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trump banned on shopify

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Your Missing The SCARIEST Thing About Trumps Banning From Twitter, Facebook, Shopify & More

all remaining systems will bow to the first order and we'll remember this as the last day of the republic. [Music]. [Music]. what's going on? everyone, jeremy, here from the quartering and i will implore you to leave your partisan politiks at the door. this topic is far, far more important than owning trump. okay, there are far too many people on both sides of the aisle right now watching the systematik deplatforming of the president of the united states and reacting emotionally to it, whether they think, haha, take that orange man, cheeto man, drumpf, or they're genuinely mad. most people are not mad for the right reasons. most people don't see this for what this really is, and that is that this is the single greatest power grab by silicon valley in history, and it went unchallenged. nobody stopped them, nobody questioned them. they unpersoned the sitting president of the united states, and most people's reaction are: ha, own drum. you are being so short-sighted if that's how you're looking at this, if you're obsessed with the fact, if you are like enjoying the ducks, oh, shopify, shut them down. ha, take that trump. if you don't wake up, you're just gonna be another cog in the machine of censorship. that's what they want you to do. trump, trump's banning is like a red herring practikally to what's really happening. we saw facebook, youtube, twitter, par or uh uh uh shopify every major silicon valley company act in unison to not only unperson again the sitting president. so what hope do the rest of us have but to squash competition at the most important time? donald trump had 80 million followers on twitter. half of them probably hated him, don't care, right. 80 million. if he would have been, if he had been able to quickly transfer to parlor, what do you think would have happened? 20 million users come over. 10 million users come over, at least right immediately, overnight. parlor is a legitimate, legitimate competitor for twitter. couldn't let that happen. it was so convenient, so convenient that apple happened to issue a 24-hour ultimatum the very same day they battled donald trump. it was just convenient that the google play store removed parlor on the very day they banned donald trump from twitter. what a kawinki dink. but take that, drumpf. ha ha ha. take that right wingers, you're willingly walking to the gallows of censorship to own the right. that's how these people sound. they're literally cutting off the nose, their own noses, despite their face. that's how stupid of a take. that is right now, and i'm sorry if that offends you as one of my viewers. look, i've dropped a couple thousand subscribers this week, a lot of people that subscribed to me when i was covering cyberpunk and all this stuff didn't like that. i also covered, you know, tik, censorship issues and other type of issues. that's okay. that's okay. but you know what? if you're watching this and you aren't currently subscribed, please take a second to hit that red subscribe button right below the video. support this channel, support all tik. i'm doing a whole separate video today about how to get involved with alt tik. parlor bit shoot minds because the mainstream media is literally in cahoots with silicon valley to squash competition. last night we saw shopify takes trump organization and campaign stores offline. reddit bans are donald trump discord bans pro trump server. the donald google pulls parlor from the play store. i'm sorry, this after twitter permanently banning trump. okay, we've seen this playbook before. all we need now is mastercard to cancel his credit cards and we'll have basically what they did to alex jones. but but lost in all of this, lost in everybody on the far left celebrating saying you didn't go far enough. who else should we ban? who? how else can we secure the echo chamber that is twitter? the same people that whine about parlor being echo chamber, also demanding anybody with opposing views be removed from twitter. these people are so dumb. don't be that. don't be that dumb. don't let them suck you in to the partisan conversation. what we saw in the last 24 hours was the single largest power grab silicon valley has ever had, might be one of the- you know, if you adjust for the eras- one of the biggest power grabs in history in the united states, given the amount of control that silicon valley has over communications. this would be like in the 50s when, when there's two major newspapers across the nation and they were suddenly owned by one person overnight, while everyone was- haha, drunk. look, i leave your partisan crap at the door. okay, fine. if you don't like trump, awesome. if you did like them, awesome. i don't care about that. i care about everybody willingly being censored and then demanding more of it. this is dangerous. and then the monopolistik move. oh my god, so perfect, right, such a co-winky dink that the day twitter bans donald trump, google play removes parlor from their app store. what a kawinki dink. oh, what a coincidence on that timing. huh, so convenient that the day twitter bans donald trump, apple issues a 24-hour ultimatum to parlor. and, by the way, everything they say about parlor can be said about twitter. there are extreme posts that happen on twitter all the time and there are extreme posts that happen on parlor. it