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transfer ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads


Halo, assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh, semangat pagi tim Oke ketemu lagi dengan saya. memohon: Yudi file time Eco racing. oke, kali ini saya mau demokan tentang cara pengambilan nomor rekening tujuan transfer ke Facebook atau isi saldo akun iklan kita, Facebook kita untuk kita iklankan. seperti itu, ya, sebelum pembuatan iklan kan harusnya Kita udah isi saldo dulu agar iklan kita langsung ditinjau dan bisa diaktifkan sama pihak Facebook. oke, di sini ada dua cara untuk pengambilan nomor rekening tujuan transfer. nanti saya demokan caranya satu persatu untuk temen-temen. silahkan nanti mau ambil atau mau pakai cat yang mana. Nah, tetep, kita tujuannya sama: ambil nomor rekening tujuan transfer ke Facebook ke akun kita. namun caranya ini ada dua. Hai, ada dua cara seperti itu yang Oke, untuk langkah pertama kita masuk ke iklan. nah, pastinya teman-teman udah punya aplikasi iklan ini. ya, ini kita untuk pengambilan nomor rekening tujuan transfer nya hanya lewat Android aja. ya, oke, pertama kita masuk ke akun iklan, masuk ke aplikasi iklan, Maksudnya ya, oke, setelah kita masuk seperti ini: Nah, di sini kita nah garis tiga, maksudnya garis tiga pojok kiri atas, lalu pilih pembayaran. Nah, setelah pilih pembayaran, di sini ada tambahkan dana. Oke, kita klik tambahkan dana. Oke, kita masukkan nominal yang mau kita transfer, kan 200.000, seperti itu. ya, Hai, ndak pakai titik atau koma, juga enggak, papa, anak, kita disini menggunakan bank transfer, ya, temen-temen, ya, kalau mau pakai kartu debit atau kartu kredit, Nat, seperti ini, nanti, itu caranya, nanti ada. silahkan dilihat di abadi videonya udah saya buat untuk cara menanam kartu debit atau kartu kreditnya. kita ini menggunakan bank transfer Yang, Oke, kita pilih ini, pilih banget Transfer disini. setelah pilih bank transfer disini, pilih tambahkan dana, ya, Pilih tambahkan dana. Hai, Oh, ya, maaf, nih, ini, oh, kebanyakan 0-nya, ya, maaf, hahaha, kebanyakan, dia, oke, ada enam tadi. oke. setelah pilih bank transfer, kita pilih tambahkan dana. nah, disini akan ada bank transfer lainnya. artinya, temen-temen mau pakai bank transfer, apa, kalau misalkan temen-temen pakai BNI atau pakai Mobile Banking BNI atau mobil m-banking Mandiri, Nah, kalau disini saya bercontoh kan ke bank lain, artinya di selain ya, Nah, ke bank lain, ini bisa pakai Bank Permata atau bisa pakai bank lainnya. Oke, setelah itu, nah, Disini di bagian kolom prize name ini: Hai, temen-temen, masukkan aja dengan nama akun Facebook. temen-temen, ini hanya sebuah penamaan aja, ya, coba pakai nama saya juga, ya, oke, selain itu, kita pilih lanjutkan. oke, ini, temen-temen, ya, Nah, ini nomor, nomor rekening tujuan transfer atau nomor tujuan transfer untuk isi saldo kita ke akun Facebook kita, seperti itu ya, Nah, di sini banknya ini Bank Permata, bisa temen-temen pakai untuk transfernya bisa pakai langsung ke ATM atau transfer ke BRI link atau ke lewat aplikasi dana, lewat Ovo. bisa ya, banyak caranya. naslaa, ini temen-temen tulis atau salin nomor rekening tujuan transfer ini. Nah, di sini untuk nomor rekening tujuan ini, ini pegunaan nya Hanya satu kali under aja. jadi nanti, kalau misalkan saldo temen-temen habis, lalu temen-temen mau mau isi saldo lagi, orderkan ulang. artinya jangan pakai ini lagi, karena ini hanya satu kali berlaku, hanya satu kali seperti itu. Nah, di sini juga ada batasan waktunya, ada batasan waktunya. kalau misalkan udah lewat dari waktu yang ditentukan, artinya udah nggak bisa melakukan isi saldo, caranya harus kita order ulang lagi seperti tadi. ya, oke, itu untuk langkah yang pertama, untuk cara pengisian saldo lewat aplikasi iklan, yang lewat aplikasi iklan. lalu, cara yang kedua, kita masuk ke akun admanager kita atau ke akun iklan kita seperti itu: ya, oke, oke, kita masuk Google chroom