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trivia crack no ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

FIRST QUESTION CURSE | Trivia Crack #2 (No Ads Version)

hey guys, look again and welcome back to trivia crack. now this is the no ads versions. this one I bought. it's only like a dollar ninety-nine- and Google Play- I'm probably gonna refund it. so yet there's no ads. so let's start with survival mode, or survival mode, just to get that out of the way. it's basically the same thing, just basically round two as getting in the way. function of Y force: those, yeah, they're playing the infections. it's quite oxygen, that's the red blood cells, kicker silver, real soon, right, all of those was most populated city in Georgia. what's a that's wrong? oh, it is Atlanta. I'll take it Lana or Augusta. Oh, someone has a sink which animals holds hands as they sleep. oh, that's wrong. I was gonna say sea otters next, I knew it was a penguins, I knew it was a bang winds. I got some points, I guess. so, yeah, on scones, Skippy. oh, tutorial. see, yeah, there's not gonna be any act. like I said, this is gonna be trooper number two, regular version or no plans version. sorry, not a Beale song dream on, I don't think it's one. get dream on as Aerosmith or something like that. I think it's like ariseth 20 tikets. hmm, pretty good, pretty good all we did. I did not mean to press that. those daily question to Crowley: okay, let's try the ground link. got 12 crown, so I ranked 13th. damn well, tied for 13th, yeah, oh, my god, I got so many coins. missions- just get some water, okay. [Music] should be a topics what's? yeah, had three carry time. so slow with the geography ones. got a straight to ten largest estuary in North America, Chesapeake. yeah, I'm near the Chesapeake Bay. which stay? has these cities? Phoenix, Arizona, Tucson, Arizona? yeah, how many counties are they in California? like I would know that. 49, 52, okay. okay, I'm not wasting any more coins, okay. so when I got to for that, start with arts, I'm just playing. which family in languages deep-ass vent edge belonging to? we have linked bastard bro months, yes, or is not a con? what's a role? much man, I suck man, I suck at these. what suck at the bus? a mean animation? I think this is us. or Game of Thrones? Game of Thrones, yeah, Game of Thrones, not on a main character. fast, I don't watch it. I don't watch the show. so how would I know? so? how would I know I am doing so bad Basco? which player hands the balls most? my friend would know this point guard? okay, that was just random, yes. what is the other football soccer? how many billiard balls in the start of an eight ball game? 15, 16, I knew it was eight ball. then it's like you can only there's two players and its stripes- yep, going go to stripes, and stuff like that. getting a streak of tennis is difficult. which one of these civil rights is? done Bruce a job? that's Rosa Parks. that one's easy. last ranking, though it was this woman. what? I don't remember him learning about him, so he must have come up. no, we're great dissidents. F, D, D, D, D D, SD, d, LD, d, des. why he sees me have water towers, increase pressure and water. what? I couldn't even read the answers. that's some bull right there. some boat, let me try again. come on, don't be like this. who is Paul Revere's partner on his famous right dogs? which burgers that hand protect veterans investor? oh, the IRS, wreck di. I forgot about the better it's thing. I thought they didn't count. let's try hit scream one more time, and then I mopped it out. Dyke pants. they don't say we had to reassure yourself. that's FDR. what US president is? the AIA ashley roadway system either? that was a guess. which is she was to court case. that was a segregation. this is my best one, yeah, which to cease completely does say all those demonic plague. what years? Nestle Mandela's 95, 1990, I yeah, but that caused the quote Mandela effect. see, I'm done. yeah, ran out. try science again. what substance is create when you combine one sodium atom salt? that's table salt. sunlight reaches Earth in eight minutes. it's like eight minutes, pretty fast. what's the one thing that hummingbird can do? they could fly backwards, was the