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What I Spend In A Week As A 20 Year Old Millionaire (Arizona)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

What I Spend In A Week As A 20 Year Old Millionaire (Arizona)

The above is a brief introduction to What I Spend In A Week As A 20 Year Old Millionaire (Arizona).

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What I Spend In A Week As A 20 Year Old Millionaire (Arizona)

a highly requested video a video on a
topic i have never really toked about
too much
which is my personal spending habits now
i want to make this very clear before we
get deep into the video
this is very different from my business
spending so i want to break down what i
spent personally
kind of how that structure and what my
habits have become and to be fair
it has changed so much over the years so
first of all
for those of you who might be new to the
channel welcome my name is hayden bulls
i'm 20 years old
currently live in arizona now i run
multiple companies primarily in the
e-commerce space and i do a little bit
of real estate which you can actually
see inside of this video
and this is kind of the habits that i've
built and it's a little bit skewed like
i mentioned because with all this
quarantine stuff going on
i've actually started trying to spend
less personally
and just just because because i haven't
ever really cared i definitely used to
swipe my card more
spend more money primarily on food i
would probably spend like
1500 to 2 grand a month on food just
because i like to travel i like to like
go places and this is definitely a
skewed number because you know this year
is the one year where i'm not
traveling a lot so i didn't spend three
months overseas spending like
twenty thousand dollars doing that and
like there's a lot less expenses for
just on the personal side but i still
want to break down what it is i'm
spending kind of how that's structured
and just kind of show you that entire
week so i have done this for the past
seven days from sunday to sunday
every sunday that's my grocery shopping
day i've been
actually very good and very strict with
making food just being nice and good and
at my house working out doing my stuff
and working so
let me walk you through what it is i did
during my week and make sure to drop a
like on the video so that i can be
inspired to keep spending
less and less money alright let's get
into it so sunday was a pretty typical
day for me i woke up nice and early
is something i usually do on the
weekends i got up drove about 45 minutes
and went skydiving which has become a
huge hobby
and fun passion of mine i'll kind of put
up a clip in a video of me having some
fun in the in the sky with some friends
but that cost just so you guys know
about 25 bucks every time i jump out and
do it solo on my own and i did do one
thing called a hop and pop which is
where you get out of the plane early
it's only like halfway up
just you know quick 10 seconds of free
fall and pull your parachute that costs
less so what you see that 67 is
two times at full altitude and then one
hop and pop at like 5 000 feet instead
of the normal like 12
which was 17 so 67 bucks that's pretty
normal i usually skydive once once a
week on
average um sometimes it'll be more
sometimes it won't happen like this
weekend right now as i'm filming this i
didn't go
so pretty simple with that 50 to 100
bucks weekly there
and then it was my grocery shopping day
so when i got back after i finished all
my work
i went to walmart which is where i do
all my shopping and i spent
now i want to break this purchase down
because i have set a
100 limit every single week for myself
in terms of food
so only 60 dollars and 12 cents of this
was food the rest of that was air
filters for my house so in reality
that purchase price is doubled because i
had to buy some filters for the
my house and i believe i could probably
write most of that off so
regardless had to do a home purchase
only 60 dollars of that was food but
regardless i still spent 119 119.78
that's all i spent for the day eight at
home did whatever monday fast forward to
the next day
monday's a work day for me i mean every
day is pretty much a work day but
i didn't do much i worked all day i had
a good time swam in my pool worked out
and then i went and had dinner with some
at their house i brought a brisket that
i had already had in my fridge
and it didn't cost me anything so that
was a great day here's a picture of the
lovely dinner for you
and tuesday fast forward things get a
little bit more interesting throughout
the week i've been scouring for
different real estate deals in this
market where there's definitely a little
bit of a shortage
i went and looked at a potential
investment property that was super fun
super cool to see you know just kind of
thinking on it running through the
numbers and taking a look
then i actually went out to eat for i
think the first time
in the month which was probably 12 days
so far without actually eating out
i went to korean barbecue one of my
favorite restaurants with a friend of
i ended up paying we have kind of a good
system going um i'll pay and he'll pay
i'll pay he'll pay whatever so just
bounces back and forth
that was 69.47 so in reality if you're
just kind of splitting it up it costed
34.73 because i'm sure we'll go again
later this month and he'll be picking up
the tab so it's not really a big deal
but that right there about 70 bucks fast
forward to the next day
wednesday i was super busy with meetings
i was super busy i was running around
like a
freaking chicken with my head cut off i
was busy working i was busy doing stuff
work related
i did not have time to eat at my house
in the morning it was very early morning
i was running around and thankful i had
like a like a nine minute break between
i was the bank and the meeting with an
accountant or a cpa of mine and so in
that time frame i was able to grab a
sandwich and eat it in the car
that costed me four dollars and 81 cents
from starbucks which i never really go
to starbucks i've never i don't like
coffee or anything but
just got a sandwich there for about five
bucks it was quick easy boom done keep
it moving
uh later that day i had to put uh gas
in my friend's car that i was using that
was 25