di sini, ya, untuk melangkah kado untuk langkah yang kedua, masuk ke Google Chrome. Oke, setelah tampilannya seperti ini, kita rubah dulu tampilannya ke situs desktop. ya, Pilih titik tiga, hai, lalu yang situs desktopnya ini dicentang. ya, tadi ceklis. ya, oke, udah tampilan seperti ini: kita masuk ke Facebook, Facebook kita, ya, Facebook kita, yang mau kita isi saldo atau yang mau kita iklankan yang kita disini, Tuliskan aja facebookcom dan Oke, facebookcom. Oke, setelah tampilannya seperti ini: ya, setelah kita masuk ke Facebook, ke Facebooknya yang mau kita iklankan atau mau yang type C saldo, Nah, setelah ini, temen-temen, kita masuk ke akun iklan kita. ya, Pilih garis tiga, ini yang ada di tengah, ini lebih garis tiga. Lalu kita masuk ke akun iklan: ya, Oke, kita cari dulu untuk pengelola iklan di sini. ya, masuk ke pengelola iklan. Oke, setelah masuk ke pengelola iklan, cuma untuk pembuatan iklannya, juga sama seperti ini. ya, sama seperti ini, termasuk ke Google Chrome, masuk ke pengelola iklan. sebelumnya tampilannya udah dirubah dulu ke situs desktop. ya, ke Tunggu dulu ya, untuk masuk ke pengelola iklannya. hai, hai, Hai, nah, disini, temen-temen. nah, setelah masuk, seperti ini, setelah masuk ke pengelola iklannya atau ke akun iklannya, nah, disini, temen-temen, pilih ini, pilih garis tiga, pilih garis 3A yang ada dipojok kiri atas di sini, ya, keris tiga. Nah, update, ini bisa diperkecil, bisa diperbesar yang untuk layarnya, kalau misalkan kurang kelihatan, bisa diperbesar- dan pilih garis, jika ini Oke. setelah pilih garis jigana, tampil di menu tagihan, e-cash. lah, masuk ke pengaturan pembayaran. hadits ini ada: tambahkan dana, tambahkan dana. sama. ya, kita ambil nomor rekening tujuan transfer ke antarbank, namun tujuannya sama, caranya yang berbeda seperti itu. nanti, di yang tadi bantuan, dia pakai aplikasi iklan itu kadang-kadang suka Enggak connect. temen-temen, nanti kalau misalkan diaplikasikan Nggak connect, kita bisa pakai cara ini, seperti itu. ya, Nah, sama, ya, kita masukkan nominal, juga disini, nominalnya bahkan 200.000. Oke, setelah ini kita pilih bank transfer. ya, bang transfer. Setelah itu kita pilih tambahkan, danna-sama, tetap kayak yang ngaca yang diawal tadi, untuk di sininya. Ya, kita pilih bank lainnya lalu pilih selanjutnya. hai, oke, setelah tampilannya seperti ini, kita masukkan nama. ya, Masukkan nama, mau dimasukkan nama, pakaian, nama akun Facebook kita atau nama lain, karena ini hanya sebuah penamaan aja. oke, setelah kita masukkan nama di sini, ya, lalu kita pilih lanjutkan. Hai, nah, ini, temen-temen, nah, ini ya, sama kayak tadi. ya, kita untuk apa? hanya tujuan? sama, untuk ambil nomor rekening tujuan transfer ini ke Facebook atau akun Facebook. kita, cuma caranya yang berbeda. nah, ini, nah, nomor, ini nomor rekening tujuan transfer, ini kita salin, kita salin atau tulis. ya, kita salin, seperti yang tadi yang di awal kita saling notulis, baru dah disalin, naik, udah, kita tinggal melakukan pembayaran atau melakukan transfer. Bisa pakai aplikasi dana Oppo atau langsung ke transfer, ke BRI link, namun tetap nanti, temen-temen, perhatikan atas nama penerimanya, itu atas nama akun Facebook, teman-teman masing-masing. ya, seperti itu, karena kita akan isi saldonya ke akun Facebook kita seperti itu. hai, oke, teman-teman, hanya itu, ya, Eh, untuk cara pengambilan nomor rekening tujuan transfer ke Facebook atau untuk cara isi saldo ke akun Facebook kita. semoga bermanfaat, Salam sukses. gue berkah noriba. Wassalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh, ya, hai, hai, hai, hai [Musik].

Transfer Ownership of Google Ads - Thursday's Live Q&A

