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wayfair ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

3 Ways to Grow Wayfair, Even When Sales Are Slow.

kind of soft in the last six months. and if you're like anybody and you're selling to wayfair, you want to know what are some things i can do to bring that up. well, my name is heather roberts and we help home decor and furniture companies grow their ecommerce sales channel and their way for your channel, their wait for sales in partikular. so if you are currently selling on wayfair- and you've notiked that well, quite frankly, like the rest of the country has notiked- is that there has been a significant slowdown in your sales. i'm here to tell you there are three things you can do to turn that around and get those sales moving back up again. so the first thing is you need to sharpen your everyday low price, that's, your regular wholesale price. you need to make that as sharp as you can right now. now is not the time to be fat on margin. now is the time to be skinny on margin and aggressive, because when you are aggressive, wafer is going to match that retail on the on the top end, so the retail will go in, will go down. so you want to be as aggressive as you can right now with your everyday low price, your everyday wholesale right now. the second thing you want to do. your second tip: you want to run sponsored product ads, probably with a starting budget about 15 a day, and you're going to run them for 30 days and you are going to promise me right here and now, you are not gonna stop it after three days. because here's the thing: y'all, wayfair, sponsored products. they take time to gather the data and the information. so that means: set the ad, let it run for seven days, do not touch it before that, like boy scouts, honor, girl scouts, honor, pinky swear, whatever you want to do, but don't touch it for seven days. then go and look and see how it's going. then you can make adjustments to your bid prize, to maybe, if you want, to up your daily limit, whatever the case may be, but set it and leave it for seven days and don't shorten it. make sure you get the advantage of that 30 days altogether, okay. so, number one: have the best everyday price that you possibly can. number two: create a sponsored product ad, run it for 30 days. there we go. and the third way that you are going to turn your sales back going in the right direction is: you want to focus on getting five reviews. if you have five reviews, your product actually will have a massive shift and will be probably with one on one of the first three pages of the search algorithm. you know search ranking pages. so you want to figure out well, what is my plan: to get five reviews. and remember you need to be including the. you know this amount of money you're gonna have to spend to get reviews in your total, like it's a cost of doing business nowadays. right, it's like a marketing spend. if you look at it as a marketing spend, then i think it's the easier way to kind of swallow that expense. so you want to make sure you're getting. um, you want to create a plan to get five reviews, so maybe you're going to do that through tried and true, maybe you're going to do that through supplier rebates. whatever it is, create your plan and implement the plan. now i'm going to give you a bonus tip, and this one is straight from wayfair and not everybody knows this, but one review from a verified, tried and true reviewer is gold. it is gold. if you aren't able to spend to get. you know the other four that you need. that's okay, but make sure you get one tried and true review. why? because they have to have so many characters, they have to include images. you know, they have to give a high rating, all because they want to keep getting the free stuff right, y'all. so you want to, you know, bare minimum get one tried and true review. okay, so that's it, your three ways that you can end up beating the competition and totally, you know, rocking it and winning. from now to the end of the year, when sales seem like soft for others, you are going to be having the very best, everyday low price. you're going to even be incredibly aggressive in promotions. you are going to run sponsor product ads and you are going to make sure you are getting your reviews. if you do those things, then you're setting yourself up for success. so if you want some help on how you can fix your sales, i would love it if you would click the book, a link calendar, i mean the link to book, a call in the description below, and you can also subscribe to our channel and like this video so you can get more tips like this. all right, y'all bye.

How to Sell on Wayfair Marketplace 2023: Complete Guide to Making Money on Wayfair.com🔶E-CASH S2•E74

