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Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

My Beauty Favorites

[Music],what's up guys,it's cameron here and welcome back to my,channel so in today's video i thought it,would be fun to share all of my,must-have,uh beauty favorite products of mine um i,feel like beauty,has always been a big part of my life,and makeup and glamour,and i don't know i grew up with my mom,being a hair stylist,so she always had tons of beauty,products and i don't know,i love them and i thought this would be,a fun little video to share with you,guys,so right here on my table i have a bunch,of products a bunch of favorites of mine,from skin care,to hair products to tanners,and body washes i just have so much so,we're just gonna dive,right into it and we're gonna start with,my favorite like body care products i,guess we'll start in that section,so i love to self tan um i actually have,like a spray tan machine,um i used to go all the time like before,covid like a few years ago like i would,go,all the time to the tanning salon,because my good friend terry,here in las vegas owned a tanning salon,and he would spray-tan me for like 25,bucks did an amazing job so i would,always get tanned,for like all my different shoots and,stuff that i would do and i still love,to,you know be tan today um i have a planet,fitness membership so i'll use like the,tanning beds,sometimes at the gym i try not to do it,all the time because i know it's bad for,you,the sun and those tanning beds are very,bad for you,um but yeah so i just love to self tan,anyways,so yeah i have a spray tan machine um,and i would like to use that but my,boyfriend really doesn't know how to do,it,all that well um it's it's like an art,it's a skill to like spray tan someone,so,i don't really use it but when i don't,use,my um spray tan machine i just use,um moose tanner and one of my favorites,i just picked this up the other day,this is saint tropez and this one is a,watermelon,flavor it's watermelon infusion and,i think it's really good i'm wearing it,right now um you can probably see have,like a nice,tan going on my other favorite tan that,i recently,found on instagram and i do like is this,brand called,mantan and um it has kind of like a,cologne scent to it which is really cool,uh one thing i like about this one is it,goes on clear and then it kind of gets,darker as,you know you wear it i mean this one,does this too but this one comes out,like bronze so like you kind of know so,days when i like don't want people to,know that i'm like 100 like spray tan,i'll probably use this one more but i do,like this brand it's from australia,um again and that one's called man tan,so,along with tanning my body i like to tan,my face,as well and i just picked this up from,st,tropez as well and this is um natural,what is it it's self tan purity it's,just pretty much like a,face mist that you spray on your face,after you spray tan because,um i wouldn't recommend putting like,actual mousse on your face,i don't know that just doesn't sound,like a good idea to me anyway,um so this is good because you just like,do your body and then you'll spray this,with your face and then i'll tan your,face as well,so moving on with that i love this bali,body,bronzing lotion um my friend actually,gave this to me,and i fell in love with it and i kept,buying it but it's pretty much,just like this bronzing gel it's not,like a,um like a self tanner like it's not like,you leave it on and it makes you tan,like this is like a,formula that washes off so it's nice to,put over your tan,like the next day or like if you're,gonna be wearing like,shorts or like a skirt or maybe a crop,top you can like put it on your,you know your belly or whatever or,wherever you have skin exposed it's,really pretty it just makes the skin so,like bronzed and shimmery,and i really love this stuff,so another body product um is this,tom ford soleil,glitter like bronzing spray and again i,love to put this on when i'm like,um you know wearing shorts or whatever,especially because i have,a new leg tattoo on my thigh so i love,the way this looks over,my tattoo when it's like moisturized and,it makes the tattoo like all glittery,and pretty,so i really love this stuff um the smell,is really good too i love the fragrance,like this is like,i love tom ford scents they smell so,good,um but there are dupes to this i know,like there's so many you can find some,at the drugstore,um i feel like i saw one on,the anastasia like counter at sephora,the other day so they might have one but,yeah you don't have to get this one,because again this one's very like,pricey i think i purchased one,this one like half off from one of my,friends that was like getting rid of it,so that's why i have it,um i probably wouldn't buy it again i,love it but it is like very expensive,like for what it is you know what i mean,so next body care product,is nair and i love nair,because um i find,that it's very hard to wax my booty home,or not wax my booty hole i find that,it's very hard to,shave my booty hole i don't know why,like i just i,always like every time i just try to,shave it i need to like cut myself,or like i just miss tons of hair like,shaving down,in that region is very hard and i would,prefer to get waxed,but i don't know i just don't feel like,comfortable all the time going to like a,wax lawn and being like hey wax my,[ __ ] like,you know what i mean but what i find,works best for me and getting rid of my,booty haul hair is nair and this is like,so,old school my boyfriend actually