and 12 cents all my cars are in the shop
with some sort of thing going on
we'll get to those expenses in a moment
but fill this car up with gas
i have been using it strictly for
business miles so i'm able to write off
that gas
and then later in the day i made my one
slightly regrettable purchase of the
week which was i spent eight dollars and
54 bucks
on fast food i rarely eat fast food it's
usually like a once
every other month type of thing but
whatever i was really
really bored which is definitely why i
kind of got into trouble with doing that
um you know when i'm bored i do dumb
stuff but i went and got it spent eight
nine bucks it's not really about the
nine dollars there that bothers me
it's it's more so the health and that's
kind of what irked me a little bit is
i did it i had the craving i didn't
resist whatever i went and did it
wednesday's over let's move on to
so thursday i didn't spend anything it
was just like monday zero dollars spent
i worked most of the morning i think
around noon i went and looked at that
potential investment property again
later in the day i ended up making an
offer on that property
still cost me nothing zero out of pocket
so that was a zero dollar day
just eating food at home and having a
good time working fast forward to friday
this is where
it is still my spending it is still
personal spending but it was definitely
a one-time expense
i've been looking at dogs i've been
trying to get a dog i always grew up
with dogs
and now is kind of the right time for me
to do it so on friday
i purchased a dog i rescued him from an
animal shelter locally
uh 399 dollars i think the adoption fee
was 2.99 and i donated an additional 100
which means that charitable donation is
a write-off for the business
now regardless that was still 399
dollars spent
and then i went straight from there to
petsmart to get kind of everything for
which costed 191.56
now if a dog is coming into my family if
anyone's coming into my circle my family
they're treated like family so i'm not
trying to cheap out on an expense
i'm going to give them everything they
need and get the good quality stuff so
about 200 bucks there 191
not too upset at that because i've been
planning this this has been something
i've wanted to do for almost a year so
that's totally fine
saturday the last day in this chain of
days of spending
uh i didn't do too much the only thing i
did was
work most of the day i had a date flake
on me she had some family thing go on
later in the evening which is good boys
because then i didn't have to spend
money on food so
we're good there we got a we got to
cheap out on saturday and i just got to
eat some burgers at home
i spent 44.81 on gas to fill up my
friend's gtr
which i've just been using his cars um
when since my cars are in the shop so
44 bucks to fill it up in gas most of
that was business miles i did use that
vehicle to like pick up the dog
and some stuff like that so i'm not
gonna write all that purchase off
but that is my spending for the week
which seems pretty light and it's
definitely more light than usual so i
really want to stress that
but let's take a look we'll go through
the totals but let's take a look as well
at my monthly expenses averaged down to
weekly you know things like
my mortgage things like um you know what
i actually spend on car insurance stuff
like this so let's tok about it
uh the total by the way for that
spending for the week was 930 dollars
and nine cents it's probably a pretty
insane number for me because again
usually i spend
around that or more than that but also
you got to keep in mind
only 339.53
of that was like typical spending
because i'm not getting a dog every week
and that expense with the dog and
petsmart accounted for
six hundred dollars give or take so that
was a huge huge portion of it
so super happy with where my spending
was this week
especially just kind of basic expenses
like food very very happy with myself
for that could definitely optimize a
little bit but i'm not going to be too
moving in the right direction for sure
monthly expenses split up on a weekly
my mortgage for my home you guys might
have seen the new home i purchased
a few months ago my out-of-pocket
mortgage i have
one friend who helps pay rent uh he pays
rent and then my out of pocket so what
i'm actually spending
is three hundred dollars a month towards
the mortgage
that's what's out of pocket for me so
you take the mortgage amount my amount
plus his that covers the mortgage okay
so 25
of what i'm contributing towards the
mortgage is a write-off
because i have multiple office spaces in
my house
okay so i kind of got this house it is
an investment property as well
i'm doing renovations i plan on flipping
it in the next few years i think i can
make some good money doing that
um and yeah that's kind of the plan so
with my mortgage
right now which is about 4 200 a month
that amount 42 4300 well
what i'm getting in rent for my friend
is basically covering all the interest
so my money's going to principal pay
and i can write a porsche for that off
so it's actually a free place to live
you know and there are other expenses
it's a huge home it's 6 100 square feet
which means
we have other expenses that are way too
high check this out
utilities wi-fi landscaping pool i mean
scorpion guy all this
random little crap let's get into it
during the summer months
right now it is ridiculously expensive
for you know the electric you know doing
the ac
all that stuff is expensive i
experienced this with my previous home
that i had for a year that i was renting
where my electric bill was
upwards of fifteen hundred dollars a
month so i'm gonna be conservative here
it hasn't been this high yet
um but fifteen hundred dollars a month
in the
electric bill okay i'm gonna assume
another five hundred dollars a month for
water gas any of that other stuff
so 2 000 a month for basic utilities
which is the peak it'll usually probably
be about half that maybe 1200
um 115 for wi-fi 260 dollars for my pool
maintenance they come twice a week they
got to keep it clean especially in the
summer otherwise it gets green algae
grows et cetera et cetera
320 bucks a month for yard and like
landscaping maintenance
it's on an acre it's it's a big yard and
there's grass to mow there's
