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transferwise dropshipping

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

No TransferWise? Here's What You Need To Do | Shopify Dropshipping & Branding Dubai Version

transferwise is no more and you have no way to access payments from your stripe account to your transwise and then to your uae bank account. so what are you gonna do? heck, so many people are just stuck just thinking the fact that, hey, we have no option now to even go ahead and have our stripe account if you live here in uae. i'm gonna debunk all of that for you and show you the best alternative to transferwise and the solution that you've been waiting. what is going on, guys? it's fahad here, back with yet another video. in this video, i'm going to show you exactly how you are going to use trance wise- but no, trance wise, it's the alternative of trunks wise- how to create it and how to set it up so that you're able to receive your payments from your clients, your customers, from stripe to the transferwise alternative and then, finally, to your uae bank account. yes, you heard me right. you can use stripe even if you live in uae, and i totally recommend stripe because i'm a big fan of it. i always, always, always recommend stripe. it's not like i get paid by them for anything or if i'm an affiliate. no, i'm not their affiliate, just a true fan that truly likes stripe. over all the other payment gateways over here locally in uae and elsewhere, stripe is by far the number one for a reason. check out my previous youtube videos toking about why you should be working with stripe and stripe only. so what is transwise? transferwise is essentially a virtual bank account that you are going to connect your stripe with, so that this is your shopify store, this is your stripe that is linked to your shopify store and the payments one they, once they go from stripe, they land to your transferwise account. this is the virtual bank account that you're going to hold your money into and then, from there, you can either pay for to your facebook ads from your transferwise account or you can um withdraw it to your uae bank account. it's very simple, amazing, amazing tool, and you can still use that if you're in uae. i still use transvoice. i live in uae. right, there are ways that you can use trans-wise, but for some that might not be possible. so i do understand that and hence the reason why i'm coming up with with the alternative to transfers, which is pioneer. pioneer pretty much does the exact same thing as trunks wise. however, there are a few pros and cons that i'm going to touch upon in this video today. something that was rolled out late last year was that on 22nd of february 2021, transferwise operation will be no more in uae if you use your e physical address to use transwise. okay, there's a catch here, right? if you use the physical address of uae to register your trans-wise, then there is no transverse. you cannot use france-wise, however, if you live in uae and you have an address of united states or canada or uk and any of these tier one countries and you put the address of those countries insurance wise, and even if you live here in uae, you can still use france wise, don't get me wrong. all right, so you don't have to move from trunks wise to peony, because when it comes to having virtual bank accounts, trustwise is the number one, just like how stripe is the number one in payment gateways. the same way, what i would recommend to you and something that i use always, i do not even use the alternative also, although alternative is not very bad. don't, don't, don't, um, don't, don't get me wrong there. but trance wise is the number one and i like and i love to be the number one and i like to work with the number ones. all right, nonetheless, in this one, i'm going to show you how to set up your own payoneer bank account. so here it goes, guys. this is payoneer. so, as soon as you were to come to payoneer, make sure to click on a register button at the top, which i just did, and this is where you're going to land. let's find the right account for your needs. superb, i am. uh, whatever you are right. individual, online seller, freelancer. for this one, i'm just gonna go with individual. if you, if you are a freelancer, go ahead with freelancer. if you work on, you know, fiverr and stuff like that, if you're an online seller, please go ahead and choose online seller, you know, let's say, if you have your shopify store and you're a, so you're, you're self-employed and a sole proprietor. online seller is good for you. affiliate marketer, vacation rental host- many are not gonna use that. or individual, right, i'm just gonna go with individual for now. um, get paid by international clients or marketplaces. this is what i use most of my pioneer accounts for. you can even use it for send and receive money between friends and family. that is especially if you are, let's say, just a drop shipping supplier, right, yeah? and also, um, if you have a few friends abroad