didn't,even know what nair was,um he's like what's what is this he saw,this lotion i'm all no that is not,lotion do not put that on your skin,um but nair is just like this cream it's,like a hair remover,um you like put it on for like a minimum,of like 10 minutes,depending on how thick your hair is and,then you just kind of wipe it or rinse,it off and it like takes off your hair,the only thing um you got to be careful,with is that,it does burn so you can't leave it they,say to leave it on for three minutes and,if it doesn't do anything then leave it,on you know for a few more minutes but,the minimum is 10.,i've left this on for like four or five,minutes and it definitely has burned my,butthole,so you got to be careful with this but,it does work,um i think that this is the best way to,get rid of hair,down there so thank you,so the next body care product is this,body wash that i just picked,up i used to use like dove soap for like,the longest time like just the regular,dove white bottle blue cap,like dove like been around for years i,used that for so many years,and then i started buying like more girl,scents but then recently,i really fell in love with like men,scents and i found this brand,this is from the brand creamo or cremo,i'm not too sure,you can find it in the men's aisle at,target this is um they're all seasoned,body watch,silver water and birch a clean crisp,scent with notes of forest moss lavender,and white,birch okay oh but girl it smells so good,like even if you're just at target like,pick this up just to smell it like,oh my god it smells so good i actually,bought like two other scents because i,fell in love with it,and i also notiked too that like you,only need like a little bit like you,just put a little bit like on your,loofah and it really,like lathers really well um so me and my,boyfriend have been obsessed with this,um yeah i love these definitely would,recommend this,okay so next i think we're gonna move on,to,more hair products and four well first,we'll start off with the color of my,hair so,i usually keep my hair blonde for the,most of the time but if i'm gonna dye my,hair,like for my birthday i had it purple,i've had it like blue i've dyed my hair,so many colors that's the fun part about,having short hair is your you know you,can do stuff like that you know you can,color your hair often like,i felt like when i had really long hair,like i was always scared to like color,it because i just like didn't want to,damage it and at least with this like if,you damage it you just,like cut it again yo

Thumbs Up Wine Review: 2008 Santini Nerelo del Bastardo, Two Thumbs Up

well so often so many times you get,bottles from foreign countries they're,all they're almost always are from,France or Italy some other places too,we're in Garrett come back to this,bottle because this is you just got to,see this one more time you see this,bottle actually comes in and then back,out it's got this nice big crest thing,going on very fancy killer label and get,top and bottom just really really nice,job overall and guess what usually when,you're paying something not too much,money for a bottle of wine what they're,really doing is trying to fool you their,window dressing that thing hoping that,you're going to go oh this is going to,impress my friends and I'm going to look,really good and you hand that bottle off,or you open it for four people and it,usually isn't very good and a lot of,times it just flat out sucks not the,case here this is I mean this is so rare,that you have a bottle that is,completely beautiful spent money on the,whole package and yet it's great it's,not just great it's actually fine one,the 2008 Santini from Italy than narela,del Bastardo Joe it's unbelievable I,just gotta tell you it's eight dollars,this is an eight dollar wine and it is,one of the absolute best eight dollar,wise you will ever buy I spine this wine,it is great i'm crazy about this wine,the aroma is on this one you've got hard,Henry fruit in here a little note of,something like pepper or something it's,clean inviting and when you taste the,rich flavors what happens listen it's,really truly fine wine it's plum it's,just a beautiful beautiful raise and now,a lot of people say oh I don't want,raisin no you do want raisin in this,case it's really nice blackberry,blueberry espresso giving this there's,full two layers of flavor sitting in,this wine there's a both the juiciness,and in elegance to this wine and I'm,just telling you you know no Matt we're,toking about this value Y value and I'm,going to take one more second to tell,you this Noel Odell Bastardo is actually,high-end grapes that,the Italian government cuts off how much,you can make of a certain type of wine,and so they're just stuck with a bunch,of high-end grapes that they can't,charge more money for now it doesn't,work out every year but the this is,clearly clearly high in grapes okay I'm,aired out this year because that that,just made its way into this box and it,is unbelievably delicious the Italians,oh my god right here that's what you're,looking for for eight bucks everyone,everyone will be thrilled let me tell,you there's a little bit of Palmer that,gives it some dimension pepper yeah it's,multi-layered it's delicious and let me,is no way this is a button no way no,real value of this wine is twenty-five,dollars and let me tell add something to,it I've tasted I've been to Italy all,over the place in Italy and I've tasted,hundred dollar bottles of wine that,reminded me of this hundred dollar,bottles of wine for sure its butt so,we've raided the value the real value 25,bucks and it is a safe $25 all day yeah,and that's why it is an almost triple,your money oh it's more than triple your,money it's a more than triple your money,deal safest $25 value probably we've,ever given I think we were exceptionally,safe an eight dollar 125 dollar value,crazy huge two thumbs up to the 2008,Santini nirelle Oh Dell best are we,gonna get them Italy try this one get it,and try it Google luck,I will not be