happens on facebook, happens on reddit, happens everywhere, but when they want you to, uh, care. now it's the first time ever that somebody's posted something heinous. there are bad posts on parlor. i have 165 000 followers there and i've never once seen one in my replies. but obviously there are screenshots of now banned accounts- no, mostly. and now you have amazon employees- amazon employees- oh, this other thing i want to tok about. so a lot of people said: well, trump wasn't the pl, the president wasn't d platformed, he still had the potus account actually, no, he didn't, because he went to the potus account and twitter immediately removed the posts and locked him out of that account. so, yes, silicon valley, specifically on person, the sitting president of this nation and amazon workers now demand parlor be removed from amazon's web hosting service. enough is enough. amazon hosts parlor on the amazon web services cloud. as amazon workers, we demand amazon deny parlor services until it removes posts doing: say, amazon our parlor already had. this is a such another hilarious lie spread by the mainstream media. amazon already has a policy. our parlor already has a policy against this stuff. parlor needs to find a way to stay on the play store and stay on on the apple uh app store. now, that's an uncomfortable, that's an look i. i said this on my parlor account and i basically got ratioed by my own viewers saying: no, we can't, you can't bend the knee, you can't bend the knee. well, that's fine if you want to be gab. i'm not saying to bend the knee, but what i'm saying is figure out a way to stay on the platform. don't miss this opportunity. what a kawinkidink that google removed it when 80 million people are potentially looking for a new home. 80 million people follow donald trump, half of which probably hated him. right, they're like the trump. reply guys or journalists and all this crap. another 20 million bots. let's say that's still 20 million new potential users coming over overnight. overnight, we saw this happen already. once i went from like 20 000 followers on gab to 160 000 overnight the last time there was a mass exodus. i probably would have had 500 000 after this one, but in a coincidence, in a colossal coincidence- people couldn't download the app. parlor was basically down all day yesterday too, from the huge influx. this is what mainstream media does. i don't care if you don't like trump, look, he's gonna be out office in two weeks, okay, all right, that makes you uncomfortable, it's just the overwhelming likelihood, all right. so now you've got biden, who isn't going to push back against this stuff, and you're going to have 10 years of this. biden's going to be here for two years and he's going to step down and campbell is going to run and and be president for 10 years. you can have 10 years- 8 to 10 years- of this o.

What Happens to Dropshipping When TikTok Gets Banned In The USA

tiktok will get banned from the United States. at least, that's what all the big media companies actually say at the moment. it's very interesting to see all the reactions and basically saying: all right, tiktok is going to die out, Drop Shipping is again dead and all the influence is actually going to have on Drop Shipping. and I want to tok about two things. the number one thing is: what if it actually would get banned? how would drop shipping change? number two is: how should you treat all of those big changes and big news entirely with dropshipping? because there's constantly new things coming and sometimes you don't even really know if it's the right time to start or not, or whether you should wait or start with another strategy. so first of all, let's get started with a bigger picture. everything constantly suggests that Drop Shipping is about to die out and everybody's constantly toking about it, and that's why this whole Drop Shipping is dead thing is so big, because there's some small thing and everybody instantly thinks that's going to be the reason why Drop Shipping is not going to work anymore. and it doesn't matter if it's some kind of virus which then stops all the imports from China or, for example, where Trump actually said that he wants to stop all the imports from China and he owns the only ones- to have things which actually get produced in the USA to be sold in the USA, or even things like the Facebook iOS update. there's constantly things which will suggest that Drop Shipping will die out. should you listen to this? no reason for that is every single time there's going to be something else which pops off instead, and all the big marketers are not going to lose their job just because one thing changed in the algorithm or one fundamental changed in terms of where the shipping comes from, or something like that. if you think about the bigger picture, there will be a solution to that and I guarantee you 100 that there's going to be a bunch of people which will profit from that solution. now, the problem here is it can be very overwhelming to constantly deal with the news as a whole. if somebody says Drop Shipping will be super tough to do in Q4, then you're gonna be okay, I have to start in January. or where people say, listen, Drop Shipping in Q4 is going to be the best thing, you need to start right now and that's going to make you so much money, then you're going to think: all right, I need to start now. in reality, nothing changed. Q4 is the same and you just had some kind of impact from somebody in terms of new information, and now you think there's