and you want to accept payments cheaply through payoneer, you can do that as well. so get paid internationally. after that, i would go ahead and click on register. so here it goes. right, my business isn't registered. i would want you to register the business delaware llc. that's the only way that you're going to have your stripe account, um, because now you have the delivery llc, then you have the ein, which is the employer identification number, and then, on, based off of that, you have your stripe account and then, based off of that, you're going to have your payoneer account. right? if you want stripe, you need payoneer. so you will definitely need delaware llc. and if you have delivered llc, then go with the option of company right here. okay, so um company name. in my case i'm just gonna put- oh, i misspelled my own name, um fahad capital. all right, um, let's say that's the name of my company. i'm gonna choose a limited liability company llc. company website- it's optional. i try to stay away from anything that's optional nowadays on internet. i try to put as little information as possible because i know the repercussions to it right, being in the online space. so, anything optional, you ain't getting anything. so, first name um of the authorized um representative. i'm just gonna put my name fahad- oh, misspelled it again, horrible. um siraj is my second name. i'm just gonna go ahead with an email address that i have got: fahad at inom marketing [Music] kiddingcom. there you are. by the way, this email is good for you guys. if you have any questions or you want to get in touch with me and my team, please go ahead and shoot me a. shoot me an email on fahadnowmarketingcom. re-enter the email address. just gonna copy paste that and then give my birthday- my birthday is 1998. um june 28th is my birthday- and then go ahead and click on next over here, the company business address. now, if you have a deliver llc, okay, you are going to have your address in united states right now. again, this is only for drop shipping, as you all know. i've already done so many videos toking about this. you're only going to have delivered llc and gonna use deliver llc and use stripe. if you're starting out, then it is. it has to be drop shipping. and if it is drop shipping, it is you are selling the uh audience abroad. okay, don't get me wrong, you might have an existing business and now you need stripe, then you already have a company registered here in uae, you go ahead and register delaware llc, which is going to be chump chain, and then you have your stripe. nonetheless, if you want payoneer, i recommend you to put your delaware llc business address. okay. so, country, united states, state, delaware, and business address. so it is going to be 16192 and this is going to be something which is for all of us who have the, the delaware llc and um 19958, by the way, this is like i said. this is the address for all of us that use delaware llc and it's totally okay. if you use my company is incorporated in a different address. no, um, this is the address now. as far as the mobile number goes, you can use any mobile number. i would suggest you to use the mobile number that you have access to currently so that you're going to receive an otp through which you can confirm and verify this period account that you are creating today. so i have put in my number over her.

How to Accept Online Payments 🤑 Stripe - Paypal - Payoneer - Transferwise [Dropshipping Maroc]

les amis, a dit: voir la vidéo mise à jour dans les ghettos et de paiement, dès les banques virtuelles: paypal, stripe, transfert, rois espagnols qui pêchent, qui ramène, le monde aime et qui sont fournis sur dirk, mise à jour que bear head les mises à jour, très importante à la page d'accès, les canadiens qui prennent les mises à jour, donc les matches, abonné à bon droit et manquera donc les nouveautés que le monde, les paiements des ghettos. et leur a dit: nous les crampes, genou, règles d'accès avec des schémas simples, facilement, alors, manager en un an ce qu'on appelle les portefeuilles virtuels, au delà ce qu'on va appeler des banques virtuelles, domarchi, bancal, cih, non, c'est juste des portefeuilles, mais de toutes les manières, qui répond exactement? elle des banques - dont le statut de banque, à qui raymond radiguet, prix d'inde- ont très facilement des repas spécial k ou la carte nationale. oh, tu peux ouvrir un compte. non, alors, c'est pas un compte, c'est hier, c'est un compte virtuel, portefeuille électronique dont chrysler et l'ont. par la suite, il demeurait: je peux faire ce que tu veux. l'autre avantage des roms, c'est par rapport à nestlé, qui sont nomades, qui a échauffé murray, thaïlande, d'autres pays, c'est à dire qu'il fera qu est ce qu on appelle des gitans moment, mais qui comptent dans la salle, dans quel coin de la possibilité d'échec géographiquement, les canes goal com, la liberté géographique, donc, avec l'aide, les banques, à d'autres transferts lyonnais, reading clic, ce qu'indique une carte que les