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Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

What Do the Biggest Brands Spend Their Marketing and Advertising Dollars On?

- Big brands have marketing executives, researchers, data analysts, etc. to determine where to spend marketing dollars for the highest ROI.

- Small business owners can learn from their strategies and follow their lead.

- The most valuable companies spend their marketing dollars on search marketing.

Bullet Points:

- Companies such as Amazon, Apple, Home Depot, Progressive, Walmart, and Target spend millions on search marketing.

- Traffic already exists online, so it's more effective to market digitally than through mass media.

- Increased traffic leads to increased leads, inquiries, and sales.

- Small business owners can mimic and pattern after the big brands to achieve success.

- Watch what the big guys are doing and apply it to your own business.

- Follow the fundamentals of digital marketing to get more traffic, customers, and sales.

- Look for free webinars and workshops to learn more about digital marketing strategies.

Why Food Commercials Cost Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars | Big Business | Business Insider

Behind the scenes of food commercials, there is a bustling operation involving dozens of people and customized robots. It takes a lot of effort and money to make a burger look perfect on camera.


1. The work of Steve and his team

2. The tricks of a veteran food stylist

3. Combining client expectations with tiknological possibilities

4. Finalizing the set with Paula's team

5. The race against the clock

6. The importance of robots and planning

7. Identikal shots and flexibility on set

8. The success of Steve's famous burger drop

9. The complexity of filming a food commercial

10. The value of food advertising

1. The work of Steve and his team:

Steve, who owns a production company called The Garage, has filmed commercials for big brands like Hershey's, Heinz, and Pepsi. His team is currently working on a test shoot for Burger King, using real food which doesn't stay pretty for long. The work is incredibly complex and technical, involving robots and specialized equipment.

2. The tricks of a veteran food stylist:

Brett Kurzweil, a veteran food stylist, has a budget of a couple thousand dollars to make the burger look like a Whopper. He uses a colorant made of gravy darkener and soap to add a charred look, and a mixture of Vaseline and pulverized meat to fill in any holes and create grill marks. He also cuts the onions and tomatoes on a slant to make them lie flatter.

3. Combining client expectations with tiknological possibilities:

The trickiest part of filming a food commercial is combining what the client wants with what's tiknologically possible. Steve's team has to be flexible and creative to make it work. They use robots and specialized equipment to achieve the desired shots, but they also have to be prepared for unexpected curve balls on set.

4. Finalizing the set with Paula's team:

Paola Andreas Ramirez is in charge of finalizing the set, making sure everything looks real and authentic. She has a props budget of forty thousand dollars per shoot, but also pulls from her personal collection. Every inch visible to the camera matters, so her team even built a tile wall just for this shoot.

5. The race against the clock:

Filming a food commercial is a race against the clock, as real food doesn't stay fresh and pretty for long. Steve and his team have to work quickly and efficiently to get the perfect shots before the food starts to wilt or melt.

6. The importance of robots and planning:

Robots and planning are essential to keep a shoot on schedule and within budget. Steve's team uses robots to achieve complex moves and keep shots identikal. They also have to be flexible and creative to solve any problems that arise on set.

7. Identikal shots and flexibility on set:

Every shot has to be identikal, as even a small discrepancy can ruin the final product. Steve and his team have to be flexible and creative to solve any problems that arise on set, including unexpected curve balls and technical difficulties.

8. The success of Steve's famous burger drop:

Steve's claim to fame was a viral video of a burger drop that he filmed in 2016. The video earned him millions of views and new clients, and helped him launch The Garage in 2019.

9. The complexity of filming a food commercial:

Filming a food commercial is incredibly complex, involving dozens of people and specialized equipment. It takes a lot of planning, tiknology, and skill to make everything look perfect on camera.

10. The value of food advertising:

Fast food companies poured five billion dollars into advertising in 2019, knowing the value of the power of food suggestion. A well-filmed food commercial can make a burger look so juicy and delicious that viewers will want to run out and buy one right away.

Filming a food commercial is a complex and technical process involving dozens of people and specialized equipment. It takes a lot of planning and creativity to make everything look perfect on camera, but the end result can be a highly effective marketing tool for fast food companies.