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9-11-2022 Sunday Night AstroLive -- 911 - Astrotheology - The Queen - Jesus & Christopher Knowles

ugh,[Music],[Applause],[Music],here we go it would help if i open up my,mic right okay that always helps um,so welcome to sunday night astro live,we're here with christopher knowles,who is a friend of the show and our last,time together,was uh really great and uh we learned,more about christopher and,um a lot of the a lot of the uh,symbolism and um,his inner life and the outer life and uh,where the twain meet,and he had mentioned that he had a,really smashing,presentation on the astro theology of 9,11.,and i approached him um late this week,and asked if he wanted to be on,tonight's show,and he had another commitment there was,a cancellation and the gods intervened,and the window opened and here we are so,i want to thank you personally for,making time to be here and be with us,to break this down but before we do that,i want to share your background a little,bit here,with folks,so this is uh from amazon,and these are all of the books that you,have written,uh he will live up in the sky the secret,history of rock and roll,the endless american midnight which i,believe is your latest work,um our gods were spandex you have an,x-files book that's pretty pricey is,that still in print,i,don't think so don't think so,uh clash city showdown,and you are a huge clash fan and we,toked about that,uh one day on twitter,and then halo and angel's story did i,miss anything,i think that covers it,okay and of course you are the author,of the secret sun blog,i'm just laughing looking at that,picture the picture is like so old,i know you look you you look,like the wild-eyed and slightly innocent,youth there,and now now you're an elder you're,you're a graybeard elder graybeard yeah,yeah,so,here's a question for you where were you,on 911 2001,well that's a great question um i was in,bed and i was supposed to be in lower,manhattan that day um i was working for,a company called mediaworks on lafayette,street,and i was pretty much in new york every,day,during the months of august in september,because a friend of mine who lived right,across the street from the,world trade center on south end avenue,we were working on a screenplay together,so i was in new york like literally,every day for like six weeks,uh and then i wasn't that day it's i,don't remember like why i wasn't if i,had the day off or that i think what it,was is like i was working on this um,i think it was like a commercial or some,sort of promotional video or something,and the director wasn't in that day so i,had the day off,and uh it was just freaky because like,i mean i can still feel the cold,on my skin from uh world tr the old,world trade center path station,uh just i was just in there all the time,and it's just such such a freaky thing,because it's such an important part of,my psychogeography and on the weekends i,take the ferry in,you know um,so i was home,after like six weeks of being in new,york every day right like on lafayette,street like,because what i would do is i'd get off,the world trade center path station and,i'd take i think i took the sea of the e,up to uh like prince street,took to lafayette street and um,it was just,so bizarre,soaps are,shocking you know,right,let me ask you a question um,people,you know remember where they were 9 11.,but do you know,what you were doing and what you were,experiencing on 910,in the lead up to 911 do you have any,any any recollection of that,yeah i was in new york,so i love the out street you're there,working late i think i worked like eight,or nine that night,yeah um,and and it's funny too because the,director that i was working on that that,commercial with i was also storyboarding,a short film for him so it's just like,that was my world you know,and uh,you know just to watch that whole,experience unfold,it was really freaky and like a sh you,know a bunch of people from around here,died i think uh 17 people from my little,town here died my son's football coach,died uh his best friend's father's,died,so it was,it was just really,horrible and surreal and the other,freaky thing too is the guy used to live,next door to me was one of these uh he,was a bagpiper,so he'd do all the um,like funerals for firemen and stuff,and he was out there every damn day,practiking for like two months,you know practiking the bagpipes so that,was just,and that's a very uncanny sound when you,hear that in person you know i mean it's,one thing to hear recordings but to hear,it like sort of echoing through your,neighborhood is very unsettling,so yeah it was it really hit home uh you,know this this friend that i referred to,um,he and his wife were walking through the,plaza,when that all went down and um,they got separated,and it was like one of these kind of,classic stories where they got separated,they each had a baby stroller with them,and um somebody just,appeared out of nowhere grabbed his wife,and and you know that one of their,daughters and carried them out of the uh,out of the plaza and she never saw who,it