what's going on everyone? welcome back to thursday's live q a with me, your host, lior bakken, and, for those of you who don't know, every thursday we meet here either on our youtube channel, uh yourvaccine, or on our private facebook group, home service, business marketing lsm network, which basically brings out all the information that you need and want to learn how to generate leads yourself for your business. and today what we're going to tok and what we're going to discuss is how you can transfer ownership of google ads account to yourself, even if you don't have access to it. now this is an actual scenario that happened this week with a client of mine in my program, local service mastery, where the guy was working with a marketing agency consultant. i don't know how he- how he- described himself, but in any case, this guy was owning the google ads account and allowed the client of mine, allowed the business owner, just a regular access to the account, meaning that he's not an admin. this is not his account. now, once people join my program, that the reason why business owners join my program is in order to be free of marketing agencies, meaning they want to take control. they don't want to have all their eggs in one basket, did not even their basket. so he didn't want to trust this guy anymore. he wanted to take control. he wanted to do the things themselves because in the long term he wanted to cut costs, but also he wanted to basically have full control over his campaigns. so when he reached out to the guy saying, hey, listen, thank you so much for your hard work. i want to take control over from now. i need you to transfer the ownership of the google ads to me. the guy started throwing out excuses, saying, yeah, i can do this. this might hurt my account, and so on and so forth. start giving excuses of why he won't be able to do it now. initially, when the client told me, i told him: listen, you have to fight for it, this is one of the most important assets in your business. and he was kind of hesitant and he was like he even considered at one point he considered just creating a whole new company, new domain, new everything, just because it was being hostage by this marketing agency or consultant. and so, after you know some toks, i explained to him that this is not, you know, the end of it, and it's very easy to basically regain access and regain control over your account. and so what do you have to do? and for those of you who are struggling with something similar, first thing, don't give up. okay, this is the most important part. don't give up. don't just say, okay, i can't do anything, and then go on the long route. no, first thing, you need to go and content google ads support team. okay, once you do that, what they'll guide you is they'll basically give you some tasks to do. what they gave my client was: they told him: listen, you need to create a certain text file on your server. that way, we can basically identify and verify that this domain and this and this website is actually yours. so he did this, he went through the process and once he was done, they were able to bypass this agency and basically got him his account back. all right. so this is super, super important for anyone who's struggling with it, and i hope you understand that you must like. it's not even a question of whether you want it or not, it's a must. it's like giving away the keys to your business to someone else and asking him every time: you want to open shop, hey, can you please come in and open my store for me? this doesn't make any sense right. so this is the equivalent in the online world. you can't do that. you can have someone else have all control over your account, over your google business profile, over your google ads, over your website, over everything. this needs to be in your control. so i hope you find this here information useful. as always, if you have questions, make sure to leave them down in the comment section below and i'll address them in our live next week. until then, thank you so much for being here. make sure to follow and like my youtube channel or, uh, join our facebook group, and i'm gonna see you here next week. have a blessed one, peace.