answer to this equation. ah, III can't work through problems in ten seconds. okay, I can't work through map hum that quickly unless they're super simple, and that's not super simple. it's simple without super simple mainly. um, I found on a matchstik phosphorous, oh never of guest phosphorous man. I suck at these. which one? these nice swim stroke frog slap. that's not one. which NFL player was off to first? two is the landmark Ray Lewis, which NBA and NFL franchise have uniform colors of silver and black. so the Raiders and the Spurs. and volleyball was the call. when you dive on the ground, get the ball above using one pancake in fast pitch softball. how many balls as the pitch? wouldn't that be three? oh, it is for, just like regular and it's just like regular. I thought it one wasn't regular. I thought softball went through different rules and stuff like that. sorry if I'm only playing this type of mode. which of engine assets we gave you deduction for standing on the white line? I don't do gymnastiks. I mm-hmm, I'm not a girl. that's sorry if I offended anyone by saying that I'm not a girl, so I don't do gymnastiks. but yeah, no, no, girls do gymnastiks and not. oh, and some guys do it. I know, I know, I know which. one of these is the rainy City ski at. oh, it reminded me of something from icarly. what country is below Sri Lanka? in the Indian Ocean? it's made of thousands islets. the Maldives [Music]. holidays as a spanish-speaking country. Guatemala today, Slovakia, why? why is Denver Colorado mean? no mile-high City, it's that much above sea level. what is the capital of the country that borders the United States to the south? Mexico City, which she is known for Millennium Park, Navy Pier and the bean. Chicago, which stays not located in the United States? whatever that is, where did Nathan's hot dog originally, like I supposed to know? where? the Coney Island, oh, my glory yellow sea, South Korea, Hoover Dam is located? which man? I'm nervous, and so I did it. I did it with geography. Wow, well, I did it for one. okay, what colors mixed? when you mix blue and red, that's purple. with music which was not part of wouldwould family, that would be the tuba, cuz it's brass. which these is a book that could seen various sentence, that's a thesaurus. what does rick riordan write about all those choices? yes, he wrote the first book in the 39 clues series. how many people are Fortune? American Gothic that's - I remember that painting. what does the cold waiting draw pressure using only one consecutive line, that's one shot. draw contour lines? yeah, I remember a game where I say: which these is not drawn with only you have to lift your pen off the paper or something in a song, jingle bells. what is the first line? jingle bells, dashing through the snow is not the first line, it's jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. in the anime's. here's the Jetson. there was his name, wasn't it Rosie or something? yeah, you know commercials. how many looks did it take us? we never found out. we still don't know what symbols. girlfriend Nala Nala. how many times was Ross married in the show friends? twice, three times. okay, I never watched friends. my mom wouldn't know. Oh, considering she watched friends, I think she still does. last chance for a 1000 was his name? a child that that loves to smoke toys said that little rock band performance on stream on sweet emotion and walked his way: Aerosmith. yeah, I was right, it was Aerosmith who is lead guitarist in the band the who Township. [Music]. what legendary blues guitarist played the majority of Tardos? Stevie Ray Vaughan was Captain America's shield man open up I like. how the would I know I don't watch the MCU. how the would I know? kiss my ass for bringing that. bringing a marvel in the trivia crack game. kiss my ass. so one one of those pathetik. oh, let's see trivia thought let's see trivia on. sorry, I get really thirsty, I get thirsty. okay, mission fifty questions correctly from entertainment: the birds nuts. what is the V in equation both? which Brett suit is magically dosed? that's lucky charms. I've seen so many lucky trans parcels over. which Disney Princesses, Argo slipper, Cinderella, obviously. where's the volleyball positi?

