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when big brands spending digital ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

- Brands have a powerful influence on our behavior and decision-making

- Consumers often choose specific brands over others, even if the products are identical

- The power of brands can extend beyond the point of sale


- Study by Duke University found that subliminal exposure to the Apple logo improved creative performance compared to exposure to the IBM logo

- Brands can influence our behavior and shape our identity

- Consumers choose brands to create an identity and express affiliation

- Once a consumer identifies with a brand, it can shape their behavior and they will defend it like family

- Brands are perceived and related to in the same way as people

- Brain research shows that Apple customers have a family-like emotional response to the brand, while Samsung customers only buy the brand because they hate Apple

- Consumers often choose brands based on their self-expressive value without realizing it

- The power of brands raises ethical, legal, and societal implications

- Being aware of the influence of brands can help consumers make informed choices

- Brands have become pillars of our identity and support systems

- Understanding the power of brands can help us make more informed choices

- Brands are not going anywhere and will continue to shape our behavior and decision-making.

The future of shopping: what's in store?

The Retail Revolution: How the Pandemic Accelerated the Shift to E-Commerce

- Retail industry undergoing radical shift

- Pandemic has accelerated trend towards e-commerce

- Online shopping provides consumers with more choices and power

The Evolution of Shopping:

- Personalized service in 16th century, but with premium price tag

- Industrial revolution led to mass production and cheaper goods

- Advent of superstores and out of town malls provided more choices

- Internet revolution gave consumers even more choices and power

The Rise of China:

- China is world leader in e-commerce

- Live streaming selling and key opinion leaders driving sales

- Super app ecosystems give retailers intimate knowledge of users

- Chinese consumers more willing to allow data tracking

The Power of Data:

- Western retailers historically had little data on customers

- Online companies have collected huge amounts of data

- Companies that harness customer data are thriving

- Some brands are cutting Amazon cord for direct-to-consumer selling

Direct-to-Consumer Selling:

- Nike's membership program and apps offer personalized experience

- Shopify platform allows anyone to set up their own online store

- E-commerce integrated with social media for simplified shopping experience

- Shopping has undergone radical shift towards e-commerce

- Pandemic has accelerated trend towards direct-to-consumer selling

- Retailers that harness customer data will thrive in the new era of shopping.

How to Get Publicity For Your Brand and Business

If you have an online business, getting more visibility should definitely be on your to-do list for the year to come. You might have the most amazing offer on Earth, but if no one knows about you or your business, you're not going to experience the success that you deserve. Publicity will boost your credibility, build your authority, pump up your email list, and ultimately increase your bottom line. The tough part, though, is actually knowing how to get publicity in the first place. Today, I'm talking with PR expert Almira Bardai, and she is going to take the mystery out of getting the publicity that you and your business deserve.

- Getting visibility for your online business is crucial for success

- Publicity will boost credibility, authority, and increase revenue

- Knowing how to get publicity is the tough part

- Talking with PR expert Almira Bardai to take the mystery out of getting publicity

What is publicity and PR?

- Publicity establishes credibility, authority, and expertise

- Everyone can benefit from publicity

- PR started out as getting into print, radio, or TV

- Social media has become a significant part of PR

- PR is about strong visibility, getting into media outlets, and owned channels

What are the different mediums for publicity?

- Social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter

- Getting into podcasts and online magazines

- Paying for a story on yourself in credible publications

- Owned channels like blogs, email newsletters, and YouTube channels

Which mediums are important to focus on?

- It depends on your business and client base

- Business collaborations should focus on LinkedIn and potentially their own blog

- Coaches should focus on Instagram, Tiktok, and maximizing their email list

- YouTube and Instagram are important for app-based businesses

- Getting visibility is crucial for success

- PR is about strong visibility and getting into various media outlets

- Focusing on the right mediums depends on your business and client base

- Utilizing owned channels is also essential for long-term success

Guerrilla Marketing: Shockingly Great Marketing On A Small Budget

Guerilla marketing is an unconventional marketing strategy that focuses on taking the viewer by surprise, creating a strong impression, and eventually creating massive buzz through word of mouth. With the advent of the Internet, guerilla marketing has become easier and cheaper to execute. In this article, we will explore five guerilla marketing strategies that actually got great results.

5 Guerilla Marketing Strategies that Actually Got Great Results:

1. Hereditary x Creepy Dolls: The producers of the horror movie, Hereditary, left creepy dolls outside the hotel doors of people who had attended the midnight screening. The clips were shared widely on social media, generating buzz for the film and resulting in a whopping $80 million box office earning.

2. Spotify Personalized Playlists: Spotify launched their Wrapped campaign, which gave users the ability to see their most listened to songs and artists for the previous year. This included a share button, flooding social media with Spotify brand. Spotify also released playlists based on horoscopes, generating loads of free marketing.

