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walgreens liquor store ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

The Commercial that Killed a Fast Food Chain

good morning, john. you and i grew up going to racks. it was for the days when we'd been good, when wendy's wasn't good enough, when it was time to split a cookie so soft and gooey that you could push it back together, and it would stay that way. rax was a roast beef place like arby's, except that it was constantly undergoing identity crises and it had no idea what it wanted to be. mostly in their advertising they just wanted to make the case that they somehow weren't like the other major fast food chain. here's one of the most successful attempts to do that, implying people are oppressed because they can only get one kind of chicken sandwich. at racks you can get an eenie, meenie and a mini minnie and miney. where's moe? no more, oh, they tried so hard to make that work. many of their ads tried excluding demographics to make it more appealing to their core audience, except that they always then like pushed back against it. here's a good example: rax. it's good for adults and also kids, but only kids who act like they're adults. there are lots of bad racks ads. there's one where a phone eats a sandwich which features yoga. jones from orange is the new black, this one with the giant chicken foot. and then there's one where a woman wants a pita pocket with a meatball in it and she explodes. ads were bad in the 80s and 90s and these are all your normal bad ad fair. but as racks continued to lose focus and market share with an all-you-can-eat pasta bar, upgraded interiors, getting into pizza, for some reason they went all in on the worst idea ever, mr delicious. hello, i'm mr delicious, the new spokesman for racks restaurants. my job: to encourage you to enjoy tasty, affordable meals in a more mature dining environment. he's like a low energy rodney dangerfield. he is a sad man. and that vacation he took to bora bora with those two young friends- well, that left mr delicious feeling empty and unfulfilled. now you need to explain. mr delicious just had some rather delicate surgery. if there's no change, he doesn't have to squirm so much to put it back in his pocket. did we just hear about mr delicious's vasectomy? because his analyst charges a lot to keep mr d's hostility all locked up? wait what mr delicious always carries? this briefcase, mr d. what's in the briefcase? and all of this is paired with the worst, or possibly best, tagline in all of fast food history: cracks you can eat here. i think there's an element of parody here. like you can eat. here is definitely a parody of a tagline. mr delicious is a parody of what a spokesperson is. he's not fun, he's not happy, he's not engaging. but they're also trying to do a thing. they're trying to identify with a core audience. but who is that audience? it's fast food for grown-ups- misogynist, unfunny, alcoholic, sad grown-ups who gamble too much and go to psychotherapy. now the wonderful thing here is we have a lot of insight into mr delicious because the ad agency and the management of racks worked together to create a mini documentary about how successful mr delicious was. mr delicious speaks honestly to the kinds of problems and issues that we all face. i mean, does he? i don't feel like he does. who is the target market for this 15 minute mini duck? one assumes it was the rax franchisees who were, i'm sure, livid that the company was being mismanaged so dramatikally. yeah, i go to the can during the commercials, but now that mr d is on i'll just hold it. mr delicious reminds me of my dad. it's somewhat telling that the 15-minute long pro mr delicious propaganda documentary they put together included this line: mr delicious is obnoxious. oh my god. racks filed for bankruptcy less than a year after the launch of mr delicious, making the confidence of this statement absolutely going to go down as one of the classic characters in advertising history, seem just a little off the mark now. rax had a ton of problems and mr delicious didn't cause all of them. it was a cutthroat time in the fast food industry, but whatever gamble these people decided they had to make, it went even worse than mr d's trip to reno. john, i'll see you tomorrow.

