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validation error tiktok ads

Published on: June 26 2023 by pipiads

Are your TikTok ads getting rejected? Not sure if your content is being accepted? In this article, we will take a look at the top reasons why TikTok ads are rejected.

Reasons why TikTok Ads are Rejected:

1. Exaggerated, overstated, or misleading claims about product performance.

- Advertisers should avoid making any weight loss claims or absolute claims that are not encouraged on the platform.

2. Ads showing products or services from a prohibited industry.

- Advertisers should be aware of the list of prohibited items from their own market, such as illegal drugs or adult content.

3. Inconsistencies or irrelevancies in the product and prices in the ad versus the product and prices on the promoted website or landing page.

- Advertisers should ensure that the product and prices in the ad are consistent with the promoted website or landing page.

4. The promoted website is incomplete and/or does not contain information required by local regulations.

- Advertisers should ensure that the promoted website complies with local regulations, such as having contact information or a refund/return policy.

5. Issues with the ad's text, caption, video, or audio quality.

- Advertisers should avoid spelling errors, excessive or distracting capitalization, incomplete texts or videos, and low-quality audio.

6. The ad contains a third-party logo.

- Advertisers should avoid using unauthorized third-party logos in their ad creatives.

By understanding these top reasons why TikTok ads are rejected, advertisers can avoid making these mistakes and successfully launch their campaigns on the platform. If there are any questions or confusion, leave a message in the comments for further assistance. Happy TikToking!

Top 5 Reasons Why Your TikTok Ad Was Disapproved | Things To Be Aware of Making TikTok Ads in 2021

Top Reasons Why Your TikTok Ad May Fail and How to Fix It

In this video/article, we will discuss the top reasons why your TikTok ad may fail and how to fix it.

Reasons for TikTok Ad Failure:

1. Misleading claims: Ads that make false or misleading claims will not be approved.

2. Incorrect Text and Caption: Make sure the text and caption are free of grammar errors and do not contain false links or characters that shouldn't be there.

3. Poor Video Quality: Video and image quality are important on TikTok, and low-quality content will be rejected.

4. Inconsistent Product Pricing: Do not provide inconsistent product pricing and make sure the price on the ad matches the landing page.

5. Incorrect Website Information: Ensure that the website information is accurate and doesn't contain any false claims or violations.

6. Lack of a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page: Make sure the landing page is mobile-friendly, has good quality, and specifies the product or service being offered.

7. Third-Party Logos: Do not use third-party logos or major brands in your ad, as it may lead to infringement and legal action.

8. Sexual or Shocking Content: Ads with sexual or shocking content will not be approved.

Fixing TikTok Ad Failure:

Make sure your ad follows TikTok's advertising policies and guidelines. Ensure that the landing page is mobile-friendly, has good quality, and accurately represents the product or service being offered. Also, make sure that your ad is not misleading, inconsistent with product pricing, or violates any regulations. Lastly, avoid using third-party logos or major brands and stay away from any sexual or shocking content.

TikTok's advertising policies are in place to protect users from false or misleading claims. It's essential to follow these guidelines to avoid TikTok ad failure. Ensure that your ad follows the policies and guidelines, and the landing page is accurate, mobile-friendly, and represents the product or service being offered.

TikTok Ads Catalog Manager: How to Appeal Rejected Products (2022)

In this article, we will be discussing the problem faced by Ian Lamont, an Amazon seller and Shopify store operator, when some of his products were rejected by TikTok for various reasons. He discovered that there was a problem in the catalog manager, which automatically rejects some of the products that are synced to TikTok.

Appealing the Automated Removal:

To appeal the automated removal of the products from the catalog, Ian Lamont clicked on the name of the product and saw that the advertised product had been suspended. He clicked on the button that said appeal and then clicked on continue. He then explained in the reason for appeal that his product was genealogy stationary made of paper and was not violating TikTok policies. He found that it took about two or three hours for TikTok to review the appeal and almost all of his older items that he had appealed were successful.

In conclusion, if you face a similar problem with TikTok rejecting your products, you can follow Ian Lamont's method of appealing the automated removal. It is important to explain clearly why your product is not violating any policies and to copy and paste the explanation for each product that has been rejected. For more information on how to get the most out of your Shopify store and selling on Amazon, you can check out Ian Lamont's videos on leanmedia.org.

How To Fix Tiktok Ads That Are Not Spending

Have you ever spent time perfecting your ads and store, only to wake up and find out that your TikTok account didn't even give you a chance to launch? Don't worry, you're not alone. In this article, we'll discuss why your ads might not be spending and how to fix it.

Reasons why your ads might not be spending:

- Learning phase not exited

- Creative issues

- Targeting too specific

Fixes for your ad account not spending:

- Show TikTok that you can hit conversion metrics by choosing an easier objective first

- Split test two campaigns with recommended interests

- Have multiple creatives

- Consider opening an agency account

By following these steps, you'll be able to launch a successful TikTok ad campaign without any issues with spend. Remember, it's important to show TikTok that you can hit conversion metrics and to follow their community guidelines. Don't give up if your ads don't spend at first, just keep testing and optimizing. Good luck!

TikTok Ads Not Spending?! | Fix TikTok Ads Payment Issues

- Explanation of the purpose of the video/article

- Acknowledgment of common issue with TikTok ads payment

- Promise to provide solutions and tips for resolving the issue


- Explanation of first issue: ads not spending

- Recommendation to create a new campaign with different optimization

- Example of a conversion campaign and its spending patterns

- Results of testing and how spending gradually increased

- Second issue: difficulty adding payment information to account

- Solution to check pop-up blocker settings and try a different browser

- Suggestion to switch to automatic payments once eligible

- Invitation for viewers to comment with their own issues and questions

- Summary of main points

- Encouragement for viewers to subscribe and follow for updates

- Appreciation for their engagement and feedback

➤ Do This To Get Your TikTok Ads To Start Spending | TikTok Ads 2022

In this article, we will discuss why your TikTok ads may not be delivering and how to fix it. We will cover the importance of having an active TikTok pixel, choosing the right optimization event, selecting the correct placements, and setting a daily budget. Additionally, we will dive into the importance of the bidding and optimization process, as well as the crucial role that creative plays in getting your ads to deliver. We will provide tips on creating TikTok-friendly videos, including the ideal video length, the importance of vertical orientation, and the value of including text throughout the video. We will also address policy compliance and the importance of having fast-loading websites. Finally, we will offer troubleshooting tips if your ads are not delivering within 24 hours of submission. By following these guidelines, you will increase your chances of success with TikTok ads and drive sales for your business.

How To Run Tik Tok Ads | Over $1,000,000 In Revenue Made From Tik Tok

How to Run Effective TikTok Ads for Your Business

- TikTok ads are a great way to reach a new audience and grow your business

- Personal experience of running $7,000 worth of TikTok ads with great returns

- Importance of having a solid landing page and knowing your target audience

Factors to Consider Before Running TikTok Ads

- Size of target audience on TikTok vs Facebook and Google

- Importance of having a solid funnel in place

- Generalized categories for audience targeting on TikTok

Creating Effective TikTok Ads

- Two styles of videos: trending style and traditional stylized ad style

- Always make vertical videos

- Replicate popular trends and challenges for ads

- Stop the scroll with attention-grabbing content

- Keep the video changing and include weird items to keep viewers engaged

- Script out videos and edit as needed

- Ensure easy and fast loading landing page with visible contact form or product items

- Use attention-grabbing colors like yellow and red

- TikTok ads can be effective with the right strategy and execution

- Beware of AI disapprovals and slow customer support

- Follow these tips for successful TikTok advertising.

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