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trigs weekly ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads


[Music], [Music], [Music]. you hate to see it. it's a dark day in my household, oh, but you like my shirt. well, thank you for notiking. uh, ricky, i need a rhyme. i didn't think of a rhyme. what is up? poopers, scoopers and eight bar loopers- thanks for sitting down at the messy desk with me this week. today i've got another quick one for you, got another octa suggestion, another quick tip for you. my beautiful viewers, we only have four bars to sequence with on the electron octatrack, don't we? and we hate that. we wish we had more, but we don't. we only have four. that rhymed. it was perfectly timed. if you feel like you came to this video to learn something, i apologize if you leave feeling nickeled and dimed. anyway, one of the really cool things about the octatrack and electron sequencers in general is that you have so many tricks up your sleeve to extend your sequence beyond four bars. right, you have conditional triggers. um, you can use probability, which is a part of conditional triggers. i'm kind of elaborating here- and so that's great. but you run into an issue where what happens if, on trigger 9 here, i want something to happen and then i want something else to happen in the exact same spot. i'm out of luck, right, i'm. i'm stuck with just this. no matter how many times it loops around, i can only have one trigger on this trigger. right, i can only have one trigger in this space is what i would say if i sucked at the octatrack, which i don't bear. hey, i'm good at the octatrack, you dumb baby. so i know what needs to happen here. what needs to happen here is we gotta stack those triggers. stack them, grab all your little liberal friends and get triggered. okay, climate change- it's real. climate change is killing the planet. rampant systemic racism and sexism is. stop toking about politiks, just tok about the music. stay out of my anyway. we're all surely going to die a climate change. capitalism's doing capitalism things. but hey, the government has electric vehicles now, somewhat, a little bit, just a tiny bit. so don't worry, it'll be fine. we need to do something that i like to call stacking triggers, and it's actually a really simple process. it'll take me very little time at all to show you. and then, dude, i'm in your hair right now. right, see this right up here in this area. that's where i am. i'm residing in your hair and you hate it and i love it because i'm making ad revenue while i'm living in your hair lice, like, but then i'm gonna get out of your hair. so just hang, let me hang out in your hair, let me, let me bite on your skull a little bit and then when i'm done, baby, you'll have a fresh haircut. all the kids at school will hate you, uh, and your mom will have to buy you some fancy shampoo anyway. here's all you have to do. wherever your trigger is that you want to have two triggers happen, make sure you put your finger on the trigger, blah, blah, blah. you set a trigger condition so that it only happens either one of every two times or two of every two times. then set another trigger, micro, time it all the way back and set it so that it happens the other time, and essentially what will happen is they will alternate back and forth. and there you go. you've stacked your triggers easy as hell. i have a couple practikal examples to show you. before i get the hell out of that dang hair, let's listen to this track really quick. this is, uh, something i've been working on for a couple weeks. actually, a patron who is kind enough to give me ten dollars per month finally decided to cash in on their, their rightful demand that i sample something for them, and what they wanted me to sample was music for 18 musicians. i don't know why i'm referring to them as though they are some nameless individual. shout out: holy, i hope it's conor crane. i hope it's conor crane. if it's not connor, i'll overdub this. he wanted me to sample music for 18 musicians, which is a wonderful piece by steve reich, and so what i did was i took it into ableton, granularized the out of it. i'm not going to show you that process, because my metrics don't lie. no one wants to see ableton. so what i'm going to do is just show you what i did after i'd granulized the samples, and it sounds a little bit like this: oh, there you go, now it's changing [Music]. i'm just going to show you the instances where i have some triggers stacked, and i think mainly it is on the snare drum, and this is not meant to be super, a super comprehensive look at what you can do with trig stacking, because it can go as deep as you want it to, but just a really easy, kind of dead simple way to show you how i'm extending a loop a little bit. and so, yes, listen. so on the snare, here i have these three triggers. let's listen [Music], cool. so what's happening here is i have uh, 12 and 13 are my stacked triggers. so i have 12 here happening one of every two times, 13 here happening the second of every two times, micro timed all the way back, and you can hear that there's a little bit of difference here. 12 has a little bit of reverb 13.. that's a lot of reverb and so i don't want that to happen every single time. i don't want this one to happen every single time gets a little boring, it's a little bland, uh, and so i have them interchanging