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walmart black friday ads for 2021

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads


hello friends this is the black friday,ad for walmart there were two previous,but this one is the main event for the,week of black friday and i know that is,quite confusing but we're just going to,jog through all of this so as you can,see monday the 22nd online these deals,will begin and then in store it will be,friday november the 26th and i believe,on thanksgiving day walmart's will be,closed so if you are part of this which,is the walmart plus you will have access,to these deals four hours before they're,live to everybody on their website,now this is a 20 page ad i will pin it,in the notes if you wish to look through,it at home the first little thing is get,up to,and eat gift cards when you buy selected,apple or samsung phones perhaps that,might be a deal if you're looking for a,new phone and then we have a 70 inch tv,for 398.,wow that is pretty cool,um at the bottom of the page we have 69,dollar,airfryer ovens that one looks really,fancy we have an apple watch at 50 off,and then we have the xbox at 299. and,then this everybody's looking for that,playstation for 4.99 my understanding is,that people that were um part of the,walmart plus,the four-hour uh early access a lot of,those people were scoring it so that,might be something to look into if you,really are on the hunt for that,playstation 5.,and a whole lot of games to go with your,playstation 5 if you're so lucky to get,one okay moving along we have the,nintendo switch for 2.99 if you look at,the fine print it says min 5 per store,that's how they get you,right there,um and other doodads for your,gaming at a reduced cost,these next two pages if you are a gamer,or like online gaming a lot of this,stuff is some significant savings 150,off or it's just a special buy and then,this page again a lot more savings uh,the airpod pro for 159 not a bad little,deal,and this page more computers and such,the gateway 149 and then the other one,for 179 those are really you know,fantastik price points and if you look,it says minimum 10 per store so that's,definitely,something on the 26 you'll have to get,there at the crack of dawn if you want,to be getting a computer and then also a,70 inch television for 500 548 fantastik,and again more little things for the,household at the bottom we have a,special buy the roku,media player for 15 and then the google,nest for 49.98 that's almost 50 that is,50 off of that so that is a really great,price point,and more cell phones they're really,pushing these phones and if you are,trying to get a new phone this might be,the week to do it i know that uh,sometimes ordering the sort of stuff,online might be more difficult so going,in store to see what they have in stok,if you need a new phone that might be a,smart idea,if you're in the hunt for a new phone,every page in this ad complements the,second page so these are all the,accessories for your special phone an,otterbox for 19 that is some value and,all the different things to charge your,phone that little pad to put your phone,on really nice for 13. now for the home,chefs out there 59 for that instant pot,smack dab in the ad it's typically a,hundred dollars for that instant pot i,bought one years ago at that price point,and then they have the other one that's,an air fryer and an instant pot 99 also,a fantastik price everything on this,page is like 50 off so some really good,deals and we have more stuff for the,home chef i think the magic bullet,personal blender for 15 is the biggest,value on this page but stuff if you are,a home cook and then this uh pioneer,woman set 30 piece for 79,i'm not sure about that unless ray's,coming to your house to cook a meal i,just that seems like you know,almost full price and thirty dollars for,a dish that that's a great one um,fifteen dollars for that uh jumbo cooker,that's a very good price point and then,we have a 20 piece uh cutlery set that's,also a good price point the cricut for,149 um for somebody who's artsy and,craftsy that might be a fantastik,christmas gift,and an air mattress and the throw if,you're if you're entertaining for the,holidays you might need these two items,and yes they are both great price points,and more pillows and stuff to make that,bed cozy five dollars for that um serta,fluffy pillow maybe that's something you,can get for everybody on your christmas,list,okay the i robot roomba a little vacuum,uh you're saving 230 that is a really,good value and heart if you like those,tools 138,okay so if you like to gift some pajamas,under the tree for christmas five,dollars each that is a bargain basement,price for a lot of kids,different sizes and then for bigger kids,we have twelve dollars and then we have,the men's wrangler jeans for five and,then pajamas for the whole family ten,bucks yes,to go with a lot of those pajamas you,have the super cozy slipper socks and,also those adorable little bear paw,slippers very cute for the outdoors i,really like that snowman inflatable for,25 bucks and it's nine feet tall,so lots of the decor stuff you might,want to look,high and low for that because some of,these prices will be dropped up to 50,percent off,and after the year that we've had maybe,a little merry christmas to you,298 dollars for that hot tub you're,saving a hundred bucks and if you're,taking a trip or if you want a,trampoline also very good prices,and a lot of toys both online and,in-store keep an eye out for that these,are just a couple at the end of the,flyer but yes in store i notiked they,had in the toy aisle tons and tons of,like,big containers with toys filled right to,the top so if you are going shopping on,the 26th be on the lookout for that as,always thanks for watching we'll catch,you in the next one bye guys

