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Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

The Best Whale Moments Captured on Film | Top 5 | BBC Earth

a 6-ton orcas slaps its tail- awesome, destructive- under the water. tail slaps are used to stun the herring. some fish come too quickly and escape back to the safety of the shore, but most are picked off by the orcas one by one. soon, water glitters with fish scales as the orcas methodically consumed the ball of fish. by breaking up the herring into a smaller show, the orcas have done the humpbacks a favor, turning the usual relationship between the animals on its head. [Music]. everywhere else on earth, orcas or the humpbacks biggest enemy, but here the humpbacks cashier on the colossal fish supper [Music]. [Music] on. the humpbacks aren't the only ones to gatecrash the August party. massive fin whales that swallow three thousand herring in a single gulp [Music]. [Music]. deadly enemies feed side-by-side- a unique scene, only possible here because of the warmth of the Gulf Stream. on the end of this poll is a highly directional microphone, and put that into the water. we should be able to hear the sperm whale. Andrew Armour has worked with whales for over 20 years. he can pick out the faintest of cause. their course can travel over 30 miles and there are several distinct types. I do hear it now. have they pointed out this kind of call is known as coda, and sperm whales use it for communication. so this is almost certainly a group. [Music]. this is my chance to get up close to these Giants. okay, get it now. get it now. I've joined a baby and an adult female. female sperm whales live in family groups up to 20 strong. the rest of this part could well be hunting far the Loess. youngsters can't dive deep, so this babysitter has stayed at the surface. it could be mum, an aunt or even grandma. she's playing with me, mirroring my movements. [Music]. as she dives, she swings past my cameraman. that tail has the force to power a giant. it could easily kill a human, yet she takes care not to hit either of us. it's a remarkable display of agility. [Music]. the whales are just as fascinated with me as I am with them. it's a far cry from the meetings between our species in the days of whaling. I am absolutely shaking like a leaf. she brought her calf right alongside us, span over onto her side so that she was looking directly in my eyes from no more than a couple of metres away, and then she Pierrot netted like a ballerina and swept past me, but she made so sure that she didn't hit me. male humpback whales repeat each other's songs and add to them so they become ever more complex and beautiful, showing off their memory as well as sheer volume. listening carefully to this song is a female humpback whale. she's here with last year's calf and is ready to conceive another one. he stopped singing and follows her. he may sing to her again, but not if he thinks other males are close. by they start to get to know each other. it's an old-fashioned slow motion once [Music]. [Music]. such beautiful movement is rarely seen. dance in the animal world is little understood. [Music]. but they're courting. ballet is about to be cut short. rival males have detected that something is going on. they arrive in force. a mob on the dance floor set on disruption. each male tries to get beside the female and to intimidate the others. the 35-ton males are set on a fight. animals that can seem so tender in a moment become so aggressive. the mating game has become a battle. they smash into our they tail slap and Bella- most of this is just shown- throwing their waiter. it's over. the biggest male has won. the abundance of krill attracts other visitors to the peninsula in the summer. Antarctik minke whales. their pointed heads and short dorsal fins give them speed and endurance, and they need both. there are other whales. here too, killers. this is an extended family of mothers and their young and long male with a huge dorsal fin, almost 2 meters high. [Music]- ellone minke whale. it's just what this group of killer whales are looking for. working as a team, as they have done for decades, they fan out across the street in search of their quarry [Music]. and they found it. the minke races away, pursued by outriders on each flank. [Music]. terrified, the minke heads from the shore. it's so desperate to escape, it almost beaches itself. it makes a desperate break for freedom. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. two hours and 20 miles later, the minke is still alive and swimming strongly. it's only real defense is its endurance. but the killer's work as a team, with fresh ones replacing the outriders in relays. and as the minke tires the battery and the biting begins [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. seabirds are attracted by the smell of fresh blood rising from the water. [Music]. The Killers tried to flip the minke over. if they can manage to keep its blowhole underwater, it will drown. one forces that make his whole body down below the surface. [Music]. and then the final strike. the team dragged the minke under for the last time and the hunters finally can field. even when more sea lions arrive, they can't seem to break down the sardines. coordinated defenses [Music]. with a shoal this big, the sea lions need to isolate a smaller, more manageable group of fish [Music]. but with so few predators the fish still have the advantage. [Music], [Applause]. all the sea lions can do is keep the sardines at the surface and wait for others to join them [Music] to none. [Music]. their arrival changes everything. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. tuna attacked from below, cutting off the sardines escape route down to deeper water. [Applause]. [Music]. next to appear: shearwaters, excellent fliers, but also, surprising, the agile underwater. with so many predators attacking from all sides, the advantage starts to shift away from the sardines. [Music] [Applause]. [Music], [Applause], [Music]. as the fish pack ever tighter, they're showing strategy now makes it easier for the hunters. [Music], [Applause] [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. Papa sharks, they've scented blood in the water. [Music]. surprisingly, perhaps, the Predators never attack one another. they work together to corral the ball of fish, taking turns to grab a mouthful. [Applause]. [Applause]. common dolphins. as the show gets ever smaller, each sardine scrambles desperately to hide in the middle. but now there's no escape. [Music], [Applause]. [Music] [Applause]. a Buddhist whale finishes off the feast. tons of sardines devoured in less than an hour.