like that and it works great. similarly, at the end, here i have five, which is happening one of every two times, and six- oops, i just made five go away- and six, which is happening two of every two times. five sounds pretty normal, yeah, six does not, okay. so what's happening there is? i have a little bit of, a little bit of. i have a lot of bit of uh flanger assigned to this trigger and i have a triglyceride here changing some parameters and a slide trig so that it will interpolate between these two values, and it's just a little bit of slight movement, a little bit of, uh, subtle movement, just to keep things a little more interesting. so we'll listen, with the kick drum here and the hi-hats [Music]. yeah, and i think it's pretty effective. and you know what dude? that's it. there you go, you've made it through. you can get me out of your hair now go take a shower, uh, and yeah, that's trick stacking. you can also do it with triglyce locks or triggless triggs, for various reasons. someone pointed out to me in a video once that i was doing it with a triglyce lock kind of needlessly, because you can just still have it trigger if all you're doing is changing an effect, which is a good point, um, but yeah, you can do all kinds of fancy stuff, especially when you consider that you can sample lock. you can have it be probabilistik instead of just deterministikally changing back and forth. um, there's a lot of room for experimentation there, and so i kind of wanted to just take this ball of information, jump, shot it over to you. you can grab it, scoop it, alley-oop it, come on and slam. welcome to the jam. you got yourself a song brother. so i'm sure a lot of people know about this already, but i didn't for a long time. it was a huge discovery, a huge moment for me when i figured it out, so i thought i'd share it with you. i hope you enjoyed it. i hope you liked it. uh, if you do, i hope you will like comment and subscribe and ding the bell for notifications. check me out on patreon if that's something you're interested in. you get my music early. you get sample packs for free. you can take lessons with me if you want. that's on my website, though. gotta check that out on my website and, um, the plugin's done, i'm done. my back itches in that one spot that i cannot reach and only my wife can, so i must go seek her out. so, friends, thank you so much for watching. hope you enjoyed the video. i'm daniel, this is the messy desk and i love you more than i love the delightful feeling of my wife. sharp nails on my itchy, itchy back. i'll see you next week. [Music]. peace you.

We Cracked The Spotify Algorithm

in this video i'm going to show you some of the inner workings of the spotify algorithm, and this just isn't a theoretikal thing. this is based off of your actual data that about 300 of you submitted. a couple months ago, i made a video saying help me decode the spotify algorithm, and we had a form you could fill out completely anonymously if you wanted to. a lot of you listed your artist names anyways, but we've done some analysis on that data, and by we, i want to give a very special shout out to mark schmieder. mark schmeiner, i'll link to his spotify below so you can check him out. but this information you can get the actual report that we're going to go over in my community, entirely for free. you can find the link to sign up below. but we're going to go through all the highlights in this video and it's really cool because this is independent data. right, this is not like a public thing. this is, this is we all did this together, so i think it's very cool. so this i'm gonna go kind of like the highlights and then back up from there. so this is kind of this is the final plot, mark's uh document here, and what this is is a chart showing the expected or predicted values, his prediction model that he used analyzing data. what he did is he analyzed it in a bunch of ways and i don't know the details, though i'm not going to pretend to know the details of it. but he made this model that could predict a spotify popularity index based off of stream, listener and other data. and the reason why that's important is because a lot of us have been saying for a while that the spotify popularity index is somewhat related to how you get put on discover weekly and release radar, algorithmic playlists and possibly other things. so if you can figure out how to get the popularity index to a certain score, you can kind of figure out how you can manipulate spotify's algorithm to a degree. right. so you can see here that these dark green lines are his model and the lighter green lines are. i apologize for your colorblind people. i'll zoom in a little bit. i don't know if that'll help you, but you can see it's very close right. there's some deviations and some spots, but for the most part it's pretty big on. and somewhere else in this document he toks about how the the average error between the prediction and the actuals is roughly 1.5 percent, or like 1.5 popularity index values, which is very, very accurate, right, like it's not perfect, but pretty much you can. you can predict what popularity index a certain volume of engagement will give you and we'll get into that in a sec. so if we scroll up a little bit, this chart here shows you what's the most important metrics to hit to get a, to get a higher popularity index, and this is percentage