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TikTok Ad Campaign Cost

Published on: October 11 2022 by pipiads

TikTok Ad Cost

TikTok Ad Cost

hey guys what's up in this video I'm
going to unveil the cost to advertise on

tiktok is the fastest rolling
up in the world as per today with more
than 60 million active users in the US
with a lot of meaning uses currently in
India in Turkey in Germany but is
getting more more and popular also in
the West Europe country lights UK Italy
Spain Germany and Poland are increasing
a lot the active users on tiktok
so in today's video what I'm going to
unveil you is the ad format and country
in which the ads are available to
purchase and what kind of cost
associated to each ad format you
according to the top you have to pay and
we wrap up with what's next so what
basically tiktok is is now working it and
when we can get it but let's start from
the tiktok value proposition so real
users behind tic toc uses that I you
know have between six eight years old up
to 20s doesn't mean that if you don't
have like myself don't have anymore that
age you shouldn't be there it's a it's a
perfect tool to stay a perfect tool to
increase your Ganic reach and perfect to
communicate through social media so I
know that all of you say this is a new
tool there is only new tool bar guys
this is one of the most performing tool
and the most engaging and now today we
are going to unveil the cost to
advertise early so the first thing is
real the second phase I showed so the
video that you can post on
tiktok are between 15 and 60 seconds
per length and the first thing is about
video so it's mostly video obscene
ninety-five percent of the content is
based on video for another question I
received in the last few weeks is to
whom is tiktok which kind of brands
should be on tiktok which kind of
brands should invest on advertisement or
tiktok in my opinion that's my
personal opinion there are two main
types of brands I should invest in tik
tok today
one is the the brand are in an
e-commerce space so all the brands that
want to sell online the products and
they want to do you know engaging a
perfect target audience that could be
again between the eight years old up to
the 20 years old is the perfect is a
perfect place to be and again guys don't
think that you know those guys those
kids will not buy your product those
kids are probably the greatest
influencers for you know their parents
to purchase your product so advertise on
tiktok means that you will have you
know eyeballs on your on your on your
shops eyeballs on your product and it's
highly likely the most of the guys most
of the kids learning in this app will
then he'll fly instead parents to
purchase your product the second thing
that is very very worthy and it's
working very well
and I see a great results with the app
downloads so companies that have their
own application and they want to target
specific segments of users now they can
do it thanks to tiktok so it's
extremely powerful especially again if
your goal is to increase their app
downloads so let's see let's see what
are they the main the main are for my
use party dog I'll say that I'm mostly
true one is as you can see in this slide
the splash page ad so the splash page ad
is basically a free free second image or
between three and five seconds video
splash page so when you open up you know
for for the first time the application
normally on daily basis you will see you
know that the first add user can see
when opening the app so you can see you
can see that heart format is pretty
aggressive format because it's pretty
intrusive but you know can be can be
extremely effective one is about
impacting with your brand dan uses the
second earth format and I yeah see that
is very variable is the in video feed
art so the in video feed are is probably
Organic and and most used at format as
per today on tiktok it basically when
you scroll when you when you swap up for
the next video you will see between
probably a frequency for instance here
you ki see between five and six
swipe opps I see one one ads so this is
a pretty organic reach and it's fairly
effective and it's very effective again
for e-commerce spreads or you know
company that want to increase their
installs rates in which countries
especially in Europe is getting
extremely popular tiktok so as you
can see United Kingdom Italy Russia
Spain Poland Germany in France are the
country first of all that is probably
the most popular in Europe and the
second were is possible to buy you know
those two ad formats that I showed
previously on tiktok there are two
types of privacy that is now available
on tiktok you can buy ad format as
cost per mile of impressions so this is
the most you know use let's say KPI and
the most use effective metrics that
indicate you the cost per miles so per
thousands of impression that you can add
on on tiktok and the second one is a
pretty not very standard one is a cost
per time so these two kind of format are
available today on tiktok and a woman
and value today what are their the price
so the price as per the rate card
official red card of the talk for qu for
2019 are the follow so when you wanna
you know launch your campaign on CPM
products clearly you need to split
between campaigns that could be on in
video video in feed video ad sorry and
splash page shots so but you can see
that the price is exactly the same the
in video feed odds are available United
France Germany Italy Spain Poland the
Russia and you can see that pretty much
the same cost so for each thousand of
impression you were going to spend eight
US dollars in UK France Germany Italy
Spain corn wine in Russia you can spend
just five US dollars for each thousand
of impression delivered while if you are
in a splash page ads and one impact the
users for the free from three to five
seconds as as soon as they open up the
tiktok up well in this case the price
is still eight US dollars per per
thousand of impression and it's
available in Italy in Spain and Russia
now the cpt so the cost per time again
according to rate card of tiktok for
2019 is the follow so you can see that
the prices are very different and the
guaranteed impression of this format is
very different according to the country
so let's say that you want to have you
want to run a campaign on UK you want to
run a campaign with a format of splash
page so the cost per time US dollar
would be 26,000 and they will guarantee
you 3.7 million impression while if you
want to run an infield in feed video ad
the cost per time US dollar would be
10,000 and they returned three
approximately 1.3 million impression but
now let's think that you are in Italy
you want to launch you know CPT
campaigns and cost per time campaigns
and so in Italy for instance a splash
page will deliver 16,000 costs per time
use dollar and will deliver for you
2.3 million impression so the ratio
means basically that is still more
convenient to buy art in Italy for
instance rather than UK as per today the
in video feed says that you can you can
target the cost per time use dollars six
thousand five hundred use no
then you will guarantee more than
800,000 of impression so this is the
rate card of tiktok so this is pretty
standard rate card but I want to show
with you because I think would be very
interesting to you understanding what
are the pricing that tiktok is now
charged for day for the Arts
so some conclusion about all of these is
that tiktok is extremely effective
today for our gaeng reach so if you are
a brand if you are a company or even
individual and you wanna you want to
increase your reach and doing some funny
things it's it's the moment to beyond
tiktok so if you want to do that you
download the app today start to post
your videos start to make fun about
about what you're doing and make sure
that you know and you're going to have a
great reach if you want to go beyond
that if you want to really invest on
tiktok today still the cost is pretty
it's pretty cheap so for 8 US dollar
pair miles or in these case as you can
see from this light $26,000 you can get
a guarantee 3.7 million impression with
a splash page that is the most effective
and to be honest intrusive heart
available on tiktok
I hope this this video has been
interesting for you if you like so
please do like the video subscribe to my
channel and remember to click on the
bell on the right hand side in order to
receive every kind of alerts when I
would publish a new video and if you
want to know more and if you will not
run your campaigns for you we'd be more
than happy to do that
ROI target we are helping a lot of
business owners in small media companies
to increase their reach thanks to our ad
networks so if you don't know how to do
that digit our roi target code UK and
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your campaign for you not just on tik
tok but on facebook on
on Instagram and on link League see you
very soon

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