Why Do Dead Whales Explode? | Whale Explosion | The Dr Binocs Show | Peekaboo Kidz

[Music] wait, little kitty, don't go anywhere near that dead whale. well, i'm glad you asked that, because you never know when they could explode like a volcano. yes, little kitty, it's a serious concern for many beaches. [Music] hey, friends. so in today's episode let us explore the explosive nature of dead whales and answer an exploding question: why do dead whales explode? zoom in. [Music]. whales, these fluffy mammals, especially blueways, are the largest to ever appear on our planet. that can grow up to 100 feet long and weigh around 200 tons. though these creatures rule the ocean, most of their species are on the verge of extinction due to hunting, being struck by ships or natural processes like aging. and when a whale loses its life, in most cases its body will sink at the bottom of the ocean, after which scavengers like large deep sea sharks, hagfish and others come in to remove soft tissue and break apart the carcass. later, creatures like ossitax mucoflorus, the bone-eating bomb, joined the feast to gradually break down the bones and, believe it or not, this entire process can take around 30 years. but on some rare occasion, instead of sinking to the bottom of the ocean, the whale's lifeless body ends up on the beach, and if nothing is done to move this carcass on time, then it will blow up to the point that it could burst like a balloon with tremendous force that could cause severe damage to anything or anyone within its explosive zone. but the vital question is: why do dead whales explode in the first place? well, let me explain the biology behind it. you see, when a whale dies, its body begins the decomposing process, releasing various gases like carbon dioxide, methane, etc. that start to build up in its stomach and other large internal organs. and, as a whale has strong blubber, a thick layer of vascularized fatty tissue under the already tough skin, these gases have no way to escape. as a result, it creates a highly acidic environment in the cells, rupturing their membranes and causing their tissue to break down. at the same time, the bacteria already present in the body starts to feed on the carbohydrates and proteins present in these broken tissues in a process called putrefaction. in this process, the organs begin to liquefy and release more carbon dioxide, nitrogen and methane, making the carcass bloat like a balloon, sometimes twice its original size. and when the body can no longer handle the high pressure, the liquid and gases burst from natural openings like the mouth, rectum or other weak spots. but you'll be surprised to know that the whale's body can handle a lot of pressure and these explosions are usually caused by humans. yes, many times people will try to climb on a dead whale or the beach glue will move it, causing a rupture in the skin, leading to a massive explosion, resulting in severe injuries. also, there is a chance of coming into contact with deadly bacteria on the carcass's skin that can spread infectious diseases, and that's why we are advised to stay away from a whale's corpse and let it bury on the spot on its own and decompose naturally. trim your time. did you know there are around 2 000 whale strandings recorded worldwide every year? also, there are two types of whales: two-thirds and baleen. to know more about these giants, please check out our videos: evolution of whales and what if a whale swallows you. the links are in the description below. hope you learned something new today. until next time, it's me, dr binox zooming. oh oh no, never mind.