here, right, so this is like a gain out of a total of one gain in these values. don't worry about the tiknical aspects, but you can see the streams in the past 28 days takes up 80 percent of the most importance. listeners in the last 28 days take up 20 percent, like almost exactly right, suspiciously close. and then listeners all times, threes, all times, saves last 20 days, streams last seven days, jason's really like all these other values. these are all the. this is all the data that we collected from you down to like number of blogs that cover this song and discover weekly and release radar streams. so like pretty much you want a lot of streams. a lot of streams will get you a high popularity index, but the number of listeners also matter. so this means that if you were to get on a playlist that gives you one stream per listener, like people listen your song once, but you get a lot of listeners. that's not as good as if you get the same model listeners who stream it more. now, on the flip side, if you can compare two songs, if one song has a million streams from a million listeners, that is better than having a million streams from one listener, by by this analysis at least. so basically, streams, but also listeners, most important things, and a lot of us all in the mark music marketing world have been saying that the save rate seems to matter, right, but here it doesn't. or the number of playlists doesn't matter either, and i think the reason why is because the number of saves and the number of playlist editions you're on, those values really just directly impact the stream count. right, if someone saves your song or added to a playlist, that increases the number of streams you get per listener on average. right, because it's in their library, it's on their playlists that they've already listened to. so i think that's why, like, maybe they're not an important part of the algorithm, but they just help you get more streams and that's why they're good. so if we scroll up a little more, i'll gloss over this stuff in this fancy chart as well, because there's something very cool here. this is essentially a little chart that you can use to predict. if you want a popularity index of a 30 to 32, which from my experience would get you on discover weekly, you can basically just hit these values and you'll get it. so if you hit 9 200 streams in 28 days from four 4100 listeners and get 500 saves, you should, on average, get on discover weekly. and then also, if you want to get a release radar boost in the first three weeks, right, because you, you can't, you, you can't get it after four weeks, right? so if you got these numbers- let's say, in the first two weeks, 2500 streams, a thousand listeners, 375 saves- you'll get most likely an algorithmic release radar push. this doesn't say anything about how big that release radar push or how big that discover weekly push will be, but essentially, you want to get on discover weekly, just hit these numbers. you want to get on release radar, just hit these numbers, which is, um, fantastik, right. so there's a book, there's other data in here that you can parse out like this. these are all the different metrics that we collected from all of you, um, so thank you very much for contributing that, and if you want to go read this document, uh, there's a link in the description. where you can- you can grab it in my community also, mike, you might love my community. anyways, just a place you can come and interact with other people that, um, that watch my channel, and you can help each other and learn from other people about the whole music marketing thing- facebook ads, youtube ads, organic marketing, whatever- but i have something more for you. so i mentioned before that, uh, you know, a lot of us in music marketing world that that focus on spotify have notiked that there's something special about hitting a popularity index of 20 in the first several- like two or three weeks- and hitting a popularity score of 30 at any point- like 20 release radar, 30 discover weekly, and so we didn't like i wanted to just have a more clear-cut, without like a complicated model. that i could understand, because i'm not a data scientist- mark is, and so what i did is just a very simple breakdown of your data, because, even though we have 300 data points, we only started collecting the discover weekly data later on, so we had about a 97 or 96 entries for um, essentially people who filled in how many streams they got from discover weekly in the past 28 days. so what i did is i just broke down that data and said: did this person get on discover weekly in the past 28 days any volume that could be over one stream, basically? and then what was the popularity index for that person? and then i organized them by yes, they got undiscovered weekly, or no, they did not get on discover weekly. and then i did a little plot and so at first glance it's like okay, well, we got the yeses here, they're they're higher. and then we get the no's here and they're a little bit lower. but what happens if we do the average of all the guesses in the average roll of those, the average of all the s is a 30 right and the average of all the no's is under 20.. if you hit a popularity score of about 30, you're very likely to get undiscovered weekly. and then, if you want some even more numbers behind that, you can use mark's data here to see what.