like probably a hundred bushes to trim i
am gonna eventually start mowing the
grass myself but i've been busy as of
right now i actually like to mow the
grass that's one of my first businesses
but it's i just haven't had the time so
320 bucks to that
so the total for all these expenses
which might
really seem mind-boggling and it truly
is very expensive
is two thousand six hundred and ninety
dollars well that two thousand nine
hundred or two thousand six hundred
ninety five dollars
is split in two so my out of pocket on
the worst possible month overestimating
is 1347.50
and i can write off about 25 percent of
that because i have offices in my home
so usually it's probably going to come
out to me spending like 800 900 and
again i can write a piece out off
so it's not huge it still isn't out of
pocket out-of-pocket expense
but i'm able to get that right off later
in the year a little bit of that so
that's great other expenses could
include my car insurance which is about
a month i'm actually in the process of
selling two out of my four cars
one is already gone the nissan gtr you
guys will probably see a video on that
however that insurance was like 100
bucks a month because it was like you
know the fourth car was listed as a
secondary i never really drove it so
it was super inexpensive so that's not
going to make a big difference
but car insurance 1500 i don't have any
car payments except for
one of the cars because that was the
vehicle i bought when i was 17 to build
credit so the bmw m4 payment is 965
dollars a month
i just make it a thousand so i pay a
thousand bucks flat just
whatever just send that off so car
expenses on a monthly basis
usually comes out to about 2500 um
again i can write a portion of that off
with the insurance just because the
business use of the vehicles the
marketing stuff however you want to
finagle it
but those are kind of some of my base
overhead expenses
i've tried to think about it i don't
think i'm missing any others
on my base expenses now i do want to
make it clear
this is personal spending i don't want
to get into the business spending
this is going to take forever it's going
to take me like three days just to map
it out but it gets ridiculous i mean i
multiple six figures a month inside of
my business there's
office space there's employees on
payroll there's contractors there's
probably about eight to ten thousand
dollars a month in software fees ten
thousand dollars a month in merchant
fees all the payment processing order
invoicing packaging
boxing labels and every little thing
it's a it's death by a thousand cuts
it's like a million little things going
so that's where it just gets complicated
this is my personal spending
and just to give you guys a ratio i
really don't like to tok too much about
how much money i make
but i do make seven figures net a year
and so this level of spending for me i'm
super comfortable with
anything i buy i don't like to have huge
expenses so like my vehicles
which are slightly dumb purchases i buy
those in cash just so if i really need
to sell it
i can get out like that i don't exactly
have to worry about it
now there's other things as well that i
do want to just mention that we can
factor in here
so i have three other properties besides
this house
so i have another fifty nine hundred
dollars a month worth of mortgages maybe
fifty fifty eight hundred dollars but
those are all covered by tenants
plus like another thousand to twelve
hundred dollars a month
so you know that's all covered that's
just you know again an investment
property making a little bit of money
so all that stuff is covered but this is
what my base expenses are
off the weekly spending 930 dollars
and nine cents don't forget the nine
cents and then in the worst possible
five thousand one hundred forty seven
and fifty cents for everything else like
the overall monthly and that's again
going towards the mortgage which
i'm gonna get some of that back down the
road mortgage the worst possible
expense month ever assuming that for all
the utilities and stuff like that
car insurance i don't think i'm leading
anything out maybe i'm having a brain
fart but
regardless that's kind of what my base
expenses are now if you add those
together 930 and nine cents we'll never
forget that nine cents
that's about 6077.59 month
i've always assumed myself to be like a
9 to 13
000 a month spender in terms of my
regular expenses
because there's other things so for an
example my bmw right now i'm picking it
up today it's in the shop it just needed
two new front tires they were completely
that's gonna be like 650 bucks so
there's like little things i don't want
to say that's one time because it's
there's always a little thing going on
you know okay ac repair in my house 110
i needed a new filter in the pool 450
bucks there's like a lot of little
that happen so you know 6 000 base i
would assume like 7 500 a month so
i'm totally okay with that again a
portion of that i can also write off
just as a business expense
but that is what my weekly expenses are
i really hope you guys enjoyed this
it took me a long time to put this
together film all the little clips and
map out the week and whatnot but yeah i
really hope you enjoyed the video i
would greatly appreciate if you guys
the like button let me know if you want
me to potentially do
a what i make in a week video or any
other types of content you would like to
like this one here on the channel all
right i hope you enjoyed i hope that
answered a lot of questions i've been
getting a lot of people asking about
i see it's kind of a cool trend going on
it's like what you spend in a week
what a lot of people spend in a week in
los angeles and blah blah blah so
i am here in arizona and there is what i
spend in a week again if you're new to
the channel
my name is hayden bowles i would greatly
appreciate it if you smash the like
button and subscribe to the channel we
have about 230 or 240
000 amazing people subscribed here a lot
of them business oriented that's most of
the content i post here
but the occasional travel or car video
as well so
we like to have fun i would love it if
you stik around and check out some
other videos and with that being said i
will be seeing you
in the next one peace

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