Walmart Black Friday Ad 2021 🎄 | Online & In-Store | Events #1 & #2

[Music],hey everybody welcome to shopping with,shayna so guys our walmart black friday,preview ads have dropped at least two of,the three ads that we're going to be,getting for the month of november so,today we're going to cover all of them,so just to give you a highlight of each,event that's going on we have the first,event which begins,at walmart.com on november 3rd at 7 00,pm,walmart plus subscribers can actually,access these a little bit earlier at 3,p.m,and then it continues in store on,november 5th at 5 00 a.m,and this is going to include really,awesome deals like a 55-inch tlc your,tcl 4k roku tv for 228 as you can see on,that front page there we have a keurig k,compact for 35 dollars and a 20 off,goodyear tires during walmart's tire,savings event among so many other items,the second event is going to start on,november 10th at 7 pm for online,shoppers,and then again 3 p.m for any of your,walmart plus members it's a little sneak,preview for you all,and it's going to continue in store on,november 12th at 5 00 a.m,and deals on that are going to be like,an hp,laptop for 279,a shark easy robot vacuum for 288,dollars and apple air pods for just 89,now,the dates and deals for the event three,have yet to be announced but walmart,claims that it will wrap up all of its,black friday deals for day's events with,its biggest best savings of the seasons,just yet and of course when that ad,drops we'll have an ad preview for that,so let's check out the first event now,remember again this starts online,wednesday november 3rd at 7 00 pm now if,you are walmart plus,customer you will be able to start,grabbing these deals online at 3 p.m so,you're going to have a little bit of an,advantage there,if you are looking for tvs or computers,or anything,you need to start early this year there,is obviously a supply chain issue that's,going on in our country there's a chip,shortage for all of your electronics,and so,if you want to grab something grab it as,soon as you can because,it's going to be gone and the closer we,get to christmas the harder it's going,to be to find all right so like we said,i already announced kind of the tv that,was going on here that 55 inch for 228,dollars we have the samsung uh,chromebook there for just 87,which looks like a great deal to me we,have a 35 dollar keurig k cup there,um,i'm gonna zoom in just a little bit here,so we can see some of these a little,closer,uh we have the rainbow high doll six,pack for 64. and we also have the lol,surprise,amazing surprise which includes two,playsets it says for 64. and then you,also have for 45 dollars a new bright,4wd,one six rc rock crawler i'm not real,sure what all that is it's basically um,a big looking truck which looks awesome,for kids all right so that's the very,front page of the ad and we're going to,go over just a little bit more scoot,this over here more tvs here,569 dollars for,a 65 inch samsung,you're gonna save eighty dollars off,your regular price there 29,for that bluetooth soundbar,so it looks like electronics are going,to be going here at the beginning,another chromebook for 179 dollars,you have the toshiba there for 38.88,um,we have the what night owl for,camera home security system for 175,dollars you also have the,uh mount there for 39 bucks the roku for,1988 the samsung galaxy buds for 59,and then,really cool led lights here for 18.88,now something also to remember if you,are getting the shop on especially if,you're going to shop online,is that you can,go to walmart.com and look at the ad,yourself of course you can get more,details on each item,that you want here,but the best part is add to list so,let's say um,i'm going to put as you can see i did,this last year choose from my list from,last year but create a new list 2021,black friday,sales and i'm going to add that to my,list and so when i get ready,to,you know shop if i want to shop online,it's all sitting there i just have to,add it to cart when the time comes to,purchase these items so that's pretty,awesome deal there,all right let's scoot on over,come back up to the top sorry if i'm,moving a little quicker for you,all right so we've got some deals on,some phones here,of course toys five dollar toys what a,great deal great time to grab little,toys for,family members or even your own kids,maybe something here stands out to them,uh let's see the the,looks like the pj masks let's get some,item details here yeah collectible,character figures eight pack so maybe,it's more than just the pj masks that's,just the ones that you're seeing there,because it doesn't specify pj masks so,it looks like you might have some,selection on some characters there,this is well let's get some ideas now,this is the pj masks vehicles for five,dollars,my daughter loves the pj masks stuff,scroll down here,ten dollars for some games,all right,yeah yeah more games here and it looks,like,997 for some of these toys here now some,of the stuff i've notiked because i kind,of went through it a little bit before i,started the video,is that this is stuff we've basically,seen in the past there doesn't seem to,be a lot of new items,i mean i'm sure