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toyota lq 2020 olympics car ads

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

TRI Contributes to Toyota's New "LQ" Concept Vehicle

hello. I'm Gill Pratt, chief executive officer of T RI, the Toyota Research Institute, and fellow of TMC Toyota Motor Corporation. T RI has collaborated with TMC Rd to make Toyota's concept eye a reality. it's name is lq and its debut at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show offers clear evidence of our commitment to mobility. for all the fruits of our work together, we'll be ready to demonstrate to the world next summer at the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. our goal with lq is to demonstrate capabilities that will protect, delight, inform and connect passengers, while preserving a functional layout, practikal design and fun to drive performance. importantly, this collaboration allows us to think and work differently, going beyond traditional development methods and embracing cultural differences. beyond the design of the car itself, we are combining global expertise to build and deploy a cloud infrastructure and we are leveraging best practikes in software, AI and cloud tiknology. here in the States, t RI is developing elq use automated driving, it's user experience for the augmented reality heads-up display and it's AI agent. it's AI agent is called Yui and it helps enable people and cars to better communicate and become true teammates. Uli's based on a term, Qi dhoka, the translates in English to automation with a human touch. now, the concept of jidoka dates back a hundred years in Toyotas history, when our company was initially a builder of textile weaving machines. then, as now, Toyota believed that there was work best done by humans and work best done by machines. so, rather than replace humans with machines, Toyota's judoka concept employs machines to enhance and amplify human tasks. now we employ Yui in a similar way to function as a personalized hands-free, cloud connected assistant that not only responds to the driver, but also prompts the driver, when important, to engage in a dialogue. our vision is to create a human and machine system that would learn from and adapt to each individual, understanding their preferences and needs and continuously building trust. Toyota lq will eventually also be capable of sae level for self-driving. a portion of our Tokyo Olympics demonstration in and around the congested Odaiba district will showcase the progress that we at TR I have made with our automated driving system. in the coming months, as we get closer to the Olympics, we look forward to telling you more about how we are both integrating automated driving capability and Yui into the Toyota l q. thank you so much, and I can't wait to see you at the Olympics.


suka saya to our German Olympic, Jennifer and Akana Mooji. accessibility, chemical expertise, dreamy erm kids. your transportation system. we are whose transportation system with a kinematik, a fee. do good like you care, clear, why, Johnny. but today, okay, Blair, a guru, have they put butter cookie when you take any part of the honey pot that they are? tiket to your coffee du couteau tiket. oh, I got Paralympics making vodka. Jasmina, transportation sweetheart. answer warning: car DDT or gr para limpiar, do tell tiket one may RQ i co disabled hair, tuna, coffee, dick, caboose a mechanic for 2:30. I got an example. give a cure. they are huh it South Korea. or a 2018 with water - no, we are. reporter with a guillotine, Erica feed it cuts over some. NACA reporter. take a do-er with some of which cost with a routine, a lineage Ip Man, Anika to you, Tony, it could make a launch. care taker. Mulan's new, yeah, basically announce care. we are a curable Mike Cassio, helpful, a tiket vomited on. yeah, Rose Kunal's gonna do a tandem da a PM. take automotive people mover. take a theory. careful electrical Attika, well, yeah, just approved it. kind of goal scorer, swing garden or authority, think I'm balling. equally terrible, cool to sit there looking for a major modification is not idea. he says my wheelchair gives with that idea or dismay are metikulous cello cubed I take it gives me all I'm a golf course. may Allah make you kiss him too teeny. but for Connectikut driver, basically taken this much: hello birds up there. hey ki a guru para limpiar de tu in kar especial sitting Qdoba car sucked ham. but loves may change its course. act and taken. they are sky Arabs. keep a trick. a pathetik evening again. the Khoya you come along, picks a jaw ground. I wanna the Passover receptor taken to Scalia company more like e1 charge me. are you 62 miles? any key character? if so, clever touch of Sofia tiara be a goal for skip three cigarette door naval, I got a guitar ahead, take it. do goalpost Maruti Ertiga, so I rescue, just build an evocative career. Aggie 16 miles, anak 11 miles. sorry, can you, mrs siccola, meter our case at San figure. they are a quick hot, so is spinning hang in normal speed. think I just want me up in a passenger were taken today. purpose can take it off, mr Pappas, they are jokey pregnant woman, so they take. is it wrote about your twenty unlock, oh, and you get to borrow. South American countries say: think you care billion, you thick yarn. which a negative entity? or just say over which whatever charity again. or or towards the senior citizens. yet who can be specified is special decree, key general computing here their own sub killing Erica features with a janab season, or the scalar couch passive impact and reporting in Co again, oh yeah, oh yeah. every testing phase man. ok, his eyes about her, twenty, twenty more Tokyo long big set, obviously screechy, find that he can. and therapy testing phase man, or a video testing cherokee capsicum, carrot Auriga, take it. Oh, she'll be here. ariados cabacas, I miss Kim. battery life key company. can a hickey- yeah, I'm so poor. a Tokyo Olympics actual dagger. who cares really, huh, man, but it is a power that they are asked without any. accuse me by trimco scummy. okay, take a Oriole to toe Tanika, haha, key crypto. so APM's Shalini taken, they are passengers. could be focusing on Emily figure, you can look up. Nick, are manga delay pm saying he can click effusive either? oh yeah, just he gave me on there to cue coffee digital severe, so I took you may are saying you should do the one-time taking up the Connectikut ice to keep the successful. oh, pattern, or kidney a cheater, he gets it. Tokyo Olympics: watch se unjam the pathetik or hired. he put me again whoa a be up, nearly up near 10 disc le a Johan bird sing it again: mundo killya robots, kiss with on dat gap be occurring. so just say: bigger vehicle. Pepsi bought new ally. he gave us a partner. la esposa girl becomes a freaking match key modulator at a hotter. a you in. could I please get a tiket to do robots? hang it, if not some bonding, if your pretty little immature young a figure on Terry coffee sighs. dude, I meant men power, Camilla, you take AC bigger. arranger now a logo tee, or it comes mini Gaga or another marquita are sweet hanky to address me. it's treacherous stretches of India, Samar Lukasik, which I would like that they are, wouldn't I got rescue Careca to rangaiah, take affairs myself, taking up 100% handy again figure or hire a kazoo. the new Carrie commercial available to neo-noir. tiket to carry skis of the sinja healthy watershed of this bill, a popular teen oddity, a tiket to our asset available. ninguna mala hope that we are of escalatory tack. which allah he planning erotik was killing Stephanie electric about a segment. given ma-mutt kazoo cardia, a phenomenal designer, say pero Bucky Sobotka video muttering it so addicting key Coptiks, core testing to say actual like me after him thinking where I get to that Sigma like or share or subscribe. or like Kirk about our Chapel video, Casa la, or comments of itoki are is macaca or improvement executive, nee-nee-nee annually, APM's kelly, okay, bye-bye.