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Google Ads Campaigns how to Transfer Campaign from one Account to Another **EASY WAY*

hello, today I'm gonna teach you how to transfer one app campaign from one Google account to another Google ads account. so, yes, you can have multiple Google ads account, as long as you follow policies. so what do you need to go is to download Google ads editor. so Google it and download it from for your PC. after download it, you just install it to your PC, so go to Google ads editor and open it. so great. now, when you opened Google ads editor, you will see here and you will need to download, uh, login with your both accounts: download login with old. my old and my new accounts are. so login. bought a cat bought accounts to this Google ads editor. so after you done that, click on on account and also on Two And click download so to download your data to your your PC. so when you download your data, then just open account. so I just already opened it right. click open, open one. it's already opened, okay, so I will close this window. so on the left side I will put my new account. on the right side I will put my old account. so we need to transfer campaigns from right to left or from left to right. okay, let's do it from left to right, okay, so, uh, uh. so my old account, my old working, it's still working. my campaigns: it's game, it's game, uh, app campaigns, app installs campaigns. this is my new account. so, uh, what do we need to do is just to select campaigns. doesn't matter if if they're running or not, so let's just click, uh, space shooter games, you see, and left control, right click, copy these two campaigns and pass it here. are you sure? yes, yes, you see, now they are, they are running. so, uh, you can control Z and you can. you can uh, just uh redo some changes or you can close it with edit, redo, undo, and you can do that if you, if you're missing something. but you can also do cut. so let's try to cut my campaign, cut from this to this account. so are you sure? yes, now it will be here, deleted, and it will be transferred to this campaign, to this account, so you can do also that. so I will just copy this campaign into my here. this is my space shooter Galaxy, no others based. yes and yes, you'll see, it's pasted and it's running on this account and it's running on my old account. so I can just pause it here if I want to, to just stop it, stop the campaign. so let's do from another. I will hold left control. I will just pick my campaigns that I want to transfer: blah, blah, blah, blah. this is my games, this, this I like. uh, wood blocks. I'll transfer this also. so when you pick, you just right click on it and you just paste it. so I will do right click, copy and I will do here right click and paste. are you sure? yes, I'm sure. okay, now they are running on old and on my new account, so I can. I can also continue to work. I can opposite it so I can do everything I want. so when you do that, you just go to here to check changes and you need to post this. so if you don't post, it won't be live on your website. when you will continue to work. so you just need to click post changes, you'll see all campaigns. okay, I can just post my changes to. if I post it, there's no way back. I'm just copied it into my my Google ads account, so it that just need to take some times and it will be. it will be posted on on your account. it will be live. so you just need to wait some time and and it will be live, so I can also do a pistol campaign from for your, for your app or for your- you see it's live here- or for your game, so I can do also that. so, if you want, you can contact me. uh, so you can have multiple, multiple Google ads account. but you never had multiple uh. you see, now they are copied, they are live. I have multiple ads account on one Gmail address. so everything is under Google policy. so don't have multiple admob accounts. so don't ever do the multi to admob accounts or to AdSense accounts. that is against the policy. so never, never, do, never do multiple admob accounts and AdSense. so you can have multiple Google ads accounts. so that's the recent question you asked me. so, uh, uh, that's all I need to. uh, that's all in this video. if you have any, any questions you can, you can ask in comments. I will answer you very, very soon. so thank you for watching and see you again next time.