How to Never Lose in Trivia Crack NO JAILBREAK 2016 Working

hey, everyone to check, and today I got a video for you guys on how to hack tribute crack. now I kind of fear this hack out. I don't know if it's already out there on the Internet- it might not be- but I actually figure this out myself because I was messing with the airplane mode- just like you know, get rid of ads and [ __ ]- and I stumble upon this little hack and it was pretty cool, so I'm going to share this with you guys. first of all, true crack was Leo, an app that got really popular about, I think, earlier this year or maybe last year, and everyone's playing it and pretty much you know a little challenge game where you answer questions and then your friend and your friends answer questions and then you compete with each other and you know it's kind of cool. obviously, if you're watching this video, you probably know what through the crack is. so, as you can see, I have the app right there and what you want to do is go to open the app. that's the first thing you want to do. you don't need Cydia, you don't need a joke break, you don't need any kind of, you know, coating or anything. it's really simple, a little thing that you can do so. here I have my turn random component, right. so what you do is you spin like you normally do and you land on something. so see, I landed on art. okay, click Play. now I don't know the answer to this. I obviously don't. so what I'm going to do is I'm like, first thing I want to do is turn off on, turn on airplane mode real quick and answer a random answer. I'll put the first one, and now I just told me that the second one was the right answer and the first one's wrong. so I'm gonna click continue and it gives me this error. at this point you want to turn off the app, like that, and turn airplane mode back on. open the app again with the airplane mode on- I mean off my bed with your data or your Wi-Fi on- click the same thing again, spin again. it will land on art and, believe it or not, I will give you the same exact question. so you click Play and now you know the answer. so you quickly answer it. it's correct. wow, that's so easy. so you go continue. now you want to put airplane mode on again from the next question and you want to spin again. so watch what happen if I got science? okay, fine, my airplane motors on, I click play. I don't know which one of these. I'm not even bother reading you cuz I don't give a [ __ ]. click the first one, alright, it's the second one. so you want to continue and he's gonna give you the same error for the internet. so you just turn the app off like this and open it in. open it again right, turn your airplane mode off so put your data in our LTE or whatever back on, refresh it and you have the same one again. so now you can spin it. it might give you the first question back, so I might get science again, and I already know that's second one. so boom, there you go ahead. that's how simple it is. and look, I just got a crown for that. for that reason, I just got a crown and you know, you could really kick your friend's ass- or you're a random opponents ass- by doing this little trick. and, like I said, I don't know if this is already out on the internet. if it's not, I hope people put it out. I hope you guys share this video and let people know. well, don't let your opponents know, but let your other friends know how do they do this? because it's pretty cool and you know, now you can do the same thing even with the characters: just click I say it, say I click sports. I don't know which one this is. I'm going to turn my airplane model. real quick answer, a random answer. now, that's right, that's fine, but it's not so. I'm gonna continue. forgive me the air. you wanna turn the app off? turn it back on, just like that. let it load, turn airplane mode on- I mean off, turn it off, put the data back on or the Wi-Fi, go like that. okay, alright, that's cuz. I just opened this account. okay, do that spin. oh, you're gonna get the same thing. now you gotta choose the same things again. you can't choose a different one. it's gonna be a different question. so I'm gonna click sports again and it's the second one. I know it. I know it's the second one because the same question again and you're gonna have to have the same answer. obviously it's the same question. give me the same answer. so you could literally do this as many times as you want until you literally beat the person. and it's really cool. yeah, it's really easy and cool at the same time. so whose things are song poison, I don't know, [ __ ], Nate white. oh, I'm bad, it's Alice Cooper, so I'm gonna do this again. it's gonna say, oh, you got an error, turn it off, turn it back on and then turn airplane mode off off. yeah, turn airplane mode off, keep messing that up, okay, so refresh it. you should actually turn it off before you open the app, or else you have to refresh it. doesn't really make a difference. spin it, I'm going to land on the same exact thing, which is entertainment. and now I know that [ __ ]. okay, I know if second one, boom, I got it correct and it's actually working. I literally have, I know, my phone's yo working right now, but I didn't do anything. this will work on your phone whether you're jailbroken or not. you don't have to do anything. you don't have to tweet your phone or your files or anything like that. really simple, no app. I mean no kind of [ __ ] gimmicks, anything like that. it's really simple, and so pretty much the idea of it is: you turn airplane mode on before you answer the question, get it wrong, turn the app off, turn airplane mode back off, open the app and you'll get the same question with the same answer again and then you've got the answer. you know the right answer just like that. so that's a little tip dog trick I found. I hope you guys liked it. if it did hit the like button, let me know if you guys, if this helped you and don't share with your opponents, but feel free to share this video to anyone else and have fun playing trivia crack. but I realize this one little thing: ever since I started doing a sort of trick thing, it just stopped getting fun anymore and I don't know, you know why people are bringing this game up again. but I remember when I first got popular- who was? everyone was playing in. it was a lot of fun. now I see kids playing it again and I'm like, okay, fine, but you know, give a shot, I'm sure it's gonna work on your phone. if it doesn't work on your phone, let me know, because I mean, I've been doing this for a long-ass time. it's worked on every single trivia crack version. so clearly trivia crack doesn't want to fix the bug or something. they clearly don't give a [ __ ] and you know it's easy. so I can subscribe and feel free to check out my other videos on my channel and have a good day, guys. peace.