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surprise foreign [ __ ]. [Music]. [Music], [Music]. foreign event is upon us here today. what is going on? hello, hello. what up Elite? what's up cage? what's up Abraham? hey, troyce, can I ask you a question? that was your one question, but you can ask me another one, because it's the- uh, the day of giving. is there an event today? yes, today is a Dawning event. augers, let's go. donning event is here today, folks. yes, today is the day. can you get a Christmas kiss? no, that's for, uh, for bad girl only, unless you want to. you know, throw some more soda away then. sure, then, why not? also, I stayed up hella late last night. I got that like, uh, that grouchy voice you know record some, I also listen. folks downloaded. I can't believe it, man, all the [ __ ] I do for people, and only me. I'm the only person that did the Macarena thing. that's [ __ ] ridiculous. and I'm on YouTube and I'm still cursing. I don't care, I'm sick of this. I woke up pissed. I was like we at least gonna be at five, right, that's nothing, hell, no, I was thinking of headstone. I forgot about that. yeah, that's what I'm doing today. hello, hello. happy reset day, happy donning event and happy Tuesday in it, bro. how's everyone doing on this fine Tuesday? actually, I gotta finish the story real quick on my Titan. I gotta do that mission real quick, is that it? I think so. I'm a Titan maintenance season, so I'm trying to make sure I'm progressing the story on it. you know what I'm saying? um, for the new Spire of water Farm doing, got to beat the fish boss at the top. The Fish Boss? no, you don't have to. what's up, Claire, what's up Cody? what's up neon? what up, what up? I would read it out loud, but I'm on YouTube. title's forces tried to secure this facility ahead of us. you still can't believe. he got in the dungeon. exotik first try. that's just how it goes. you know that's just how it goes. listen, neon, I need like the five dollars from ad Revenue Pizza Time, like the with Mick Ikea's 10.. Now, give me that Smoochy. whoever that was. I think that had to be there. Amanda's gonna make me die, but it's worth it. I'll give you a skimpier one when I'm not on YouTube. come on, let me see. yo, is it with the ten dollars? I can't be answered, Mech, you know, here's ten dollars. yeah, you're welcome. you're welcome. thank you for the ten dollars. that's gonna go towards soda, honestly. thank you. thank you, zip. now listen. yeah, what's up, Berkey? oh yes, treatment is just getting started. indeed, you're destroying a hotel. let's go. what I do when I go to hotels, um, is I steal all their towels and then you never have to buy towels. it's an unlimited towel hack. no chance, neon. what those robes are awesome. berkio. wait, what the hell, Neon? listen, we got to. uh, we're pulling up to this hotel. they're gonna have the Wrath of the trash can, but, oops, we're going the wrong way. what's up? sick pot? I can call him up Hudson and cussing. you know the pieces of [ __ ]. oh, you actually gotta kill this crap yours to press forward. bro cootie, we got to be like five years old saying that: whose mans is this? bruh? I'm dead. what's up, epic? how you doing, man, when I put up you epic, you are still a member on YouTube. that's crazy. you're literally one of like three total members on YouTube. so, thank you. I was looking at my members because I was like, maybe I do have some still, but I'm down. Cody, of course we have to do it. this is only phase one out of five phases. good luck, scumbags. why'd I put a banner down? all right, yeah, when hands out for blood for real, oh hell, no now. yeah, we got beef for real. foreign, not the second, but yeah, we can. you downloaded Mech Arena. I don't. the only download I have for Macarena is like it gives me the username when people complete it, um, using the length, and the only thing I see is trigs on there for Macarena. I forgot who said they did, but whoever said it, it did not work. so far, it's only me. it was Green Bay. Green Bay, I don't think it worked. how long ago did you do it? just because the link is it usually, um, like in my past sponsors I've done for them, it always tells me like the username that they sign up with, and right now it's it's only. it says tricks has registered and Triggs has completed the tutorial. and then, nine hours ago, though, it did say someone registered, so you might have done it, Green Bay, but you might not have completed the tutorial. like, did it say tutorial complete or whatever? did you get that like little pop-up foreign? because if you don't, I think you have to do like four matches or whatever tiknically, but there's, they take like a minute and a half. you just have to kill all the enemies. it's, it's so easy. it took me probably like 10 minutes. now, will there be a giveaway involved? maybe, folks, just maybe we'll give away a light fall or something. so, listen, if you haven't downloaded Macarena, There's the link you can download on your phone and your computer to make it count as two and once you complete it, if you want to put it in Discord in the like sponsored game section of like the completed tutorial screen, all right, listen, Star Trek took me 10 minutes, man, I, I'm just a speedrunner at mobile games, you know. but listen, folks, I'm asking for help, all right, all the help we do. I can't get any of it back, aren't you? Zane wants to know if you'd like something. um, I don't know, did you do it on computer last time, Neon, I don't think we had a