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The Gruen Transfer-The Pitch- Support Child Labour

this is the pitch where we make to ad agencies go head-to-head in a challenge to sell the unsellable. the winner receives this environmentally-friendly Gruen trophy. now, with improved fuel economy and no on-road costs. tonight, and matter of national importance, the booming Chinese economy is one string Australian manufacturing. how can we ever compete? we've asked our agencies to come up with an egg campaign to convince the Australian people that what this country needs is the return of child labour. can they do it? please? welcome from the furnace Robert Martin Murphy and for bad partners and Ostrom. okay, Ravi, first was there a light bulb moment for you, yeah, and we thought we'd give Bill Henson a call and see if you had any spares. then we thought: now that might not work. so we thought, well, come on, I think, child labor. you got to convince the parents that they need to enlist their kids into the workforce. so that's the kind of angle we went with. uh-oh, let's have a look at your ad. this is Raj from Nepal. Raj is only ten years old. every day, he and thousands of other children work in a factory for 12 hours straight making shirts, jeans and running shoes, which makes you wonder: why is Raj from Nepal doing a job that Hugo from Melbourne could be doing support child labor. you never quite heard them all. right, Andrew, what was your thinking on the subject? like this, child labor, children. I approached the Yoda of truth when it comes to children, that's my mother. um, I said, mom, where should we go? and she said you must go to evil. all children are evil. so off we went. well, I want to say this: hello, what's up, dude, not right now. okay, let's be shriek in the park. insisted we could abuse a substance, automated gateway drug. I'm not in the mood. I wanna catch an STD, maybe still car. or you got a teen pregnancy. hmm, what do you want to do, dude? do first close panel. what do we do, Russell? well, I love the tone of voice in Rob's campaign, the sincere tone of voice and that targeting in both of them of the parents. that's the obvious thing to do, just to keep the kids out, because, uh, of course, the idea that children are lazy and they need to get on with their job, I think is absolutely bang-on. look, I am going to go with with Rob's. I just think that the tone of voice there was fantastik. alright, Jane, what did you think? yeah, I agree with Russell a little. both fantastik and I, as a parent of teenagers, thoroughly enjoyed watching every minute of both of them. um, but a little bit of work won't hurt them. I'm taking that home with me tonight. I'll give it to that one. alright, Matt, what do you think? yeah, look, I'm a big fan of anything that endorses Australia and keeps jobs at home, so I think that was great. but, um, you know, as someone who drives an expensive car in advertising, I don't want rocks thrown at me from bridges, so I'm gonna support ad partners. I think of spot-on more. I hire them out or I taught this mate, Todd, this makes you almost the casting vote tonight. I reckon, yeah, what do you? what do you think? I think they're both brilliantly distasteful and I I like the first one. alright, well, inside the first one, it is tonight, Rob, congratulations to you on the phone. this elegant trophy handmade by sweatshop for nine-year-olds.

Setting up Google Ads Transfer Service for BigQuery

this is a quick video about how to set up Google Ads sync in your big query cluster. so if you have a look here, I have logged into bigquery and you can get this link basically by going to this URL: console, cloud, Google com, bigquery. first thing to remember is you have to be part of the right project, so you will have. you can create a new project if you need to. otherwise you will have to choose the correct project, otherwise you be enabling goo the sync on the wrong project. so make sure you get that right. if you need more understanding of how the Google cloud platform console works, there's plenty of videos explaining how it all works, but assuming that you have some basic knowledge, coming to bigquery and you want to click on this- transfers. now, when you click on that, you see one of two things. if you have not enabled transfers, you're gonna come here and it's gonna give you this partikular screen where you have to enable the API. you see here that does say our words: customer customer ID, which cost you two dollars, 50 a month. that is not true as of the 1st of January 2020. so we are now at the end of December, but as of the start of next year, this will be free. actually, all of these will be free because Google has announced they're going to make it all free, which is fantastik. this is partikularly useful for agencies who have lots of accounts. on one client we had, I think it was about 50 accounts or something, and we were paying hundreds of dollars a month to get this data dump, and that's now gone. so that's pretty cool. you should probably read through this and make sure you're happy with it. it's pretty straightforward. all Google services have the exact same experience when you go in and enable a feature, so I'm gonna enable it on this account. that's gonna take a little bit of time to do its thing. actually, let me, let me just see what this does, cuz I've done this for a while. we we're not actually going to enable it on this partikular GCP account, but well, this isn't the one we're going to use, but I just want to see the process so that to do okay and we get to the same screen. that's good. well, we're not going to create it on this partikular one, so we would normally click this button, but we're gonna create it on this one. so let me just go back. this is the account we're gonna create