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Deadly Killer Whale Moments | Top 5 | BBC Earth

[Music]. orca are the largest of the dolphins and, like all dolphins, they have a lot of distinct parts their day, so sometimes they'll be traveling, sometimes they'll be feeding, sometimes they're just plain playing, like now. unbelievable, that's incredible. this is called breaching. it's supposed to actually remove parasites from the skins of the the orca, but when you look at something like that, you've got to say they are just playing. i mean, if you could do that, you would, wouldn't you? orca need to spend a good deal of their day interacting with the others in their group. they have such big brains that really they just need time to get to know each other and just to muck around. this has already been just about the most exciting two minutes of my life. look at that. they are magnificent. i don't want to chase them. it's very important that i don't go into their space. i let them come into mine, but they don't seem to be bothered by us. oh, my goodness, it just breached right in front of me. wow, look at that. this is the wildlife spectacle of this part of the world- rarely for my crew. they're almost speechless, apart from johnny on the main camera. it's amazing. man really is. they're very close to him. how close. are they 10, 15 meters? something like that. should he be scared at this point? steve, every one of these orca could weigh as much as a small truck, but they're incredibly maneuverable, very, very fast. killer whales are probably the fastest mammal in the seas and certainly for long distances. they can travel enormous distances and day. i don't believe what i'm seeing here. look at this. they're just coming together right in front of me. they call orca the wolves of the sea, not just because they're incredible teeth, but also because they hunt cooperatively together in groups, and i think that's what's happening around me now. look, i think now i've probably got about 15 animals all very, very close. [Music]. it's not just adults here. there are plenty of young carbs in amongst them. oh, it frightens the life out of you when they come to the surface like that. it's like an explosion of air and water out of their blow hole. he's coming right underneath me. i can see he's right underneath my boat that's. he's about three meters away from me, just looking up at me, just turned on his side. i just looked straight in my eye. oh, wow, he just, it just popped up right alongside me. i think they've just really want to find out what this strange plastik yellow boat in their world is. i'm seeing firsthand how intelligent they are. the abundance of krill attracts other visitors to the peninsula in the summer antarctik minky whales. their pointed heads and short dorsal fins give them speed and endurance, and they need both. there are other whales here too, killers. this is an extended family of mothers and their young and a male with a huge dorsal fin, two meters high. [Music] alone, minky whale. it's just what this group of killer whales are looking for, working as a team as they have done for decades. they fan out across the street in search of their quarry, and they found it. the minky races away, pursued by outriders on each flank. [Music] terrified the minky heads for the shore. it's so desperate to escape it almost beaches itself. it makes a desperate break for freedom. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. two hours and 20 miles later, the minke is still alive and swimming strongly. its only real defense is its endurance. but the killers work as a team, with fresh ones replacing the outriders in relays. and as the minky towers, the battering and the biting [Music]. [Applause] begins. sea birds are attracted by the smell of fresh blood rising from the water. [Music]. the killers try to flip the minke over. if they can manage to keep its blowhole underwater, it will drown. one forces the mickey's whole body down below the surface and then the final strike. the team dragged the minke under for the last time and the hunters finally can feed. [Music]. for sea lions to venture into deep water here is very dangerous indeed. it's much safer to stay in the shallows, if they can. in one or two places, channels enable the whales to get really close to the beach. those are the danger spots. [Music]. [Music]. to get off the beach, the killer has to thrash its body. no other whale deliberately beaches itself in this way or has perfected this method of getting back to the sea. as long as the sea lions stay well up the beach, you might think they would be safe. but the hungry whales are very daring. now several of the whales are hunting in a group. that sea lion was keeping just ahead of one of the whales but was caught by another. it probably hadn't seen. this savage beating may be to separate hide from flesh. [Music]. [Music], [Music]. not much remains of the porpoise after the whales are through with it. killer whales don't just target prey smaller than themselves. off the coast of california, a gray whale and her baby are in serious danger. once again, computer images give the underwater view of an