Scary "Hidden Meanings" Behind Company Logos

[Music]. hey guys, what's up? it's Charlie here, and today we're going to be looking at ten horrifying hidden meanings behind company logos. so you see company logos everywhere. if you look around the room you're in right now, I'm sure you'll see at least ten. but sometimes there are scary hidden meanings behind the most famous logos. if you've ever used an Apple product or timberland boots, drank a drink from Starbucks, watched a movie by MGM, ate a McDonald's or smoked a Marlboro, prepared to be stumped before we get into it, why not subscribe and press the notification bell? - coming in at number 10, we have apple. it's no secret that often companies change their logos. this could be a big change or a small change. well, in the past 10 years, apples done many small changes to their logo. when it was founded on April 1st 1976, their logo was very different to how it looks today. it pictured Sir Isaac Newton sitting underneath an apple tree- the same apple tree when he came up with the theory of gravity. this logo, made by one of the apple founders, was quickly changed, however. it was changed to the more familiar rainbow apple with a bite taken out of it, and now, at first this looks like a colorful, friendly logo, but it actually has kind of a creepy secret meaning to it. first off, let's tok about why the Apple had a bite taken out of it. the Apple was actually a reference to Alan Turing. Alan Turing is one of the grandfather's of computer tiknology. he worked as a computer scientist during World War two for Britain, during which time he decoded many German computer messages. he then explained to the British Army what the Germans were going to do, and many say he's one of the main reasons Germany did not win World War two. however, in 1954 Alan was convicted of a crime. this was having relations with another man, which was not allowed at the time. instead of becoming a criminal, he chose to take his own life. he put cyanide, a poison, inside an Apple and took a bite. so that's why the Apple logo is an apple with a bite taken out of it, and the reason why it's and rainbow colors is because Alan was LGBT. of course this is a reference to the LGBT flag. this is kind of a sad and dark history to apples logo, but it does commemorate a guy who did some great things and unfortunately did pass away. next up is Timberland. how many of you guys have fallen Timberland shoes if you're lucky enough to own a pair, then you're much like many celebs who have also been seen wearing fur. please seem to never go out of style. they look very cool and unique. however, the logo is kind of boring, right. I mean it seems like it's just a simple tree, but this is not any old tree. if you look closely it's actually a hanging tree. that's right. this is a tree that people, more specifically black Americans, were hung on. after blacks were freed in America, many hangings took place of them. this mainly happened in the south of the USA, but also happens sometimes in the north. so, according to the experts, the Timberland trees actually one of those hanging trees. I have to say that's pretty creepy. next up, we have Starbucks. much like Apple, tiknology and timberland boots, Starbucks is seen as a luxury item. we all know their drinks prices are not exactly cheap and their logo is famous worldwide, with a new Starbucks store opening every 11 hours. we all know that green, instantly recognizable mermaids, but if you go to the first-ever Starbucks location in Washington, you won't see this anywhere. instead, you'll see Starbucks original first logo and out of the 24,000 Starbucks is around the world, it's the only franchise with that original logo. the Starbucks logo is not a mermaid, however. instead it's a siren. in the original logo, the siren had nothing covering her chests and it also shows her double fishtail. the double fishtail is supposed to signify an invite for men, if you know what I mean. that's because in mythology, siren cease to lure fishermen to where they were in the water. they would then capsize their ships and take the sailors lives. it seems Starbucks is trying to distance itself from this original logo. every new logo they come out with, it seems to lose more and more of the original. look now: the chest cannot be seen whatsoever as it's covered by hair, and while you kind of can see the top of the sirens two legs, they're pretty much cropped out. but no matter what Starbucks does to their logo, you now know the history and truth. next stop is MGM. metro-goldwyn-mayer, better known as MGM, have made some of the most famous movies in the world. every time you go to the movie theater or watch a movie on Netflix, I'm you're used to seeing this big roaring lion. as a kid, and likely also as an adult, he probably wonders: how did they film that lion roaring? is it simply CGI? well, the answer is no. they did this in real life, way before CGI even existed. but there's some creepy things about the Lions they used named Jackie. many say this line is haunted. that may sound crazy, but hear me out. first off, Jackie was being transported on a train but the train crashed. many were severely injured but Jackie was okay. another time Jackie was being transported on a plane and the plane crashed. again Jackie was okay, while others were not. then in one of the areas where Jackie