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What to Do When You're Gated on Amazon and Can't Sell Textbooks

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

What to Do When You're Gated on Amazon and Can't Sell Textbooks

What to Do When You're Gated on Amazon and Can't Sell Textbooks

so how then do you approach book
flipping when you're a new seller okay
well you want to understand that when
you're a new seller a lot of products
will be gated for you
that's completely normal a lot of top
branded textbooks and a lot of top
ranked books
so low best seller ranked books right so
high ranked uh like below bsrs
and just items in general not just books
will be gated for you that's to be
expected right
the best way to get ungated for these
things is to simply
sell products okay sell anything you can
you honestly just need to build some
credibility with amazon
basically by selling items in the
beginning you'll build seller
credibility with amazon
so that's like your amazon sales metrics
and mostly improve so that's your
your feedback your sales your seller
history your customer satisfaction
the fact that you ship out fast if
you're doing fbm obviously
um if you're shipping into fba then that
doesn't really matter that you always
list and sell the right items
right any of these things are potential
indicators and obviously
go towards your sales metrics not
specifically but i'm just trying to
open your mindset to like why amazon is
vetting you right
think of this as your initial gating
phase and your
think of the initial gating phase excuse
me as your test period
and basically what this is is amazon's
way of seeing if you're a reliable
seller or not
or if you're someone that's just listing
whatever you can to make a quick buck
and does not care about the amazon
customers because
amazon hates this they are customer
obsessed okay
so in short the best way that you can
ungate it that you can get ungated for
top brands
top books or top pro like products of
any kind
in any category is to simply build your
seller metrics by selling okay
so easy ways to do this are to get free
and cheap books from craigslist
offer up facebook marketplace etc you
can literally go there search for free
and search
through the like the free listings and
get some things and sell them for free
this is something that i'm not just
telling people to do i literally went
out and did myself to prove to people
that were complaining in like i think it
was version two or three of this course
that we're complaining like oh like
you're saying that but like i doubt you
ever did it so i was like you know what
i'm gonna go do it
and i did like i think i grabbed like
over i think it was like 1500 books
roughly and i list them all and i showed
examples of how this was improving my
seller metrics i showed examples of
a specific book that i think was called
the rape of lock or something it was
like purple
and it sold for over 800 bucks i got
that book for free in that lot right
as well as countless other books that
increased my seller metrics and were
profitable right some of them weren't
some i only made like 10 cents on right
or something i only made like a buck on
some i lost money on but they improved
my seller metrics the whole point here
is when you're on gate when you're gated
for a lot of things
one of the best ways to do it is go out
and get a lot of free and cheap books
because they'll be used books that are
low best seller ranks or sorry high best
seller ranks so
they're not ranked very well and they'll
sell slowly obviously but it will
increase your seller metrics right
and so another way that you can do it is
source and sell online arbitrage
as well as literally sell anything from
around the house i had used books at my
house i had used movies
i sold them all and they all helped
improve my seller metrics
honestly you don't need a lot of sales
to start getting ungated and building
your metrics
you just have to start selling things
and prove to amazon
that you are a serious seller and that
you're not going to screw their
customers over
their biggest concern is the integrity
of their platform and that their
customers will lose
trust buying on it they've spent decades
building that trust
and now we literally just go to amazon
and we don't even check to see if our
products coming
or check to see if there's going to be
an issue because we know that we have
all the power when we buy on amazon
we just inevitably like inherently trust
that the products gonna get delivered to
and you know if there's an issue then we
can take it up then and amazon will
solve it for us right
they've spent decades building that
trust and so their biggest concern with
you as a new seller
is that you're going to screw their
customers over so slowly sell things
anything you literally can and i just
gave you countless examples of what you
can do
and this is not just stuff that i'm
selling i'm telling you you can do
it's stuff i've literally done and have
battle tested myself okay
so slowly sell some things build some
trust and they'll
ungate you very quickly okay so
if you're one of the people saying i'm
gated for books well chances are you're
a brand new seller without
much seller metrics so go through this
maybe go out and get free and cheap
books from craigslist offer up in
facebook marketplace
or start sourcing online arbitrage
products and sell a few of those
or literally list anything that you can
around the house
just make sure that you list it under
the correct listing
and you will slowly get ungated and it
will happen a lot faster than you think
and then you'll be able to sell a lot of
the top ranked textbooks

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