they're they're new for,the year they're slightly different than,last year's but i just didn't see,anything that jumped out i was like ooh,my kids don't have that already,more toys here let me know if there's,something in partikular you're looking,for,as i will be doing more black friday ad,previews for different stores and things,like that if i hear of something that,people are looking for i tend to poke up,you know pick it out when i see it,um,or just give me some good ideas because,i have no idea what to get my kids thus,far,um,we're not the kind of people that watch,tv and commercials,so we watch like street like we stream,hulu and stuff like that but the kids,shows just don't have the commercial so,they just don't know what they like,what is this,15 for an led light pack for their room,now that might be something really cool,for like my daughter or even my son if,it's the right colors,that's pretty cool,okay,so basically,more toys there so we're getting toys,some electronics,um more toys this one here so if you,have kiddos that are really into legos,this is a pretty decent deal,now they tend to have this every year at,least i think they had it last year for,christmas so 29 for one of these and you,get lots of different legos and they can,kind of just be creative and build their,own thing it's not a set as far as like,you have to build it a certain way so,especially if you've got little kids,i notiked my son now that he's in middle,school he likes specific sets and he,builds them and keeps them but when he,was really little we'd buy him specific,sets and he just wanted to tear them,apart and build and so that felt like we,were just wasting money so this kind of,thing would be really cool let your,little ones be very creative and you,don't have to worry about you know,ruining that set that um cost so much,money,all right,hopefully you can see everything here,i'm not sure what this is a pokemon,20 special buy for this,uh this is another one that might be,kind of cool karaoke machine,um,for 39,now,if i've been watching the walmart,clearance i've been seeing karaoke,machines go on clearance for super cheap,and so um you know if i had found one i,probably would have purchased it but i,never did find one myself not that my,kids are really into too karaoke or i,know anyone to grab this for but if it,got low enough i would grab that deal um,this however even though it's a special,buy if my kids wanted it i might grab it,but since it's not on their list i,probably will stay away,all right let's look at some more toys,here,all right kind of a kitchen set for,print disney princesses for 34,we also have a giant dinosaur 18 inches,tall,um,it's also 34 here,scroll down here,paw patrol,all right all these are going to be 34,it looks like but it is a paw patrol the,movie city paw patroller so car with the,characters,and this one's p


WALMART BLACK FRIDAY AD 2021 Spectacular Sales!

hello friends running kimono here and,the black friday ad for walmart uh 2021,is out oh my gosh lots of really good,deals on home goods electronics i'm,gonna say electronics could be even,towards the word spectacular um so if,you're looking for that tv or something,on black friday it's going to be in,three different ways and we're going to,tok about it and for a lot of you that,are going on to the walmart app or the,site you're like well i can't find this,so you're lying,um they they're doing things a little,differently over at walmart because they,really want people to sign up for,walmart plus,so this is i think something quite like,amazon,but it's the walmart version and if you,sign up for this it's 98 a year probably,the best bet but you get your first 15,days for free,you can see all this stuff you can also,scan stuff,um in the store and get the correct,price um they kind of changed that,around on us a little bit ago um so that,is why and then free shipping too so if,you're an avid walmart shopper,definitely sign up for this,and you get a 15 day free trial period,so maybe do it right before um,the event begins here so as you can see,guys um there's three different events,there's one that's starting on wednesday,november the 3rd to the 6th the second,one is from the 10th to the 13th and the,third one,is going to start on wednesday the 24th,leading right up to the friday,um,pause it if you want to read it but,there's going to be a lot of sales and,then if you're a walmart plus member you,get extra perks as well where you get to,shop a couple hours earlier,and so on and so forth okay so the first,little ad that we're going to look at is,from the third to the fifth so just,browsing casually at this occurring for,35 yes please and thank you so much we,have a samsung computer for 87 bucks and,a 55 inch tv for 228. merry christmas,that is a deal and a steal,okay so on the second page early access,they're really pushing that in this ad,we have this beautiful 65 inch samsung,4k for 568,a beautiful chromebook for 179 a sound,bar for 29 bucks hi that's almost,practikally for free,next page a bunch of kids toys for five,buckos those are definitely doorbusters,jumping up to the ten dollars ten dollar,kids toys and then those little makeup,barbies that sort of stuff as well so,they're really trying to push everything,my goodness gracious uh this is the time,to really stok up and hopefully your,stores have a ton of inventory as well,for this sale okay and now we're at the,15 page again from wednesday the third,to the fifth you can either order the,stuff through the app