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Utilizing Zik Booster App to Check for VeRO Items and Competiton

Published on: December 3 2022 by eCom Tom

Utilizing Zik Booster App to Check for VeRO Items and Competiton

Utilizing Zik Booster App to Check for VeRO Items and Competiton

hey guys welcome back to my channel Tom
here I haven't made a video in about a
week and that's mainly because I have
been working on acquiring my first
rental property in the area of where I
live in Massachusetts a little bit north
of where I live
or but right next to where I grew up and
it's my first ever rental property and
it's a 2-bedroom condo and a cash flows
a decent amount of money per month and
it was an off-market deal that got kind
of handed to me through one of my
wrestling coaches the will to offer did
you know and that's just a power of
networking and that just goes to show
that you should always network and try
to expand your business ventures if you
didn't if you're not in my free Facebook
group I did make a post on this and
there was actually a pretty cool
discussion afterwards and it could lead
to some future videos down the road with
that being said this video is on zik
analytiks I've been making a zik
analytiks playlist if you haven't
realized there's only two videos so far
but there's gonna be a third one so it's
gonna be short and sweet and it's just
on the sick Chrome extension that they
have called zip booster also if you stay
to the end of this video I have two
really cool announcements one about sick
and one about what we're doing in on my
Facebook group and if you stay around
until the end you're gonna you're gonna
hear it
so basically sick booster is the Chrome
extension that is made by sick analytiks
and it's pretty easy to get it's free
and it's very helpful for what it does
so basically if you don't know how to
get a chrome extension or anything like
that or if you don't use Google Chrome I
highly highly highly suggest you do all
you have to do is I mean open up a new
tab and all you have to do is click the
apps thing right here on the left hand
side and then it's click web store once
you go to webstore all you have to do is
search so all you have to do is
something's ick booster you get there
you download it it's free I already have
it download it it's right here so it's
very very very simple to set up all you
do is click it say what country you're
from or what you think it's the country
your drop shipping and I would guess so
United States for me competition check
so there's two main functions of this
app it will check the competition for
the items and that's whether it's UPC
competition or title competition this is
mainly only for Amazon items and then it
also checks for vero vero is huge a lot
of people don't pay attention to it in
the beginning and they really just list
whatever they want with whatever titles
and they
don't give a I did the same thing
and I notiked right in the beginning
when I didn't pay attention and I didn't
give a I got banned one day ban not
listing you can't list you can still
sell one day banned three day banned
another a seven day banned another three
day banned and then like a seven day ban
and I finally was like holy
I should probably smarten up I actually
called eBay and they told me that if I
get one more very violent within the
next six months on my main account then
I wouldn't be on the list for 30 days
and I know my business partner has also
got a 30 day suspension I know a lot of
people have gotten 30 day suspension 7
day suspensions infinite indefinite
suspension so you really really really
want to check vero because that's the
main reason why so vero check is on so
how does it work it's literally the same
thing you go to sick analytiks you're in
a competitor research right now I'm just
gonna type in this massive store that
I'm sure everybody knows called shop see
it opened up a new tab whatever so we go
to shop see I mean they have a massive
store they sell a ton of items so I
doubt that they're really gonna get
affected by me making a video of them so
anyways you scroll through their items
in any item that has this red
exclamation point next to it is a very
related item
it could be Vera and it could not be
Mero there's some there's you know
there's some iffy ones that you like you
might be just a word that's throwing it
off that makes it come up as Vera but
it's not but in all honesty I like to
not take any risks from now on and I
have three to four different types of
vero checks that I do before I list my
items and I'll make future videos on
that so I told my virtual assistants
right away any item that has a red
exclamation point in the Triangle thing
right here just don't even bother
listing it don't even bother sourcing it
don't put it in our spreadsheets don't
do anything with it just move on there's
so many items out there there is no need
to try to just force items to work
that's what I try to always teach you
shouldn't be wearing about that one item
that used to sell that doesn't sell
anymore you should list a thousand more
items and you should be fine so
I mean as you can tell here they have a
decent amount of vero it's not all what
you're not always gonna get caught I
know pet safe comes up and I know Plano
comes up so I mean that's that's some
brand names the JBL that's that's why
that one's coming up I'm guessing add
beyond I'm not sure about this one or
snap-on might be