i'm very happy today because i want to tok to you about how to sell on wayfair marketplace. don't go anywhere. this is a complete guide to making money on wayfaircom. don't go anywhere. [Music]. welcome back, folks, to another edition of the awesome q show. how are you today? i hope you're all doing fantastik. i'm doing marvelous. if you ever ask me if you are doing as great as i am, go grab a cup of coffee or tea or vodka. ls roll. in today's conversation, i want to speak to you about how to sell on with wayfair marketplace, and this is a complete guide to selling and making money on wayfarercom. now, wayfair has been dubbed the new amazon of home goods market, and for gazillions of excellent reasons. i'm going to explain those in today's conversation. one thing that's very important to understand is that wayfarer is part of a market that is worth 600 billion to a trillion dollars, okay, and we're toking here about the home goods market, and so in today's conversation, i want you to see on the screen right now that this is the skeleton of today's conversation. so i'm going to tok to you about the overview. i'll i'll give you an overview of the company and we'll tok about selling on wayfarer, the wayfarer benefits, wayfarer fees, leveraging uh the wayfarer delivery network, growing on wayfarer and getting paid on wayfarer. so what is wayfair? welfare is a well-known company in the us. okay, so they sell furniture and other home goods and they were created in 2002 and they were formerly called csn stores. okay, and they work with uh more than 11 000 global suppliers to offer more than 14 million items- 40 million items. okay, and wayfair offers its services in canada, the united states and the united kingdom, where they attract a lot of potential customers, and they also are in europe, in other parts of europe, including germany. and you want to choose to sell on wayfarer for a constellation of reasons. first, they have a myriad product categories and department- okay, so, as you can understand, the the e-commerce industry is uh growing uh day by day. okay, and because wafer has been recognized as the largest marketplace for home furnishing the us, you want to be on that platform because, especially if you are in that, in that department, if you are in that niche, rather, you want to be on wayfarercom and as a seller, you have uh gazillions of benefits you can you can expect on the platform, including direct shipping, because they have a direct shipping method and they have. you have the um, you have the uh, the growth that you can expect, right, you have the exposure- this is very important, right- and you also have the fact that you can use, you can actually uh grow on multiple channels. in other words, you can sell on wayfary while selling on etsy, walmart and amazon, for that matter. so you have a multi-channel growth strategy here. so how does wayfair work- and we're going to go very quickly here now with her- they have something called a self logistiks system and this is the wdn, the wayfarer delivery network, and what they do is they offer an overall, an overall increase of the shipment while reducing the losses to serve quick shipping. okay, so this is an important and so, if you want to learn more about wayfarer logistiks, there is an excellent piece about wayfarer delivery network and the supply chain dive magazine, written by emma cosgrove fantastik piece, and you can per use the artikle at your convenience. we're showing you right now the link on the on the screen right now, and this is great. what i want to say here is that wayfarers strategic work includes the drop shipping model. this is something that they really appreciate. they love that because, as you can understand, drop shipping means what? it means that you're sending the product from the supplier to the end merchant, post, receiving and confirmation. okay, and at wayfair. one thing that is very great for sellers is that there is no structure for carrying the inventory or the warehouse, so third-party shipment couriers or retailers can use wayfarers. account for saving the time and cost through reducing the bulk rate. right, this is fantastik, because in e-commerce, the first thing you want to do is you want to reduce your uh fixed cost when, especially when you start. okay, so wafer does not get indulged in any kind of inventory cost, which which saves you money. also. okay, so you can easily opt for white label in your products for increased profits, using as using uh as wayfair works through the automating of the retail industry, and you can also use their integration. they have uh, they have their integration api, so this is fantastik, and we love the fact that uh wayfarer is constantly innovating, especially when it comes to a global marketplace. so even though you're based in in the united states or canada, you can still ship, as i said, to uk and other parts of the world, including germany, and it's a. it's very important to understand that wayfarer wants to do this by keeping a healthy relationship with the sellers, because they understand that this is- this has to be- a mutually beneficial uh relationship. if a wayfarer is too big is to make money, and for the sellers also to make money, you have to understand wayfarer, as of today, is a- is actually attracting more than 60 to 65 million unique million unique visitors, and those visitors- guess what? they are active consumers. so think about the growth of your potential uh market there, your potential audience. this is awesome. this is humongous. so now i want to tok to you about selling on wayfarer. so you have to understand that third parties can sell on wayfair, no problem, okay. third party suppliers sell indoor and outdoor furniture, rocks, kitchen goods, bed and bath products, storage options, pet items and a whole lot more on wayfarer. so you have to understand the. the platform boasts more than 18 to 20 million products for the home across the site. think about that. and so what are the requirements? there are two main requirements, really, so you must have drop shipping capabilities as well as product liability insurance covering at least one million dollars per occurrence and two million dollars in general aggregate- very important, okay. so, uh, as you know, drop shipping on wayfarer works like this, so someone will place an order right. wayfarer will actually uh send the order to you, the seller, and you have to fulfill it. you pack and send the item to the, to the customer. wayfarer pays for shipping. okay, so this is pretty good and so. but before we get into all this, you need to sign up, all right, so we're showing you on the screen. right now you have to go to uh the at partnerswayfaircom so you put your your. so the first screenshot here: contact information, your primary name, your first name, last name, your job title, your email address, your phone number. and second uh screenshot: here we have the business information. so they want to know more about you, so about your business. so the legal business name, the address, the country, the, uh the city, the state postal code and, uh, the state where your business was registered- pretty standard information. and the third screenshot: here they want to know more about the logistikal information- for them is very important. so they want to know countries where you have uh warehouses, so fulfillment centers, and they want to know whether or not you could sell to. you can ship directly to the to the customers. as i said earlier, the quintessential element here, when it comes to wayfarer, is what drop shipping? so you have to answer yes to that question and they want to make sure that you can also accept returns, because for wayfarer is very important as an important tenant in their customer service mission. so you got to be able to accept the returns and you have to select your top online retailers that you're currently selling on. okay, so if you sell, for this example, we put home depot and walmart and they want you to show a link to that market. so once you do that, those three steps you click apply and you get a confirmation, so wayfarer will reach out to you. you s