or you can order,or you can go in store and look for it,we have a twenty dollar little uh,section and then thirty dollars thirty,nine dollars for a karaoke machine if,you have a young singer in your house,okay so we're at the 29 spot a whole,bunch of different legos and toys 34 for,this little uh,kitchen for uh disney princesses and a,whole bunch of other uh toys so,hopefully a lot of stores have um a,really good amount of stok set aside or,they have it outside in a container for,the sale so you know you're not going to,the store and buying all this stuff and,it's like oh sorry we have nothing you,know that's what i hope to see,and then we have a bunch of different,like socks and,underwear and bras for 5.50,and then um more little five dollar,items seven dollar haynes packs i mean,as couponers we can definitely get that,stuff a lot cheaper you know you sing,and i bought a gift card that's probably,how i would navigate this event uh you,know try and get a couple of fetch or i,bought a gift cards,and then uh this page we have um a,little robot vac for 99 uh that little,stik vacuum for 125 that's a little,something called a gift that's a very,good price point an air fryer for 39,bucks high 10 for a whole bunch of,different containers they look like,they're made out of melamine i,definitely want those,29 for a shop vac this gorgeous frame,set for eight and then a whole bunch of,things for the kitchen starting at a,dollar seventy five hi some awesomeness,final page of this one a whole bunch of,tires they do this every single year,okay so let's look at part two which is,wednesday the 10th to friday the 12th so,this is the second wave and we're seeing,tablets for 139 computers for 279. uh,robot vacuum for 288 kids toys for 60,and then lego for 30. and then the next,page early access sign up,um a whole bunch of airpods for 89.,another computer for 379 just an,assortment of electronics the closer we,get to black friday so they're really,pushing the high tiket items in this,one,and we have another television the,different 55 to 60 inches i think i'm,going to be buying one of those for my,husband's basement a little camera for,48. you know some of this stuff is just,typical walmart prices but some of the,stuff like the tvs really spectacular uh,savings right there,and a whole bunch of dvds for the kids,for the bigger kids just a whole bunch,of stuff so you know nice stoking,stuffers and then the next page we have,um those record players that they're,really trying to push a lot of those are,on clearance right now so maybe 35 isn't,the best price but definitely the,records at 15. and,yeah so if you are into vinyl definitely,15,and then we have some clothing for six,some jeans for 750,uh pajama bottoms for six more socks for,six as well so if you're trying to you,know get some cheap inexpensive,tracksuits or whatever these are really,good prices um,excellent and then we have another uh,air oven toaster for 79 a little luggage,for 29 bucks,yankee candles for 10 those really,interest me a blackstone for 117. that,is a fantastik price that's usually,close to 200.,so yeah some great ones on that page,another stik vacuum for 159 another,vacuum for 99 a sheet set for 45. these,are typical prices but that blackstone,is really superb,so this is again the second wave from,the 10th to the 12th if you've liked,this video give it a thumbs up and i,will catch you guys in the next one bye

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New Walmart's 2021 Black Friday Catalog! (1st Black Friday Ad)

started so like i mentioned before uh,black friday deals are starting on,november 3rd they're starting early this,year and these deals are actually pretty,solid they're going to be a little more,expensive from compared to what we saw,last year like for instance this 55-inch,4k tcl tv going for 228,i do remember hearing that it was going,for as low as 150 last year so inflation,is really caught up big time,and still yeah it's a deal for 228,dollars i remember picking this up for,two hundred dollars at walmart or i mean,at target,one second i'm just taking a look at uh,what it says on here so you hear me,buffer then repeat so is it like,repeating me like or is my are my words,getting repeated whatever i'm saying,okay well i'm,i'm gonna try to keep moving forward,with this uh because i don't wanna,delay too much longer uh the chromebook,four seems like a good price eighty,seven dollars for laptop style uh well,not laptop style but kind of a,laptop it's better than picking up most,tablets i'd say you'd probably be more,productive if you're looking at,productivity of course i might pick one,up myself,just because,i've never really had a chromebook,before,now specs do seem relatively low but,that's totally fine uh 87 dollars is a,hard price to beat i think,this cure a cup i don't know if that's,really a good deal,uh,moving forward,we don't have too many deals here but,there are some notable ones like like i,mentioned before this is still a decent,pickup for a 4k tv 55 inches,uh toshiba one terabyte portable hard,drive i don't,i guess they've they've come down in,price now the hard drives in general so,okay gotcha thanks guys thanks for,confirming,so,let's see,um and by the way if there's anything i,missed out on please do let me know i'm,gonna check the comments every once,every now and then uh the other one i,like is this onn 2.0 bluetooth sound bar,for 29 that's a hard price to beat again,too uh onn is walmart's brand,so you can't really go wrong there