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Trivia Crack ep 1 EZ questions... Nvm with ADS

hi everyone. and today we are playing trivia. yes, trivia, crack ITEC, money, and that's key. with the few categories, which organ in the human body of swords? glucose? never, I'm so dumb. I just turned up the brightness. so what do these? is an algebra term. look, I don't understand this somewhat. Oh, freakin ads, I hate ads. okay, next person. Oh, crown, I'll take it, I'll take a crown. oh, where is chanting nuga? okay, I would guess that. right, somehow, I don't know how I did when we tok about in a jail. what sport are we toking about? we are toking about hockey. oh, my word, category art. that I don't really do. Beethoven was afflicted by which condition? deafness. I know that now because I got a question that said: Oh dad, yeah, got that. and then it said Beethoven. and I picked on, and the movie Shrek. what's the name of the donkey? I have no idea. I don't watch Shrek no more. oh, come on, add the time back. which movie is known for the phrase we're going to need a bigger boat? yes, really, Manny history, you guys, I like this. but what he calls the US president f fret Franklin D Roosevelt to become paralyzed, being shot. no, pulley, let's pull you up. does anyone know that I don't. grace. Peters 32, this ring, nothing again. when was the children's toy Easy Bake Oven? introduce turn one? no, not what that long dang dad, okay, Rebecca, okay, what news anchor was often called the most trusted person in America? oh, that's a hard one. Ronald Reagan, who's Walter? I have no idea what these people are, and I just made it to level 31. then I played this game before. anyway, okay, I'm gonna pick a history question, because why the heck not one man? Sutton, st Helens erupted in 1980. a man who refused to evacuate all in Paris. what you guys rezoned [Music] or at the Alamo held in our church. I know that game. oh, okay, good thing. so, and this makes me go, I like the cushions. where is the Gulf of Mexico between Mexico and Colorado, if no one knows where they come from? extra isn't like you're in another country, so country is near to your equator line. are characterized by which type of climate? practikal, usually, not always, but usually most likely. they will, I think, or they certainly. I have no idea, cuz I'm not good with your mark. the hundred year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. do a hundredth year one. was it made? how did I guess that was it? what's the city of Titanic in 1912? probably aren't. which of these actresses have never played Catwoman? hey, I don't know about these questions. why do you think any more questions, are you okay? there's two countries. are the only two countries that can see the Victoria Falls? oh, crap knows em away? and and eeeh, Narnia? no, no, just kidding, I have so many people I play against. yeah, what snake. what snack do what people think of when they think of movies? they think of popcorn. they can dangle popcorn and watch. artists are 20 years in the Air Force. I know I did Bob Ross. let's go to chemicals. that is a. that's a cartoon character from on SpongeBob. yes, I know that. what did these pirates was a real part, a real pirate. you say back here: yes, yes, hi, honey, took the time, okay, so I mean there are seven minutes 20 seconds or at least so much time to make a video. well, crash it, crash, hey, three, two, one bunk. sometimes it crashes and you know it's annoying, it's gets annoying. what's up? a falling cat spares instead of roaring young. okay, I know it. I always keep think of a hero, Keitel roar. okay, let me pick up a science question of roughly what for something? University man, visible matter? yeah, that's a hard question. five, or is it 0.55? then 0.5, because most of is made of dark matter. [Music] which are the flying schools? is and has a mascot that is not a husky. how am I supposed to know? there's no, like these. University, the University of Maine. I don't understand sports at all very much. no, I don't want to get coins. okay, in the scenario of running a footrace, you passed a person in third place. what place are you in now? second place, what that's not? that's a trick question, isn't it? no shame? [Music]: okay, this guy, a problem, just a plaintiff. who was the lady that won through slavery and then went back to slavery nineteen times? Harriet Tubman, do you think I didn't learn that? and it's grade whatever grade. wait, when I saw Lester, why are the Steelers from? Oh, Pittsburgh Steelers, I think. right, yeah, Pittsburgh Steelers in Argentina. okay, I was about to fake