tikets, momentanément chinoise auprès de l'afp, la carte de crédit, ce qu'on appelle cartes de crédit et cartes de débit des fleuves et guichet automatique, uniquement les portefeuilles virtuels. alors, ils attaquent les avantages et les inconvénients, dire, on est est ce que tu peux faire avec halo. la couleur. alors, premièrement, le plus simple pour leurs errements bayonnais, parce que pioneer, bois faits, dont les radios, avec une carte, c'est l'adresse directe et les murray aurait des cercles. aucune carte guardian, voilà la seule condition. est un ex collègue qui mis à dos la hanche disloquée dans ce coin de dollars contre admis au dollar mardi, vers 10h, l'action stripe, soit tout cela comme une faveur guru, soit complètement mg plateforme, dire la filiation ou les plateformes de le frenchie, activer le cas de la possibilité est radicale, du marquage entre 4,4 et la carte week-end, puisque bon nombre étaient les deux mondes qui au look illimité, aux salaires maquis brûlés et oued, genre bande de terrain, tim thomas à montmarault, maradi, de réfléchir à cette heure-là quantique est normal, parce que la carte, c'est des frais supplémentaires pour actifs qui imprégnera que cette horreur de chicken. donc, ça coûte de l'argent, donc atteint avocats des aides et il est même chiffrée sous le contre. si tu veux obtenir la carte pay naucelle radic, il file vers le conte préféré. le jeu va relier pioneer, hi bred et de gucci, ça coule à rask, ce qui est un peu difficile, généralement pas ce que fera des gaules, quatre assurances qui vont pas accepter. donc, je joue le contre bayonne à droite avec la corse, mais bombardé des reds, a dit, il accusait vraiment 4e sur internet et le martyre 4, ça aura une photo. la deuxième possibilité, il ya tant ce fairway. alors, transfert 3 supérieures en termes de service, le personnel, parce que vraiment, une clientèle, des virements entre compte de votre cercle, ça a beaucoup parlé- ont l'air tranquille dans star wars, tranquille, transparence, farewell. tu peux recevoir des virements bancaires, matière ennemi des clients, et l'inde, l'europe, pour les gérer, leur facilement, qui est râleur que son problème, elle end une banque, mais, à la différence de pioneer et la british, à la limite red bull, qui le méritent et les encaissements. donc, être conscient des critiques, l'option, c'est pour ça que je préfère transfert, loi sur les médias, john, et même fait l'interface, même support. mais j'ai une préférence. pourtant, dans ce far west, le seul défaut est transférée wise avec l'english: transmettre la carte rouge qui, cette horreur, qui l'église, qui n'est une tiknique pour contourner a dégradé air dit: si tu veux la faire, ferrand mac en saxe béant et un excellent terrain, adresse: diel, uk postbox service, postal catch et les fleuves, le hockey 4 à l'adresse. mais attention, ils aiment ce club qui me demandent de justificatifs, larmes, chapeau, bas coûts, les charges parce qu'interdits au mof, les conditions générales de l'homme qui vole comme une casserole boîtes postales du magasin, parce que c'est pas une vraie adresse. il aime jouer au grand public dans des draps, borique, avis, c'est à dire, mais ne l est pas. tu peux le faire si je veux prendre de risques, ou alors qu'il est l'homme seul debout à caraquet thales mises, j'en ai pas. en attendant, j'ai révélé à vie, parce que des médias, l'un d'eux compte bel de compte personnel. donc, vraiment, il faut faire très, très attention, merde, parce que qu'ils m'ont fait que je suis enfant, tu verras des sites de paypal. paypal 300 lots, très simple, très utile, parce que 19, des mots, très sécurisé, fait shui et les frais, et dean martin, quand je reçois l'argent qui co nous aider les frais par rapport à des deux systèmes. la seule différence- libye nominés, dont on me fait ch la carte, manca transactions carte, c'est que paypal gateway. alors je n'ai qu'un ligue et aux doigts, c'est un moyen qui va te permettre d'être payés sur un site médiane, d'un site paypal indien installé, shopi faille diaries ou nassim kilomètres, à l'heure où le produit est christophe paye pas les choses, pas possible. mais ado, ado, c'est juste des portefeuilles virtuels. je n'aurais. non, paypal qui des lords, il a qu'ainsi maintenant je reçois de l'argent, a adapté des drogues pour vérifier ce que généralement les crises africaines fleuve. qui comme une vente de marchandises ou là, une vente de services. il a certes le pas et juste après 4, le remboursement des créances, affichent une transaction. médecins inscrits - freelance, chi logo, le chien, chat virtuel. il peut demander le remboursement indo une durée de 180 jours, ce show off shore, radine, chloé, demandé d'hambourg seulement, très simple, parce que paypal ready protéger le l'acheteur plus que le vendeur. pourquoi? parce qu'il sait que le vendeur, mais tik, de toutes les manières paypal. donc, mettez à jour alors que l'acheteur m'inviter âge, il peut passer par autre chose sans problème. donc, on maradi où l'acheteur. que terme? le vendeur m'a dit: je fais d'abord