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when why stopped spending on ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

- Big brands turning off millions of dollars of digital ad spending saw no change in business outcomes.

- Small businesses reducing their digital marketing also saw business activity go up.

- Does this mean digital advertising doesn't work?

Why Big Brands Saw No Change in Business Outcomes:

- P&G turned off $200 million of their digital ad spending and saw no change.

- Chase reduced their programmatic reach by 99% and saw no change.

- Uber turned off $120 million of their digital ad spending and saw no change.

- Even eBay turned off their paid search ad spending in 2012 and saw no change in sales.

- Does this mean digital advertising doesn't work? Or does it mean something else?

Small Businesses and Digital Marketing:

- A small business owner turned off Facebook Audience Network and saw a 90% drop in ad impressions and fewer clicks.

- Despite this, sales of their music and merchandise went up.

- The discrepancy between clicks reported by Facebook and arrivals on their website reported by Google Analytics vanished.

- Another small business owner turned on Google AdWords and saw a dramatic increase in traffic, but most of it was from android devices and not converting into sales.

- Unchecking certain check boxes made this anomalous android traffic mostly vanish, but it didn't harm e-commerce sales.

The Problem with Digital Advertising Today:

- The vast majority of impressions and clicks are from bot activity.

- Marketers are obsessed with big numbers, but they don't necessarily translate into more business activity and sales.

- Marketers could be spending far fewer dollars and getting the same levels of business outcomes, or spending the dollars more smartly and getting even more business outcomes.

- Digital advertising does work, but the problem lies in the overemphasis on big numbers and the prevalence of bot activity.

- Smart spending and smarter targeting can lead to better business outcomes for both big brands and small businesses.

Target CPA Campaign Stopped Spending - Here's What You Can Do About It

When running a target CPA campaign, it can be frustrating to see that your campaign has stopped spending. This could be due to your cost per conversion going up, which indicates that Google is having trouble finding conversions at the price you want. In this article, we will discuss why this happens and how to fix it.

Why Has Your Cost per Conversion Gone Up?

Your cost per conversion could have gone up due to various reasons, including an increase in CPC, a decrease in click-through rates, or an increase in CPMs. All of these factors are related to your creative, so it is best to analyze your creative and make necessary changes.

How to Fix the Issue?

The short-term solution is to increase your target CPA bid by a small amount, such as a dollar. If your campaign still doesn't spend after 24 hours, increase the bid again. However, the long-term solution is to diagnose everything, including your ad, offer, and landing page. Make necessary fixes to ensure that your offer and funnel are working well.

Tips to Improve Your Target CPA Campaign:

1. Analyze your creative and make necessary changes.

2. Switch up your landing page to keep your audience engaged.

3. Check if your offer is still working and make necessary changes.

4. Adapt and adjust your campaign as needed.

Running a target CPA campaign requires constant attention and adaptation. If your campaign stops spending, analyze your data to find the root cause and make necessary changes to improve your conversion rate. By following these tips, you can improve the effectiveness of your target CPA campaign and achieve your desired results.

STOP Wasting Your Ad Spend!!

Ways to Stop Wasting Ad Spend: Direct Response Pages vs Product Pages

In this video, Liza Hudson from Landing Page Guys discusses the importance of direct response pages for pay per click advertising, rather than product pages. She shares examples from Shopify's top product pages and shows how they lack social proof, trust factors, and clear call-to-actions.

Why Product Pages are Not Ideal for PPC Advertising:

- Product pages have too many distractions, also known as traffic leaks.

- The call-to-action is often not prominent or engaging.

- Social proof is buried or non-existent.

- Navigation links lead to bounce rates.

- Product descriptions lack engagement and clear benefits.

Direct Response Pages:

- Have clear and engaging call-to-actions.

- Include social proof and trust factors.

- Are free from distractions and navigation links.

- Clearly state the benefits and engage the consumer.

Direct response pages are the way to go for pay per click advertising, as they have a higher chance of converting and saving ad spend. Liza encourages viewers to join Landing Page Guys' Facebook group for more tips and tricks.