Mount Fuji, but I would. I think that's an Asian mountain and, yeah, I already only got the job. what state is the walking dead filled in it? ooh, New York. no, Georgia, heck, no, I don't watch the awesome. [Music], what I understand, you finish, or I knew it. what divides friends from Spain? a river, mountain range, a mountain range? yes, of course I want to be a wall. it's not that Donald Trump wall whose skull is fun by grave diggers in Shakespeare's play Hamlet Hamlet. just kidding, I didn't even know. okay, we already get this game. you know that it's one, the one. and what is part of the digestive system? odd? the brain? oh, the liver? I have no idea, really. okay, good, tell you two more minutes. enjoy where. what is genetiks? this study had Gina made? no, okay, I suck. I said: oh my god, this one is gonna. I know I'm definitely losing anyway. what are many plastiks made of? okay, now is that where your dad? in what month is the longest day in the northern hemisphere? dang, I think it's June. yes, it's June. some of us out there? no, well, maybe one more question in a court, if there are any question to end off, because aren't. lastly, which street tree is nay enough to handle? that's real. that's all of them. hello, it's everything. that's enough. so I hope you guys enjoyed. if you're dead, smash that like one, hit, subscribe to join and I'll see you guys next time. bye, bye. who was the first film to be yesterday? I'm sure everybody knows that assassinated, literally? it's Abraham Lincoln. if you don't know that, then why?

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Trivia Crack on Google

alright, let's get trivia crack. right, it's time to play trivia crack. i am willy, your host. how many players do we have? great, that will be four teams. the team with the youngest player will be the first to play. the second team to go will be the one to their right, and so on. now listen up for the first question. yes, willie. who was not president when the tragedy of 9: 11 happened to the united states? 1- bill clinton. 2. barack obama, 3- all the above. [Music]. that is incorrect coming up. player 2: when did the battle of trenton take place? 1. december 26, 1776. 2- january 20th 1775. 3 february 14, 1776.. [Music]. that's not the right answer. it's player three turn. what form of government is ruled by people holding power in free elections? 1. democracy, 2- meritokracy 3- bureaucracy. that's the tiket. this one goes to player 4.. what us city had? the first concrete freeway? 1- atlanta. 2- chicago. 3- detroit. [Music]. no, that's not it. [Music]. congratulations, the game has ended. player 3 is victorious with a score of one. wanna start a new game? how many players do we have? great, that will be four teams. the team with the tallest player will be the first to play. the second team to go will be the one to their right, and so on. let's kick it off with a question for thank you, willy. what are olympic gold medals made of? one silver, two, gold. [Music]. oh, wrong answer. olympic gold medals are made mostly from silver, with only about six grams of gold. player two is next. what is the longest running soccer club in history recognized by fifa? 1. sheffield football club. 2. forever football club. [Music]. oh, i'm afraid not. player 3: it's your turn. which of these was a form of transportation before becoming a sport? [Music]. oh, i'm afraid not. the activity traces its origins to scandinavia, where people use the skis to travel over the snow. player 4: are you ready? swimmer michael phelps eats 12 000 calories a day when training. true or false? that's the tiket. [Music]. congratulations, the game has ended. player 4 is victorious with a score of 1.. i bet you can do even better. want to play again? how many players do we have? great, that will be four teams. the team with the tallest player will be the first to play. the second team to go will be the one to their right, and so on. now listen up for the first question. thank you, willy. what was the makeup budget for the movie dallas buyers club. one: five hundred thousand dollars. two: two hundred fifty dollars. [Music]. oh, i'm afraid not. despite the low budget, the film's makeup and hair styling won an oscar coming up. player two: which of these celebrities has their own? barbie doll: one. taylor, swift two. zendaya- yeah, the zendaya barbie replicates the actress inspiring. look at the 2015 oscars, where she proudly displayed her hair in dreadlocks. question 4: player 3: how much would it cost to be batman? 