was you know sarah's face,you know,but she you know,he he had a,he,he had a very long recovery from that,experience uh,it was very traumatik to him luckily,they had a house on fire island so like,they could go stay out there,while all this stuff was going down but,yeah yeah it's just crazy it's really,crazy how did your son deal with that,i don't even remember to be honest with,you yeah um i have two sons i have two,sons and a daughter so um,i don't remember,uh,but it's interesting too because at this,around that same time i got a 56k modem,i got a new um i got a new imac you know,with those first,you know candy-colored imx,and it had a um 56k modem so i thought i,was like,you know on the concord or something,right yeah this is like a rocket ship,and that's also when um,i think google had just split off from,yahoo,and that's when google was good that's,when google actually used to give you,results rather than 10 10 pages of,advertising right um,right,so,i um it you know that period like,everything that i do now really kind of,comes out of that period um you know it,was like a very long learning curve but,everything i do in the secret sun grew,out of that,experience um,you know because any and don't forget,that that soon after that were the,anthrax attacks right and then the dc,sniper,oh the dc sniper,yeah there's a lot of uh crazy kind of,things going on,and and actually um the letters the uh,the letters that some of the letters,that went out were addressed from a,school in greenbrick which isn't too far,from here so,it was just it was very apocalyptik you,know it's a very apocalyptik kind of,feeling,and it's very hard to,understand,21 years out and i can't believe it's 21,years i mean 21 years is definitely not,what it used to be,but um,yeah it was really uh,traumatik yeah in 21 years 21 years,we've come to the end of the major,arcana look who's here,oh,yeah this is my uh,my familiar jasper he's really the star,of the show,you know,they come for me and they hang out for,jasper oh i can i can see why it looks,like a cougar yeah he kind of blends it,with my shirt tonight i think where he,decided to dress together so 21 21 years,that is the end of the major arcana,right this would be,the world card,in that 21-year cycle,so that would put us back to next year,22,ground zero,which would be the full right which is,the zero card and the major arcana so,this is this is an interesting year,to come to that and then we have the,inverse of 21 which is 12. and of course,we have the 12 houses of the zodiac,which are referenced in that um,you know the other weird thing too is,that you know,i was doing a lot of work in new york,and this is really before,everything was done online,and so i was going in and out of new,york even then and it was just so,surreal to just,go to the hoboken path station just look,across the hudson and just see that,thing was burning for like two months,um,i you know it's you toked about the,classroom i'm seeing joe stremmer,uh,about a month afterwards at irving plaza,this

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Fall Movie BOLO's for Reselling on Ebay Etsy from 2DogsDigs

okay well hey everyone that dog here now,I'm gonna restart like it the other part,didn't happen welcome to two dogs digs,to our Wednesday night hall pass tonight,we're gonna take you to the movies with,bad dog and good dog,let me just say hi to everybody so I got,the I see Jim Sharon who's just in the,process she's moved so she has no,furniture Lisa hey Lisa I got MC stuff,on this for sure for you,Randall Jessie Diana yeah I Anna she's,back from vacation Andrew Mandy oh hey,Paul Tina Jim Matt Brenda oh they did,childhood I can't remember who that is,Laura hey Laura and I'm assuming Anissa,and Greg who I know is watching on,Sharon so I got her air mattress,cuz everything in her house is set for,selling it it's all set dressed for,selling and so she has no furniture,until she does so what see this is at,least pop culture E its Boba Fett and,he's part of the movies and today we're,gonna tok to you a little more serious,note we're not gonna do anything about,the hall pass so our Hall Pass is,actually gonna be all about pop culture,and bolos so a Michael so it's and I,think I said Tina so this is what we're,gonna do we're gonna actually take you,through our presentation to look at pop,culture for the movies now there's all,sorts of different kinds of pop culture,and one of the things that we actually,toked to a few people about was they,didn't know is we had some people who,didn't know what a bolo was so we've got,new people in the group or new people,who might be watching on YouTube so to,make sure everyone understands a bolo is,a be on the lookout but we're also going,to tok to you about something a little,different today which is a bolo a now,because we're Canadian you can think,about it as being a bolo a spelt DOL o8,or you can think about it as bolo either,one of them works for us,since we are Canadian and we will tell,you what it actually means when it gets,to it in a couple of slides so we built,these slides for you to take you through,stuff so first off let's tok about,literally pop culture as a whole so pop,culture as a whole is everything that's,out there so you can saw my little,YouTube live you'll my facebook live,beforehand it's it's can be sports it,can be TV movies music books gaming it's,anything that's in the zeitgeist,anything that gets toked about who's,ice diced if here's my word with a,calendar,it means I'm of the moment thank you I,just yeah I kind of meant but I