computer version last time, I think it was just mobile. so, tiknically, yeah, I did it on my computer. it's on my phone. I already had my- uh, my progress saved that game. yo, Macarena slaps man. well, even if you uninstall and reinstall your data like you have to like clear, I don't even I looked at that, but that's too much work, but I'm gonna figure it out, not using the ikeyless SMG, no, I, I will. I just have it on my other character and since dim is down, I want to beat that mission real quick. I think my timer's wrong. you see, when I was doing the calculation, folks, this morning, I did a, the radius, and then the. I didn't do the degree of the, the corner of the angle. I missed that calculation. how did you think of that? one sick pot. that's a good calculation. foreign calculation- all right. well, there it is for the seasonal stuff. nice, hell, yeah, sick pot, let's go. I do want to Hype for the dawning event. or is everyone kind of just like meh, donning event's pretty cool for the cosmetiks. [Music]: I don't need all this crap. all right, listen, Gary, not everyone's a hater like you. all right here, we'll be seeing you, Sam, I'll be seeing you. I mean, you're not wrong here. you're not wrong. honestly, hold on, let them cook. Jesus, neon, what the hell? yeah, don't [ __ ] with this guy. oh hell, no, oh hell, no man, oh no, yeah, I'm waiting for a week of reset as well. same night you got your God. yeah, I'm still trying to get mine. I'm trying to craft it, but I've had zero luck with red borders. I made a video on the role I wanted, but you know, no luck, of course. but you know, soon I have hopes. we just gotta wait. surely I'll get it. definitely. what's up falling? what up the first encounter? mm-hmm, I'm sorry, what we're all so far I have Feeding Frenzy. frenzy on a normal one, that's like the best one I've gotten. you want me to farm it with you? sick pot, did you do the Macarena download? smile, you know, yesterday I didn't have time, but today, indeed, I got time. of course. sick pot, of course. if you got a phone and a PC and you do it on both, I'll form that all day when they are. no, I didn't fall on, I'm just trying to craft my uh aquilas at this point. oh, we got another one who did it somewhat just as someone just completed the tutorial, whoever it was, thank you, thank you. we're at two out of ten folks and we are jealous. getting started, yes, just getting started, is Right. folks. helmet first. yeah right, like I've never been scammed like that before. do this for me, then I'll do this. yeah right, baloney, I'm falling for that crap. guys. pull me once. shame on you. told me twice. shame on you. fool me a third time still shame on you. fool me again. shame on you. hell yeah, Green Bay, thank you, thank you I. I love when I do that. I got to put something on and I'm still in my freaking vault. yeah, the fourt.

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TRIG Business Model 16022014

so my name is ready. film is raw. the senior person, I'm afraid to say picked, two years old, with this thorough background of almost 35 years of the IT related startups at which I managed to ipos over the past 10 years and for the past five years I've been recognized as growth engineer for startups. so based on that, we are now entering a phase where we are revitalizing trick into becoming a new online shopping phenomenon based on the huge user base we have. and just have a recap for you. obviously internet marketing has been around for quite some time. since so late nineties started to grow, it was very much based on impression based marketing or pricing. it was hard for advertisers to actually do the return on investment calculations. so as tiknology improved, it was a huge shift to actually have a pay-per-click support or pictures mainland to actually see that the consumers went t or site promoting your goods or services. with further tiknology development, affiliate marketing has grown in the complexity and then feature riches, which means that in many fields you actually don't pay for recruiting consumers until you actually close to say- and that's a very dominant in in gambling, a travel price comparison. so is there are so many associated industries or segments developed around that next time peace and with the focus of affiliate market marketing. and there are quite a few rows involved and, as always, with the consumer in the middle, you tend to have publisher in the lower left that has huge audience. typically they could be a counter provider, like in the news organization. it could be a price comparison site, it could be even blog bloggers that have a very tight relationship with their followers and it had to connect not only with ad networks but also with affiliate networks. in Europe that would be typically xanax, which is Jeremy company or trader blur or a commission junction, or in the US could be linked share and they have very sophistikated back office solutions where you actually could route the consumer not only to earn revenue on display days but also to close the loop after a sale has been done. so creases when I go to hopeless or counter find accommodations for my next trip to London, that's actually recognized from trade or Seaver pace throughout and with the grace period until I actually consume the accommodation, it actually treats a transaction and pace out the commission to trig and further on to the consumer. obviously that's a very sophistikated system, but it also opens up for very interesting business opportunities for