well,uh,i guess it's better than some other,brands it's i guess it's made in china,and they just slap their name on it,then there's,this 65-inch 4k smart tv that's actually,a pretty nice deal for a smart tv 568,because i remember best buy was selling,it for 599 dollars i'm not sure if it,was a smart tv but it was five inches,bigger so 70 inches,this tv mount is also at a good price,too for 39,you can also pick one up on amazon for,pretty cheap that's what i got it i got,it pretty low on amazon too i think it,was like 30 to 35 dollars around black,friday december time when there was a,sale,uh the other sales here are,the samsung smartphones and iphone you,can pick up iphone 12 mini for 299,dollars that's not bad okay so it's not,unlocked i think oh it says,purchase an activating store or online,so i guess you can't just get an,unlocked one for that much that'll be,really nice,yeah it's a little too good to be true i,think,why or is it,who knows,then we got some,some toys here for five dollars and,these board games usually that's what it,goes for every year these these board,games,it's like it was like four or five,dollars last year i remember two um ten,dollars each for these select gaming,puzzles and these don't look like,they're anything too special so we're,gonna keep moving,the only thing that that pops out to me,that i like are the tik decks,uh and the rc,rc um,dodge,[Music],yes 29 dollars for a sound bar that's,pretty nice,yeah,okay yeah i'm looking at some comments,here so how has that chromebook been for,you,because i i've never had a chromebook,before so i'm curious to know,uh,how it is all i know is if you want,productivity to do the basic stuff like,typing um writing up documents and,whatnot it's pretty useful and,convenient,i don't really see anything too crazy,here am i missing something,because i remember there were a pair of,like samsung earbuds that were on sale i,wanted to show,but we got a really good deal here,hands oh it's women's socks okay,okay for for guys it's uh and one men's,six uh six pack that's not bad i hope,there's immense one available too for,ten pack a ten pack for seven dollars,because socks are i mean,i know i sound pretty old saying this,but socks are actually pretty expensive,and so this is actually a good deal here,um possibly the hanes men breed boxer,briefs as long as they're comfortable,that's the main thing you don't want to,cheap out on these but the socks yeah,that's definitely nice and and one is,kind of a well-known brand,i i think i do own a pair of and ones i,did at one point,let's see what else we have here so it,looks like oh,this is for like kids and,women so,any deals on tablets let's see i don't,see anything so far unfortunately um i,do know that obviously the amazon,uh,fire tablets will be on sale on amazon's,website that's confirmed unfortunately,nothing yet for the tablets i'm guessing,that's going to be available on the,second round or the third or the final,round,on november 28th or november 14th those,are the two other dates that the black,friday sales are going to start,this robot vacuum is going to be on sale,for 99,i don't know exactly what yuffie is but,honestly a lot of these robot vacuums,are similar not the same i will say,there is a difference in terms of how,good uh they can pick up trash some are,better than others but yeah these are,becoming cheaper every year this,tiknology is getting cheaper,actually i wanted to make a video on,this and i can i can attest this because,i've tested out uh maybe three robot,robot vacuums so far,so and those were going for like two,three hundred dollars and then i saw on,walmart's website here they were selling,it for i saw one for as low as fifty,dollars now of course i don't know the,how well it performs and everything it's,probably not gonna be too well but it,should give you a good gist of what it,is but also,from the three that i tested out they,would catch let's say 90 to 95 percent,of trash so the other like five or ten,percent you kind of have to pick up on,your own sometimes it's notikeable um,and i guess it's like good for people,who are kind of lazy and if you have the,extra money of course,but yeah this is uh not a great deal i,would definitely wait on the robot,vacuum,this might be a good deal the cordless,vacuum now initially uh if you guys have,been following me i did not like the,didn't like it too much over my shark,vacuum but as i was using it i started,to appreciate it more because it's,really easy to pick up and use instead,of having to plug in every time and why,not i know it sounds it sounds really,simple right just plugging it in why,can't you just plug it in,uh but,it's uh,i don't know maybe it's it has to do,with laziness or something but anyways,these things perform pretty well and,especially if you can use it on tiles,definitely worth keeping your eyes on,let's see if we keep moving,all right and we got tires here so,nothing crazy,um,yeah,the tires i don't i'm not really too,familiar with the,like what are good tires and what aren't,uh 48 seems like a good price but let me,go back here let me see if i missed out,on anything,okay,bath towel for 175 each okay that's a,pretty nice deal but i will say the the,towel,uh that i checked out at walmart last,year,it was kind of like,like breaking off and everything it,wasn't that good,so let's see what else we have here,yeah i i don't know where it is but,maybe it doesn't apply to every walmart,um,catalog,but i remember seeing it on slick deals,oh here it is yeah okay so i forgot to,check out the bottom part i almost,missed this the samsung galaxy buds plus,are going for 59,this is i guess maybe two years old now,or something but i tried these out and,these actually sound pretty good the,only thing they're lacking in his base,but clarity is pretty is really good i,compared them to the liberty 2 pros,and the clarity was a little better here,but just lacked a little bit of bass so,if you want more clarity and you don't,listen to songs like