When Big Brands Stopped Spending On Digital Ads Nothing Happened Why

Digital Advertising: The Illusion of Big Numbers

- Big brands turn off millions of dollars of digital ad spending with no change in business outcomes

- Small businesses reduce ad impressions, clicks, and traffic, but see an increase in business activity

- Digital marketing works, but the majority of impressions and clicks are from bot activity

The Illusion of Big Numbers:

- Marketers are obsessed with big numbers of ads and clicks, but they do not translate into more business activity and sales

- Big numbers are just on dashboards and spreadsheets

- Marketers could spend fewer dollars and get the same levels of business outcomes, or spend smarter and get even more outcomes


- P&G and Chase saw no change in business outcomes when reducing digital ad spending

- Uber saw no change in app installs when turning off digital ad spending

- eBay saw no change in sales when turning off paid search ad spending

- Small business owner saw an increase in sales despite a decrease in ad impressions and clicks, and a higher cost per thousand prices

- Small business owner saw anomalous android traffic mostly vanish when unchecking check boxes allowing ads to run on search partners and display network

- Digital advertising works, but marketers need to focus on smart spending and targeting real audiences, rather than just big numbers

- Bot activity needs to be addressed to ensure accurate metrics and effectiveness of digital advertising.

How Apple and Nike have branded your brain | Your Brain on Money | Big Think

Consumers often choose specific brands over others, even if they offer the same product. This behavior may seem irrational to economists, but brands have a powerful influence on our behavior. They can shape the way we think, feel, and behave. In this article, we explore the power of brands and their impact on our decision-making.

The Power of Brands:

- A study by Duke University found that subliminally exposing participants to the Apple logo improved their performance on creative tasks compared to exposure to the IBM logo.

- Brands influence our behavior beyond the point of sale. They create an identity and can deepen our relationship with a brand to the point of identifying with it like family.

- Our perception of brands is similar to our perception of people. We may love or hate a brand and defend it against criticism.

- The brains of iPhone users showed an empathy response toward Apple that was similar to the response to a family member. Samsung users showed reverse empathy for Apple news, indicating that they buy Samsung because they hate Apple.

- People often choose brands for their self-expressive value without realizing it.

Making Informed Choices:

- To make informed choices, consumers need to be aware of the influence that brands hold. They should pause and think about why they are buying a particular product.

- Brands are not going anywhere, so it is essential to understand their impact and make conscious choices.

- Brands have become pillars of our identity, fulfilling our need for support systems.

Brands have a powerful influence on our behavior and decision-making. They can shape the way we think, feel, and behave. Consumers need to be aware of this influence and make informed choices. Brands are not going anywhere, but we can choose to use them positively and consciously.

WHY did these famous brands spend millions on marketing?

Welcome friends! Every year, people all over the world set new records, and some of them are really amazing. From growing vegetables of gigantic sizes to sitting in the snow for several hours and even juggling powered-up saws, these types of achievements can be endless. These people share one goal - they want to be popular. However, few people know that there are also such records that establish entire groups by agreeing on all the details beforehand. They are usually followed by companies and brands popular all over the world. Today, we will tell you about the most shocking and amazing records. Get ready!

The Most Shocking and Amazing Records:

1. Balloon Fest 86:

- The United Way of Cleveland charity organized a great performance called Balloon Fest 86.

- One and a half million balloons were inflated with helium, which were kept under a special huge net to remove it at the right moment and capture what will happen to them on the camera.

- However, there were very bad weather conditions, but the show went on.

- The heavy rain caused the balloons to fall to the ground, and the wind could disperse them all over Cleveland.

- The record has been broken, but the disgust remained.

2. MTV Networks:

- MTV Networks became a new world record holder in 2016 before the Video Music Awards ceremony.

- The largest screen in the world hung over New York, and three helicopters were engaged to do this.

- To display on it an MTV advertisement in which they were invited to vote for the nominees for Video Music Awards in 2017.

3. Jaguar:

- Together with the famous Terry Grant, Jaguar managed to set a new world record.

- Grant had to make the longest barrel in history, which is a complicated figure that planes usually do.

- The car must rotate at least 270 degrees in the air without changing the direction of travel and then safely land on all four wheels.

- Considering the fact that the Jaguar ipace is an ordinary car that is not intended for making such figures, the record can be considered impressive.

4. Land Rover:

- The producers of this advertisement used almost 6 million LEGO bricks to build the Tower Bridge model.

- The project was created in a Parisian car dealership, and the construction itself lasted about a year.

- Its height was almost 13 meters and the building was able to withstand the weight of two cars.

- If we put all the blocks used in the construction in one line, their total length would be 321 kilometers.