Stop spending our money on politically partisan ads

Ontario Tax Dollars Should Not Fund Partisan Politics: An Overview

- Ontario tax dollars should not be spent on partisan politics

- The government advertising act was watered down in 2015

- The Forward government's anti-carbon tax ads are a recent example of this issue

Changes to the GAA:

- The Auditor General lost veto power over government-sponsored advertising with factual inaccuracies

- Government spending on advertising increased from 30 million to nearly 50 million

- Most of the additional spend was used to promote Liberal Party policies

- The Auditor General says these ads would have been rejected under the old rules


- Ontario families are footing the bill for biased or inaccurate information

- Politicians are using tax dollars to promote their party's interest

Legacy from the Wynne Government:

- The changes were initially made by the Liberals

- The PCs have not made progress in restoring the Auditor General's veto

PCs and the Advertising Act:

- The PCs are using the policy to their advantage

- The party recently went on a multi-million dollar advertising spree attacking the federal Liberals' carbon pricing measures

- The Auditor General found the ads to be factually inaccurate

- Taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund partisan politics

- Politicians should be transparent and truthful in their advertising

- The reckless use of taxpayer dollars fuels cynicism in politics

- People should be able to trust their government to tell the truth on the public's dime.

STOP - Before You Spend $ On Ads, Do This

How to Earn Media Attention for Your Business

- Sarah Nicole Nadler, coach, consultant, and trainer

- Successful in growing personal business through earning media attention

- Third-party endorsements are at the top of the trust scale

- Public relations is the maintenance of a favorable public image

- Goodwill is the favor and advantage a business acquires through its brand and reputation

- Advertising cannot start a fire; public relations is the fuel that fuels the fire

- Client attraction involves public relations, internal promotion, and advertising

- Handling reviews is crucial for building a good reputation

Creating Goodwill:

- Good branding and reputation lead to goodwill

- Public relations is the first step in client attraction

- Advertising comes last and is the most expensive

- Reviews should be handled carefully to maintain a good reputation

- Media attention is crucial for growing a business

- Public relations is the fuel that fuels the fire of advertising

- Goodwill is valuable for selling a business

- Handling reviews is crucial for building a good reputation

- Silkenmarketing.com offers resources for marketing and handling reviews

Stop WASTING Your Ad Spend!

How Video and YouTube Can Increase Your Conversion Rate and Customer Value

Are you using video to sell your products and services? If not, you could be losing money on a daily basis. In this article, we will explore how video and YouTube can increase your conversion rate and customer value.

The Power of Video and YouTube:

- Many traffic sources are available, but it's important to know which one brings the most leads and sales.

- YouTube has been underestimated as only a branding play, but it's a powerful channel for conversions and customer acquisition.

- A client's average order value increased from $227 to $376 when visitors came from YouTube and watched their video.

- Conversion rate almost doubled from 1.27% to 2.35% for visitors from YouTube.

- When people watch video, they buy more often, and it enhances the performance of other channels.

Using Video and YouTube in Your Business:

- Video needs to be engaging and YouTube channel needs to be optimized properly.

- If you're not leveraging video and YouTube in your business, you're leaving money on the table.

- Stop thinking about YouTube as only a branding and exposure channel and start treating it as a conversion and customer acquisition channel.

- Share this video with someone who needs convincing to use video and YouTube in their marketing.

- Check out some of our products and services and free resources for more specific training on using video and YouTube in your business.

- Click the button to receive exclusive training materials right to your email and grow your business with YouTube.

Stop spending all that money on ads to the same old landing page – Part 4/5

In this article, we will discuss how to use personalization to improve landing page conversion rates and avoid wasting money on ads. We will use an example from the Pirate Skills workshop page to illustrate this concept.

Personalization for Landing Page Conversion Rates:

- Stop spending money on ads for the same old landing pages

- Use personalization to customize the experience for visitors based on their source

- Target visitors by campaign parameter using UTM parameters

- Use Google Optimize to track where visitors are from

- Add UTM campaign parameters to the URL to show changes to visitors from specific campaigns

- Use personalization for influencer campaigns to show special coupon codes or banners

- Case study provided by A/B Tasty showed an increase in transactions by 1.5% using personalized banners

By using personalization, businesses can improve landing page conversion rates and avoid wasting money on ads. Tracking visitor behavior through UTM parameters and using tools like Google Optimize can help businesses tailor their experience to their source. Case studies like the one provided by A/B Tasty show the potential for increased revenue through personalized campaigns. Contact A/B Tasty or a customer success manager like Elif for more information.

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