1, 2 billion, 2 600 million dollars. you're killing it. that number includes the bat cave weapons and computer tiknology. player four: it's your turn. what was steve bashemy's profession before becoming an actor? 1. carpenter 2- firefighter. you got that one right. he worked as a firefighter in nyc's, little italy for four years. during 9- 11. he once again helped the fdny on the ground. players 2, 3, 4 are still in the game. player 1 has been eliminated. player 2: are you ready? how many feet have to touch down for a catch to be ruled? a catch in the nfl: 1, 2, 2, 1, 3- doesn't matter as long as you catch it. yeah, player 3: are you ready? what tennis player won 20 combined wimbledon titles? 1. chris evert: 2. martina navratilova: 3. billie jean king [Music]. nope, this one goes to player 4.. where did quarterback joe montana retire? 1- kansas city chiefs. 2- san francisco 49ers. 3- tampa bay buccaneers- you're killing it. players two- four are still in the game. player three has been eliminated. this one goes to player two. where do astronauts go to train for future missions to mars? one- hawaii. two- arizona [Music]. oh, i'm afraid not. this one goes to player 4. the most venomous snake in the world lives in ireland, true or false? [Music]. congratulations, the game has ended. player four is victorious with a score of three. i bet you can do even better. wanna play again? how many players do we have? great, that will be four teams. the team with the youngest player will be the first to play, the second team to go will be the one to their right, and so on. first question ahead: yes, willie. in the lion king who is killed? one- mufasa's wife. two: simba. three: mufasa [Music]. all right, it's time to play in trivia crack. my name is willy and i'll be your host. how many players do we have? great, that will be four teams. the team with the youngest player will be the first to play, the second team to go will be the one to their right, and so on. first question ahead. thank you, willie. what is statistikally the most dangerous job in america? one blogger, two- president- yes, you got it. eight out of 44 us presidents have died while in office, which makes an 18.6 mortality rate much higher than that of any other job. player 2: it's your turn. the star-spangled banner was originally a british drinking song, true or false? [Music]. no, that's not. it coming up. player 3: which of the following creations did cleopatra live closest to in time? 1. the great pyramid in 2570 bc. 2- the first iphone in 2007. [Music]. nope, cleopatra was born in the year 69 bc. she was the last active ruler of the ptolemaic kingdom of egypt. coming up. player 4: what is the world's oldest currency that is still in circulation? 1- the swedish crown. 2. the british pound. that's the tiket. players 1- 4 are still in the game. players 2- 3 have been eliminated. question 4: player one: who was the first nfl team to win the super bowl? one- detroit lions. two- washington redskins. three- green bay packers. [Music]. oh, wrong answer. this one goes to player four. what is the only competition where the winning team moves backwards? 1- chess. 2- tug of war. 3. checkers. yes, you got it. congratulations, the game has ended. player four is victorious with a score of two. i bet you can do even better. wanna play again? how many players do we have? great, that will be four teams. the team with the shortest player will be the first to play. the second team to go will be the one to their right, and so on. first question ahead: yes, willie. which of these tik companies regularly rents goats? one apple. two: google [Music]. oh, i'm afraid not. rental goats help cut down grass and weeds at google's headquarters in california. it's. player 2: turn goldfish have a memory span of just a few seconds, true or false? [Music]. that's not the right answer. their memory is much longer. it can be counted in months. question four: player three: what is the fear known as nomophobia connected with one mobile phones? two: food? that's correct. nomophobia is the proposed name for the fear of being without cell phone access coming up. player 4: what is the largest lizard in the world? 1- the komodo dragon. 2: the gila monster. [Music]. that's not the right answer. [Music]. congratulations, the game has ended. player three is victorious with a score of one. would you like to play again? how many players do we have? great, that will be four teams. the team with the tallest player will be the first to play, the second team to go will be the one to their right, and so on. now listen up for the first question. thanks, willie. what is the capital of syria? 1 damascus, 2 amman, 3- aleppo.

Test Your Knowledge Trivia Quiz | Best Quiz!

