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What I Do to Make Money Online? For People Who Don't Know Me

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

What I Do to Make Money Online? For People Who Don't Know Me

what's up guys mark from DHE here and
this is a this videos going to seem very
strange because I'm going to explain
what I do and the reason I'm doing this
is because some of my friends here in
Nicaragua here and some wonders who was
asking me what I do and I figured I'll
just make a video and send it to her and
then I guess your will end up seeing it
anyway so so what do I do
so I sell on sisters I sell on eBay I
dropship items on ebay comm basically
draw ebay drop shipping drop shipping
and selling stuff you don't have but you
could ship it from a supplier to the
buyer right I sell and have been selling
anywhere from 80 thousand one hundred
fifty thousand dollars a month for the
past three or four years the margin is
anywhere from nine percent of thirteen
or fourteen percent the biggest month I
ever had was close to four hundred
thousand dollars I was like Christmas
2013 and I've been living it like this
is a full-time thing right like I've
been doing this full-time for a number
of years um one lis question she asked
is if anyone could do it you general
yeah anyone could do it right like
you're going to have to put in time
you're gonna have to put in a little bit
of time every day because remember this
is like you're actually selling online
so that's my dog again
you actually selling online so although
like you would put your stuff up to list
some people like ulicia items and people
buy it you still have to customer
service right like when people actually
buy it you have to ship the item out
upload a tracking number some people
would have questions about the items you
I got very bored doing this
video but I'm just tryna like she sent
me a message with a lot of questions I'm
trying to put the questions
one video so she does not to jump around
and what else
what how much time is required that's
what she wanted to know I usually say
you want to put in at least two hours a
day drop shipping on ebay one or two sky
one or two hours one hour works right
but you want to do a minimum of two
hours a day drop shipping on ebay what
else did she ask I think that's all the
questions um she asks is the Indian sir
I think yeah that's it
like I just I'm doing this as an answer
couple other questions but I know it
some of you guys watching this will
think why the you going over these
basic things again but hey love you guys
traveler will please subscribe to
channel trying to get to fight those
subscribers look in the description I
have free training free mastermind group
I think that's it later