Walmart Black Friday Ad 2021 🎄 | 11/22-11/26 | Online & In-Store Event #3

[Music],hey everybody welcome to shopping with,shayna so guys we have a new walmart,preview ad,on our black friday items for event,number three so event number one and two,are done and over and now we are getting,ready to go for event number three so,this is going to be like a real black,friday event now if you are not into,going into store don't worry they're,going to start the sales online on,monday november 22nd at 7 00,and then if you are like me and you'd,like to get out there in the craziness,that is screamed christmas to me is uh,being out black friday you can grab your,items in store at 5 a.m on friday,november 26th there's lots of amazing,deals i think this the third event by,far is the best one that we have so,let's take uh a few minutes and check,out what is happening in our black,friday ad for event number three,happening november 22nd through the 26th,okay so first and foremost we're going,to be looking at the,uh screen here,on the very first page,in fact i think i'm going to make it a,little bit bigger so we can check this,out a little bit easier to see so the,very first thing i see is obviously a,big 70 inch screen tv it's going to be,398,now,if you have any problems ordering this,tv online anytime monday through,thursday,you can of course go to store on friday,they will have,i think a minimum of three or this one,says a minimum of 10 per store that,they're going to sell the last two,events i have been there at the very,beginning of the sale and there's nobody,there so your chances of getting these,big tiket items are very very high,the way black friday has happened is,completely different now because it's,actually black friday we may see more in,attendance i know this is,just something that my mother-in-law and,i do every year before that my mom and i,did it when i was growing up so i am a,black friday shopper from back when i,was just a kid in high school uh which,was many many years ago at this point,all right i remember getting up at like,two in the morning to go,to be at kohl's at three a.m,you know and uh it's changed a lot uh,the other thing i see here is this phone,this flip type phone if you can kind of,see it,and it says get up to 750 and e-gift,cards with select apple or samsung,phones and this like closing one here,let's see here,it doesn't have an exact price on it so,i'm not sure how much that cost for you,i've actually seen something where these,are getting the crease in the phone have,you seen that,i don't know if that partikular product,that will happen too but i have seen,that online before all right we have,a deal here on the air fryer,let's pull that up there 69 for the,airfryer fryer,and uh,so yeah i guess if you need an airfryer,it looks like it's got a couple,different,um like racks which would be really cool,i have to say the one thing i don't like,about my air fryer that we have is i can,only fit like one,two to three,items on it depending on what we're,eating and i have five people my family,so a lot of times i have to run it cook,half of our food and then cook the other,half again uh so that way we all get,food so this looks like a pretty nice,size airfryer and it's airfryer ovens,and it looks like you have a couple,different racks so maybe you can do all,your food at one time so that that looks,like a pretty good deal there,um let's see we have an apple watch for,a hundred and nine dollars you're gonna,save ninety dollars with this item,we have an xbox series,s console,for 299 dollars,i have no idea,if you're saving much money there,i'm definitely not a gamer so i wouldn't,know any of this all right so coming,back up here to the top again we have,the xbox,x and playstation 5 online only starting,november 22nd so these are items that,you do want you do have to purchase them,online,you cannot get them from,going in store so that kind of stinks,early access though if for some reason,you're really really really really,wanting this item i would join the,walmart plus,uh here and you get early access by four,hours i think it starts at 3 00 p.m as,you can get early access to grab these,items if you're really wanting something,that's going to be super hot i think you,can sign up for free as a trial basis so,that might be a good opportunity to do,that for a month we also have some games,here special by game select video games,for xbox playstation or nintendo,each,uh we have 20 each and 25,each,all right so it looks like we've got,some switch games which is what my kids,have uh we don't have xbox or anything,like that but we do have a switch so,maybe we can find a couple of decent,games for a pretty cheap price which,would be awesome,all right let's move on here,um coming on over to the next section,so a nintendo sp switch speaking of,nintendo switch we have,for 299,what's crazy about this is we actually,got our kids the nintendo switch i want,to say it was two years ago,it may have been three years ago for,about three hundred