was being kept an explosion happened. once again Jackie was fine and others were not. jackie was later on a boat and the boat crashed. and you guessed it: Jackie was fine while others weren't. later on Jackie was also in an earthquake and was okay, and later on in Jackie's life it was in another train crash and survived. so jackie has survived two train crashes, a plane crash, an explosion, a boat crash and an earthquake. that's absolutely insane. Anna has led to many saying jackie is haunted. I don't often believe in paranormal things, but when there's that much evidence, maybe this line really is haunted. what do you guys think? comment down below. next up is McDonald's. while it's may not be good for you, who doesn't love chomping into a tasty McDonald's burger? I bet as a kid. he drove past those two golden arches and you said: mom, please, can we go get some McDonald's? and depending on whether she was feeling nice or not that day, she would have either said this for you at home or pulled right into the tribe fruit. I know which option my mom went for, but one of those golden arches really mean. of course they were first designed to show that letter M in McDonald's. but in the 1960s McDonald's hide a design consultant called Louie chessgame. they wanted him to come up with a new logo for the franchise, but Louis turned down two millions of dollars they offer instead. Louis said they have the perfect logo. he said: keep your logo because it sends the perfect subliminal message. at first the McDonald's executives don't know what he was toking about. patty then said: the breast shaped arches will bring in more and more customers. the McDonald's executive quickly caught on to what he was saying and realized he was a genius. they did many tests on this and it's true, people do really associate the McDonald's arches with that. so next time your kids reaching for those golden arches, it gives you something to think about. next up is Marlborough. if you guys happen to smoke, there's a pretty big chance you smoked Marlboro. they are the best-selling and most famous cigarette brand in the world. they're owned by Philip Morris International, the largest tobacco company on earth, and thanks to their iconic advertising in sporting events, everyone knows the brand, not to mention their marketing characters like Marlboro Man. it said that Marlboro is the second most recognizable brand on earth, coming second to coca-cola, but since the mid 80s many have said that are iconic. packaging resembles the KKK. if you look at it it does kind of make sense. the clans hats are a white triangle and if you turn the pack to the side, the triangle does make the letter K. this happens on the front, back and on the side, making three cakes. and some say if you look between the horse's legs you can actually see two m.

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Virginia man accused of killing neighbor found guilty of first-degree murder; video shows incident

well, we have something that is just breaking this evening: a verdict in the case of a former nasa worker charged with killing his neighbor, who was a national guardsman. we'll have the details plus show you the video prosecutors used in court right after this fox 5 breakthrough. [Music]. [Music]. the case of a springfield man accused of killing his neighbor is now closed. the former nasa employee was hoping to convince the courtroom he shot a maryland national guardsman in self-defense, but they decided otherwise. sierra fox is live in fairfax, county, virginia tonight with the verdict. and sierra, what are you finding out? good evening. jury deliberation started around 10 o'clock this morning here behind me at the fairfax county courthouse in a sealed courtroom and ended around 4: 30 this evening. the 12 jurors found michael hetley guilty of first degree murder and use of a firearm in commission of a felony. today i was able to get my hands on new video evidence that shows the ongoing brewing tensions between these two neighbors that lasted for years. we want to warn you it may be difficult to watch. that was six months before the murder. 24 year old javon prather is seen driving by 54 year old michael henley's home cursing at him. later police arrive and prat their shouts at officers from his front door. now let's fast forward to march 2020, the day of the deadly shooting. you can see prather walk over to hetley's home. the defendant claims his neighbor was banging on his door so violently is swung open. hadley's own ring doorbell camera shows him coming outside with no words, in just a burst of gunfire. seven shots went off in six seconds: four shots at point blank range: two in the back as prother tumbles down the stairs, and the last shot as prather lays helpless in the driveway. now listen to what hatley yells at prather's wife as she tries to find out what happened before dragging her dying husband to their yard: get away. hadley, the former nasa employee, tried to convince the jury that he shot and killed prather, the maryland national guardsmen, in self-defense to protect his family. however, that did not work. fox 5 just received a statement from fairfax county's commonwealth's attorney, steve discano, who says race did play a role in this deadly incident. back to you.

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Walgreens AD with some deals!