5. Drones Show:

- Last year, a world record was set for the number of drones launched in the air.

- This took place in South Korea during the opening of the Winter Olympic Games.

- The project was supervised by Intel, which simultaneously controlled a huge number of drones, and it was 1218 devices.

- All drones moved synchronously representing different characters, and the show ended with recreating the Olympic symbol.

6. LG Electronics:

- LG representatives decided to contact Brian Burke, an architect building with cards, to create a unique advertisement for its washing machine.

- The peculiar house of cards was built by a man on a washing machine which was spinning constantly at 1,000 revolutions per minute, and he succeeded.

- Originally, it was planned to build a house with 20 floors, but Brian decided to complicate the task and built as many as 48 floors.

7. Pizza Hut Africa and Yemen:

- The pepperoni pizza had to be delivered to a height of 5,895 meters to Mount Kilimanjaro.

- This event was scheduled before the opening of a new chain restaurant in Tanzania.

- It was even the hundredth country in which Pizza Hut opened its conquests.

8. Volvo:

- In front of the house of a three-year-old who is interested in large cars, a beautifully packed real truck appeared.

- The organizers of the event managed to do two important things at once - provide joy to the child and at the same time set a world record.

- The boy could enter the cabin of a real truck, watch cartoons inside, drink juice, but most importantly, unpack such a large gift.

9. The Iron Knight by Volvo:

- The fastest truck in the world was called The Iron Knight and has already been the record holder twice.

- The first achievement was the fastest ride on a distance of 500 meters, and they managed to develop the speed to 132 km/h.

- The Swedish rally driver, Boije Ovebrink, sat behind the wheel and accelerated to 169 km/h at a kilometer distance in just 21 and 29 hundredths of a second.

10. BMW:

- The world record belongs to BMW - the brand was distinguished by the longest drift.

- It lasted eight hours, and to do this, the team chose a small perfectly round track.

In conclusion, we have seen some of the most shocking and amazing records set by companies and brands all over the world. From a balloon fest to a pizza delivered to the highest mountain in Africa, all these records show that some companies are ready to do anything for the most original and cost-effective advertising. These records not only set new standards but also challenge the limits of what is possible.

Sneaky Ways Fast Food Restaurants Get You To Spend Money

Fast Food: Why It's Not as Cheap as You Think

- Americans spend around $1,200 on fast food every year

- Fast food restaurants use tricks to get you to spend more money

- Fast food isn't as cheap as you think

The Tricks:

- The confusing menu

- Fast food menus are big and have a lot of options

- The hierarchy of the menu - big pictures for more expensive items

- The combo meal

- It's convenient to order, but often not a better deal

- The pressure to order quickly

- The preselected meals give fast food restaurants control over what you order

- Brand tie-ins and coupons

- Deals, coupons, and special daily deals get customers in the door

The Impact:

- Fast food is getting more expensive

- The average price of a fast food burger has increased by 54% in the last decade

- Fast food is often the only option in low-income areas

- Healthy fast casual options are often too expensive

- Fast food is unhealthy

- Large unhealthy portions are more affordable than healthier options

- Fast food can be cheap and convenient, but you have to be aware of the psychological tricks to avoid overspending

- Paying a premium for low-quality, unhealthy food is not worth it

10,000 years of branding explained in 6 minutes | Debbie Millman

- Design and branding are integral to human behavior and communication.

- They signal who we are, what we believe in, and what is important to us.

- Consumers today have more power and demand to know the companies they buy from are worthy.

History of branding:

- As far back as 10,000 years ago, humans began constructing symbols to communicate beliefs.

- Early branding was bottom-up and created for free between individuals.

- Corporations appropriated this behavior to create widespread recognition for branded products.

- In the last 10 years, branding has flipped back to a bottom-up model.

Examples of successful branding:

- Nike's support of Colin Kaepernick.

- Black Lives Matter and the pink Pussyhat movements.

- Embedded behavior is no longer being tolerated, and we have seen behavior transformed.

The power of branding:

- The markers of success or failure in branding are evident in how many people believe in it.

- The first question in creating a brand must be why and the second question must be what the benefit is for humanity.

- Sound strategic answers to these questions can create something with meaning for the planet and humanity.

- Branding has become a profound manifestation of the human spirit.

- People are looking for organizations that stand for something and are contributing to worthy causes.

- With the power of our consumer decisions, we can change the future of the planet.

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