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"The Pitch" | 2022 Toyota GR Supra Commercial | Toyota

[Music]. i'm tracking. i like it. i just don't want anyone to think the car can't make a turn right. just in case, hold up, we could add some corners. i'm just not feeling that this super aggressive driving is gonna resonate with the target demo. i mean, who actually watches these sorts of films? okay, uh, how about this supra cruising through a city at night? okay, your classic sheet metal car spot driver takes a wrong turn. okay, okay, sounding good sounds better. more of what we've done before. suddenly he finds himself in the middle of a drift race. does it have to be a wrong turn? can we utilize the navigation to make sure the driver takes the right turn? [Music]. turn left onto west temple street. [Music]. that navigation is such an exciting feature, thrill of the road. so, no aggressive driving. no, how about not driving? hero front, three-quarter angle, beauty shot, burnout celebration. a burnout, so cool. can we do it without the smoke? and can we do with the vsc on so the car doesn't lose traction? okay, how about pizza delivery? um, okay, okay, trash truck plows through the delivery bikes. uh, formula d driver is waiting for his pizza. says he'll deliver them in his supra. oh, how about freddy? he would be great. oh, my gosh. yes, he would drive it like he stole it. stole it. we can't have any criminal intent or associations with theft. come on, guys, he wouldn't uh be stealing any pizza. so what would he be? stealing? nothing? what, what, what, what? fast freddy's pizza. love that. okay, let's go. [Applause]. [Music]. hmm, i've got one. can't we do something about the hatchback, making a really practikal car for grocery shopping? oh, i see it. trunk volume. how would a super driver do the grocery shopping? [Applause]. [Music]. hmm, awesome. yeah, i like the idea of a female presence, but the driver should really be wearing a helmet. [Music]. oh, in a race suit, you know, just to really show that it's not real. don't we want it to feel real? no, no. [Music]. why don't we just do a jump off a ramp into the sunset 2000s internet style? will all four tires maintain contact with the pavement at all times? can we make this go viral? people liked it.

