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TikTok Lead Generation Ads

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

TikTok Lead Generation Ads

The above is a brief introduction to TikTok Lead Generation Ads.

Let's move on to the first section of TikTok Lead Generation Ads!

TikTok Lead Generation Ads

tiktok is the most recent ad platform
to roll out lead generation
campaigns facebook i believe was the
first one to have them
quite a number of years ago linkedin has
had them for a while
even google has some variants that can
show up in different places around the
i think this move from tiktok is
important for a couple of different
first it's just a good sign that they're
investing more in the ad
platform they're one of the newer ad
platforms and they're still coming out
new opportunities and ways to target
even if they are something that other
channels have it's just a good sign that
they're trying to grow and make sure
that it's a good environment for
everybody involved
second with the changes to ios 14 it's
getting more and more difficult to track
user behavior and attribute performance
we're not able to use those third-party
cookies nearly as much and in the future
they're going to get even worse
the beauty of lead generation ads is
that all of the performance and
reporting is contained right within the
ad platform
it all happens on tiktok so all the
performance is there
we don't have to rely on any sort of
third party tracking
i'm really excited about lead generation
campaigns going out to more channels
so today i want to run you through how
to set up your first lead generation
campaign on tiktok
once you're in the tiktok ads
campaign manager
we're just going to go to create a new
campaign to do that we need to go to the
management tab and then down here we can
click create just like most other social
advertising platforms the first thing
we're going to do is choose our
if i scroll down a little bit you'll see
that lead generation is this one down
here in the bottom of the consideration
column and it still has the new next to
the name so i'm going to click lead
once i've done that i can come down here
to the settings section and i can give
this a name if i want to
for now i'm just going to get rid of all
these terrible numbers i'll leave
everything else as it is and click
now basically everything at the ad group
level is going to be something we've
already covered in a previous video
everything from placements to the
that you have available we've covered in
a different video that you can check out
in the top of your screen now
around all the different targeting
options that are on tiktok i'm going
to skip down
past all of that and stop at the budget
and schedule section because i need to
put in a daily budget here and just as a
placeholder i'm going to put in 20
because it tells me it needs to be at
least 20.
and now if we scroll down a little bit
to bidding and optimization the last
settings here
we'll find the first portion that is
lead generation
campaign specific you can see here that
the optimization goal is set for leads
and there is no way to change that it's
going to optimize for leads
always with a lead generation campaign
this is just the same as any of the
other social platforms out there
that leverage lead generation this isn't
too terribly different the one piece
that is different is that there is a
cost cap bid strategy on any of the
other platforms you have a few different
options of what bid strategies you want
to use for lead generation but on tik
you have to add in your cost cap and
that is going to be
what the average cost per lead that you
want to pay is that doesn't guarantee
that you are going to only pay that
amount for each lead it just means that
tik tiktok is going to try and optimize
for that cost per lead for you
if you hover over the cost cap name you
will get a small graphic off to the
it says this is best for keeping your
average cost per result around or
lower than your bid regardless of your
budget and things to consider here
are that you may not spend your budget
fully if your
cost per conversion is set too low if
you set it too low
you're not giving tiktack enough room
to learn and optimize and try to get you
as many leads as it can within your
budget so
depending on what your main goal is
whether it's volume and scale or whether
it's efficiency
make sure that you use a cost per lead
goal that makes sense here
for now i'm just going to set it to five
dollars now that we've done that let's
into the add portion and get more into
the nitty gritty of the lead generation
you can start off by giving your ad a
name but then you'll see that the only
ad format that we are allowed to use
currently is a single video so we don't
need to do any other adjustments here
that's going to be the only option we
can use and rather than spending most of
my time
on the actual ad details itself i think
that's better suited for another video
what i'm going to do
is just give a quick overview of what
all will go in here and we're going to
spend most of the time on the form
so when you're creating a video ad in
tiktok you're going to need to add
you guessed it a video to that if you
need to look at the
recommended requirements you can open up
this form here and it'll show
you the different specs that you need to
see for each you then can add
in the display name text and a call to
for your ad creative since we are going
to utilize a lead generation campaign
you can see that there are
quite a number of different options that
we have in here learn more is what's
recommended but you can choose download
shop now sign up contact us and a number
of other