some kind of fomo or you need to wait. the main thing I would do if I would be you and I would start be starting out is I would just ignore everything a hundred percent completely. I'm in this Ecom space for the last five years and every single year there was something which should have killed Dropship and most of the people actually didn't do Drop Shipping because of those things. but in reality it doesn't matter, because there will be people who buy online and as long as you take a good advertisement of a product which people actually need and show it to a lot of eyeballs, people will buy. it's as simple as that and that's the bigger picture. will a bunch of tiknical things change if iOS updates happen on Facebook again or tracking will be even harder? yes, of course, I'm not denying that and in the end of the day, if somebody says that Drop Shipping is dead, it is true for them. it doesn't matter what you believe, it's true. if you think dropshipping is dead, you're not going to do it. so it's there for you. if you believe it's not, that you're actually going to keep pushing and make it work at some point. it's not dead for you, but just because you believed in it or didn't believe it. whatever you believe is actually reality in this case- and I don't want to start with all this like motivational mindset- but I truly want to tell you that if you really believe that Drop Shipping is dead, you're not gonna make it work. it is dead. if online business is all a scam, yes, it is a scam- don't start. that's it. if you truly believe that for you it will be a scam because then you, even if you buy something and you don't really follow up because you don't really believe in it, you're not going to make money from it. so it was a scam for you. but the beauty of this is It's the exact same- the opposite. so if you truly believe that you will make this work, it will work out, as long as you have the follow right strategy and do the right things and don't quit and do all of those things. I think the main message of this video is: if you understand fundamental marketing principle, you will make money. if you understand sales or marketing, literally, if the internet will stop tomorrow, I am really confident that I'm gonna have the ability to sell something somewhere else offline, without out the internet. all right, it doesn't really matter. people buy and people sell, and if you know how to sell, people will buy. it's as simple as that. doesn't doesn't matter. anything can change. if you have that fundamental down, you're going to be better off. and the beauty of Drop Shipping is that you get very fast direct responses from your actions. so let's say you change your offer and you sell the same exact product with the same exact ad, with another offer, literally the same exact day. you're gonna get the feedback. as long as you're spending like at least like a hundred dollars per day, you're already going to see something that go well or something that go bad. you're gonna have this direct impact, meaning that you can actually do a lot of learnings here from every change you do and you can directly backtrack every positive or negative impact to an action you tok. okay, now, this is kind of the micro level, because on the macro level there's also something else happening which is delayed impact. and if you start, for example, to work for eight hours on Drop Shipping every day right now, right now, today, you're not gonna see an impact. the first day, the first month, maybe, you're not going to see any impact. you're not going to have results. you're not going to make money without. however, three months down the line, six months. I don't know how long it's gonna take you, but at some point you're gonna see that it actually did make impact. and then you see, basically, everything starts to work and you think I made it, I can chill now, and then you chill and nothing changes. you still keep making money. however, three months down the line, one month, six months, whatever it is- at some point you're gonna feel how you chilled three months ago and then everything is gonna start to crash. so it's also very important to think about the bigger things you changed a couple of months ago. if you see a difference in performance today, after seeing one product doing really well, it's gonna be one of the best and most chill experiences of your life, because you're gonna think: I made it. I can do whatever I want to. now. I don't need to test anything anymore. I put in this hard work. all of this effort was for this moment. now I deserve a break and you stop and everything will crash, and I've seen this over and over again and it happened to me. I also started to chill because I thought I'd already made it. I have a couple winning products. that's it. that's not reality. you need to understand that until you outside sourced everything really, really, really well, which will take you at least a year- you're not going to be able to see this as a passive income. in the first year, I would not even consider that. you're gonna hustle for three months and after that you're gonna have a bunch of people who work for you and you chill doesn't work like that. yes, it's possible to do with a few hours per day. however, you will definitely need to keep working on the stores over a long period of time and even after a year, there's a very, very high chance that you will need to keep doing a couple of specific things in the business. so that's basically it for the video. currently, what I'm doing- rig.