qui fâchent et militaires les transferts d'argent been, aide les, les trois banques virtuelles, les transferts dans tous les sens, monk et nîmes, quelque certes, mais n'est pas liée aux goodwill, catana justificatifs, et ocz va justifier, il doit faire adhérer les voix que généralement quelconques et ex machina, m'échauffe. le plus important, avec deux mondes de l'internet n'est certain tant que manche d'oxygène qui parlent anglais, de google translate, départ, ou de traduction au trash qui gouverne la team qu'elles constituent cette âme. un support garde les, les banques, un homme des supports chat qui lui manquent d'éclat, mouche qu'il, sans problème pour moi, jo, ils sont par là, mais je prêt à la liste de les continents. là, ils sont là, je serai, de manière légale ou pas, je serai dans, me demandèrent propre, tout simplement parce que qui réaffirme les fraudes? qui sera commune, blanchiment donc leur aide immédiate au winch ii d'éclatement, toucher la plus légale possible. alors, il me que l'écossé 12 la pelouse, mais ne me paye pas vers transfert ways et vert n'est que de 2 kw. assumions les cartels à la transaction. je relis matériel, compte des blouses, des masques, et je fais la transaction. 4, michèle, coiffe, union, ce qui est très peu. une clique aussi 100 vers les banques marocaines, mais ne payent pas de mon transfert. wiseman, pas l'honneur, car c'est à dire les banques marocaines. la commission dialogue loin, car leurs rivaux bayonnais l'ouest. la commission diallo, c'est pas quelque chose d'énorme à la clé, le disait j cardiol. son problème blâme chaque élu. le 1er août alors, dès 22h, la partie guide est alors les ga.

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How To Open A US Virtual Bank Account For Stripe Activation | Shopify Dropshipping (Dubai Edition)

what is up, fam? welcome back to another video. it's fahad here. today we are going to tok about a very spicy topic that literally bothers a lot of you guys. by the way, it is super easy to solve this, so, without further ado, let's dive right in. [Music]. but in regards to setting up your payment gateways, today we are going to tok about transferwise and setting up of transferwise account. if you'd like to see a step-by-step guide, entire, completely from the beginning to the end, of me speaking about how to get your own stripe account, i'm going to leave a link right here at the top for you to take a look and it's going to guide you, like i said, from the beginning to the end. so let's tok transferwise. when do you need transferwise? why do you need transferwise? the reason you need transferwise is because if you were to sign up for your us stripe account, you are required to fill in your us bank account details. i'm guessing if you are not living in usa, you pretty much wouldn't have the us bank account details, and that is when transferwise steps in. if you are an american that has lived in usa and now you have flown down to a foreign country and, um you, you already have that bank account, then you are. then you're pretty much squared away. you can use it no problem at all. but for a lot of people who haven't been to the usa or have been to the usa but don't have a us bank account, this is what they are going to do with transferwise. you gotta take transferwise into account for, essentially, having your stripe account activated. so this is transferwise guys- transferwisecom- i'm going to leave the link in the description so you can take a look. but essentially, as soon as you land over here, they have this amazing converter right in front of you to show what your currency is going to be after it's converted. so for me, i'm going to keep this as us dollars and usd and this one as aed, and a thousand bucks usd is going to be 3609 aed for me, which is quite decent, i'm not gonna lie. but anyway, you are going to go ahead and hit on register right here. so once you click on the register button, you end up over here. so this is where a lot of people get confused. make sure to go with business. all right, go business and put in your email address. so once you have put in your email address and password, make sure to put in the country of registration, so in other words, the country that you are living in right now. go ahead and hit on sign up. so these are a few things that you'll also have to fill about your business, and this is only going to happen once you have your company registered in the state of delaware. so again, if you are feeling lost, what am i toking about delaware and all of that? i'm going to leave a link over here, right here, so you can take a look up exactly what i mean by delaware stripe. the whole process from the beginning to the end. all right, so in terms of filling up your business details, your company type is going to be a limited liability company. i'm sorry, i'll have to blur out the business name, because this is my business name right here. uh, company role: it's you if you are the owner. for the most part you are going to be the owner, so you can put in your