hey everyone, chrissy here from couponconfidencecom. i just wanted to quickly go over the walgreens new ad. i wanted to show you guys really fast how i um store all the ads as well. so i'll always have them posted. but if you ever need help finding it, i try to keep the urls very simple so you can see. this one is coupon confidants dot com- forward slash walgreens ad. you can do coupon confidants dot com forward- slash- publix ad, cbs ad, target ad etc. stuff like that. so every week when i get a new ad, this is how they're going to be. it's always going to be the same url, so you can kind of save them, bookmark them and then when i get the new ads they'll update automatikally. on wednesdays i upload the walgreens and i figured we would quickly go over it together so you can see right here. um, on some of the ads that i do, the pictures will be right in here, but on this partikular one i get a pb pdf style. so just go ahead and tap right here and another window is going to pop up for you and here we go. so this ad is valid from february 7th- uh, this coming sunday- to february 13th, and just wanted to quickly go over it kind of show you. of course we're having valentine's day sales coming on and then the deals of the week- some of the hottest deals are usually right here. um, this brazil is going to be a really good one. it is 4.99- and then there's going to be an online coupon. um, now, sometimes when this happens, there might be an insert coming out as well and there might be a printable. so you just have to look out and see. but 299 for brazil is a really good deal and i also like this toilet paper deal here: 4.99 with your walgreens card. of course. you do need that. that's free to get. just make sure you sign up for your walgreens card, just like you would your cvs. this is the quilted nor northern and the angel soft as well. as you can see, the sale price is 4.99 and it's going to be a three dollar off your next purchase when you buy three of them. so there are 50 cent coupons available for the quilted northern- um printables, i believe- and there might even be one in a smart source. you'll have to check the database. there are also printable coupons available for the angelsoft and i believe there's a dollar off one for the angelsoft six mega. so if you want to get the six mega rolls, let's say you buy three of those um fifteen dollars, right, and then you're gonna use three um dollar off one coupons, so that's gonna bring you down to twelve dollars. and then there is also a coupon in the walgreens app- i believe it's a walgreens coupon- so you should be able to get another 50 cents off. that's only for sunday, um, and then you're gonna get back three dollars as well. so let's just say you don't do it. sunday: three dollars and three dollars. you're gonna get six dollars off of the 15. so you're essentially gonna pay three dollars a pack of toilet paper, which is an amazing deal, and let's see if there's anything else on this page that i like. um, sodas: not too bad, it's a pretty good price. they do have limits, limit of three- but you can get your 12 packs pretty cheap and that's a good place to get your soda. for super bowl sunday. let's zoom out a little bit. see what else we have here. uh, l'oreal el vive i am a big fan of, so you can see right here. that's gonna end up being a dollar a bottle, which is a really good deal. on an expensive or more expensive. um hair care. oh, look at this wine. [Applause]. five dollars off. five dollars each bottle, so 10 bucks. so buy two of them and then you'll get four dollars to use next time. that means they're going to be three dollars a bottle, not too bad. liquor, my walgreens, all liquor. and we have some cheap water: two dollars and fifty cents for the 24 packs- not bad. limit of four. some cheap coffee. it will have these match-ups up on friday as well. but, like i said, just wanted to kind of quickly go over the ad with you, see if there was anything pressing that i might want to tell you about now. i haven't really been going over coupons that much, so i don't know a lot of these off the top of my head. hopefully i'll get better as the leaks go on and i get, uh, back into it a little bit more. nabisco- always a favorite for me because i love oreos and you can usually get a rebate on checkout 51.. for those, usually a dollar off of two, so those would end up being um three dollars a pack. let's zoom back out. see what else we have. um cvs. walgreens is a lot like cvs. instead of being extra care bucks, they are um register rewards. so in essentially it is the same idea, same concept. you're going to put out the money and then you're going to get it back and you can roll that over to like your next transaction or your next trip to walgreens- uh, these are always fun. wow, this is actually not bad with the purchase of any two, so it looks like you can get one. the cheapest ones would be fifteen dollars. so you'd spend thirty, thirty dollars in um gift cards and you would get five dollars walgreens gift card back. and when you do a netflix card- i don't know if you know this- if you are a netflix member or a hulu member, you can actually take this gift card and you can apply it to your account and it'll just take off for your bill. so essentially, you would be getting a free five dollars there if it's something that you already have to kind of pay anyway. and let's come down here see what else we have. looks like we have some cheap- oh, these are nice, buy one, get one free. bottles and