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The Internet Bans the President

florida. what are you doing? who are you again? six, nine, six, nine. tell me about the aliens. [Music]. all right, let's get. uh, where is everyone? i'm late, pardon me. it's totally fine. sorry, i'm late, pardon me, god, it's fine, pardon me, okay, i see what you're doing. wow, pardon me, i am never late. how many more of these are there gonna be? oh, pardon me, dear leader, this is getting out of hand. what aren't you gonna say? pardon me. why the would i do that? i guess it's a joke. you show up late and then ask for a pardon. i'm late because i don't want to be here. honestly, we should just give this a break till inauguration longer. wow, look, it's both dc's. no, i'm the only dc, i'm the government, but we've already decided my label, so it's not going to change. well, pardon me. hmm, welcome to the northeast states meeting. why are you in charge? because i was the first state by like five days. calm down, not like you could run any better. new york, go play in traffic. you would know all about that, wouldn't ya? is this like a permanent seating chart, or can i move? please make him move. everyone, just calm down. you'd be upset too if you had to sit next to pa in new york all the time. you're gonna sit there and act like you. ain't just east philly? nah, he's low. in new york. i have my own personality: buddy fight between pork roll or taylor ham. ain't a personality you would know. wawa sheets. sure is a lot of fighting happening around here. live free or die- is that all you say? i see you've picked or died today. sorry, i'm late, i got caught. you just act like we're not here. you're not even supposed to be here at all. they wouldn't let me in the southern meeting, though maybe you should try the midwest. [Music]. are you allowed to be here? yeah, why wouldn't i be? well, trump was banned from the internet. he wasn't banned from the internet, right, just twitter and facebook. and tiktok banned him before he could ban it and also shopify. for some reason, guys, i'm not the president. i haven't been banned, but you still shouldn't be speaking. and why is that? because i'm the only one here with a speaker of the house podium. duh, yeah, i'm gonna need that back. finder's keepers. you stole it. i didn't steal it, i found it where in your house. that's stealing okay, but tiknically, we bought it, right. this is just a repossession. i'm so tired. you look it. oh good, you gonna get a new tie and suit. well, let's see it. fascist, i mean. fashion show inauguration is still five days away. all i've learned this year is that anything can happen. scared, terrified, is it terror fun? gotta keep it in-house though, right, domestik terror. please give me back my podium now. [Music]. let the chaos begin.

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Facebook, Instagram ban Donald Trump indefinitely after supporters storm U.S. Capitol

mark zuckerberg posting um the dramatik move that they believe that the risks of allowing the president to continue to use the service are too great and they will be blocking the president on facebook and instagram indefinitely and at least for the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete. now, carl, as you mentioned, this is a dramatik move for facebook because mark zuckerberg has stated repeatedly that he believes that facebook is a very necessary platform for free speech. he is always really sided with with this side of free speech. rather than more regulation, he has called for regulation um to help create guidelines to understand how to limit speech on the platform. but this is really a dramatik move, saying they believe it is simply too dangerous to allow the president to use the platform. and just to be clear, carl, this is an extension of a 24-hour block that facebook had put on the president. that began last night and they're now saying that this will be extended indefinitely. to that point, julia, i just wonder how much of this, given the fact that that we have been having these conversations- i mean to think about the tik sell-off we saw yesterday- in part because of expectations that we're going to see tighter regulations, maybe a revisit a sharper, stronger revision of section 230? uh, with this new administration, i mean, is this: is this zuckerberg and facebook looking to get ahead of what might be inevitably that you know? i don't know if it's as much that, morgan, and more the fact that there's been a lot of critikism of these platforms for enabling the organization of some of the writing that we saw yesterday, and the question of whether or not facebook is just simply not quick enough to take things down and whether or not, even if something is up for even 30 seconds, it can be shared and liked many times in that period. so i think there's this question- you know, not just what they face from capitol hill, this question whether facebook is biased in how it regulates content on the platform, but whether it can be used as a tool for bad and whether they need