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How To Make Money with Wayfair Affiliate Program (Wayfair Affiliate Review)

so you decided you want to learn how you can make money or welfare affiliate program. my name is Marcus and in this video I'm going to review the Wayfair affiliate program and then what are the best ways how you can actually make money with welfare affiliate program? I focus on Affiliates and I love creating videos like these, and I hope you enjoy this video too. also, if you want to learn what strategies I use, that I make thousands dollars monthly from affiliate on our internet. I created a free webinar, free masterclass, down below in the description, so when you're going to click on it, register with your email, you can watch it and then also on a monthly basis, I send you every time like, uh, the best strategies on affiliate and also, uh, the best programs that you can join right now. and all of that I send right there. so definitely check it out. so right here, when we're going to be in way affair, what we can find here. we can go to partner with us when you just write a Google affiliate Wayfair and what they offer and why they are really good. so here you got the few things. the first thing is that, yes, they offer- I think it's seven percent, five to seven percent, seven percent commission, seven day referral period. now you can see, you can say that, okay, seven percent commission is not that much, but when you look it from a different perspective, seven percent commission from a high product is a lot. so let's say they got a bedding and back right, or they have the furniture leaving a room- sofas, and here you can find like the 335 or only futon sofa and you can go with the customer rating, and what you can do is actually like, let's say, there's a 1 000 doors of other people are buying and what you can do is actually like start writing about it and then promote it and look at this like people can even sleep on that. that's perfect. now what is the best strategy, how we can promote this kind of products, is that if you're going to start writing, let's say, artikles, you can make it on Pinterest, like on Pinterest. plenty of people are using Pinterest for getting ideas, so you can use there and just connect your affiliate link, connect it to, let's say, some kind of landing page that you have. but you see that this is a really good way, how you can make money. and now when I go here, I can simply: let's see what we're going to find here. foreign people are using that. now what you can do is- like this is going to be interesting: you can go in a place where they have this kind of sofas- I don't know where- in a store- and what we can do is actually record the video about it on the mobile and then add the affiliate link Down Below in description. so if you're interested, you can easily buy it. and this thing you can do for everything, and I know plenty of people who make four cars, four mobile phones, four or whatever. they go to the store. they show it to person so they don't have to go to the store. and now they say like, okay, if you want to buy this really good one, it's like really comfortable and you can easily buy it. so, uh, that's how. this is the fun way, but they don't have any locations right now. so you should have like to find even competitors, but are they? my recommendation is not. you don't even have to write the artikles by yourself. you can use also the right Sonic. there is a link Down Below in description that you can click on and you can start writing completely for free, and you see that you can have the topic here. so look at this topic: copywriting versus content writing. you can have their sofas, then you can have the ideas. then you're gonna have the intro about the sofa and then, uh, you're going to have the outline about it, like the things, like that's a review or comparison about sofas, whatever- and then the artikle- you would get a whole artikle on and then you can easily share it with intros, with everything, and write zone is really perfect for that. if you want to actually make money with Wayfair affiliate program- and that's something that I would definitely recommend for you to do if you want to make money. so, to summarize this whole video with a very fair, you can choose whatever you need with the kitchen, with the baby and kids, Home Improvement appliances. then we're gonna have forepad here. so I would recommend definitely to do something that you are interested in and that you understand. I see many people that are doing stuff that they don't really understand. they're promoting it and many times they're not successful because they don't know how to use it right. but I would recommend definitely, definitely to do we like this that you're gonna at least understand how the market works. look at his best furniture design and we can go best so fast for leaving a room and people want to actually check it out, right, and they're going to be plenty of people interested in those videos. but you can easily like research what people are searching for foreign. they are not actually uh like, they're not there. what they're doing, they're toking about it. and you can tok about the two like Amelia sofa, and look at this Amelia sofa, brace sofa- all of these our everyday links. Amazon, look at this Camlin. so far, they all have the, the things that they can promote, and that's pretty much it how we're gonna do it. so I hope I hope to give a little bit of idea how we can promote biofair. it really depends what kind of uh like what you want to actually sell. but this is what I would do: create YouTube videos, start blogging and I create a whole like. I create a cool tutorial on how you can start blogging. you will find it down below in description and definitely check it out. so thank you very much, guys, and have a great day and goodbye, see ya.