extraordinary hunt. the gray whale calf is just a few weeks old. it's following its mother north towards the summer feeding grounds in alaska. they've reached monterey bay where a deep trench cuts in from the sea. as they move beyond the trench wall, the grey whales lose their cover. [Music]. out in the bay the killer whales are listening for that telltale sound: the breathing of a great whale. immediately their behavior changes. the killers close ranks like a hunting wolf pack. the killer whales have caught up with the mother and calf and now the chase is on. the grey whales try to outswim their attackers. fast swimming pushes up the grey whale's breathing rate. a breathless calf is easier to catch. [Music]. the killers work as a team. their first goal is to separate the baby from its mother. [Music]. the gray whale mother is a formidable adversary. she could seriously harm a killer whale with just one slap of her massive tail fruit. one of the attackers pushes between mother and calf. [Music]. the strategy is working. the grey whales are forced apart. with the baby separated, the killer whales change strategy. now their goal is to drown the cuff. a six-ton orca slaps its tail with awesome destructive power. under the water, tail slabs are used to stun the herring. some fish come too quickly and escape back to the safety of the shoal, but most are picked off by the orcas one by one. soon, water glitters with fish scales as the orcas methodically consume the ball of fish. by breaking up the herring into a smaller show, the orcas have done the humpbacks of favor, turning the usual relationship between the animals on its head. [Music]. everywhere else on earth, orcas are the humpback's biggest enemy, but here the humpbacks cash in on the colossal fish supper. [Music]. and the humpbacks aren't the only ones to get crashed. the orca's party. massive fin whales can swallow 3 000 herring in a single gulp. [Music]. deadly enemies feed side by side- a unique scene, only possible here because of the warmth of the gulf stream. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause] you.

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Is MER a Useful KPI?

i do think mer is important. i think if our mer was, we were spending 100 of our revenue on ads, i would be worried, right. so, taking to the extreme, it clearly tells you something, right? if we were spending five percent of revenue on ads, i would say there's room to grow and scale. there's probably a decently healthy correlation between mer and net profit margins. so i i do think it's important. it's it's not the only thing. it shouldn't be the only like: a good mer doesn't mean you should spend more. a bad mdr doesn't mean that that you you know that you are spending too much. however, it is one metric that can just kind of help guide you in the direction and show you the profitability. so i look at mer daily. [Music]: almost into the double digits folks. episode nine: we have cody back. he has a little bit of a vacation hangover. uh, how were the bahamas? it was good, it was dope, but excited to be back with you guys. yeah, absolutely, we're excited to have you back. we had a canadian fill in the shoes. didn't do too too bad of a job. and then, as always, i have my pic down here: ash, moani, ash, how are you good man, good, good, good. number nine, the guru himself. oh, that's a good idea. maybe that'll be the drinking episode, the drunk episode or whatever. let's do it. oh, no, no, no, um, so we're going to do something a little bit different this episode. so ash actually tossed out a thread that, uh, caught some teeth. so there's some, actually some really good questions in here. um, so i'm just gonna pepper the boys with the questions. we'll riff on the questions. this might be a shorter episode, but hey, you know, such as lives, not everything needs to be a 75 minute banker. so if you guys are ready, i'll start. start it off. let's do it, okay, so first one: this is from matthew goddard. i should actually know how to pronounce his name, because he does the production of the show, which is, uh, i feel horrible now. um, but the question is strategy on organic content creation and content created to retain customers versus to get new ones. so retention versus acquisition, like your podcast and maybe other content that you might have, cody will start with you and then ash will run to you. yeah, content in in terms of acquisition versus retention, play, yeah, that's a great question. that's a great question i would, i would say the one guy who got me thinking very differently about this. his name is jake cohen at clavio- i don't know if you guys kind of know no more. he's- oh, that's dope, he's a. he's a brilliant guy and he kind of like blew my mind and i did an interview with him. i don't want to give too much away, you know, because i haven't asked for permission to share this, but like i didn't interview with him, kind of like telling him, like because i'm obviously in their target market, like how i consume content and like what my habits look like, but also kind of what my consumption looks like in terms of, like, what is top of funnel, what is middle funnel- and i