to be much more stringent in preventing that from happening. and simply, right now, they think the risk is too great for the next next two weeks. it's a very, very bold move by mark zuckerberg and cheryl sandberg. to that point, julian, referencing something tom friedman said earlier on squawk box. i mean, there was a period before the election where facebook was elevating more credible news content into people's news feed and then they apparently stopped doing that. you know, do we have any sense that they're going to revisit that policy and perhaps make it permanent as well? well, look, they have been trying to elevate reputable news, partikularly about coronavirus. they've been elevating, you know, correct news from reputable sources around the election. if you go to instagram right now, they say: here is the election news you need to know. here's what's happening right now on capitol hill. but i think what has shifted is, for many years, zuckerberg said that they believed that people needed to know what the president was saying. they needed to know if he was saying things that were incendiary. and now they're saying: these things are incendiary. we don't want people to be incited to violence because of that. i want to just read you one quote here from mark zuckerberg's comments. um, he said, over the last several years, we have allowed president trump to use our platform consistent with our rules, at times removing content or labeling his posts when they violated our policies. we did this because we believe that the public has a right to the broadest possible access to politikal speech, even controversial speech. but the current context is now fundamentally different, involving use of our platform to incite violent insurrection against a democratikally elected government. that paragraph sums up the shift that facebook has made between allowing this as free speech and now saying it certainly incites violence. shepherd smith here. thanks for watching cnbc on youtube.

☠️Will Trump KILL Shopify Dropshipping In 2020

in today's video, I'm going to be giving you the latest news on how the China vs US trade war is going to affect your drop shipping business. now, I've been highly requested to do this video from my subscribers and from my facebook group, and the links my facebook group will be in the description below. so I'm going to bring it to you guys now and exactly only toking about how it's going to affect your drop shipping business and what you can do to stop it from overly, overly changing your drop shipping business. now the short answer to this question: will it affect my business? it actually really won't affect your business that much. there's a small group of people that will see a small change, but for the majority you really won't see a massive difference. but it is very, very important that you watch this video till the end, because I'm gonna be going into the whole trade war and how it is exactly gonna affect certain people's businesses, and you might be one of those that might get slightly affected. so please watch this video till the end. you need to stay on top of this news. you need to understand why it's gonna make a difference, because if you don't- and you're not prepared for it, you're gonna take a hit and you're gonna lose a lot of money. so please watch this video till the end. please match the like bugs. I took a lot of time out to research this. understand it. so I can bring it to you guys as well. now, if you want to be entered to win the next winning product list- so I'm gonna give people and know they were lists of 70 winning products- all you need to do is comment the econ King 10k sobs and you'll be entered into the giveaway. now we're gonna dive straight in to how this trade Wars gonna affect your business. so let's start off toking about what is an actual trade war. so, for those that don't understand what trade war is, you need to understand what it is because of the day, trade wars are things that happen in business. it's normal. don't worry about it now, as you're an online business and you're going from and you'll get supplies from different countries. it's important that you know son trade wars in case this happens again in the future. so what is a trade war? trade war is when, for example, the USA- because the USA are the ones that did this- increases the teres, an import taxes on products imported from China. so the US are said to shine a look, we're going to put a price on what you'll put into the country to discourage people from importing them in the first place. of what this does is it slows down their- their economy, basically in terms of importing Goods, and I'm gonna get onto this a little bit later on the reason why US did this. so, in relation to this, obviously China is not going to be okay with it. so they've done exactly the same to the US and said, look, winded, saying to you now, and they go back and forth till they go on mutual grounds. so that's exactly what a trade war is, guys. and the reason why the trade war started is because Donald Trump, the president