um, your designation as owner, right here. license number: i'll have to blur this out. i'm so sorry, but you're going to put your license number, whatever the license number that you get from delawaredelawareinccom business address, go ahead and put your business address, po box number. perfect, and go ahead and hit on confirm here. help us verify your account faster. choose an option. since you are into e-commerce, we are going to just put in design, marketing or communication, because for the most part, drop shipping is marketing. um subcategory you're going to put advertising and marketing. do you have a website or social media profile? it is up to you. you can go ahead and put that, or if you don't want to do, you can do that as well. it's totally, totally fine. in my case, i'm just choosing not to put, at least for now. so that's fine. size of your business. it can be two to ten, whatever it depends on you. go ahead and hit on. continue your details right here, of course. go ahead and put in your details. i'm going to put my details over here. fahad siraj day is going to be 28. what's my month? oh, zero six. oh, okay, june, um, all right, and 1998. i am 22 years old right now. currently, this is my number. if you guys would like to go, go ahead and hit me up, go ahead and do that. i would love that. um street name. all right, i'll have to. i'll have. i'm so sorry, guys, i'll have to blur this out, but, um, yeah, you can go ahead and put in yours, that is not a problem as well. and then, once you have all of your details filled up, go ahead and hit on confirm. all right, perfect, there you are. you have your own transferwise account saved. now the next thing that i would want you to know is how to take the details- the bank account details- from transferwise and put those details to stripe account. usually the details that you would require is, first, the routing number and also the account number of your bank account. so this is how you're going to find it okay. so you're going to go and hit on, get started over here on the left. you are going to hit on, let's go, all right, let me just go ahead and confirm my account right here, real quick, all right, so i have gone ahead and entered the code. you can just go ahead and hit confirm, turn on two-step login. so once you have confirmed, this is what is going to show up: open a balance. you are going to put usd over here. so search us dollars for the us dollar and confirm, all right. so once in here, you are going to see your bank account details. all right, so you have your ach routing number. you have the account number. you have wire routing number. of course, the account type is check in. you have the address as well. on a side note, i'm showing you guys, uh, my bank account details. if you'd like to send me some money, please don't be shy about it. go ahead and do that. all right, i'm kidding over here, but anyway. so you get a point. this is how, essentially, i have my bank account details and these, these numbers, right here. so the account number: this is literally what i copy and put it into my stripe. the routing number: this is the number that i copy and put into my stripe as well, and that's it. once you have that, go ahead and hit confirm on your stripe setup account page and you should have your stripe account activated in no time. now a few more things that i would like to speak. so the number one competitor of transferwise is pioneer. pioneer pretty much does the same thing, the exact same thing. however, i would highly suggest you guys to stay away from pioneer. not like i have anything against them, but i'm just putting out a very, very authentik, transparent opinion of mine out there. it is on you to essentially take it or leave it right. but the number one is that they are not very efficient. okay, so their whole website and everything is not as good as what you would find on trunks wise. transferwise is very streamlined and is quick for the most part. okay, you're the contact support and everything. like people like the contact support. the support team on transferwise is so awesome, you'll love it. so that is number one. number two: the rates. payoneer is more expensive. what i suggest you to do is, right after you get your transferwise debit card, use that debit card to pay for your facebook ads, mainly because if you are running your ad account on a usd currency, you are not going to have any currency exchange fee. that is a pro tip and that is going to help you save quite some money in the long term. the least expenses you have, the better it is for your startup. but that's pretty much it for this video. if you like the video and you got value out of this video, make sure to go ahead and like the video, subscribe to the channel, if you haven't already, and also hit that notification bell icon so you know the next video that i come up with. but until next time, guys, peace out.


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Transferwise Review - Payoneer vs TransferWise (Which One Is Better?)