it on so you can go transfers and you will get to this screen if you have already accepted the like, opted in for it. so when do create transfer and we are gonna go Google Ads, formerly Adwords. there are many different ones here and some of them are really useful, partikularly pulling s3 data into bigquery. that's quite good, and then, yeah, there's other ones here, such as migrations and so forth, even from redshift. if you're coming from Amazon now, if we go to do Edwards- so that was it- we're gonna need to fill in some configuration. ok, so we're gonna call this Adwords. actually, let's call it Google Ads. they're burning Google Ads sync. we're gonna do it daily because that's gonna give us daily data. you can go less. I think actually. no, they don't let you. so you can do daily or on-demand. I don't think there's a cost to actually storing the data. I think bigger HR just based on how often, how much data you query, as opposed to what you store. you can check whatever their pricing is, but I just get daily. the data. cost is nothing. it was always the transfer cost: $2 50 per ID. that was a big one for an agency, but that cost is not gonna be gone so check the bigquery costs, but daily. then we've got destination data set. now I don't actually have this data set yet, so that's actually why I had this window open: how to create a new one. so in this partikular account which is going to be corresponding to this one- it's usually what's actually always the top one- you can have a list of all of your accounts that you personally have access to, but the one kind of in scope, the one, the one that you have selected up here, will always be at the top. I do have this data set called Adwords, but that's actually coming from segment Edward, the segment integration, not from the Google ads integration. so I'm gonna create a new data set by clicking on the project here: create data set. we call it Adwords. actually, let me call it Google Ads- the names of these data sets. it does actually matter when you have heaps of them, but I generally find the way I work with it is I create one data set which is a like a rollup and and that contains either copy data or views of data across all the other data sets, and I generally will just give permissions to that one data set, to my team or to a bi tool or something. so I kind of scope it down to a single data set for the access layer, but then the import layer, where all the raw tables are. they tend to sit in different data sets. so the names matter, but they don't matter a huge amount because as long as a few people have an idea of where to find things, that's usually good enough. to start with location, you will probably want to make sure you choose a location that fits within your privacy concerns. so for a lot of people don't want to go in Europe, or you can go in Asia. that's also fun. I'm gonna stik with the default for this one. there's no specific concerns in terms of holding data in different jurisdictions for us, but you may want to consider that location wise. if you are actually doing a fair bit of processing, or actually if you're using any GCP services that are directly accessing bigquery and processing and reading and writing a lot of data, you probably want to make sure those services are polo to co-located where bigquery data is. so if you already know where things are, or if you know where you need them to be in a partikular region, choose a region and be consistent, because it will make a big difference over time in terms of latency between sending bits and bits and bytes between US and Australia and Europe, and so forth. so, ok, we don't need to delete any tables after creation and we can use a Google mage. so we are creating this dataset called Google Ads. now, this one is probably not gonna update- well, that's not. i'm just refresh that screen. so we have created the data set here to do Google Ads. there we go here just behind my head to do it, to do so. now we can jump in here back down to Adwords. we're gonna call Google Ads. that's the transfer name. we can do it daily. this is now gonna be Google ads and now we get to do the customer ID. so the customer ID- and there's one of two options you might want to choose- one is if you are an agency or if you have what we typically call an MCC account- they may have changed the name MCM account or something- basically a master account- you can import that ID and then that you will sync all the sub accounts. or if you only have a single AdWords account, you can just put that idea in. so, to give you an idea, I have a, a parent account here. this is kind of like the Google, what they call it, like an MCN account order- I always forget the term they use- but then from this account then you can add you literally hundreds or thousands, I think, of sub accounts, and this is really common for digital media agencies. so if you are the agency, the idea you want to use is your major account, because that's going to give you everyone all at once- one set up, one sink every day, every account, all the data, really really cool. but in this case I actually won't just want to pull in this one, so I'm gonna grab that one ID for point X and I'm gonna drop that in there. do I want to exclude items or to say what items? I'm gonna say no for this one because I like to know, I like to be able to, in my queries, figure out what is no longer active from the status, not actually have it removed. I didn't know what was removed and then it's gonna be with my head there. so email notifications and pops up, not Dunning this, because it's gonna be every day and I have found this to actually be really, really good, actually the reliability of the, the ad sync. so I am going to go save and when this is done? this is basically all you need to do. I will show you a little.