companies like us. next slide, please. that seems to be a very rich one. the question is where you can actually use this. so this is one of our unique selling points versus our competition and what we try to achieve is a way to actually provide this refund opportunity to pursue murs regardless or whatever planning to purchase, and obviously universe, or e-commerce universe, has so many different segments and obviously the business model is very, from intellectual sites like eBay and Amazon to very specific micro sites that tend to be very regional, and we try to find us solution offers the same benefits throughout. next time because of affiliate marketing and, in our take, just because the clear on what we do, because typically affiliate marketing are used to do what we call backfills, which means that if you have a site that is typically focused on display ads and you run empty, you tend to have back fields of lower yielding campaigns on that site and the Phillimore affiliate marketing actually provide no cash until you have done the same. so the hence they are typically on the long tail or that internet advertising, but we put them in front of that curve because we see a very direct connection and a very direct value proposition to the consumer. so whenever we actually done this transaction in this case will help us. of Commerce I explained, the consumer will actually notify that we will share the affiliate revenue from autos com with the consumer, which means that what could have been a very low margin and a low probability of a intersection, we turn it to high probability transaction and a very strong message to consumer and to build the volumes of the affiliate marketing. in our take you also use counter demographic and a social context and the social context you do recognize gossiping around for a while, but I will elaborate more on the comp demographic. next slide. so in my world we tend to tok about the elevator pitch meeting. whenever use of em to an elevator with the totally unknown. you need to convey what your business model is about and our business model is about to. based on a large social media user base, we plan to partikipate in almost all online purchases and share their field revenue with the consumer and organizations. dead load too pretty sort of crispy and clear, I think. and next slide: and to actually do that we need to also have a solution then is Jose only present? it should be there all the time. we don't need to change the consumer behavior and we need to solo educate, exhume letting will have the actively decide not to use zebra pacer creek to avoid partikipating in developer position, and that would mean that we will be there in pretty much won a percent of all the transactions our consumers, members, to online and just to sort of elaborate more on that, that are out the company is offering similar value propositions. however, they do require you to change your buying behavior, meaning that you need to go to a site or partikipate in a coupon email sequence and then it's not. typically what to do is consumer. our idea is that you should actually not change your online behavior and still enjoy the benefits of a refund, or typically known as cash back. so how does this translate into a use case for our friend Isla Fisher, the well-known shopaholic? next slide: please tip online to purchase goods or services. you either type in a URL or like domain address to amazoncom. just take an example: or you enter your criteria where your needs on a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing or others, or you see something, an email or a banner ad- but you actually click on a link to get to a merchant site and of course, we need to make sure that this works for pretty much all available- or typical browsers like Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari and opera- an ex-lap piece. so we need to be there all the time. would be need to be knowledge, true, super syrup, Dalton la, annoying the one, but less but yet intrusive when the right opportunity arises. so the screen will have a search engine result page from google and we need to identify that. okay, this consumer, ready with the credit card in hand, apparently has been browsing for products with something that we need to highlight and then put our alternative on top of the search result. next piece is at your screen shot with a travel company in Sweden and unfortunately I had to do with all the ugliest screenshot. so in this case the consumer has done a search from Greece or in Korea County, Swedish, and it is. you see, in the left hand corner over side you have an icon, the tree guy place next to the search yourself for a partikular merchant, in this case being the aggressor, and whenever I hover with the mouse on top of that listing I also get a screenshot. unfortunately, I'll show that to you tonight because we don't have screen sharing with this large audience, but that will sort of be presented in the root of the right of the screen. in this case you have a screenshot from this travel company being and also the partikulars of the offer of Sieber, pace or trig, and you will see your little upper right corner of the browser. you have a blue tree icon. but there you have a menu with further options and everything is done in real time or near real time. so I, soon as we get confirmation from a closeness- actually we can actually convey that back to consumer- that you have a refund pending from this, so that merchant next is, and also we need to have a gentle reminder if for so.

