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Top 2020 Campaign Ads: The Best of the Best

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Political candidates in the 2018 election cycle have spent over $47 billion, making it the most expensive midterm election in history. This has resulted in a plethora of campaign ads online and on TV, some of which are good, bad, and even ugly. However, the ads that have captured the most attention come from first-time female candidates.

Campaign Ads:

- A great campaign ad will shock or inspire viewers.

- Good ads may not tip an election, but can bring attention to candidates that people may not have noticed otherwise.

- Authenticity is key for first-time or non-traditional candidates.

- Many comedic relief ads have fallen flat in the 2018 cycle.

- Candidates may compare themselves to the current president in their ads.

- Both parties are calibrating their messaging for 2020 based on the lessons learned from this cycle's ad gaffes.

The 2018 election cycle has seen an unprecedented amount of campaign spending, resulting in a multitude of ads that have varied in quality. However, first-time female candidates have managed to cut through the noise and capture the attention of voters. Authenticity remains an important factor in effective campaign ads, while comedic relief can often fall flat. Both parties are adjusting their messaging for the next election cycle based on the lessons learned from this year's ad gaffes.

Ads by political rivals in Utah go viral

Two candidates for governor of Utah, Chris Peterson (Democrat) and Spencer Cox (Republican), have come together to record a series of ads calling for civility. They believe that they can debate issues without degrading each other's character and can disagree without hating each other. They want to show the country that there is a better way, and they both approve this message. They are outliers in this, and other politicians should follow their example.

When asked about their motivation for doing this, they both said that they care deeply about their state and their country. They wanted to affirm their commitment to civility and the peaceful transition of power. They negotiated two core themes that they both agreed on: civility and treating each other with kindness, and affirming their commitment to the peaceful transition of power.

The two candidates disagree on whether or not to have a statewide mandate on masks. Lieutenant Governor Cox is against it, while Mr. Peterson is in favor of it. They both have different ideas about how to manage things, but they both agree that they need to move forward in civil dialogue about the best way to address the concerns of their people.

Their conversation was so civil that the host of the show, T.J. Holmes, was in shock. He imagined what it would be like if the two presidential candidates said those things about each other. He believes that there is hope for civility, thanks to Utah gubernatorial candidates Chris Peterson and Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox.

In conclusion, Chris Peterson and Spencer Cox are two opposing candidates who are setting an example for civil discourse in politics. They are showing the country that there is a better way, and they are outliers in this. They negotiated two core themes that they both agreed on, which are civility and affirming their commitment to the peaceful transition of power. They disagree on certain issues, but they believe in moving forward in civil dialogue.

The top 5 campaign ads of the 2016 election cycle

In this article, we will be summarizing a collection of political ads that utilize various language techniques to persuade voters. From contractions and idioms to transitional phrases and colloquialisms, these ads aim to connect with the audience on a personal level and sway their opinions.

1. Gun Rights Ad:

- Jason Kander, a veteran, supports Second Amendment rights and background checks

- He challenges Senator Blunt to prove he can handle a gun like he can

- Persuasive language: terrorists can't get their hands on one of these, I fight back

2. Gerald's Campaign Ad:

- Gerald is running for reelection in his community

- He boasts of their large jail capacity and low cost

- Persuasive language: always like that, most people leave their work at the office, fix things, helping around the house

3. Women's Suffrage Ad:

- A female politician advocates for women's leadership and empowerment

- She emphasizes that women make up the majority of the nation

- Persuasive language: the face of leadership, in your communities, businesses, places of work and worship, we are the majority

4. Muslim-American Ad:

- A mother shares the story of her Muslim-American son who sacrificed his life for his unit in Iraq

- She questions whether Mr. Trump would welcome her son in his America

- Persuasive language: suicide bomber approaching his camp, he saved everyone in his unit, my son was a Muslim-American

These political ads use various language techniques to appeal to their target audience and persuade them to vote a certain way. By connecting with voters on a personal level and using emotional language, these ads aim to sway opinions and win elections.

Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump, a successful American builder and businessman, became President of the United States in a stunning upset victory against the establishment. Despite facing fierce opposition, he delivered for the American people, building the strongest economy in history, securing borders, and making historic peace deals. In his second term, he plans to continue his efforts to rebuild America and restore the American dream.