50 trivia questions, 10 seconds per question. here we go. which grows faster? hair, fingernails or toenails? who made the speech? i have a dream: nelson mandela, barack obama or martin luther king jr? in which country did yoga originate? thailand, india or iran? which soft drink company wanted to teach the world to sing in 1971? coca-cola, pepsico or britvic? what does cpr stand for cardio problem rescue, cardiopulmonary resuscitation or cardiac professional response? what is the only food that can last forever? honey, cheese or bacon? who had a hit in 1972 with superstition? marvin gaye, lionel richie or stevie wonder in sleep? what does rem stand for recent event memory? rapid eye movement or restless early morning [Music] wearing your body? is your thyroid gland in your neck, armpit or abdomen [Music]. what was the name of the aircraft that dropped the first atomic bomb? southern cross, enola, gay or lucky lady? in which tv series would you see the mystery machine doctor? who star trek or scooby doo? who was queen elizabeth the first's mother? anne boleyn, mary tudor or jane seymour? which river crosses the most countries? the nile, the danube or the amazon? what is this animal called a monitor lizard, an iguana or a gecko? what is the capital city of saudi arabia? medina, jeddah or riyadh? how often is the football world cup played every two years, every four years or every year? if you have renal failure, which organ isn't working properly? your lungs, heart or kidneys? in the game monopoly, how much do you get for passing go, 100, 200 or 500.. how long does it take to hard boil an egg? 3 minutes, 6 minutes or 12 minutes? if you haven't already, now's a great time to hit the like button and subscribe. fermented vegetable dish- kimchi is. from which country? korea, germany or peru? which is hotter lightning? the sun or lava? which planet is named after the god of war, mercury, mars or jupiter? what is the only organ that can regenerate itself? liver, pancreas or the heart? the dingo fence is the longest fence in the world. where is it? mexico, mongolia or australia? what kind of dinosaur is this? a brontosaurus, a tyrannosaurus rex or a velociraptor? the word arctik comes from greek and means what snow, cold or bare? how many times a day is a broken clock correct? once, twice or never? what's that thing in your car that measures distance traveled, called a tachometer, an odometer or a speedometer? what is this tool called a lathe, a grinder or an anvil? which of these is not a scandinavian country, sweden, norway or the netherlands. what is the most common crime in the world? theft, assault or corruption? what currency is used in poland? euros, zloty or corona prunes are dried. what plums, apricots or grapes? a kiwi is slang for a person. from which country? australia, new zealand or canada? how long can the average person live without water? three days, five days or seven days? who sang? take me home? country roads, kenny rogers, glenn campbell or john denver? approximately how far above earth is the international space station? 27 miles, 227 miles or 2 700 miles? what do paleontologists study? fossils, plant life or animal life? what do australians have instead of the easter bunny, the easter bilby, the easter koala or the easter dingo? go ahead and subscribe, it's free and it shows you care. what does the term sushi mean? fish slices, sour tasting or small food? which of these cities is closest to the north pole? new york, shanghai or madrid? [Music]. who is the greek goddess of love, nike, athena or aphrodite? where are french fries originally from france, belgium or the us? what sport is the indianapolis 500, running motor speedway or golf? what type of pastry is used to make an eclair, shoe, phyllo or puff? in which country can you find the temple of the sacred tooth relic? peru, cambodia or sri lanka? what's the longest non-stop commercial flight currently available- singapore to new york, london to dubai or paris to cape town? [Music]. what is a baby rabbit called a fawn, a pup or a kitten? [Music]. where is evie and water from the french alps, the himalayas or the andes? what is the biggest island in the caribbean dominican republic, cuba or puerto rico? so how was that too easy or too hard? let me know in the comments down below. thanks for watching, and now try this next quiz.