think that that's something really interesting to think about- is like for your niche, for your industry. like what are you most of your customers buying behaviors, in terms of their awareness and their consideration phases. you know, are they using youtube as a search engine? are they using now, tiktok as a search engine? i think, first of all, right before we tok about the type of content, like understanding where we're actually placing the content i think is important and then understanding, you know, is tiktok top of funnel? and is like, for us, i, i consider tiktok very top of funnel. um, 85 percent of the sessions are on the 40 page and i consider instagram very middle of funnels. so instagram is is much more you know customers. it's much more of a retention play. the type of content that we do, whether it's q, a or anything like that, is much more middle of funnel. we also have our own editorial piece where we actually use it as middle funnel. you could use this top of funnel seo acquisition and we're planning to do that with a jones road blog in the future. but i think that's the first thing is understanding where you're trying to reach people in the funnel. are you trying to get new eyeballs? what's your distribution strategy behind that? and and whether that's seo and you're doing keyword research and ranking stuff, or whether you're doing tiktok and you're trying to go viral. that should be very different content than if you are trying to retain customers and trying to educate your customers on how best to use your products. i love that. ash. what's your take? so for organic, i think on we didn't really see much growth on organic because we really started with paid right. so i think now, with channels like tiktok where we can get that organic reach, um, i think what we're kind of focusing on is putting out similar content that we're using for top of the funnel ads, but in a more or less salesy way, right. so on tik tok, we're coming out with videos like how to use our product right and what is the product good for. so, for example, collagen is good for this, this and this. and then, like you, will have several videos toking about: well, it's great for hair because it'll do this for your hair, or it's great for nails because it'll do this for your nails, right. so those are probably the types of content that we're pushing organically on tik tok and we're still trying to figure out how to like capture that audience. we haven't had any like hits right, like getting like organic reach, like a lot of it outside of paid, but i think that's probably the route will go down is just educating based on what the product is now in terms of uh retention. i think we do that better than acquisition, like organic content for acquisition, because we have, like, we have the videographer, we have videographer, video editor, um, and we're basically filming content of how to use the product or like as if you already have the product, what are ways you can use it right. so we have a whole uh recipe series like here's, you know, recipe for overnight oats coffee, iced coffee, this and that. so we're just constantly putting out content because the the question for us is how else can i take this right, like i'm not going to just take it in almond milk 30 days out of the month. i gotta like figure out ways to do it right. so we do like eat, uh, drink, bake, like those types of things where it's like all right, well, i can make pancakes, i can make a smoothie, i can make iced coffee. so i think, separately, we're still trying to figure out the organic content and like how to drive revenue that way and growth for like social. but i think retention wise, a lot of our stuff we're focusing on kind of goes on youtube which is then repurposed on our app and then also kind of shown in the community, but basically just ways on how to, how to use all the products. i have a couple questions for you guys. i'm gonna start with you, ash. don't you guys have a podcast? end the podcast. yeah, but it's it's more so for [Music], i don't. i guess it is more so for the community, right, it's more so just additional content that the community can um kind of consume tok about. yeah, that's right, that's retention, though it just seems like most of your content is is retention focused, which is totally fine, but that was good, but it isn't. i don't know. i don't know if you would call it like retention focus more so than like keeping people in the community and like just kind of because because the podcast has nothing to do with the product right at all. so in, in theory, maybe by what's the podcast called. it's called don't over spill with. so not like by my, not like by avi or anything. there's literally no connection to the company. it's from the, it's from the girls that are known in this. yeah, yeah, right, yeah. so i don't know if maybe indirectly, right, you're kind of providing entertainment to your community, but not in a way where it's like directly product related, right. so it's tough for me to say that it does help retention, but i do know that it helps with engagement within the community, which could possibly lead to higher retention if that makes.