of the USA, has started this all by saying to try and look, we're fed up of you guys taking all our money. the US has lost a lot of money, a lot of jobs from this, so we want to bring America back to where it was again. also, Trump is also worried that China's gonna rival the economy, because the number one economy in the world is the USA and second is China, and they are closing the gap between the US and themselves. so Trump is a little bit worried about that. so he's trying to slow China down, which is by him doing certain things like this, and the reason why he's doing this is because he wants more jobs for the USA and again, you won't see your kind of need to be as strong as it can be and the strongest of them, or which it currently is. but if he doesn't slow trying it down, they're gonna start to take over, which it doesn't want, and he's complained about this before, about China taking all the money away from them, and that's the reason why he's doing this. so now let me tok a lot about the following topics long ago over. so we're going to go over. tariff thresholds, product pricing and shipping costs are basically how this trade was going to affect those three things, which is tariff thresholds, product pricing and shipping costs. normally, packages price lower than $200 are exempt from this duty. so basically anything that you're selling thus under $200 are exempt from these tariff problems in a trade war. basically because the us don't want to compete with China on low tiket items. so basically the us is saying: this products are priced under this 200 threshold of dollars. we're not going to do anything with them. we're going to keep them as normal products. we're not gonna add anything to them. we're gonna keep them going as normal. now again what I was going back at the start of the video: this isn't going to affect as many people because the majority of dropship is are not signing products over $200. the majority people are selling products way under $100, so the majority are going to be completely fine. now the US doesn't wanna compete with China on low tiket items. it's simply because they just can't compete with them and then, no, there's no money in low tik items, so they're not worrying about the low tiket items. on the trade war, at the end of the day, the majority of the drops appears, like I said, are selling products way under $200. you will not be affected. so, like I said, if you're one of those are some perks under the $200, you will not be affected. you will not see any differences really with these new tariffs or product pricing. the shipping fee are so much cheaper than the you and then using a us supplier. so what I'm trying to say here is: even if you are having problems with tariffs and some products that you're getting- I have got swati's slightly interested tariffs- then it's still going to be a lot cheaper. then go into a us supplier anyway. so even though these tariffs are in place- and let's say, one of your supplies does get hit with a tariff, it's still going to be cheaper and using a us supplier. so, the end of the day, China's a lot cheaper than the us. is what I'm trying to say here. the cost of a package shipment from China to the US residential customer is dramatikally cheaper than the us local shipping options for the same package. so what I'm trying to say here is: so to ship from the us to a customer in the US, it's a lot more expensive than shipping from a packet to the US. so basically, what I'm trying to say again is: doesn't matter, China's still going to be a lot cheaper than using a us supplier, even if you're selling goods over the tune of dollar mark. you just need to add the extra cost to your product. so the consumer pays the tariff duty. so what I'm trying to say here is: if you are in that small group of people that are selling products over the 200 dollar threshold, which are the ones that are going to get hit with the tariffs, then all you need to do to prepare for this change is add the tariff duty pricing into your product cost. now you're probably thinking, Camille, if you do that, that I'm not gonna get any sales. now let me go into the next point, cause it's gonna make you think twice about what you're thinking already. so 90% of the businesses will be doing this, including apples. so what I'm trying to say is: if you are selling products over $200, don't worry. if you're gonna be increasing prices because of the, because of the trade war, juries don't work, because the majority of businesses anyway will be doing the same thing. now Apple is one of them. now Donald Trump's had back-and-forth arguments of Tim Cook about tariffs and judy's and whatnot, and he said: look, Apple, you're still going to receive the same duties as everybody else. now what do you think Apple's going to do? do you really think Apple is going to take the loss themselves, or do you think they're gonna import the duty costs into that product pricing? exactly? they're gonna do exactly the same as what everybody else will be doing, while I say the majority people be doing.