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Why Advertising is So Annoying

by the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. advertising has made a very bad name for itself. we don't trust it or want much of it around, so it's resorted to springing up on us in unexpected places- by the side of the road, at a football match, at the airport, jetway. the relationship between consumer and advertiser has become like a constant game of nagging and pestering. the advertiser feels the consumer doesn't really want what's on offer but assumes that if it just keeps popping up all the time and perhaps cracks a joke or gets half-undressed, eventually the consumer will give up and buy the damn toothbrush, chocolate bar or insurance policy. badgering people can feel like a natural strategy for advertisers to fall back on when they're striving to gain our attention. after all, this is what we all did when we were young and had no other options. a 6 year old has no capacity to rationally persuade her parents to buy her a goldfish, but she will instinctively assume that asking a million times might just work. occasionally it does. when we're under pressure at work and stressed to keep our jobs in the agency, we return easily to such early badgering instincts. the lamentable thing is that a badgering approach is, however, unnecessary because it isn't as if people don't want to buy things and have no material needs. we're constantly needing and wanting to shop. the act of buying isn't something voice turd upon us by an evil advertising industry, as people in advertising seemed somehow to believe in their hearts. it's something we naturally and spontaneously feel, however, could present. there's simply no incentive for us to tell advertisers about what we might need, because we don't trust them not to keep bugging us if ever we were to reveal more about ourselves. they've annoyed us far too much already for us to let on about our interests. we don't want to tell them that we're potentially in the market for a new car and wouldn't mind being shown some options for a nice woolen jacket. we'd never share such private information because we suspect how it might then all go. we'd be bothered at nauseam, possibly for decades. we wouldn't be presented with a real range of options, and our details would be passed on to other firms selling utterly offbeat things like inflatable dinghies and lunchboxes. so instead, we just lie low and remain deeply guarded about sharing anything about our lives, which is what, in turn, leads advertisers to bully us and spy on us, to track our online moves. and when they're really fed up and desperate to bung up our computers with pop-ups. the relationship between customer and advertisers has ended up marked by a total lack of trust on both sides. customers don't trust that advertisers will look after their real needs, and advertisers don't trust that customers will listen to an honest pitch. however sad, this does hint at the shape of an eventual answer. if advertisers became more responsible and could be trusted not to foist random things on people, then we would tell them about ourselves in our needs. the more we thought well of them, the more details we'd reveal, as we might to a friend. but we only become friends with people we can trust, and that to date can't encompass the advertising industry. if these people want to earn our time and sincere attention, then they need to stop tracking us with cookies and try to show up with hardly any clothes on in weird places. advertisers need to learn not to see themselves as fundamentally a nuisance and behave with a sort of dignity and self-respect of people who know they could properly improve the lives of others. once they got to know them well, then we might start to listen willingly. you, if you like our films, take a look at our shop, the School of Life. comm forward slash shop. you'll find lots of thoughtful books, games, stationery and more.

How Does Wayfair Set its Retail Price?