Emergency! Rescue Whale Shark Bus | Super Rescue Team | Educational Video | Kids Cartoon | BabyBus

baby bust. click here to subscribe. wow, everyone sit tight. oh, hey, mr whale shark. [Music]. daddy, this is so much fun. we'll be arriving at the underwater park soon. please get ready to get off underwater park. i'm the fastest one in the sea. move, move, move. oh, okay, i'll go first. be careful. oh, [Music]. wow, good job, rudolph. yay, nobody can beat me in the water. good job, rudolph. oh, [Music] emergency. [Music]. [Music] whale shark, the largest fish in the ocean, works as the undersea tour bus, but he had a traffic accident and got seriously injured. he needs your help. we're on it, super rescue team, let's go. [Music]. [Music] cool. [Music]. [Music] uh. [Music]. [Music] super rescue team. mr whale shark can't breathe. please help him. don't worry, leave it to us. start analyzing. [Music]. here is the result: mr whale shark hurt his tail so he can't swim, but he has to keep swimming to make water go through his skills, to get oxygen. ah, that's why he can't breathe. mr whale shark, hang in there just a little longer. propellers start. [Music]. super recovery machine. [Music]. it's all done. [Music]. i feel much better. great, thank you, super rescue team. no problem, i'm all right now, so please enjoy the underwater park. okay, wow, it's so beautiful here. look over there, it's a really big pearl. whoa, huh, what's that sound over there? oh, oh, no, watch out. [Music] it's collapsing. help get out of here, daddy, i'm scared. be careful. everyone call the headquarters. kaka, we have a new problem. we need rudolph's help right now. copy that, rudolph. kiki needs your help. please move out right now. got it. rudolph is up to any challenge from the sea. [Music] marine bus is here. rudolph, people are stuck in the tunnel. we need to save them. let me scan first, rudolph, here's the safest spot for the operation. okay, no problem, almost done. [Music]. what's happening outside? huh. [Music]. oh, someone's here to save us. oh great, i'm gonna get out first. come back. it's not safe there yet. hey, hurry up, don't move. it's dangerous. hey, i'm getting out of here. oh no, the rocks are starting to collapse again. what's wrong? i'm? oh no, it's getting worse. what should i do? the water is getting murky. geeky, i can't see anything. think about what we can do. let me try. [Music] mr whale shark- wow. [Music]. wow, mr whale shark is amazing. [Music]. great, now i can see clearly and it's my turn. watch me. [Music]: huh, someone's there. yeah, you're safe. now, come out everyone. it's the super rescue team- yay. [Music]. mr whale shark here was a great help. [Music] i'm so happy that everyone's safe. [Music] i'm so sorry, guys, i shouldn't have been so hurry. manta ray, that was really dangerous. you should be careful. okay, okay, i'll never do that again. super rescue team. bye, bye, bye everyone. rescue team keeping you safe.

Which Photo Should I Print?

what's going on, guys? bvs, here i am toking to you again from the apartment. jody's hiding back there somewhere doing her work at her office space. so if you see arms start to pop out, it's not because i hide arms behind my head, it's jody. it's jody. so i want to tok today about printing, about printing photos. i want to tok about how to decide on what images you should be printing, why you're printing all sorts of stuff like that. but first housekeeping. i want to tok about why i'm sitting here and why i've been doing a lot of videos from here at the apartment at the couch. uh, you know, because usually you guys are used to see me out in the field shooting and and filming and vlogging and you know taking photos every single day out in the field. but jody and i are heading on a massive road trip really soon and i've got a ton of work to catch up on. i have photos to get to clients. i've got photos to upload to my stok agent. i've got about 300 emails to get through. i've got two tours launching at the end of this month that i need to prep for. i've got a ton of work and we really only have like three days before we leave on this trip. so i need to get it done and, believe me, it's taking every ounce of my energy to stop myself from going out and shooting pictures every day. but i think in the past, if i was somewhere else, in some other scenario, i would put aside all my other work to go out and shoot, because i usually feel a little bit of stress to go out and make the most of the places i'm in, because usually i have a very limited amount of time. but here in cape town we have two and a half months this time. not only that, but i feel like cape town is eventually going to be a semi-permanent base. i feel like in a couple years time, cape town will be a place that we live for two or three months a year, or maybe even longer. that's how much i love it down here, and i feel like in two or three years we might even buy an apartment here. it's just such an awesome place. it's such a great base. there's so much around here in cape town. you have the ocean, you have beaches, you have mountains, you have forests, you have wine country, you have whale watching, you have culture, you have history. there's everything in this city. it really is, i think, my favorite city in the world for those reasons. it's just such a such a good city and i know that we'll be back here and because of that, i don't really have a whole lot of stress about going out and shooting all the time. that being said, if you're not subscribed this channel, you want to see