options that you have available in here
so pick the one that makes the most
based on the offer and call to action
that you're utilizing
within the lead generation form that
you're going to have for now i'll just
leave it as learn more and we'll again
skip mostly past the ad creation section
and then we'll land in the
instant form portion of the ad creation
this is where we're going to spend the
bulk of the time in this video because i
want to really walk you through the form
setup and show you how to utilize it
since this is a brand new campaign and
an account that doesn't have any form
set up yet there's no option to choose
an existing form so i'm just going to
click create
we then have options between a classic
form and an advanced form
and if you hover over the question marks
here you can see the difference between
the two
a classic form is suitable for
advertisers who want to collect more
information which great i would hope
that you would if you're trying to use a
and an advanced form is suitable for
advertisers who both want to promote
products slash brands and collect more
user information with no limit on
question quantities so effectively an
advanced form
may or may not necessarily be quote
more so than it would be expanded
there's a lot more that'll go in there
so the way i want to go through this is
i'm going to go through a classic form
and then we'll hop into the advanced
form so we can look at just a few of the
differences so you can see
what the options are and choose which
one's right for you so let's start off
with classic form and click customize
a lot of this is going to look really
familiar if you've run
lead generation campaigns on facebook or
linkedin before
the first thing you can do up in the top
here is change the name
of the form that you want i'm gonna
leave it as it is because i don't really
but you can change the name up here and
i would suggest that you always do that
in such a way that when you go back to
your forms library which we'll look at
here in a little bit
you know what it's actually going to be
about and now that i've said that out
loud i just toked myself
into making sure that i changed the name
of this so we see it show up in the form
library later so i'm going to give it a
name really quick
now i'm practiking what i'm preaching i
will know what this means and i will
know that it's just an example and not
to use it later
before we get into the content of the
form you will see that there is a
settings option here
and we'll go through this really quickly
because there's only one option in the
and that's for you to change the
language of the form itself which means
that any of the
prompts for the questions or any of the
privacy policy text anything like that
will show up in a different language so
if you need to choose something other
than english
choose from the drop down that you have
available here for now i'm just going to
leave it as english and hop back
into the content section the first
option we have available is to choose
the form
type and if you have watched the
facebook ads
lead generation campaign video that we
put together you'll probably
see this as somewhat familiar more
volume allows users to quickly complete
and submit the form
whereas higher intent will add a step
for users to check the information
they've filled in
so effectively more volume means that
when somebody fills out the form and
they hit submit
that's it that's done they've already
submitted the information and it's over
if you choose a higher intent form that
means that they have an additional stage
to review the information that they gave
so what i'm actually going to do is show
you that
right now the following sections are
going to be introduction
question privacy and thank you screen if
i change the form type to a higher
you'll now see that we have the same
introduction question and privacy but
now there's review screen
before a thank you screen that's
effectively what higher intent means
i'm going to go ahead and open up the
review screen and it just says the
review screen allows users to check the
information they filled in before
if you would like to skip this step
select the more volume form type
pretty easy right basically just an are
you sure making sure that they want to
actually submit the information to you
for now there's no reason to not use a
higher intent form so i'm going to go
ahead and leave it as this but if
over time you find that you're not
getting as much volume as you want and
the lead quality looks pretty good
you might want to shift it back to more
volume but if you're using a more volume
form and you're not getting the quality
that you want and you find that people
didn't really realize they were
submitting the form or they're not the
right fit
you might want to test higher intent now
let's move to the next section which is
going to be the introduction
and effectively treat this like a
landing page for when somebody comes to
your form
this is the information they're going to
see before they actually fill out the
form but over here on the right as i add
in some of the information
you'll see it adjust so that you can
preview what your form will look like
based on the information that you've
added if you've watched many of the
other videos that i've done on this
channel you know that when i put
together any sort of
ad preview it's always ugly and this is
going to be no different
so i'm going to go ahead and grab the
first piece that i can have here which
is a logo
and i'm going to upload that from my
computer it'll at least follow the
recommended image size of 1080 pixels
and there we go but another thing to
is that because the image i chose is
one of the title cards that we use for
