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wholesale club shopify

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Best Wholesale Shopify Apps 2022

[Music]. what's going on? everyone? it's jamie here from shopify masterclass, and today we're going to cover the top shopify apps for wholesale and ignore this 2021 here. this is for 2022 at this point and today's video, we're going to go over a few of these apps here. we're not going to go over the full list, but the full list is going to be available on our blog, ecommerce educated. we go into a few of these apps. take a look at the description, the ui, the key features, as well as the pricing and reviews for each of those apps. before we go any further, i just want to say that we're on the road to 1 000 subscribers and i would love it if you hit that subscribe button below. and before we go any further, i just want to quickly thank our sponsor: [Music]. [Applause]. so let's go into this here. so shopify as a whole isn't great for wholesale as a distribution network. it's really meant as a b2c platform making it really easy for customers to purchase. thankfully, there are some really good apps for wholesale that can provide a lot of the missing features. so, as i mentioned, we're going to go into just a few of these apps today, but the full list is going to be available on our blog in the link below. so the first app we're going to take a look at here is wholesale order form and reorder, where customers can order multiple products from a quick order form. so some of the features of the app is that you can have bulk orders in just seconds, making it easy for your customers with a single page order form. no more navigating through multiple product pages. you could have repeat orders in just two clicks. you can customize the form to match your store. display product images and skus in a click. change colors and modify buttons to make it look just like your storefront. so block ordered in seconds. generate wholesale orders from a single click. repeat orders in two clicks. set a minimum and maximum increments for products in the order form. so let's restrict specific products to specific customers and visitors and also customize it to match your website. so that's the basic features there. it's almost just a repeat up up here, but it does convey the information nicely in terms of pricing, goes from 13 a month up to 25 a month, and to get the reorder feature you do have to pay the 25 a month and there isn't a day free trial, so you can check out the app yourself. in terms of reviews, it has 106 5 star reviews, which is an excellent rating. the next app we'll take a look at is wholesale all-in-one. we can have wholesale discounts, tiered pricing, order limited shipping. so this app does seem to have quite a few more features than the previous one, and we'll take a look at those now. so you get the ability to have multiple pricing for variants, products, collections or store wide for all customers or tags based customer groups. unlimited quantity breaks offering multiple volume discounts to variants, products and collections. shipping in minimum order. you can set special shipping rates and apply minimum order limits by weight, amount and quantity for all customers or tag-based wholesale customers. in terms of the ui, you can see the back end here, as there are quite a few options for you to manage the wholesale options. you can see the wholesale discounts are applied in the checkout, making it easy for your wholesale customers. in terms of pricing, they have a 14 day free trial and plans ranging from 24 to 39 dollars a month really is not big a difference. if you're looking at just 16, actually it would be fourteen dollars, as these are not priced exactly at the full ten dollar increments. in terms of reviews, they have over 95 star reviews and a 5.0 rating, which is an excellent rating for these apps. [Music] you.

