and you'll be getting it from me to you, and I'll be announcing that winner in the first week of June.

There are a ton of amazing things that are happening in May. We just launched our patriotic prints, and later this month, we're going to have a tote sale. If you want to know about all the fun things that are happening in May, check out the video up above and down below. If you haven't yet, join us on Saturdays during Bag Babe TV, where we go live with me and the other bag babes in this awesome community. If you haven't yet subscribed, check out these awesome playlists that I have for you, and I'll see you in the next video.

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