this channel it's not actually the exact
right square size that it should be so
in this preview over here on the left it
looks okay
but off to the right it looks squeezed
because this is actually a more
horizontal video it's wider than it is
tall so make sure whatever you upload in
this space is a perfect square
otherwise the preview itself is going to
start to stretch your image to make sure
that it fits
within the space that you've given the
next little bit here are going to be two
text fields and that's display name and
and if i'm being totally honest i think
that these are
not named appropriately i think that the
display name should be a headline
and the headline field here should
effectively be
description or short paragraph let me
type in an example and i'll show you
what i mean
so here i've written out an example the
display name
is paid media pros you can see that that
shows up here in bold and it looks
like a display name but it also looks a
lot like a headline
for the headline section i actually
wrote a paragraph where i'm being
a little bit of a jerk but i just wanted
to get the point across you can write
quite a bit in this quote headline
section if anything
treat this like a description and put in
the text here that you want people to
read before they get to the form
if it's helpful for you to utilize the
display name as your brand like i have
great but it might make more sense for
you to reiterate
what call to action you're providing if
you're trying to help somebody download
maybe you want to put the title of what
they're going to download or if they're
going to submit to a competition
maybe you reiterate the competition name
here and you use this
headline field to describe what the
competition is and making sure that
everybody has all the details that they
just know that it's going to show up
effectively like this with the display
name being bold and the headline being
normal text but
could be up to a paragraph long and make
sure that you're utilizing that to
introduce people when they get to the
now we can start to get to the questions
themselves the first piece we have here
is pre-fill information and this is
where you can start to inform users of
how their information will be used
and analyzed you might want to write a
short description saying that we're
going to utilize
the information here to enter you into
the competition
or we'll use the information here to
send you the asset that you're trying to
something along those lines but you do
get this additional field
to help tell users what to expect from
you let's say for example we just wanted
somebody to sign up for a subscription
to the paid media pros channel and we'll
tell them that we'll use the information
they add here
to share the videos with them that come
out each week next we can start to add
the questions that are based on any of
the personal information
within the tiktok app these are going
to be the pre-fill
options that tik-tok automatikally
applies whatever information somebody
has associated with their profile
the first they already have a couple
examples here they have email and name
but you can add any other category that
you want
contact information is going to include
phone number
you'll see email addresses grayed out
because it's already opted into above
but you can also ask for
address which seems a little fishy but
okay country
state or province and city within user
you can ask for first name and last name
separate or you can have them grouped
together in one field
which they already have currently which
is name and then demographics the only
option you have available
is gender so if any of those are useful
feel free to apply them to
this pre-fill section at the beginning
of the form next we can start to get
custom questions and these are going to
be questions that are not
pre-filled so your audience is going to
have to manually enter the information
or choose from a drop down
or something along those lines these are
great if you want to help
maybe limit the quantity of form fills
that you're getting but improve the
quality because the user has to take a
little bit more time
and think about the information they're
providing there are three main
categories of questions here
short answer multiple choice and
appointment scheduling
so let's go through each of these pretty
quick for short answer all you provide
is the question or the prompt and then
the user is going to get an open field
where they can enter their answer
one thing i find a little bit funny is
that it says enter your answer
in this field and this is really where
you need to enter your question
because the user is going to provide the
answer we're only going to provide the
question so i went ahead and created a
quick question
how often do you watch paid media pros
videos and the user can answer to their
heart's content but if you want to have
a question in here that's multiple
let's say we use this option you can do
the same sort of thing here
where you enter your question this one's
appropriately named and just for fun i'm
gonna go ahead and just ask the same
you'll see here that now we have both
options over here off to the side
and now i can enter the possible answers
for the user to choose from
all you need to do is enter one and then
hit enter or you can click the box next
to it over here
to provide another answer so i'm just
going to go ahead and add in a few
and now you can see what the form will
look like to the user
they can choose either daily when they
release which is twice a week they can
watch once a week
or once a month and then there's also
the short answer question down here
if i scroll down the last type of custom