that I mean once you get familiar with
the main brands and the name brands of
like what's gonna be on the bear list
and just US brands in general if you're
not from the US and you haven't seen
these brands its it all starts to make
sense and you start to see them but as
you can tell the majority aren't véra
there is a decent run at the beginning
but so when you're sourcing you want to
make sure that you don't list any of
these there are things or you can if you
want it's not my story you can do
whatever you want so also what it also
does do is the competition checkers
which is right here so if you don't have
this Chrome extension you will not have
the competitors thing right here so if
this is green it usually means that it's
gonna have the same item matched with it
so then it'll show you competitors but
if it's red then it can't tell
competitors because it you know it's
it's not finding the item correctly so
what I say about competitors and what I
tell my virtual assistants about
competitors is I don't give a about
the competitors I don't care about the
number I would just list the item
anyways a lot of people do care about
the numbers like this one only has 17
competitors supposedly and this one has
173 obviously the item that's ten times
less competitive should be better in
general but also that items a
five-dollar item I mean you're not going
to make much profit off of it I don't
care about competition because I know
that might the way I have my settings
set up and the way I do my listings I'm
better than 90% of the competition out
there to begin with and that's all that
really matters in this game I have about
thirty percent of my items to sell when
I list them and if you look at shop C
over here I mean they have 13,000 on a
forty five thousand they're rocking a
little bit less than 30 percent
themselves so they know what they're
doing and they're a huge store and they
only sell 30 percent so if you don't
know what you're doing your numbers are
probably in like the five to ten percent
and you really just want to focus more
on like accurately listing your items
and having the proper shipping policies
and return policies and things like that
more than how many competitors are out
there because there could be 173
competitors but 150 of them have no idea
what the how they're doing and their
prices are way too high and they're
listing looks like and their
templates awful and then you know I mean
you're only really facing like 10 to 20
real competitors so that being said
that's the sick booster app and that's
basically what the whole gist of this
video if you
this long I want to let you know that I
am going to put my affiliate link in
this course I mean in this video at the
bottom in the description and I just got
off the phone with Nahar who's the owner
in the runner of dick analytiks and he
told me that if you message them at the
bottom I'm gonna move myself this little
chat right here at the bottom right down
here where it says 7 right here for me
if you message them and say hey I used
Tom EECOM Tom's affiliate link if you
just message them and say that then you
will get five dollars off your first
month and I believe they just started a
7 day free trial
when it used to be just a 30 day
money-back guarantee so you can sign up
for a 7 day free trial now no money down
I'm not sure you have to put a credit
card in or not I really have no idea for
just some sort of payment or PayPal or
whatever but if you do sign up with my
affiliate link you will get five dollars
off your first month so that's free
money and you also get a free seven days
so that was our first announcement the
second big announcement is that I am in
fact coming out with a course I've
already had a course but I wanted to
redo it and rebrand it so we have about
10 members in the course right now but
we are looking to expand it and we are
going to launch it sometime this week it
was supposed to be today but there was
some unforeseen editing that had to take
place or has to take place that I will
be doing today tomorrow and the next day
and I hope that it comes out either
Wednesday Thursday or Friday this week
and the announcement will be in my
course I mean in my free Facebook group
so I highly suggest joining it because
you are gonna get a lot more information
there I do post there pretty regularly
and also I will probably make a YouTube
another youtube video about it and just
follow up on the announcement the course
is called dropshipping University as my
Facebook group does also say so just
keep keep a lookout for that it's gonna
be reasonably priced for the launch for
a certain amount of people for the first
10 maybe 20 people that join and then
from there the price will most likely go
up in the future so that being said
that's about it for this video I hope
you enjoyed it I'm gonna add it to my
zip playlist and I think I'm gonna keep
going on and on and on with more zik
videos and just little tidbits about zip
because I do think it's one of the most
important tools to this business in
general it's the only tool I use for
sourcing and yeah so I hope you enjoyed
this video please subscribe
please like leave some comments and
questions concerns otherwise something
just you know let's let's have some
let's have some toking here let's start
up some conversations alright so I hope
you enjoyed it and I'll see you guys in
the next video

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