Trigonometry (Part 4) Finding the Height of a Mountain Trig Problem Solving | Beard Squared

hey, welcome back to bed, squared. this is part of four- can be problem solving using trig. coming up you. sometimes it's difficult or even impossible to measure angles, heights and distances directly. suppose you are in a boat at sea, you look up at a mountain in front of you and you wonder: how high is it? you have no way of measuring the height directly, but what you can do is measure the angle from the horizontal to the top of the mountain. so you make two measurements from points a and B, which are 300 meters apart, in a direct line with the mountain. things to think about: how could you use these measurements to estimate the mountains height B, how accurate would you expect your estimate to be? and Part C: is there a mathematikal method for calculating the height of the mountain to greater accuracy? so that's what we can be exploring in today's video. so stik around and I'll show you a way in which we can solve this problem using trig and simultaneous equations. okay, so if we look at this diagram, we have the height of the mountain, we have the hypotenuse, the adjacent, because my angles are here, and then the opposite length. another from point A to B is 300 meters. but what I don't know is from point B to C. so I can do is I could just label that X meters. so in this problem I know that I have to find out the opposite and I'm going to be using some part of the adjacent so I can select tan theta 2, equal opposite over adjacent. okay, so the problem is I have two unknowns. I have H, which is the height of the mountain, and I've introduced X, which is the distance between B and C. so what I can do is I can say tan theta, or 10:37 in this case, is equal to the opposite, which is the height divided by adjacent, which is 300 plus X. so that's equation 1, equation 2. if I look at this smaller triangle, I've got tan 41, because that's my angle of elevation from the horizontal, which is equal to the opposite H of X and X, my Jason. equation 1, an equation 2. so what I have now is a system of equations that I can solve simultaneously. I would link in the cards above the videos to how to solve the simultaneous equations using the substitution and the elimination method and you can find the links in the description below. ok, so I can rearrange the equations I have: 300 plus X, multiplied by 10, 37 is equal to H. all I've done there is I multiplied both sides by 300 plus X. for my second equation, you can see: if I multiply the denominator on both sides, I get x times time, for t1 is equal to h. now still just call that equation one, equation two, and what I'm going to do is I'm going to substitute equation 2 into equation 1, so I know that H is equal to x times 1041. so this H, here in equation 1, I'm gonna replace it with X tan 41. so here you can see: 300 plus X multiplied by 1037 is equal to x times tan 41. okay, so carrying on, if I expand the 300 plus X with 1037, I get 300 times 1037 plus X times 1037 is all equal to x times 1041. now what I'm going to do is I'm going to subtract x times 1037 from both sides and then, if I take our X as a common factor, I can write: 300 times tan 37 is equal to x times tan 41 - 1037. final step: I can rearrange this by saying: therefore, X is equal to 300 times tan 37 all divided by tan 41 - 1037. and if I do it on my calculator I will get: X is equal to approximately 1953 meters. okay, so that gives us the value of x. we still need to work out the height of the mountain. so what we can do is we can substitute the value of x into equation 2 and, just to remind your, equation 2 is 10. 41 is equal to H over X. now if I move the X on to the left hand side, I have 1953 x 1041 and so, using my calculator, and the height is approximately 1698 meters, so I can write a statement that the height of the mountain is about 1700 meters. so remember, this is part four in trigonometry. if you need help in working out this problem, then go back and watch parts one, two and three. so, as always, thank you for watching. if you found the video helpful, drop your like and if you have any questions, put them in the comment section below and consider subscribing for more math videos and I'll see you in the next one.


[Music]. good morning and welcome to another fast tracks webinar. this is a weekly event we do every friday at 9 am central, 10 am eastern, where we cover different topics of the fast track software. you can sign up for these events and see all the upcoming events if you go to our website, go ftxcom, choose the ftx lifeline link, scroll down about halfway down the page and look for that webinar hyperlink. choose that and then this page will give you the option to subscribe for upcoming webinars via our newsletter. show a list of all of our previous webinars where you can view the past recordings and then also see all the upcoming webinars and register for those. this week we're going to be looking at creating and utilizing buy downs. now everyone in the tobacco industry is going to be very familiar with how biomes work and that's basically a way for manufacturers to refund you part of your tobacco, whether it be loose tobacco or cigarettes. they're refunding at the end of a quarter, a value. you can create your buy downs in director and the pos automatikally handles that. so, first and foremost, whenever you're in your price book, your items that you have that you're going to be applying to a bite on, it's very important to make sure that the cost and the price do not have that bad on factored in on this item details page. this cost and this price needs to be before any kind of buy down is applied. the reason being is, whenever you create the buy down, the system is going to automatikally handle that cost reduction and the price reduction at the time of the sale. so just remember that that's a very important point. now building the bidens is a very simple process. you would simply choose the buy downs tab and that brings you to the buy down page. to build a new buy down, you just simply choose the create new button. make sure that it's set to a bottom, which is by default. there's an option for a