The Gruen Transfer - Anti Australian Tourism.

now to that agency's battle it out. in a Smackdown contest to sell the unsellable, the winner takes home this Gruen trophy. now with extract of cata free. recently we challenged two agencies that come up with a campaign to make Australians invade New Zealand. tonight it's payback time. we've told tonight's agencies that their client is the New Zealand government and the brief is to create a global ad campaign to stop tourists coming to Australia. taking tonight's test from gray worldwide. please welcome Simon rich and from the glue society that Devine. all right, Simon, you first. where did you start? first of all, we thought about spiders- venomous spiders, poisonous snakes, croc infested waters, cliched. so then we've thought about highlighting the unsavory characters you might meet when you come to Australia. I haven't Alette and tired the back pad of murderers, but he's safely in jail. so then we thought about pets. we should highlight what would happen if you got stuck out in the bush, in, a car broke down or that perhaps your tour guide operator left you at the scene. but in the end we thought the right way to do. it was actually the plan: people's insecurities, after all, when you go on holiday, you really do want to feel good about yourself. all right, let's have a look. Australia is perfect. beautiful beaches stretch for miles and bronze bodies are everywhere. the scenery takes your breath away. as to the locals, but that's grouse cuz. even the air tastes good. it's always sunny in Australia, where every wave is perfect in the surface. seldom BHEL shrimps on the barbie are never overcooked, and when you've finished marveling at the majesty of the national icon, you can fry that up to that. good at everything, from keeping their beer culture dominating the world at sports and, to top it all off, their teeth are all white and skin dangerously golden. let's be honest. you can holiday in a place that reveal you as the pasty average and an adequate kettle class tourists you really are, or you can fly an extra three hours to a place where rustik, carefree locals will worship. here are some kind of mysterious and exotik demigod or New Zealand. it's your choice, bro. all right, Matt, how did you approach the task? well, we went for a pretty different tax. we um wanted to have global domination of um stopping people from coming to Australia, so we went straight for the jugular, pretty much. let's have a look. [Music], [Applause], [Music], [Applause], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Applause]. I don't know how our panel is going to decide this week. they're both absolute crackers, Russell, you first which one? well, I suppose during the course the last ten weeks, we've discussed fear as a great selling tactik, and so therefore, I'm going to go for the guys from the glue Society using fear to get people not to come to Australia. all right, Bridget, what did you think as a New Zealand? oh yeah, this was genius for me. but we're playing on insecurities, which is that it was a brilliant angle when you both did it. but you can argue with how many people die when they come here and every tourist you know reads a little book. oh, it's very safe. you know their chairs in a sec. 22 people water. yeah, you get my vote. Damle reckon. look, I loved the first one, but the logic of it kind of relies on convincing people that Bridget is the ugly one on this panel. so I'm gonna go for number two a because I've never thought of it before and it's really a good benefit. finally, I agree, I thought they're both really good. I thought number two was fantastik. if you keep scaring people because they're going to die, well, there you go, fantastik, congratulations. [Applause].