Trump Banned from Twitter | The Tonight Show

-Welcome, welcome. welcome to "The Tonight Show". Thank you very much, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ]. Well, guys, it was another big day in Washington, as House Democrats formally introduced the resolution to impeach President Trump. And if you're watching, no, this is not a repeat [ Laughter ]. Yep, Trump is being impeached again. Right now, everyone in America is having déjà coup. [ Laughter ]. This morning Trump was charged with "incitement of insurrection". You know, you messed up when you're charged with the title of a '90s Star Trek movie. [ Laughter ]. Seriously, it's never good when your crowds rise to the level of Klingon. It's looking like one more impeachment for Trump. Trump gets impeached the way most people get vaccinated -- in two doses. Some people say impeaching Trump will divide the country. Really, How much more divided can the country get? We're currently in a state of Monopoly game. after Thanksgiving, That's where we are. Meanwhile, some of Trump's most loyal defenders are saying we shouldn't kick him while he's down. Even "The Karate Kid" is going: "Eh, this one time feels okay, I think. Sweep the leg, sweep the leg". Well, if you think Trump's upset about getting impeached, imagine how he felt the other day when Twitter announced that they're permanently suspending his account: A lifetime ban. [ Cheers and applause ]. A lifetime ban. Trump's basically the Pete Rose of social media. [ Laughter ]. Right now, Trump's phone is stuffed into a pile of rice after being drenched with tears. [ Laughter ]. The good news is now Twitter can go back to what it used to be for -- judging celebrities at award shows. In addition to Twitter, Trump has been banned or restricted from Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Amazon, Pinterest, TikTok, [ Inhales deeply ]. YouTube, Reddit, Twitch Stripe, Discord and Shopify. -Aw, [ Laughter ]. -Trump started this year thinking he should be on Mount Rushmore. Now can't even get on Instagram. Seriously, in one weekend, Trump's phone became a $2,000 flashlight. [ Laughter ]. [ Applause ]. Yep, now Trump can't tweet, snap, post or stream. It's gotten so bad he can't even sell embroidered pillows on Etsy. -Aw, -Hmm. -Of course. now we're going to have to settle with him holding 50 press conferences a day and yelling 280 characters at a time. Ah, it's 2:00 am, Time for another press conference. Things have gotten so bad for Trump that PGA announced that they will no longer hold the 2022 PGA Championship at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. [ Applause ]: No more Twitter, no more PGA If Diet Coke comes out against Trump, he's going to lose his mind Again. Let's change gears here. Oh, this was fun. Yesterday, Nickelodeon aired its first-ever kid-friendly broadcast of an NFL playoff game. Check out what it looked like: -Now plunging forward, End zone and touchdown. -Hey, there's the slime. [ Imitating air horn ]. -And now Wil Lutz will come on for the extra point And he kicks it right through Spongebob. [ Laughter ]: -Yeah, That actually looked normal to me. Then again, I watch every game after dropping an insane amount of acid. [ Laughter ]: "Uh, that was right through Spongebob there, Congratulations". [ Laughter ], It was great. The slime cannons: -Yeah. -It was awesome. A lot of people enjoyed seeing the game like this. I mean it was way better than the time they had the Rugrats host a UFC fight. [ Laughter ]. That just didn't work. That just didn't work. Some entertainment news: -- HBO announced that they are rebooting "Sex and the City". Yeah, [ Applause ]. Even crazier, there's also going to be a version that airs on Nickelodeon. [ Laughter ]: Yep, everyone is back, except Kim Cattrall won't reprise her role as Samantha. It's like "The Avengers" rebooting. but Thor is like "You won't be seeing this hammer". [ Laughter ]. [ Cymbals tapping ]. Yep, 17 years after the final episode, "Sex and the City", coming back. They already released an episode and the first 20 minutes is Mr Big waiting for his pill to kick in. [ Laughter groaning ]. And finally I saw that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is launching a healthy energy drink called ZOA. You can tell the drink is good. Nancy Pelosi just chugged one, crushed the can on her forehead and said: "Let's impeach this, Jimbroni". Hi everyone, Thank you very much. it is Monday. We're excited to be back and we got a fantastik week of shows ahead. Nicole Kidman will be here. [ Cheers and applause ]. Amazing, Did you see "The Undoing" -Yeah, I did. -She crushed it, man. Anthony Mackie will be here. Oh, I love Anthony Mackie. Plus Anne Hathaway, Angela Bassett, Lilly Singh- Oh, stay up late tonight. Lilly Singh is premiering tonight after Seth. So it goes me Seth, then Lilly, But it premieres tonight. We love you, Lilly Singh. Check out Lilly tonight. But first we have a great show for you tonight. She stars in the movie "On the Rocks" on Apple TV Plus. Rashida Jones is here. [ Cheers and applause ]. Plus, from the film "The King of Staten Island" and "The Mandalorian", Bill Burr is here. God. [ Cheers and applause. ]. That dude is next-level funny. -Yeah, man. -He's on a different world, man, He's just --. Gosh, I just love that guy so much And we got great music from Old Dominion.