promo, which we'll go over here in a bit. give your button a name. if you would like a receipt- your receipt- to show any kind of text, go ahead and put any kind of text you'd like for that receipt to show. if you want to group your bio downs, you can input a group. that way you can filter easily at the top of the screen. if you already got groups input, you can see what groups are already available. choose the style of buy downs whether. choose whether it's going to be a date range, basically what that is in between two different time frames, your start date and your end date. all items assigned to this biodome will receive that. i don't apply to the transaction level, the quantity based biodome. that's where only a certain number of biodomes would be applied to a specific number of items in doesn't matter the time frame, all that matters is this number. here, if you put 25, then the first 25 of uh an item sold within that biodone, that's the. that 25 is the only 25 that's going to have that bottom applied. then there's the combination that is in between your start date and your end date. apply the bad on only with this number of times that value. then there's the part of carton option which we'll go over here in just a bit. that is where you input a part of carton value. on the item itself, you have a option for the amount. that's the bottom amount, the bottom value. so how much of that cost and which of that price is going to be reduced? you then have to input a manufacturer if the spider needs to be accounted for in an accounting export, such as a quickbooks export- input the account number, enter your start date, your end date and then if this button needs to show in a retail scan data report- whether that be the philip morris, arjun, reynolds or itg- make sure that's checked, if that needs to be checked, and then the name in the retail report. this is specific to the itg and the rj reynolds scan data report. they want biodon's to be named specific things. your representative will get with you and tell you what they want the bions to be named and this is where you input that name. this name would be what shows up in your reports. this thing would be shows up is what shows up in the scan data reports. next you would choose what stores are applied. you can check those individually or check by zone and when you're done you would choose the save button- and i've already got about on here, built that we're going to look at a marble carton and a marble pack. now there's different ways to add items to your buy downs on the item details screen. if we search for an item, we can see that there is a buy downs area in their general information section of the item details screen. you can choose this manage buttons hyperlink and this allows you to add items to bidens via the drop down. remove from the selected bite onto the top and then also the ability to show archive items. so if this item is in archive, biomes show those archived items that this item is a part of. the next way is adding via mass updates. whenever you load into mass updates you of course want to filter and as we discussed in the mass updates webinar- which if you've not watched that, i highly recommend you watch that- you always want to pay attention to what the number of items is at the top of the screen. so if i filter to my marlboros, like i sort by description, i go to my marlborough products. i'm wanting to add these to the marble buy down. just because i highlight these and then i go to my area where i add pythons, which is under utilities, doesn't mean that it's going to add just those selected items. you make sure you always filter. so whether i'm if i'm selecting, i want to right click and filter based on selection or, better yet, just use your trig information. so in this case i know my cartons. they're going to be under sig: full price, full price carton, philip morris and marlborough, and there's all of my marlboro cartons. then i can navigate to the utilities tab. i can choose the buy down i wish to add them to and then choose the add button. if i need to mash or move items from the buy down, then i can go to the additional utilities area and there's an option to remove from biodomes. here i can remove from an individual bio down this marble carton, or if it's in multiple bio downs, i can remove from all bio downs at the click of a button. the final way to add items to buy downs is on the buy down screen. i can choose the manage items in buy down. that will bring up a new window and this is similar to mass updates. it's really just meant for buy downs and only buy downs, so this will load up. we'll choose which bottom we want to add items to and then you can see in this selected item i have these items already added. i can filter by department or i can go my by my tree. view my cart carton: phillip morris, marlborough. there they are. these are actually already in my bid on already, but i could choose add all items, which would add everything in this filter. i can add the selected items or i can add items starting with a specific name and i can also filter by upc or description. so, whichever way you want to add items to items, there's no wrong way to do that. this way, using the bite on screen and mass updates is by far more efficient than the item detail screen, just because you can mass manage buy downs. so we toked about filtering bions. you can see that i've got these two bio downs, my marble carton in my pack, i've got those in a marble group, i've got my promo and a promo group and a winston bottom. in the winston group. i can filter based on what i want to see in this grid and it filters to exactly what i need. so that's the benefit of using byton groups. if, if you have a lot of stores in a lot of different states, of course there's a lot of varying buy downs. so, getting to what you want, you could, you know, make a pattern group by product group. you can make it by state. options are really endless, all right. so, notike, i've got two bite answer from my marlboros, i've got a carton buy down and i've got a pack bite down. this is one way to manage your bite outs. you have two separate bottoms: one for your carton level, one for your pack.