iFive for the iPhone 124: Trivia Crack, Placeme, Bebo

this is twit. this episode of the iphone is brought to you by gazelle, the fast and simple way to sell your used gadgets. find out where your used iphone, ipad and other apple products are worth at gazellecom. hello everyone and welcome to i-5 for the iphone, episode 124.. i5 covers the latest iphone apps, tips and tricks and, of course, news. i'm sarah lane and i have survived. happy 2015 everyone. best year ever. okay, back to work. number one: okay, let's start off with the flavor of the month, which is actually a great flavor, because i love trivia. can you tell what app i'm about to tok about? yes, i'm toking about trivia crack, which is super popular right now. so there's a very good chance that you're already playing it because it's fun. in fact, leo introduced me to it on ipad today a couple weeks ago, and i haven't really stopped playing since because i love to be right. so trivia crack calls itself a game of strategy. you can challenge your friends to various trivia categories- science or sports or geography- and then you earn coins and little characters that you steal from each other as you answer questions. so there's a fun social component as well. you spin the wheel, you get a category, then you're scored on not only correct answers but how fast you can answer them. the questions are also crowd-sourced. that's kind of cool, so not only is there a pretty big selection already, but you can rate the questions or even flag them if they're wrong. i haven't seen any blatantly wrong questions yet, but that is a nice option. also, if you don't have a bunch of friends that are already playing should be a crack, or maybe they're taking too long with their turn. you can get matched up with some random people on earth anywhere in the world, and you play that way whenever you feel like it. there's a cool spinning wheel. it's very colorful sound effects. it's easy to see why people like the interface of trivia crack. i would suggest, though, that you buy yourself the ad free version for 2.99, though, because ads on a game that are already this visual it feels unbearable, at least to me. also. i've learned a few things over the last month. you know i'm getting better at my trivia, so i'm considering trivia crack my stepping stone to ultimate jeopardy domination number two. so way back in episode 77 of i-5, which was almost a year ago, we toked about an app called secret that let people anonymously post whatever they wanted, and it was kind of tantalizing because the secrets that you would see were supposedly friends of yours, from friends of yours, or at least friends of friends, because they were based on your phone number and your contacts. now, i didn't like secret at all. i thought it was mean-spirited, i thought it was abusive towards people that i knew. sometimes there were actual names used or it was just pointless stuff that you would expect to see on a college bathroom wall, not in an app. who's got time for that? anyway, secret got really popular really fast because everybody likes a train wreck, but then over the last year most users lost interest and the user base fell dramatikally. now the company's brand new app claims it has a totally different focus: honest opinions from your friends and general discovery. okay, that sounds pretty good to me, except that, honestly, besides looking sort of different, it's still organized the same way. you've got your feeds of friends and you've got your location feeds and it's the same crap that i used to read on secret. it's a lot of raunchy stuff, even in my supposed group of friends. i don't know who's saying this stuff, but i don't want to read it. the ces category is a good idea in theory. we're at ces this week, but it's showing secrets like which booth has the best swag and where all the booth babes at i mean, come on. one new feature is that you can chat privately with anybody on secret. that is new and it's supposedly totally anonymous. but that's also terrifying because you know, look at the secrets that i'm already reading. i don't want to chat with these people one-on-one. i also don't feel like the app has changed much at all, because the users haven't changed, or at least what they tok about is still mostly unappealing to me. if you have a different take- you think i'm crazy, or you really like secret or anything like that- send us an email at i5, at twit tv and, i'm sorry, secret, i just don't get you. number three: we got an app suggestion this week from blair, who recommends a service called place me to keep track of where you go for personal use, though not as a social network kind of unique. blair writes this app privately, tracks and notes where you went and how long you spent there, and auto names the location or remembers your corrections. it doesn't broadcast it to anyone, but you can sync it with your evernote account. okay, so i hadn't used placeme before, but my first thought on any app that's locating my physical location all day, every day- is battery drain, because i'm already using enough location enabled stuff- stuff that i think is actually quite helpful, and even my six plus sometimes has a hard time keeping up battery-wise. i drain it every day. but i also like that personal breadcrumb trail data. it's one of the reasons that i still leave tips on foursquare. i like to remind myself of where i was months or years later, especially if i'm back in that place and i think what was that cool bakery? yeah, that can be helpful. placement is totally location-based, so it's not hooking into any other service but, as blair mentioned, if you have an evernote account and you want a daily rundown of your location that's synced to your evernote account, placement can do that. i will say that it tries to guess where you are based on where it ge locates you. i'm assuming it's pulling data from google and that's not always right. for example, i was never at a best western hotel earlier today, but i was near one. i think that the main issue here- besides battery drain potential anyway, and just obviously trusting the app to respect your privacy- and that is a personal decision- is that not that many of us are that organized or obsessive, or what have you about our everyday whereabouts? i mean, my routine is pretty much the same most days of the week. i could see place me being really helpful if you're on vacation or otherwise totally off your normal routine. and then the evernote sync feature is a bonus. two, a receipt of the past, this episode of i5 for the iphone is brought to you by gazelle. did you get a new gadget for the holidays? 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