dollars and uh the,the one nice thing is it usually comes,with the game or something like that so,it's surprising that it's still the same,price i'm sure this is a little bit more,updated than it was but it still hasn't,gone down in price,um select nintendo video games for 35,and that's uh,pretty cool let's see if it gives us any,idea of the items nope,so you do know it's going to be mario,brothers you deluxe,and then we do see a zelda game here i,think that's breath of the wild my kids,already have that game but too bad,because i definitely would like to spend,35 as opposed to what we actually spent,on it,uh we have some controllers and some,headsets here i'm not going to click on,them you can always go to walmart.com,yourself and check out this ad a little,bit closer if there's something in,partikular you're wanting a little bit,more detail on,call of duty,there,and we have some more games,thirty five dollars and thirty nine,dollars here,okay,scoot on over,to the next part,center it here all right so it looks,like we've got some computers and some,tvs for some special buys uh 27 inch,let's check out the i,188 dollars,for a 27 inch ips gaming monitor okay so,this is a gaming monitor,all right,we also have for 79,a razor level up four,piece bundle,let's see what this is,so it includes a black shark v2 headset,death theater essential mouse,oh my goodness what is that,sonosa light keyboard and,gigantik mouse pad,all right,uh so that's all you get there you get a,nice big bundle for a gaming situation,uh let's see we have a 50,uh anchor select pro bluetooth speaker,119 for a fitbit versa 2,um,1988 on some,uh color smart bulbs four count,sixty nine dollars for a fitbit charge,four,and then we also have some beats,for 99,or airpod pro for 159,there okay so some pretty decent savings,scooting on over more tvs,so if you're needing tvs or computers or,something like that you're gonna have a,couple of good buys here okay so this,gateway two in one,laptop is just a hundred and forty nine,dollars a minimum of ten per store,remember if you can't get it online you,should be able to grab it in store now,if you're wanting to purchase it online,i would definitely do it first thing,your chances of getting one are higher,but also your chances if they happen to,cancel your order which does happen uh,then you would still be able to go run,in store on friday and grab this if,that's the item that you want but not a,bad deal there it looks like it's a,great deal uh 64 gigabytes of storage,there,not quite the,uh the 128 gigabytes of storage that are,on this 179 dollar one so really only 30,dollars difference and quite a bit more,of storage so again you're not toking,to somebody that is well versed in,electronics so you might want to tell me,which one is the better deal but i'm,thinking the thirty dollars more for,more storage there,um we have a tv here for 548 dollars,it's another 70 inch obviously it's,going to be more expensive than the one,we saw on the first page,but again it just depends on what you're,looking fo


everyone and welcome back to my channel,delicious veggie my name is Anna I am,literally in my pajamas right now so,please excuse my appearance I went to,the office today and as I mentioned in,my Macy's Black Friday ad video I've,been checking like every few hours on,The Daily wing for Walmart slack Friday,ad to drop and I finally did I was on,the couch and I was like oh my gosh I,need to film this so please excuse my,appearance but I need to film this as,soon as possible so I can edit it and,get it up in time so you can check out,the deals so the Black Friday ads as I,mentioned in the previous video they're,very odd this year I feel like it's more,of a season versus a week there's like,pre-black Friday ad deals early Black,Friday deals and then actual Black,Friday deals so that's like all over the,place with me but we're just gonna go,straight to it so if you're new to my,channel welcome my focus on content such,as Beauty lifestyle how to save money so,if you're interested please hit the,Subscribe button down below also give,this video a thumbs up be sure to turn,on notifications I upload every,Wednesday,and let's just go ahead and jump,straight into the ad one thing I do want,to point out I do not like the layout of,the ad this year so in the past they,used to have it like page by Page and,like the deals would literally just pop,out at you they kind of makes the deals,that are available now the early Black,Friday and then the ones available,November 7th so do keep that in mind it,will say now next to it to let you know,it's available now or we'll say November,7th to let you know it's available,November 7th but I could definitely see,some confusion there so I just want to,point that out so as you can see so like,these ones say now so it is available,now at your local Walmart so off the bat,we have this 2020 Apple 10.9 inch pad,for 349 get 64 gigabytes that's,definitely not bad at all and then also,we have this learning tablet for 55 I,say that's an okay deal I would,definitely check out Amazon though I,know sometimes they have some really,good deals on like the tablets and the,Kindles I'm not too much of a tik,person instead could be totally,different but I would say definitely,check out Amazon as well and then this,tasty ceramic cookware set for 49 is a,really good gift or hey if you just want,to upgrade your kitchen I say go for it,or if you have like someone who's like,planning to move out next year like for,college or you know