tumblers, and i just saw here we go: yeah, 10 cent, prince, it's always nice. if you need some prints, walgreens is always good for like free prints or super cheap ones. let's see what else we have. here's some super cheap ajax. if this is something you use, 99 cents for laundry soap. not bad at all if you're not picky. also, um, the drugstores are always a good place to get your dish soap. so, um, online coupon again. everybody can do this deal. you're gonna get it for 50 cents. a little um thing of palm olive. that's probably going to be one per account, but not a bad deal and you can have an account. maybe your husband have one or your spouse. this is another big one that people are going to do: 3.75 for the paper towels and toilet paper. scott, there's a dollar 25 off online coupon for this. let's see what else we have. this is nice too. uh, if you need a couple of different items, you can go ahead and um, combine, mix and match. as long as you spend 30 on these partikular brands, you're gonna get ten dollars back for sale. always great. we hear some gain: buy three at 4.99, get one free. so you buy all of these, all of these game products and you're gonna get them for 15 because you're getting one free. if there's any game digital coupons or getting coupons out there, i'm pretty sure p and g just came out so they might be in there. same thing with always- those are always png items- and same thing with your bounty or your charmin, so those are lower value coupons. but again, if you're brand loyal, just some deals to think about: buy one, get one, free hand soap and hand sanitizer- not bad. we know that sanitizer is a big, uh, vital thing these days. let's see what else. and how is this deal on toothpaste? this is not bad. um 2.99, so three, six, nine dollars. you're gonna get five dollars off, so it's going to be four dollars and then you're gonna get three dollars. wait a minute, is that really? yeah, three, six, nine minus five is four, and then three dollars, so pay for and get a three dollars, so you're gonna pay. your final price is gonna be 30 cents each. this is not a bad deal. let me go ahead and screenshot this. okay, um dang, i'm surprised i didn't catch that before. see, this is why i'm going over the avid deal. here's some more hair care deals here. [Music]. if you need some hair dye, maybe a few like hole blends instead of like lv stuff like that that i said. um two for three dollars, two for seven. okay, online coupon: yeah, four dollars off two, so they're gonna be 1.50 each same thing with the garnier- regular garnier zoom back out four dollars. when you buy two. there's some nail polish which i definitely don't need because i sell dry nail.

Cops Pull Over Hells Angels - Watch What Happens Next!

[Music]. oh, i didn't either. that's why they decided to stop. huh, i didn't even see it. how fast are we going? 73, what's the speed limit? how are you? 65.65. you guys can all go back to the van for me. they're interfering with my traffic. stop, i'll go to the jail concert. i'm there. you need to keep your distance back to the van, to the, please. i notiked tommy and moody were no longer with the pack. normally we'd pull over and make a couple calls and find out where the heck everybody's at and regroup everybody. i gotta get gas before i [ __ ]. yeah, well, i thought that's what we're doing. i've been on reserve for like 10 miles. it was time to stop and get gas and make the call from there. hey, agram, come on back here a minute, don't mess with the bike, all right? so i got now i'm going to california, says you're 16 195.. oh, it's cool. just i just didn't want you grabbing stuff off the bike. come on down here. yeah, you, you're gonna get yourself in trouble. okay, get out. let's go. justike court. that's the jurisdiction we're in. let me get a signature down by a little x there from you. how much is that tiket if you just pay it by mail and don't show up 150 bucks. oh whoa, all right, there's that back. you don't have any ammo anyway, but throw back in the holster. there you go, just leave it such and we'll be on our way. adios, yeah, we get pulled over a lot. you're gonna ride, you're gonna ride fast. that's just part of the game. you end up with tikets here and there. how's that tiket field? where's all our friends? you know what? let me call. i see where the guys are. good idea. well, i guess it's only gonna work if they're stopped. hey, where is it? wait, where are you guys? we, we had to pull over and get some gas. uh, i think taylor actually coasted in. where are you at right now? moody got us pulled over by the cops, but we'll explain that to you when you get here. anyway, we're at the north off ramp to montezuma's castle. we're not too far away and we'll meet you up there. well, we're trying to find a sign or whatever. where are we going? just get out of my way. it wasn't my fault this morning. anything, don't blame me. don't be upset about the tiket, dude. i had nothing to do with it. well, i'm not blaming you, but every time i'm hanging out with you. i end up getting a [ __ ] speeding tiket. no, he just wrote us tikets and let us go. and then he says i'm carrying a gun. so the cop takes his gun, pulls it out, opens it up. he says there's no bullets in this gun. [Music]. okay, guys. [Music]. i said i was flashing my lights and trying to get you to slow down for the last 10 miles. was it 55.. that bothered me. nothing's worse for me. it was worse for you. that's your problem. it doesn't bother me a bit. i don't feel bad. you make yourself feel better by [ __ ] with others. i'm not [ __ ] with anybody. i'm telling you. i told you to slow down. well, i don't have to shut the [ __ ] up. brian's citation for the speed. i wrote it civilly instead of criminal. the address for the court is here. you've got till the 19th of next month to take care of it right there on the x, please. what do you think? one tiket and then that's it. they just do it for the front guy. what? why? because he had the whole group falling in. how fast are you going? 