how does wayfair set their retail price? until recently, that was kind of the great question of the universe. well, okay, maybe not the universe, but my name is heather and we help home decor and furniture companies grow their online sales and expand their e-commerce reach. so i cannot tell you how many times i have been on a call with a client or prospective client and they say: but i don't understand, how does wayfair set the retail? what is their margin? what is their this? well, recently wayfarer has shared with suppliers how they actually set it and what are the four things that go into setting the retail price. and then i'm going to tok about what you can do to make it work to your advantage. so the first thing is obviously the wholesale cost. that is, the cost that wayfair pays you. the second thing, the cost of shipping. remember, you're not paying the shipping, they are, so they've got to get it there. the next thing, number three, is your damages. so if you have a low damage rate, that works to your advantage. if you have a high damage rate, you are penalized. so we want to make sure you're all over that. and the fourth thing is their marketing spend. how much money are they spending to promote your products. so we don't think about that a lot of times, but if you are a shopper, you go and click on a product at wayfair and then that product follows you. it follows you to google, it'll follow you to facebook, it'll follow you to instagram. it's like they're hunting you, right. so it's just they're retargeting campaigns and so part of what they are including in their retail is that, and then, yes, of course, their margin. but what is you know? what is unique here is that we now have an opportunity to learn how can we improve the retail. you have a direct correlation. number one: you want to make sure you're giving way fare the sharpest wholesale price that you can. number two: if you have a high damage rate on a couple of items- let's just say it's one or two- then you need to stop and really take a good look at that item and find out what is wrong with its packaging. does it need- um, you know- corner protectors? does it? is it shipping? i mean, is it slipping inside the box? you know what is the problem here. so we need to make sure you are 100 aware of any items that are have a high damage rate. now, this is a really important tip that this is a super pro tip. so please listen up. when an item first goes on site and let's say you get four i four orders and two of them are damaged, that item has a 50 percent damage rate. that's going to kill the retail on that item. so if you are a new supplier and your products go live, you want to make sure you have put your best foot forward and you have a really solid packaging. because this, my friend, is a true story of a true client of mine. they went live and they went live with something like 25 products. they got four orders, four orders fairly rapidly on a partikular item and two of them were damaged. so this has this item has a 50 damage rate. it's killing the item and you know what it turns out. it's probably gonna be your number one other top sellers. so they got it if that turned around fast and figure out what that problem is. so just to recap, wayfair puts four different- well, five, if you count profit different factors into their uh retail price, your wholesale cost, the cost of shipping, damages and their marketing spend. on top of that goes their profit margin, because everybody does have to make this. make some money. right, it is business. so i hope you found this helpful. if you are watching this and you're not subscribed to our channel, please do that. and also if you have questions about how the heck i know these things about wayfair or our team does, then let's book a call and let's tell you how we can help you grow your e-commerce and wave your business. all right, thanks y'all. bye.