question we can use is going to be for
appointment scheduling
now this one i think is a little bit
fishy personally
because you get to add in a prompt here
which let's scroll down
on this side just so we can see it as
well it says availability but we can
also customize this message a little bit
i think that you probably should and
i'll tell you why here in a second so
i'm going to add this as
preferred appointment time you can then
add a confirmation message which here
you'll see an example
is someone from tiktok will reach out to
you at your
scheduled time or whatever it is but
effectively you're just telling somebody
when they select this time what that
will mean
and the reason i put preferred
appointment time in
this headline section is because this
says available dates and times
monday to sunday 7 a.m to 10 p.m but
then you'll notike
there's no option to change it i can't
change this
time and i find that very strange what i
would rather say here is this is my
preferred appointment time
and then you can use your confirmation
message to say something along the lines
we'll reach out to you to schedule your
actual appointment time
something like that because i quite
frankly don't know why but you can't
really change this appointment
scheduling option here
so if anything i probably just wouldn't
use it right away i'm sure that tiktok
is still working on adjusting things
maybe don't use this first and utilize
just the short answer
and multiple choice questions and save
appointment scheduling for a little bit
later on
if you have any of the questions in here
and you decide that you want to move
them and get them to a different order
you can click on these six dots over
here and grab it
and drag it up above the next question
you'll see that the form
example changed on the right because now
the preferred appointment time is above
the short answer question and if like
i've decided i want to
i'm just going to ditch the appointment
scheduling and the short answer all you
have to do is click on the trash can
and it goes away same thing for short
answer and now we're down just to the
multiple choice question that we had
the next two pieces we have are going to
be privacy as you can see here we've had
a little bit of a jump cut
for some reason when i was recording
this video i clicked on privacy to show
you what this option is and it reset my
whole form
you haven't missed anything but if
you're paying attention to the preview
off to the right it has changed
drastikally because i effectively had to
start over
but now that we're in the privacy
section we do need to provide the
company name
and the link url to our privacy policy
on our website so i'm going to go ahead
and add that in
and you can then add an additional
custom disclaimer if you want
you simply need to open that up and add
in the text that you want here
and then any of the different consent
options that you want
so if you click on that you can say that
this is basically a required field
and saying that somebody opts into or
accepts the terms and conditions of
so you'll see here that when i open this
up it then created this little radial
dial here it's effectively like adding a
checkbox to some sort of form and saying
that somebody has to check it before
they hit submit so if you have any type
of legalese or any sort of legal
considerations for your company that
says that somebody needs to
automatikally opt into something this
would be a great way to do it
for now i'm going to leave this off and
we'll skip down to
the thank you screen because we already
covered the review screen
just like with some of the other
channels that we've utilized for lead
this is going to look pretty similar you
can add in your headline and you'll see
that that's bolded over here and then we
have a description which is going to be
the light gray
and this is part of the reason that i
think the intro text should be called
headline and description because it
looks very similar you can then
customize the button
text whether you utilize any sort of
different call to action you can change
whatever you want this to be so you can
say it can either be view website which
is what i'm going to use for now or
it can be any other option that makes
sense depending
on what url you're sending somebody to
when they click that button so here for
this example i would send somebody to
the website to learn more information
about what they just submitted a lead
form for or
send them to the page where they can
actually download a specific asset and
maybe i would then change the button
text to say
download asset something like that for
now i'm just going to send them to the
paid media pros homepage
and now that i've got all the
information in this form that i want i'm
going to click complete
now you'll see here that it's added in
the form that i just created and again
because it reset on me i forgot to
rename it so now it's got this terrible
name that means nothing
now we would just choose which form we
want if you have multiple forms already
you'll be able to choose from a list
that's available here or you could then
create form and you'll create a new one
but as i said this is the first form
that this account has had so that's why
we went through the process that we did
once we have everything else squared
away and we're set up with all of our
different ad settings our tracking and
we can click submit and we would be able
to launch this campaign but rather than
do that right now
i actually want to create the advanced
form and show you a few of the
differences there
so let's come back up here and click
create and hop into the advanced
form option right off the bat i'm going