66 in a 45 zone, brian, here's your copy. i wouldn't let just handcuff him. oh, you want to be covered? look at the bright side, brian. it's better you than me. yeah, i can, i was gonna warn you but i didn't want to do 100 miles an hour to come up and catch it. don't know what county we're in, you know it's a dps, i don't think that's transferred. always wanted to be up front. it's easier to ride up front. so they set the course for things. so it's kind of like they got the tiket. they earned the tiket. [Music]. the ride continued to arizona bike week and a live concert by bad company. then the guys hooked up with actor gary busey and invited him to join the ride. i'm throwing my phone back away. the phone's going to the garbage. i'm with you. guest riders brian bosworth and gary busey arrived to join the great ride i'm going to ride. will they all survive the journey? find out on this edition of american mc. [Music]. no, if you're not on automatik pilot, you ain't gonna ride long enough anyway. and if you're in that zone, your heart's beating like this. you're focused on the road, your right arm's turning this way, your left arm's turning this way. if you're sliding one way or the other, you dip a shoulder to keep your bike just that much from going off the side of the road or bumping into your brother. that's what makes it wrong. i think somebody ran a red light. i think that's what happened. i'm not certain. but i'm gonna be smart and i'm staying over here. i don't need another tiket. okay, what are all these? what are all these cameras down here? pretty brave female cops, bikers. sir, if you can get back with that, please drive, stand back, looks like, uh, i don't know if we ran a red light or what- and uh, they just pulled us over and you need another unit. what's your problem here? i don't know. i guess we turn. and then, next thing, i know, there's like a million cops. he looks at the smallest town hall, safe, back up, get back. this is what's required. please keep your hands ready. those people just don't want us going through there. they don't want a bunch of bikes going through this bell ring. they're complaining. well, yeah, that's, that's the. that's the first reason we had it set. gave her a little [ __ ] love, you know, and she doesn't like it. and she's, you know, mama cop with a badge and [ __ ], so [ __ ] stupid. i'd appreciate it. right, i don't like being crowded like this. now what i have is about 16 citizen complaints and i have one off duty uh officer, who's already called and said that there was some reckless driving up over mingus mountain. did we ask what that was? yeah, you were passing, uh, passing vehicles riding more than two in a lane, passing on the left. we were tagging them all the way through the canyon. so stand back for me please. i'm not sure. never passed anybody. [Music]. yes, [Music]. the people that called it in will sign the complaint. gary, george, okay. [Music]. are you serious? that's just the way he looks like driving as a group. like why would they? oh no, this is not all. oh no, what is that? wonderful, i wonder. if you do, you know who i am. yeah, that'll get you in trouble every time. you know this is, this is the way it always. you get a group of bikers and then you know somebody doesn't like the noise. and then the next thing, you know somebody's [ __ ] calling in a complaint. i, i don't think we were driving records actually very much under control. what were they saying? i mean, they got me going all that [ __ ]. you got a [ __ ] gun. okay, you gotta show you [Music] me and put your hands behind your back. all right, apparently, california. yes, no, i don't know. whoa, where the [ __ ] are they? uh, why are they handcuffing me? what's the charge? what's your truck? you got a [ __ ] warrant, gary, i don't have warrants. this is harassment. now you're right here. no, i'm not. why are you guys gonna take him away? yeah, we're gonna see if they're extraditable, and if they are, then he's going with us. so everybody else is cool, officer, all y'all can get out of here, for all i care about this is [ __ ], [ __ ]. is this the end of the road for gary busey? you're on air [ __ ]. relax next time on americanmc. where a man lives is what he does when he leaves the house. see who has the passion, the dedication, the endurance to become a true motorcycle club, a real mc. absolutely. i would like to see this group of guys become an mc. it's fast, it's dangerous, it's life and death in the fast lane. witness the real taste of the road. are you loyalties and friendships put to the test? i don't feel like riding 85 miles an hour. i'm not gonna. well, then, you're breaking down the group dynamics so you shouldn't be with this group. it's your choice. if you want to go over it, he's forcing you to go over. you're a victim. some will stay and some will go. it's reality. witness what happens when they meet up with the most notorious club in the world. the shocking discovery of the unwritten.