- Built the strongest economy in American history, with seven million new jobs and record low unemployment rates for black and Hispanic Americans

- Ended lopsided trade deals and passed the historic USMCA, taking on China and winning the trade war

- Protected and strengthened Medicare and Social Security, lowered the cost of insulin, and delivered the first real drop in drug prices in 50 years

- Restored the military, fixed the VA, and brought troops home while taking the world's deadliest terrorists off the battlefield

- Negotiated a historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, moved America's embassy to Jerusalem, and strengthened solidarity with Israel

- Secured borders with miles of new border wall, lowered illegal immigration to the lowest point in a decade, and tackled the coronavirus head-on with Operation Warp Speed

- Accomplished more for the American people in four years than any other president in history

Future Plans:

- Rebuild America's infrastructure, renew hope and entrepreneurial spirit, and restore the American dream

- Bring back jobs and factories, make medicine and products in America again, and end America's reliance on China

- Defend America's police, restore law and order to cities, stop illegal immigration, and protect American families

- Create 10 million new jobs in 10 months and expand access to high-quality healthcare for every American family

- Drain the swamp and continue to fight against opposition to make America great again

Despite facing fierce opposition, President Donald J. Trump delivered for the American people in his first term and plans to continue his efforts to rebuild America and restore the American dream in his second term. He has accomplished more for the American people in four years than any other president in history and will continue to fight against the establishment to make America great again.

2020 Presidential Election - Political Ads

Title: Political Campaign Ads

Political campaign ads are a way for candidates to reach out to voters and convince them to vote for them. These ads can be seen on TV, social media, and other platforms.

1. Defunding the Police Ad:

- The ad starts with a recording of a call to 911, but no one is available to answer due to the defunding of the police department.

- The ad then provides options for reporting different crimes and the estimated wait time.

- Donald Trump approves the message and claims that he can stop the violence.

2. Rioting and Looting Ad:

- Trump claims that rioting and looting are not protests but lawlessness.

- He blames the current president for not stopping the violence.

- Joe Biden approves the message and claims that Trump is instilling fear in America.

3. Taxes and Jobs Ad:

- Trump claims that he has brought back 10.6 million jobs in four months and can fix the economy again.

- Biden claims that if he is elected, taxes will be raised, and families will suffer.

- Trump approves the message and claims that Biden's old liberal ideas will crush the economy.

4. Healthcare Ad:

- A family with a sick child explains how important healthcare is to them.

- They claim that if Trump gets rid of the healthcare law, their son won't be protected.

- Biden approves the message and claims that he will protect healthcare.

5. Socialism Ad:

- A voter claims that Trump is the only politician who cares about people like him.

- He believes that Biden will raise taxes and kill jobs, leading to socialism.

- Trump approves the message and claims that he is the right person for the nation's economy.

Political campaign ads can be effective in reaching out to voters and influencing their decisions. These ads often use fear-mongering tactics and attack the opponent's policies to make the candidate seem like the better option. It's important to fact-check these ads and not be swayed by emotional appeals.

What were the best political ads of 2020?

On the latest episode of The Advantage podcast, Rachel, Ben, and DJ discuss the results of their political ads bracket, which was a crowd-sourced ranking of the best political ads from the 2020 election cycle. They highlight the top two ads, the Warnock dog ad and a Trump ad, and explain how they each effectively communicated their message. They also discuss the importance of messaging in political ads and how flashy ads don't always persuade voters. Overall, the podcast is a fun and lighthearted take on the world of political advertising, and the hosts provide valuable insights into what makes a successful ad.

Dissecting the Trump campaign’s most popular ad

The Trump campaign released an ad on August 19th that has become their most popular YouTube video, with over 20 million views. However, many of the clips used are taken out of context to skew Joe Biden's statements on China. The first example is just 23 seconds in, where Biden's statement about wanting to see China rise is cut off before he clarifies that he does not fear their rise. The ad also cuts off a later statement where Biden calls China's strides remarkable and positive for the world.

The ad then shifts to Biden's responses to questions about his son's business dealings in China, specifically his role on the board of a Ukrainian energy company facing corruption charges. Biden admits he did not know about his son's position until after he was on the board and that there is no evidence he pocketed excessive amounts of money from China.

The ad ends with clips of Biden calling China a great nation and saying that their growth is in the US's interest, but also stressing the importance of responsible competition. However, it should be noted that the ad fails to include Biden's later statements about the problems facing China, such as corruption and division.

Overall, while the ad may be popular, it manipulates Biden's statements on China and presents a distorted view of his son's business dealings. It is important to consider the full context of statements and not just rely on edited clips to form opinions.

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