didn't,know a dictionary definition of it thank,you for pointing that one so what we,want you to do is think about watching,for trends in pop culture when you're,outsourcing because there's a lot of,stuff out there that sort of is cyclical,and comes back and hits again and in,fact you'll see with some of this stuff,in the movies it is all about what,everything old is new again,so what let's start right at the,beginning it's a very fine place to,start if I quit clicking on the wrong,thing and I keep clicking out of stream,yards so I've got these two little I,have these two little buttons in the,bottom here that tell me to go from one,thing to another and every time I go to,want to click on the other it's the,first time I'm using so I keep closing,it so pardon me if we have a couple of,little glitches in there so we toked we,said pop culture is everything the first,movie we're going to tok about for you,is Playmobil and yes it's actually,finally getting the iconic movie is,getting its own toy or a comic toy line,is getting its own movie so what we've,done for you on this is we've taken a,look at this as a movie and taking a,look at a number of different things to,give you an idea on what is actually out,there in eBay Etsy and even in Amazon so,with Playmobil if you go to look up,Playmobil on Amazon or on eBay you will,see there's over 18,000 live lists,right now of Playmobil there are over a,thousand listings even on Etsy and the,reason there's when you look on Etsy,it's because there's older items since,Playmobil has been around for a really,long time and if you look at eBay,completed and sold because live doesn't,necessarily mean the only thing to look,at there's 8941 completed and six,thousand five hundred and eighty two,sold as of August 14th works out as a,75% sell through so from our standpoint,that's really good is when we look for,something especially when they've got,good numbers in the thousands we look at,something like that and we go WOW,seventy-five percent sell through it,starts to let us take a look at a better,analysis as to whether it's something,worthwhile so what could be worthwhile,in the world of Play 'mobile well I,don't think I make this any bigger no I,can't really what we've got on here is,some of the things that are up there so,in Playmobil some stuff goes for big big,money so look for anything from single,baggy fines as we call them it's like,part of the baggy wall Hall to open or,even mint-in-box items especially with a,75% sell through you can see in the,bottom corner here we've got the we've,got the Playmobil firetruck went for 18,bucks that's the kind of thing you at,ease five bids you'd easily find that,inside a baggy wall a Victorian dining,room 18 dollars four pieces two cats or,two foxes for five bucks so think about,those when you're looking at the baggy,wall but also look at the bigger things,there's a Victorian mansion we saw a,number of these that have sold and,they're selling in the $400 range which,is a great return if you can find,something like that and Playmobil,doesn't have the same cachet as Lego,does so some people who have Playmobil,don't really know what they're did what,they got so you've got a better,opportunity to find that at flea markets,estate sales and things like that one of,the things to remember especially with,the way eBay is working right now is,when you're gonna go on here make sure,you use the featured refinements as much,as you can because people are going to,be looking at that,for the details and may they may only,click on playing the real vintage or,Playmobil house and that's what they,could be looking at so I want you to,admit remember when you're filling out,these things that you actually use the,forms the best possible way and they,come from the item specific out there in,the item specific section when you're,building any of the ads for P Bay but,also consider that you use those if,you're putting your ad on Etsy or even,if your listing something on Amazon,because they they do have these on,Amazon's Diane is right though the,thrift stores don't seem to know with,Playmobil that they have good money in,them we have bought a lot of stuff from,thrift stores we probably bought thrift,stores for Playmobil antique malls and,actually one of the big places you can,find a lot of time you can find,Playmobil know at t.j.maxx Marshalls and,winners in that come in there some toy,section especially after Christmas,though they get year old items so keep,your eyes open in there because they,will actually be putting out probably in,the next couple of months two or three,year old sets that are coming in to,those that group the the t.j.maxx group,so it could be in Canada could be in,winners or Marshalls and the US could be,Marshalls or TJ Maxx keep a look at,those sort of things and even you might,even find them in places like Big Lots,or Tuesday morning or any of those off,Brants sort of resale places even keep,your eyes open on walmart.com or for,anything that's on sale like that so,it's again they drop really far really,fast,with prices because people just don't,know enough about them so you could have,some really great stuff in there so,let's go to number two number two it is,the year of mr. King mr. King is king,this fall so as most many of you know,even though I strongly strongly hate,clowns,hate clowns and one of the reasons I,think I probably hate clowns is the,as of Pennywise it chapter to its,release date is September 6 so I want,you to keep an eye out for that for,anything with evolving yet now there's a,couple of th