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USPS Shipping Dings DESTROYING Top Rated Sellers on Ebay

Published on: December 10 2022 by RockstarFlipper

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a popular shipping option for online sellers, especially those who use eBay. However, recent changes in USPS shipping policies have caused major headaches for top rated eBay sellers. These changes are causing shipping dings that can hurt their businesses and leave customers dissatisfied.

Problems with USPS Shipping:

The following are some of the issues that eBay sellers are facing with USPS shipping:

- Delivery Delays: Many packages are taking much longer than expected to reach their destinations, causing unhappy customers and damage to seller ratings.

- Lost Packages: In some cases, packages are getting lost in transit, causing major headaches for both sellers and buyers.

- Damaged Packages: Shipping dings are becoming more common, with packages arriving to customers with dents, scratches, and other types of damage.

Impact on Top Rated Sellers:

Top rated sellers on eBay are being hit particularly hard by these shipping dings. This is because eBay's algorithm heavily relies on seller ratings when determining who should be featured in search results. If a seller's rating drops due to shipping issues, their visibility and sales can plummet.

Possible Solutions:

There are a few things that sellers can do to minimize the impact of USPS shipping dings:

- Use alternative shipping options: While USPS may be the cheapest option, it's worth considering other carriers if it means avoiding shipping dings.

- Use extra padding: To reduce the risk of damage during transit, sellers should consider adding extra padding to their packages.

- Communicate with customers: If there are any shipping delays or issues, it's important to keep customers informed so they know what to expect.

USPS shipping dings are causing major problems for eBay sellers, especially those who rely on the platform for their livelihood. While there are some solutions, the best way to avoid these issues may be to switch to a different shipping carrier altogether.

USPS Shipping Dings DESTROYING Top Rated Sellers on Ebay

- Many eBay sellers are receiving defects on their accounts for late shipments or deliveries that are not their fault

- These defects can risk the seller losing their top rated or above standard status, or even dropping to a below standard status

- In this article, we will discuss how to check for these defects, how to determine if they are legitimate or not, and how to get them removed from your account

Checking for Defects:

- Go to your seller dashboard and look at your top rated, above standard, or below standard status

- Click on the get full report button under the late shipment rate section

- Look for transactions that were marked as late delivery due to tracking, not because a buyer said it was late

- Check the tracking numbers to see if the item was shipped on time and properly advertised

Determining Legitimacy:

- If the item was shipped on time and properly advertised, but was marked as late due to USPS delays or glitches, it is not the seller's fault

- If the item was shipped late or improperly advertised, the seller should take responsibility for the defect

Getting Defects Removed:

- Call eBay and have them bring up the screen showing the defects

- Make sure you have checked the tracking and determined that the defect was not your fault

- Ask eBay to remove the defect, and if they refuse, ask for the vetting team or management

- It may take a few days to a week to get the defect removed, so do it as soon as possible

- eBay sellers need to check for defects on their accounts and determine if they are legitimate or not

- If the defect is not the seller's fault, they should call eBay and get it removed

- Waiting too long can risk the seller losing their account status, so act quickly

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