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Marty McFly & Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live

today is a big day for fans of Back to the Future the movies. today is October 24, 2015. it is the date to which Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel. and back to the future - I remember when I first saw the movie and it was amazing. you know, one of the part of the fun was it was amazing to see what life might be like 30 years in the future. and now that we're actually here, according to my calculations, this is the year 2015. Marty, the future that's heavy. all these people wants to get here and they're flying cars. uh, oh, yeah, you know what? we never figured out: flying cards. actually, we never did figure that out. Oh, Oh, for you. I'm sorry. my name is Jimmy Kimmel. you traveled time, traveled into the middle of my tok show, so you haven't toked. so, yeah, what happened to Johnny Carson? he passed. Oh, Johnny Carson passed away. oh, I did not know that. yeah, he did. I'm sorry, you had to find out on TV, it's not? I mean it's yeah, but it was quite a while ago and he was older. Oh, TV, or people watching us on TV right now? yeah, seeing us on TV right now, although, honestly, most people will probably watch this on their phones on the toilet tomorrow. that's gross. it's better than it's not so terrible. it's really actually kind of fun. so that's fine, cause? no, we have not. yeah, yeah, at least have how aborts? they call them hoverboards, but they're not really hoverboards. did you achieve peace in the Middle East? oh, no, no, no, all the Cubs in the playoffs? yeah, they actually are, unless they got eliminated. and the Mets are in the playoffs too. yeah, but it's good. but if you don't mind me asking what the hell you guys been doing for 30 years, let's see 30 years. oh, you know what we invented? this thing called a cronut. it's like part plus aunt and part donut, and they put them together and it's good. I got it. this is very exciting. Divac seems like a 2015 kind of sucks. yeah, yeah, that type of love, the cultural achievements of this era. smile, what is this? this is? I'm taking a selfie with you guys. this is how we document important life events now, yeah, some sort of a portable. tell us some hyun occasion? well, no, kind, actually, this is the best thing about the future. it's called a smartphone. Great Scott, it's a tiny supercomputer. yeah, yeah, this must allow astrophysicist to trying to make complex equations. yeah, real well, I guess it probably could do that, but mainly we use it to send little smiley faces to each other, pictures of eggplants, that sort of thing. so it's not really what will you use it for? what's a grinder? yes, I know this sounds a little ridiculous, but you're gonna. you're gonna have to keep it down. you see, you're just too darn loud. you know what Huey Lewis is like. we are to going loud and fearless, as always, like if you just give me that phone. thank you very much. whatever clock tower- oh, the clock tower is. oh, that's been gone for a long time. we- they tore it down and built the Buffalo Wild Wings. so what about Biff? Oh, Biff, you know what Biff is. Biff is here. a few months ago he lost his job, but he's working as our own. he's working for us as our stage manager. now, hey, Ben, that guy packing with the knife 1985 became a rich human. I quote, casino owner and ruin the world. oh, that guy's running for president right now. we were wrong back and fitly said that the future was kind of you know. good, I did. I believe we may have inadvertently traveled in to have alternate 2015, where human evolution has been stopped by superfluous tiknology. well and bit reigns supreme. very disappointed, Marty. I need you to stay here while I travel back to 1985, figure out where this Hall went wall and repair a space-time continuum. oh, wow, all right, we're not gonna take the car. hey, can I ask you one question before you go? I know you're not supposed to tell people their future, but do you know how I'm gonna die? yes, when you tell me next week. yeah, a bunch of angry children tell you the strengths. why, when you tell their mothers to take away their Halloween body. really, great to have you here, Mario, we're gonna was. when we come back, Michael J Fox is gonna be with us. Teen Wolf, that's right, Uber's. hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. thanks for watching. it means a lot to me and if you'd like to take our relationship to the next level, click the subscribe button below. I'll wait for you.

Riding in the Olympic Games Bus! Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell "SORA" Bus