someone's getting,married I say that'd be like a really,nice wedding gift or like graduation,gift for the new place on Black Friday,I'm not just only thinking holidays I'm,literally thinking like okay what events,do I have coming up like baby showers,wedding gifts just things like that,birthdays so definitely do think ahead,also this is a time where I do buy,things for myself I'll literally wait,all year to like upgrade the house like,I want a new comforter at least just,like little things like that okay,tangent done and then we have this Apple,watch SC for 199 that's actually a,really good deal so if you want to,upgrade your Apple watch or you have a,fitness like family or a friend or,anything like that I think that be a,really nice gift if your budget allows,it also to this fire pit for camping I,think that's a really good gift so even,if there's like a family you want two,gifts to and you don't know what to get,everyone I like doing like group gifts,so you can give them this like little,fire pit and you can pair it with like a,bag of marshmallows a box of graham,crackers I literally get like a little,like six eight pack like little mini,Hershey's thing at Dollar Tree or,Walmart and for like under 40 you have a,really nice and expensive gift and I,think that would be cool like for,families or hey even like a couple,anyone really game stands out on this,page there is this TV for 298 on,November 7th it's going to be 188 so if,you can I would definitely hold off I,know our bedroom TV is like going out,it's just like freezing like randomly so,we're trying to get the TV for 188 on,November 7th we got super lucky two,years ago we were able to get two TVs,for the super discounted price they,still work very well just definitely,time to upgrade that TV also there's,this notebook laptop for 149 that's,actually a pretty good deal again if you,have a kid going off to college or,starting High School,um this would be a very nice thing to,invest in I would definitely pass on,this Advent calendar I've been seeing a,lot and they are getting like more,crafty they even have like wine ones at,Costco which is pretty cool but it is,cool if it's within our budget I say go,for it but I would say save your money,and I think it was due to on a dime she,like made her own through like Dollar,Tree it's pretty cool and I think Burke,and Bethany did too yeah they both did,it like using Dollar Tree products so if,you're crafty or know someone who's,crafty I would definitely like check out,those videos or check out their channel,so I would say pass on that and save,your money and then we have this,dumbbell set for 99 that's actually,pretty good weights are not cheap and,then we have this electric shaver for,men for 120 dollars I stay past honestly,I the ones I got for Ernie I think it's,like I forgot the brand honestly but,it's like 30 40 dollars also like,Marshalls has some of these so I would,say check out Target Walmart Marshalls,that's just super expensive there's this,iRobot Roomba for 288 dollars not bad,but honestly you get the shark one I,think it's like the same price like a,ten dollar difference and it will go,back to recharge itself it'll map out,your house and it also like dumps the,dust and the dirt so I'm probably going,to bite the bullet or whatever this,thing is and invest in it because I'm,tired of sweeping after these dogs Coco,always gets things like stuck in her,hair she's like my palm tree so she has,like a really like fluffy tail and like,the dead grass will be stuck in there or,just like stiks and things like that or,like their little furballs so I,definitely think it's worth the,investment just for my sanity and the,cleanliness at my house and then here's,the deal is that job on Monday November,7th so this is a TV I was toking about,a 55 inch for 188 dollars that is a,super good deal so I would try and get,that I know these are probably gonna go,like crazy though so here's hoping if,not the other one's not a bad deal but,188 is better and then also there's this,Dyson vacuum for four hundred dollars,Dyson's a very nice brand very nice,vacuum I say it's worth it I would also,check out Amazon as well so sorry if you,hear Coco parking in the background,again as I mentioned literally my,pajamas it's kind of later at night and,I was like oh yeah I need to film this,video so so sorry for the chaos here and,then also we have this HP Chromebook for,98 again not bad just to like have,around the house if someone's like in,school just to have that handy then we,have this Keurig on sale it's gonna be,35 so that's actually a really good,price again if you know someone that's,planning to move out or go to college,they don't have like a lot of space,um even for a friend who loves coffee,get a really nice coffee maker for 35,and then I got Marshalls and TJ Maxx,I've been trying like the Cinnabon,coffee flavored and then the Starbucks,tiramisu they have like a bunch of other,k-pod flavors though so you can like,pair it with that it's like 13 or less I,have Dunkin Donuts McDonald's so that,would be a really cute gift as well and,also we have this other tablet for 119,or excuse me 79 so that's actually not a,bad deal and then we have the air pods,Apple air pods for 159 I wanna say at,Costco or Amazon is a little bit cheaper,I forgot the price but,I would say check out there first,and then we have this LG 32 I think this,is a TV for two hundred dollars,you can get a 55 inch for 188 though I,would say pass on that,and then let's see we have oh my gos