Man Trapped Inside of Store After Serial Thieving Spree | I Survived a Crime | A&E

[MUSIC PLAYING] GIO. This man looks like a regular shopper, coming in to pick up a few goods at his local convenience store. He's anything but regular. He opens up his blue bag and dives in. He fills his bag with chips, cakes, candy and soda And when he's done he just walks out. This man has been serial thieving at the same convenience store for the better part of a year. He's there, so much they give him a nickname, Gatorade Man, for his penchant for the thirst-quenching sports drink. At least once a week he waltzes in, grab some snacks, then waltzes right back out, Until one day he walks in, fills up his bags and as he's about to walk out again--. MAN 1: Yeah, GIO. --the clerks lock the doors. He's trapped. The clerk recognizes the man and presses a button that locks the door. He calls 911. But this thief is not going to wait for police to arrive. He kicks once, twice, Still no luck. He pushes and pulls at the door. MAN 1: [INAUDIBLE], GIO. He takes a running jump and kicks some more. MAN 1: Uh, like a thief, GIO. He puts the stolen drinks back and drops the bag of poached goodies on the shelf. MAN 1: Let me out. Let me out, man. You think I'm playing GIO. He grabs just one drink to help him in his quest-- MAN 1:. He's knocking-- MAN 2:. Let me out GIO Escape. Finally, after a solid five minutes of kick and flying jumps, the Plexiglas comes off and he crawls through And he's off again. But in a surprising twist, the store's owner, Dennis Alloy, finds an unconventional solution to ending the pilfer. And here with us now is Dennis Alloy, the owner of that convenience store. Dennis, thank you so much for being here. Hi Gio, Thanks for having me. The Gatorade Man was constantly targeting your store. What kind of impact did that leave on you and your staff? DENNIS ALLOY Drives me crazy. It takes a toll For my employees. I don't want them confronting him physically, It's just. it's just not worth any potential bad result. He comes at will and gets away with it at will. He would come in. oftentimes it was a few days in a row. then I wouldn't see him for a little while. then it would be a lot. And these guys that work for me, they have some responsibility in the store and they feel terrible when things like this happen. There needs to be some consequences on what happens. I'm not looking to throw someone in jail and ruin their lives, you know, for what is considered petty theft. But there needs to be some consequence. Dennis, how did you decide to put an end to this? There was a local neighborhood guy. We were just discussing what issues I have as a businessman and I toked about the crime and the shoplifting And I showed a picture of the Gatorade Man and the guy there from the neighborhood's like I know that guy And he's like I'm going to take care of this for you. And two days later he texts me and says I want to meet you and I've got the guy here, So let's have a meeting. How did that meeting go? I was not happy about him at that point. He was a big problem. He was terrorizing my employees. He'd stolen from me multiple, multiple times. So I went in with kind of an angry mood and we started toking And I again I don't want to put people in jail for things like this and ruin them- But we toked and he kind of explained to me- And you know he was sincere and apologetik. He toked about his drug problem and how he's been in rehab. I felt like he was trying to address that And I think he understood that. you know this had to end And we kind of know, just shook hands. He worked for me for a full day, probably 10 hours. He scrubbed my dispensers and cleaned up the parking lot. I saw him on the cameras as I was sitting in my office just to make sure he was doing what he had to do, And actually I wish I had-- my employees would do as good a job as he did. So after the conversation I hadn't seen him for several weeks. One night I got a phone call from an employee saying hey, he's back And I'm like no way. But since that one relapse I have not seen him in the store since. But the bottom line, it just had to stop And I think overall it worked out.