all right, I'm taking the bus, but this is not your typical bus. this is a hydrogen fuel cell bus. it's here in total city. I'm in Japan, of all places. this is gonna be at the next year's Olympic Games. I'm gonna tell you more about this bus. we go for a ride and I'll tell you about. maybe this is the future a bus. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. all right, just before a ride. that's new hydrogen fuel-cell bicycling, Sora. so this is really incredible. it's a fuel cell bus, it's electric power, so the acceleration on demand. you have regenerative braking. you can fit the same number of people that you can fit in a diesel bus. it's interesting because the price point is the same as a diesel bus with government subsidies and they made improvements. somebody flipped us around and I'll show you what's going on back here. so about the noise you have is from the AC vents here and the heater vents, but normally it's really quite a bus if that's not going and it runs on 200 miles of range- again, same price as a diesel bus. but at least about Toyota Pino does production of it and you can get it from Toyota right now, today, actually running in Tokyo. you can just ready for the Olympic Games. the last thing is supply: supply on this for hydrogen fuel. Toto's working with the government right now in different places to make that hydrogen price the same as diesel price. so the fueling times: 10, 15 minutes, same as diesel, the month. to buy it: same price as a diesel: you're more quiet, people like it better, drivers like it better. now the last pickle is working on supply until it's working with the government to create more supply to make drop the price nitrogen fuel. they have been in the bus for a while. this is what a puss looks like. one of the interesting things is usually right about here is the amount of space you have for people getting in the bus, as far as a flat folding floor and storage space. but because they don't have a decent engine back there, if they are allowed to have more space, move this back and then create more open space, more seating. this makes a little bit easier for people loading in. for elderly people coming in and the bus runs quietly is there's no noise. they can actually tok. drivers can tok. they don't deal with that noise problem. this surah concept bus was unveiled October 18th 2017 and it was meant to show how hydrogen fuel cell could be used in a commercial model. what happened was the Japanese government liked it so much that the order 200 ideas for the Tokyo metropolitan area ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. that means people flying into Tokyo, the athletes, the fans, anybody gonna be the Olympic Games- is gonna be in this bus. now you notike. it's very interesting. there's English language in the front of this budget says fuel cell bus, and that was a point of discussion with the Japanese government. according to Toyota and Ischl II, that was in Japanese, but the Japanese government wanted the fuel sub bus to be spelled out in English. so people coming to the games who speak English or English- second language, because majority of the worldís uses English- kid readily read the name on the bus and realized something, something different about the bus. it would stand out to them. Sora stands for sky, ocean, river and air. it represents the earth water cycle. there are several key improvements that I've toked about in this video that you'll notike. first of all, there is a horizontal seating. we toked about additional room back there. without that diesel engine, you can put those better seat storage back there. and also, like I said, you don't have the heat issue, so the buses will be cooler during the summer then it would be in a typical diesel-powered bus. there's also improved safety because there's a bus peripheral monitoring system. this has eight high-definition cameras fitted inside and outside the vehicle, detects pedestrians, bicycles around the bus, provides a peripheral monitoring function that warns a driver with sound and images. it improves safety. there's also acceleration control within the bus, and so what that allows faster to do does it have much smoother riding experience. there's not the lurching that you would get from like a gear shifting. what they've done is they've tweaked the acceleration to make it very smooth from stops, and so, again, it's safety, the standing fasteners. it also used tiknology to make it easier for passengers with strollers or wheelchairs II on off the bus. it uses a system that detects the guidance line on the road surface and then it uses automatik steering and deceleration to stop the bus within three to six centimeters of clearance from the bus stop, and so it's kind of like parking assist, but for a bus. this bus uses fuel cells derived from Mariah, and it's equipped with a high-capacity external power supply system. so it's got a big battery in it: 9 kilowatt maxim output, electrical supply of 2 and 35 kilowatts. if there's an emergency power need it can still keep going. so it's ten thousand five hundred twenty five millimeters in length, 2490 millimeters and width and three thousand three hundred forty millimeters in height. so it's basically just a bus. the capacity is 79 passengers with 22 seated, 56 standed standing and the driver. there's ten high pressure hydrogen tanks in there. the tank internal volume is 600 liters. it's a nickel metal hydride battery type and this works with an AC motor that has maximum output of 113 kilowatts with by two units and maximum torque of three and 35 Newton meters by two. in other words, it has a hundred and fifty one horsepower and 247 foot-pounds of torque. all right, hopping off the bus is nice flat loading floor. this is quite incredible. it could be the next big thing. so hey, thanks for watching me. she checks out and pick up truck tok comm Facebook, Twitter, Instagram type of pickup truck tok. don't find us. I guarantee it. again, thanks for watching, I'll see you down the road.

Toyota Concept-i Japan Commercial

とって. [音楽] 私は 車です. [音楽] 私は 愛された車です永久 ban, ねえ名どうして人は 私たちを家族のようにを使ってくれるのでしょう? ええっどうして人は命のないものにまで愛を与えてくれるのでしょう? ad. 私は車です. kon 死ぬ. 私は愛された沼です. ni 私はその愛に応えたいと思う車です [音楽] me. これから私たちは つながりあって 一つになることにしました. 7 愛してくれたあなたを愛するために me. [音楽] あなたをまだ見たことがない未来へ連れて行くために. [音楽] me. me [音楽] 私は車です. [音楽] 車から io 持っとっ [音楽]. それがトヨタの挑戦です.