to give this a better name and hopefully
the tiktok platform won't kick me out
this time once i've changed the form
most of the options are going to be the
same we'll have the same language
settings in the settings section
and then for content type we can choose
the form type that we want
but each of these other sections has a
little bit more going on to it than the
standard form did
so for now i'm going to leave form type
as more volume and then we'll come into
this new section which is brand image
and form
style here we can upload a new brand
image if we want to
we can change the form style from either
the light color scheme which it
currently is
you can automatikally adjust it to dark
or you can choose smart color scheme
which requires you to upload a brand
so let me go ahead and do this really
quick once i uploaded that same image
you can then choose whether you want it
to be a 4x3
or a 16x9 this is the one that i already
have chosen but you'll see that the
preview over here
looks a little bit different it does say
to opt into the safe zone
verse not safe zone just depending on
the different devices that you have
and it will then also tell you to fill
in the blank
area with the blur that you have
available here
i'm not even going to try to pronounce
that word because that would just be
embarrassing for now i'm just going to
leave it as
a 4x3 and click confirm now you'll see
that we have this
big image up at the top this actually
looks a lot better than the logo one
that we used before
because it's not trying to stretch to
fill the space if we wanted to we could
change this to the dark
color scheme where it changes the form
to be the black background and the white
text like it would
dark mode on your phone or you can
choose a smart color scheme
which at this point lightened it up just
a little bit
it's not quite the true black that it
was before but it does soften things up
and tries to blend in a little bit
better with the image that we have
in there for now i'm just going to go
ahead and leave this as the smart color
just because it's something different to
look at next we can choose the
introduction section if we want to keep
that and again this
is optional you don't have to use this
but i would pretty much always suggest
that you do
we can then utilize the same upload of
logo which again says that it should be
a one-to-one ratio
1080 by 1080 pixels is what suggested
and that's why when i uploaded the image
you see off to the right now
as the logo it stretched it because as
you could tell that was not a square
you then have the same options to apply
the display name and headline like we
did before so i'm going to go ahead and
enter that really quick but then you'll
see that there's an additional field
that's promotional slogan
it's optional but it says enter a one
sentence slogan here
and if i hover over the question mark
next to it it says a promotional slogan
can help you increase the possibility of
getting more leads
the text can be about special offers
coupons discounts or rewards
so i'm going to go ahead and put in an
additional field here now we can see in
the preview off to the right
that we got this additional piece of
text and all they really did was add in
another little box around it so it
kind of looks like a button even though
it's not a button i didn't really
necessarily have to put a
promotional slogan here it's kind of
just another text field
i did add in something that felt a
little bit more promotional but you can
utilize these three text fields to your
heart's content so utilize whatever you
think makes the most sense and is the
most compelling message for your target
next is going to be the questions place
and the custom questions
and personal information sections are
going to be the same the piece that's
going to be different
is that now you have a purpose statement
where you can indicate the purpose of
the form
and why you're collecting user's
information this doesn't necessarily
have to be a purpose statement
it can just be another text field these
forms are getting really long with these
available text fields
if you want to have them added to your
form so i'm just going to go ahead and
write another sentence here i guess and
we'll see what it looks like
like i said i didn't utilize this as a
purpose statement section
but you easily could to say we're
collecting your information to
enter you into a contest or to send you
the paid media pros video each week
which to be totally transparent we don't
do like the forum says
they're on youtube they're free check
them out you're already here but this
does give
just an additional section of text that
you can utilize before you get to the
custom questions
so these advanced forms as you can tell
have most of the same
pieces in them but just a lot more text
that you can customize if you want to
speak more directly to the user next
we'll get down to the privacy policy
which is going to be the same
we still have the company name link url
custom disclaimer
so we'll skip that for now the thank you
screen is also going to be
mostly the same you still have the
headline and description but now you'll
see that the call to action section
looks a little bit different we already
have the view website
button that's available here and if we
click on this it'll open up and we can
add in the button text and the website
url like we had before
we can also add a category and this is
great if you have an app
because the only other option is to
install an app as well
so if we click on that you'll now see
that the preview off to the right has
the view website
and download button available and then
you can customize
whatever you want to utilize for the