3. Dove's Real Beauty Campaign: Dove's 2004 ad campaign portrayed women of all colors and sizes, putting forward the idea that all women are beautiful in their own way. The campaign went viral and sparked a whole conversation about beauty standards, giving Dove huge amounts of free publicity while positioning them in a positive light compared to competitors.

4. Bird Box's Mean Strategy: Bird Box paid social media influencers to create memes about the film, which spread like wildfire on the internet. This guerrilla strategy worked out perfectly, creating loads of intrigue around the film and breaking the Netflix record for most watched movie in a week.

5. Domino's Paving for Piece of Strategy: Domino's addressed the elephant in the room of smudged and distorted pizzas by going after America's infrastructure and the alarming number of potholes in the streets. They started their own project to repair potholes in all 50 states, generating publicity and goodwill that far outweighed the cost.

Guerilla marketing can be a highly effective and low-cost way to market your brand. These five strategies are just a few examples of how thinking outside of the box can lead to massive success. By taking risks and executing creative ideas, you can generate buzz and create a strong impression that will stay with your audience for a long time.

How Kit Lender Focuses its Digital Ad Spending

Joe Connelly, founder of Kit Lender, a ski clothing and fashion rental business, talks about his success and how he reaches his customers.

Business Growth:

- Business is great this year with amazing growth.

- Customers rent clothing in kits, including jackets, pants, goggles, gloves, snow boots, socks, and base layers.

- Majority of customers are skiers from southern states, New York, and families.

- Referrals from other customers are a major source of growth.

Marketing Strategies:

- Google AdWords and Facebook social spend.

- Retargeting on social media and finding audience cohorts.

- Narrow rifle shot targeting for the most return on investment.

- Millions of people in groups, finding new cohorts that surprise.


- Joe's parents owned a ski shop in Stowe.

- Passion for skiing and leveraging relationships with buyers.

- Combining his knowledge of the ski industry and technology to build out the website.

- Adds another channel to their business, evolving the industry.

Joe Connelly's success story with Kit Lender showcases how leveraging relationships, knowledge, and technology can lead to amazing business growth. By targeting the right audience and finding new cohorts, businesses can grow even in niche markets.

My Top 3 Facebook Ads Tips After Spending $2,000,000+

Axel shares his top three tips for running successful Facebook ads.

Tip 1: Keep your ads broad as possible when scaling. Avoid using interest groups and segmenting audiences, as this can decrease your audience size and limit your reach.

Tip 2: Increase engagement on your ads by buying engagement and making your ad go viral. Answering comments and questions can help increase your ad's performance.

Tip 3: Use the right columns to analyze your ad's performance. CTR, CPM, and CPC are important metrics to consider. Adding post engagement and frequency can also provide valuable insights.

In conclusion, by implementing these tips, you can take your Facebook ad account to the next level and increase your chances of success.

How to Plan a Marketing Budget for 2023

Are you struggling with a limited marketing budget? Wondering how to allocate your resources effectively? In this article, we will cover the essential elements of a marketing budget, the importance of having a budget, and how to determine your marketing budget.

What's in a marketing budget:

- Fixed operational costs

- Marketing salaries

- Website costs

- Agency and consultant fees

- Advertising expenses

- Membership fees

- Software costs

- Continuing education

Channeling traditional marketing spend into digital marketing:

Traditional marketing efforts can often be passive, expensive, and difficult to track. Digital marketing allows for better targeting, tracking, and a lower CPA. We recommend comparing average CPA or CPL data for digital marketing in your industry to your existing acquisition numbers and continuing to invest in digital as long as you're seeing a profitable CPA.

Why a budget matters:

Having a budget allows you to set benchmarks and goals against a budgetary outlay, set business expectations for allocated marketing spend, and optimize marketing efforts to maximize the allocation of the budget. It also allows for a longer-term perspective for marketing efforts and eliminates the need to start and stop campaigns.

Things to think about before determining the budget:

Consider team members involved in decision-making, company goals, competitors' strategies, target market, and sales funnel. Ensure everyone is on the same page for how the marketing campaign will be measured for success.

How to determine the marketing budget:

One way is to develop a marketing budget based on a percentage of revenue. Newer businesses should plan on allocating about 15-20% of overall revenue to marketing expenditures, while established businesses can allocate about 10%. Another way is competition matching, where you determine what your competitors are doing and spend accordingly. The best way is to keep it goals-driven and determine the marketing budget based on target cost per acquisition and the number of customers needed to be acquired.

Having a well-planned marketing budget is crucial for the success of your business. We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into the essential elements of a marketing budget, the importance of having a budget, and how to determine your marketing budget. If you're ready to allocate your budget to digital marketing, contact us at WebFX to learn more about how we can grow your online presence.

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