some vlogging, you want to see some photography. believe me, that's going down, because on this road trip, there will be like 18 consecutive vlogs that include photography. that won't be me sitting down at a desk, it'll be like the classic stuff out on the road, traveling, vlogging and shooting photos. so if you're not subscribed, subscribe. it's gonna be fun coming up, i promise. so i want to tok about printing, because it's now mid-november and i need to get my print sorted for this quarter. if you're new to this channel, last quarter i decided that i was going to start printing my images, and the way i decided i wanted to print those images is i wanted to do it every single quarter with my favorite image from that quarter, on top of only picking one image a quarter. i'm limiting the amount i print. so i'm only printing, you know, 5 or 10 or 20, depending on what i decide that quarter this month. i'm struggling, i'm struggling, i can't pick an image. i'm really struggling and i kind of want your help and we'll get to that towards the end of this video. i want to let you guys pick and i'll show you how you can help me pick. but i want to tok about printing in general and how to decide what you should print based on some of the things i've learned through this experience because, as you guys know, i'm very new to printing. yes, i've been taking pictures for 10 years, i've been selling my work for eight years, but this is new to me, this whole printing thing. so i want to tok about some things i've learned and some thoughts i've had. i think there's four things you really need to think about before you print. the first is what's gonna look good when you print it, and that might sound obvious, but what you don't realize until you've started printing is that not every image looks good printed and not every image looks good printed on every type of canvas. for example, you might have this really vibrant, cool image and it looks fantastik on your computer screen, but you throw it on a certain type of paper and it dulls everything and it kills everything. or you might take something that looks so so on your computer and throw it on metal and it can look really really good and edgy. so you really have to think about these things. and how do you figure that out? well, you kind of have to go through trial and error. one of the things that really good printing studios do is they give you samples so you can ask them for a sample of one of your images. what they'll do is they'll print your image on a bunch of different pieces of paper and then they'll send little tiny versions of it to you so you can see what really looks good. the next thing is you have to decide what your purpose of printing is. is it for personal or is it for sale? and the reason that this is important is because if it's for personal use, you can print out whatever you want. if it's personal, you can also print things that you have an emotional attachment to. if you're selling it, you can't. and let me give you an example. in this apartment, in this airbnb in cape town, there's a number of prints printed, and i'm assuming they're from a friend, potentially of whoever owns this place, or maybe even the person that owns this place. but i think all the prints though they're really good photos, i don't think that there's any reason to print it if it's not for personal connection. let me explain. i don't know if you can see this photo. i'll do a little close-up if you can't, but essentially it's a man who's grilling meat or drying meat by the fire or doing something. it's a good photo. it's sharp, it's clean. tiknically it's great. but if you don't have a personal connection to this moment, what's the value to you? so if i'm the photographer here, that might be an amazing thing to put on my wall because it might have a lot of value to me. i might really remember that moment. it might have been a really powerful moment where the person in the photo i had a great connection with or just the experience was incredible. but as somebody who wasn't there, who didn't have this moment, it doesn't mean anything. it's a dude drying meat. so you really have to think about your purpose. the third thing you need to think about is if you're selling, what's going to sell, and i think there's three things within that category to think about. the first thing to think about is you need to remove personal connection and emotional connection, kind of like what i was toking about with that image back there. you need to look at an image and think, if i wasn't there- i wasn't present when i took that picture- is this image gonna be something that's gonna connect with other people or is it something that i just feel really excited about myself? to me, there's really only two things that lead to selling prints. one is art. having something that's really really artistik, that's obviously art could be a painting sort of thing or two, something that people have, you know, a widespread connection to, or an emotional connection to, or any sort of connection to in travel photography. this is always the challenge in selling print. people want to put something on the wall that reminds them of something. they want a photo of a place that they went on their anniversary, or a place where they went when they got engaged, or a place that they went or a place just that they went. people don't really want to hang a print on their wall of a place that they have no connection to because they've never been there. selling a photo, a print of lizutsu to somebody who's never been t.