install app button you can change what
you want the
button text to be what you want the app
store url and the google play url to be
so you can add those users directly into
the app store or google play store
to get the app that you have available
if your app is the priority as compared
to the website
you can drag the six dots over here put
the app
above the website and if you do that
you'll now see that the download text
which is what the install app is
is now the bright red button and the
view website is the gray
not quite as loud not quite as easily
seen and you can prioritize which call
to action you want so
if you are promoting an app regardless
of whether you have the website or
anything like that available or even if
you have all this
text that you want to put in the form i
highly suggest that you utilize
the advanced form option because it has
install app option as the last thank you
page call to action
then lastly just with the advanced form
you have another option to add an image
down all the way at the bottom
so all you need to do is click
additional image toggle over to the
right and then you can upload an image
which is up to two megabytes
max if i scroll through this form
example you'll see that it shows up
underneath the privacy policy and it'll
basically just be
a big field here so i'm going to go
ahead and upload that same image that
i've been using just so we can see what
it looks like
so now that i've uploaded it you can see
it at the top if i scroll all the way
down you can see it again at the bottom
so you do have the additional option to
add a new
image down at the bottom of your form as
well now that we've gone through that
i'm just going to click complete
and now you'll see that the advanced
form example has been added to the list
that we can choose from and we can add
that one
instead of the original form that we had
once you've chosen the form that you
want and you're ready to go with your
all you have to do is hit submit as i
mentioned while i was putting that
campaign together i skipped all the
different targeting options i just put
in placeholder information and those
forms i created
were really ugly so i didn't actually
hit submit so the campaign you see down
below blurred out is not actually the
lead generation campaign that i created
let's say that you did run your
campaigns for a while and you have been
generating leads the next thing that we
want to know is how can we
get the leads information out of
tik-tok and add it into our crm
so to find the leads form library in
tik-tok ads
we need to go up to the asset section
and go down to creative we then have a
selection of different forms you have
we're currently on videos there's
playable tiktok posts and the one
that we want
is going to be the instant forms this is
going to be your instant form library
where you can see
the form itself the status and the date
that it was modified
so both of these are the placeholders
that i've created for this video to get
lead information you simply need to come
down and scroll over the name and you'll
click download lead data
that'll download it automatikally to a
csv but as you can see here it will
only download the leads submitted in the
past 90 days and you have to be the
administrator of the account to be able
to download these
if you then also want to generate the
leads from the other form you're going
to have to do it one at a time
and click the download lead data for
each of the different forms that you've
active the last thing you can do if
you've done something like i did here
and you have a really terrible
lead form name you don't know what's
actually in the form you can preview the
form just by clicking this button
it'll open up a preview to show you what
it looks like when people go through the
so you can see all the information that
i customized you can go to the next
field you can then review the
information because remember i chose a
higher intent
piece here so this is what that's going
to look like it just reviews the
information that people have submitted
and then they go through to the thank
you page
so you can scroll through see what the
form looks like and decide if you need
to create a new one or if this is the
one you want to use
overall i'm really excited that more ad
platforms are coming out with lead
generation options
for a long time i've thought they were a
great way to get users to engage with
your company
to learn more from you maybe download
some assets without having to leave the
ads platform which is just a better user
experience for them
but in the world of ios 14 and later
it's even more important because this
helps us be able to track performance in
the platform without relying on
pixel tracking and additional advanced
conversion tracking options to try and
analyze performance
these let us know exactly within the
platform who filled out the form
what campaigns creatives targeting
worked so that we as marketers can
continue to optimize
it also helps us build a first party
data set
because every time they submit a lead
generation form they're giving you some
type of user information that you can
use again
you're still not relying on those pixels
to track somebody in a retargeting
audience you're getting their actual
information to use it so i hope you're
as excited about tik tik-tok lead
generation ads as i am
if you've run campaigns in them already
and you're seeing some performance or if
you just have any additional questions
about how to set them up
i'd love for you to engage with us in
the comment section below thanks for
watching our video if you thought it was
useful give us a thumbs up below
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