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Thirty One PS Bundles | Photo Key Fob Sale | HIM & HER Valentines GIVEAWAY (open)

Published on: December 24 2022 by Rockstar Rochelle

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for him or her? Look no further than Thirty One PS Bundles! They are currently having a photo key fob sale and even offering a giveaway. Keep reading to find out more!

Sale Details:

- Thirty One PS Bundles is currently having a sale on photo key fobs

- These key fobs can be personalized with your favorite photos

- They make great gifts for Valentine's Day or any occasion

- Prices are discounted for a limited time only


- In addition to the sale, Thirty One PS Bundles is also offering a giveaway

- Enter for a chance to win a personalized photo key fob for yourself or a loved one

- Follow their social media accounts and tag a friend to enter

- Giveaway ends soon, so don't miss out on this opportunity

Make this Valentine's Day special with a personalized photo key fob from Thirty One PS Bundles. Take advantage of their sale and enter the giveaway for a chance to win. Don't wait, order now and show your loved ones how much you care.

In this video, the speaker talks about two sales that are currently going on. The first sale is about the PS bundles which are back with five different options, and the second sale is about key fob photos which are a perfect Valentine's Day gift.

PS Bundles:

- The PS bundles are back with five options.

- Personalization is not available, and they cannot be used to qualify for January's customer special.

- The bundles are already super discounted, so they cannot be further discounted.

- Some of the favorites are back, and the speaker showcases them in the video.

- The speaker encourages viewers to join the mystery hostess link and get a chance to win one of the biggest mystery hostess parties ever.

Key Fob Photos:

- Key fob photos are a perfect Valentine's Day gift.

- The speaker provides a special video link to share with loved ones to give them a hint.

- Key fobs can have photos of milestones, fur babies, company logos, or old school throwback pictures.

- The speaker showcases the key fob's quality and versatility.

- Viewers can share the video link and enter a giveaway if their loved one purchases a key fob.

The speaker encourages viewers to take advantage of the sales and get their hands on the PS bundles and key fob photos. The speaker also promotes Bagpipe TV and upcoming events. Happy shopping!

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