The Wayfair Human Trafficking Conspiracy Theory - KFC Radio

but the latest conspiracy theory i also just enjoy. i just love like it's like, it's like a movie, like when the world becomes a movie to me. uh, the way fair conspiracy theory is a fun one, but let me edit that- but like it's, it's a, you know, intriguing one. but i can't believe that this is the one that everybody use universally. like is true, it's real, because i think it's the most farfetched one of all. i, i, i think so sell me on it because i think it's zero percent chance. it's real. so wayfair has uh things. wayfair is like an online furniture retailer, right, and they have cash. well, i know what wayfair is because my friend's girlfriend used to work there and i used to get [ __ ] for free all the time. no kids, blood money bro, yeah. so they were selling cabinets and furniture and even pillows for like ten thousand, thirteen thousand, fifteen thousand dollars, which is weird. but you know, wayfair is like a third party retailer sometimes. so i read that some people will find out if an item is sold out. they just [ __ ], jacked the price on. it's like selling tikets. so it's like, all right, maybe that explains it, uh, that those same cabinets are listed online the product description using weird names that also correlate to missing children. so it'll be like the annabelle cabinets and annabelle wilson is a missing team, but like annabelle's, just right, that's. that's a pretty normal name, like samia and yaritza and um. uh, there was one that was like diet. one was like a last name. it was like a foreign last names i need didn't have because, like first name, the pillow d, d, z ditch. yeah, i mean, that's a ridiculous name. the only first thing correlates to a, well, that's, that is the um. the flip side is that there are 800 000 missing kids per year. by the way, that's [ __ ], crazy, yeah, uh, so that like any name could possibly be pulled out of a hat. but my thing is like, why are you naming your cabinets after names? that's weird. ah, i don't know if that's that weird. you think so. i mean, what else would you name it after? i don't know. like that, like [ __ ], just like white cabinet, wood cabinet, like why does it have to be a name? no, things are named. that that's, uh, names. yeah, i, i don't think that that's what else is named with the name? i don't, i don't. you put me on the spot. i don't know. i was like i just i don't think that i've never seen just like the jonathan cabinets. i've never seen like the sarah cabinets. my friend has a tattoo, um of a lamp and it's because it's called the graham lamp and his name's graham. all right, you win. these are, these are the arguments, again, just like. it's not that weird, but what i find to be weird. and so the idea is that also the lamp is named after him, which is pretty cool, but oh well, then it's he's the gram, it like, his like uncle, like invented it and he, he invented a bunch of things. it named him all after. that's cool. there's people in his family, so maybe that's what's going on. maybe these [ __ ] cabinet workers have a uriza in their family and they made it. uh, wayfair, is is saying like, like it's coincidence, and that the the pricing. at first they said the prices are like normal. they said these are industrial grade shelves and cabinets that are worth thirteen thousand dollars, and then they change the names and they reduce the prices. so that's weird. it's like if it was a glitch, if they were just like. i don't know why those cabinets are 13 000. they should be 150, i'd be like all right, but they said it was one thing, they like defended it and then they went and changed all the listings. they took their names out and changed the prices. i mean it's, it's weird. don't get me wrong. if all this is true, i think it's definitely weird. i don't know how to explain it, but like, think of how many people it has to go through, correct, and like, none of those people would say: we're selling children, right, like, more importantly, i mean, if you had a, um, a pedophile ring, it's now ruined because, like, two people on twitter, right, tweeted it out like you just wouldn't build a. it wasn't there someone who said, like, when you like go to buy something, like the name is already filled out. okay, let me finish the conspiracy theory. sorry, if you, if you take the sku, which is like the product listing number, and you search for it in a russian search engine, it churns out pictures of children. i don't know, that's weird. i don't know if that means, like you know, you can search the sku and buy these children, but all i know is that pictures of little kids in bathing suits pop up again. all this, by the way, allegedly because i i just like i see the screenshot and i'm like, okay, i hear the story. i'm like, okay, i didn't like, vet this for myself, right, you know? like one thing, they had a picture of nia rivera and they showed naive the, the girl disappeared. yeah, they had, um, because they're thinking like her kid's involved. this is like the conspiracy. oh, no, no crazy [ __ ]. listen, listen, that's how stupid this gets. like the square footage of the lake is like 1.9 kilometers and then they showed a wayfarer listing where the price of the shelves was nineteen thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars. and it's just, it's just made up like someone just took the time to photoshop these pictures. i mean, that doesn't make anything. but the square footage of the lake, her birthday, her name, like all of it somehow correlates to allegedly a wayfarer thing and it was just proven to be like they photoshopped all those numbers and names. but, um, the skew thing in russian. in russian, uh, search engines turn up kids. uh, there was another thing. there was a screen recording of this woman who bought. i don't know if i believe that- the screen recording, the skew thing, that, yeah, that's like i don't have a russian [ __ ] search engine. i don't know, i don't think that one's real. so, uh, this one. i watched the screen recording, which even that i'm skeptikal of because i'm like i don't know, you can like fake these things. i'm not sure how, but she presses purchase and when she goes to check out the name for like your name, when you're filling out your name and address and your billing address and stuff, the name says like precious harris, which is the first and last name of a missing child. so i guess the idea. but this is where i think this is where we lose. you know, i lose it. you think that this is you buying precious harris, like all you got to do is like click and then you get to buy. you know, when you're toking about pedophile rings and human trafficking, it's like taken. it's like cd back room, private sultans and billionaires. it can't just be like like what if i had a bunch of money and i really liked those cabinets and i was like, i don't know, it's expensive, but i'll buy them? now, all of a sudden i'm a human trafficker, right, and you've got to send the kid to me or whatever. i mean. also, ten thousand dollars for a child is really way low, that's really under. so my two main reasons why wayfair is not a human trafficking ring one. you hide these things and i don't want to hear about hiding in plain sight this is: this is way too much in plain sight where, like i said, the whole, the whole operation is ruined because somebody on twitter decided to tweet about it, uh, and you don't want just random people stumbling upon it. and two, a kidney is like fifty thousand dollars. so two kidneys, a liver, you gotta build a human. i mean it's gonna be like a million dollars. buying a human for ten thousand dollars is great, way low. i mean way low on the black market again, like all. like someone had to put in this [ __ ] code for the website, someone to tell them to do it. they're like there are like 50 people who have like this gets through the line before it comes on wafers website, yeah, and one of them isn't a pedophile, right, one of them is is going to be like, yeah, that's not okay, we're not doing like. i think if you wanted to tell me this was a money laundering operation, that makes more sense like buy a 13 000 uh [ __ ] shelf and that's you know, and they're really worth like a thousand dollars and the 12 000 gets pocketed. i don't know wha.