hello everyone. today I wanted to do a video, make a video about about toking about this company called transferwise, really explaining you guys how it works. so pretty much I've been using Payoneer this whole time and I just want to tok about the advantages and disadvantages of transferwise. so pretty much, transferwise is a company that its main focus is on on currency exchange. so if you want to change your yours for pounds, pounds for dollars, whatever any currency- they support a lot of currencies, really all the major ones are there. if you're looking for it, you can go to transfer, watch comm and then search for your currency you want to transfer and they will tell you like an estimate of the fees. now, the good thing about transfer wise and this feature of currency conversion is that they will just tell you exactly how much they'll charge you and then they give you the exchange rate that the market exchange rates. so you know that what they charge they're charging you is exactly what they're saying because, for example, in monogram or these other companies, they tell you: okay, we charge a lower fee, right, just like it, oliver, they give you a super, super terrible exchange rate. so at the end, you receive less money than if you would have send it through here. so actually, you save a lot of money doing that and they support a lot of currencies. like I said before, you can transfer from your bank account, from credit or debit cards, ACH pushes or pulls, I don't really know- Apple pay or whatever, so they're really great. however, I want to tok about an instrument that they have, a product that they offer to their clients, which is called the borderless account. now, this account gives you like a bank account details. they're not a bank. however, they have partner with banks all around the globe, so they're able to give you certain bank account details where you can give those to your family, friends, companies, whoever you want, and they can go ahead and transfer or pay you to that account and you will have that money to your name over there. you can also have with them this transferase transferwise. a debit card- which is the one you're seeing right now on screen, which is green, is a MasterCard, prepaid or a debit, if you want to call it, and, like the name says, you need to have balances in this card for it to be able to work. it's not credit. so all the the balances that are loaded into this account, you're gonna be able to either spend it at no charge if you are spending that currency that you have loaded, or if, let's say, for example, you have euros loaded and you're challenged to the US and you're spending dollars, then it will exchange the euros for US dollars at the lower cup, like a low fee of about 0.5% to 2% each time. so it's really nice and it's contactless. it's it's really good service. and now, compared to Payoneer, I believe transferwise is actually better because, for example, in China and Payoneer, I'm sorry- whenever you get paid, there's only a place for the, the United States account. whenever you pay, whenever you get paid in USD and years dollars, you get charged a 1% fee just for receiving that money and, for example, that the debit card that Payoneer offers. you need one, one debit card or prepaid card for each and every single one of the accounts. so you have prepaid for the euro, one prepaid for the USD, one prepaid for whatever. so it's really a hassle having to manage all those cards and all these accounts and I've been abused both and I can tell you that it's transfer- oh, it's so much easier and user friendly- user friendly, I'm sorry- and also withdrawals, for example, if you have your euros in your account, I you. there's no need for you to convert it, for example, into another currency. you just want to draw it to a European bank account. you can do it there- different types so you can do in Chancellor wise, so that the the cheapest one is gonna be like 63 cents for you to get that money in. now, for example, I used to get paid in Payoneer and whenever I try to transfer that money internationally to another banquet that was not in the US, however, it was in US dollar currency, using the Swift protokol- they charged me $15 per transfer and in transferwise I get paid like I'm sorry, I get charged like four dollars. so I'm saving up a bunch over there, not toking about the one percent that I'm also saving every time I get paid. and in paying you, you cannot get paid by normal people, regular people. you can only get paid on your accounts. um, if a payment comes from a, from a major business like Amazon, Airbnb, whatever, you can do that. however, in transform eyes, you can receive money from any of those and also people or anyone you like. so it's- uh, it's pretty neat service they're offering now if you want to sign up and exchange your currencies, if you're looking for that, I will be leaving a link in the description below. if you sign up with that link, you're gonna be able to transact and convert up to 500 euros or equivalent currency in the in your, your currency. you're gonna be able to transact or comfort 500 euros to your currency or any currency you like for free. so you're not gonna pay any fee and you're gonna get the market exchange rate on the first one. please note that if you're gonna chance with the debit card or credit card, there is going to be an extra fee added because of the payment processing that Visa and MasterCard or even American Express charge. that is, it's unavoidable. so thank you, guys for watching. I hope this review was helpful of use and till the next one.