Add Wholesale Area To Your Shopify Store Without The App - 2022 FREE TUTORIAL

bonjour, shopify world. in this video, we're going to show you how you can build your entire wholesale infrastructure without an app. by the end of this video, your customers that are actually wholesalers will be able to log in, see some products that your regular customers can't even access, and even see a completely different navigation bar that your regular customers don't see. don't worry, we will do it, so you can choose who of your logged in clients are wholesalers and who are just regular login clients, so you can pre-approve your login account holders as wholesalers. it's all going to make sense. just follow with me. so, first and foremost, this is the online store. we want to make sure that accounts are enabled so that people can actually create accounts. for that, you have to go to settings, click on checkouts and then put accounts are optional, or you can also do accounts are required, depending on your business model, and you save awesome. now let's go see what our store looks like. this is what the current store looks like, and we're going to take the zip jacket as an example. you know, i can just buy it, even though i'm not logged in. i can just do my thing here. so we're going to change that. we're going to make this zip jacket only available for wholesalers. by the way, in case you need anything, there is the full code in the link down below. just click- it's the first link to our website- and then you have the full code that you can just copy paste. all right, great. so the first thing we're going to do is we're going to go to online store. this is our live theme. that's where we want to build it on. so we're going to click actions and we're going to duplicate. this is a little bit more of a difficult video on how to code stuff, so make sure you have a duplicate, because if you don't and you mess stuff up, then you're screwed with a duplicate version. if you mess stuff up, that's you just delete the duplicate version. all right, now that we have the duplicate version, we're going to click on actions and we're going to edit code. welcome to the code editor. the first step would be to go right here in layout, there's team dot liquid. you would click on this one, and then the easiest way is to do: command f on a mac, control f on windows, and then look for a thing that's called content for layout. there should only be one, and it's beautifully highlighted right here. don't pay too much attention at the line number, because it might be different for you. now, this content for layouts, in just that part we're going to be removing, we're going to put a couple of spacing and we're going to paste a different block of code. there we go now, don't worry, by the end of this video i'll explain to you how you can get a hold of this code. just bear with me one second. once that done, you click on save. the next step is going to be to the snippets here to the left, and we're going to be adding a new snippet. we're going to call that snippet wholesale. note. again, i'm just going to paste it. just make sure it's written exactly like this: make sure there's no spaces in the front, make sure there's no caps anywhere, make sure it's exactly like this. and once that snippet is done, you can create the snippet. you will get the message that the snippet is created successfully. and here we are, in the snippet right here. also in here, we're going to be pasting some basic code i'm going to provide you right here and then we just save it. that's it now. just as an fyi, this is the code, or this is the text that people are going to see if they stumble upon a product that they're only allowed to access as a wholesaler. so your regular customers are still going to be able to access the product- zipper or whatever you want to sell wholesale, but they're not going to see the price, they're not going to see the picture, they're just going to see this instead. so this is where you would change the messages in order to have a different message. so again, the product is still going to exist. regular, non-wholesaler visitors can still access the product page, but they're going to see nothing from information, they're just going to see this. so: no pictures, no pricing, no add to cart, nope, just this. and again, feel free to change the black text here between: so this page is approved by wholesaler customer. only log into your account, contact us to request a wholesale account. feel free to change that in whatever text you would like it to be, okay. the next step is going to be adding some templates. so for that, we're going to go to the templates section right here and we're going to click add a new template. a pop-up pops up asking what type of template, and we want to add a page template. we're not going to call it alternate. we're going to call it wholesale again. be very wary of the spelling of this: no spacing in the front, no spacing in the back, no caps, just regular wholesale. and we created- we're going to do this two more times now- with a product template, so it's going to be product again. we're going to call it wholesale. and then we're going to do it one final time with a collection template, and that's going to be collection, right here, and we're gonna call it wholesale. there we go. why did we do this? now we have three different templates. we have pages templates, product templates and collection templates. and these are templates that you know. we can choose a specific product, assign it the wholesale template and then only wholesalers can see that product. the same with collections and the same with pages. we can make it so only wholesalers can see a specific page or a specific collection or specific product. that's why we created these templates. now for the next step, we're going to get out of the customizer. so once everything is nicely saved- yes, it is- we're going to get out of the customizer and put the theme we have been working on a live. so copy of the debut team last saved was just now. we're going to click actions and publish. are you sure you want to publish? yes, i'm sure. publish now. make sure that there's not too many bugs in it, because now everyone can see what you've just built. so if you did a spelling mistake somewhere, it might get a bit weird. so don't do this at high traffic hours or try to be very aware that there might be a bug on your live version right now. but okay, let's perfect. once you have put it live, we can now go change the templates of the products. like i said, we were going to do this exercise on the zipper one, on the zipped jacket, right here. as we saw in the very beginning, it was available to everyone. we just wanted to be available for wholesalers. so we're going to go right here on the right product templates. and now product wholesale appeared because we have put our team live. if you haven't put your team life yet, this will not appear. so because we put our team live, our new template is available: product wholesale. i select it and i click save. now, if i look at my live site, like i used to do, and i go down a zipped jacket, but i'm not logged in, so this is what we see. hey, this page is only approved, is only for approved wholesale customers. you know you gotta log in or contact us. oh well, what if i log in? so for that i'm gonna have to create an account, because i haven't created an account yet. um, port at econ experts dot io. password: pass one, two, three- i don't know why i said that out loud. to continue, let us know you're not a robot. okay, pretty sure i can still do these ones. perfect, now, um, i have an account. but now again, if i go to zip jacket, even though i'm logged in, that's because i'm not approved as a wholesaler. if i go to clients right here- this is on the store owner side, customers- i can see andrew duro is a new customer and now if i add the tag wholesale to andrew and i save it, then andrew is going to be able to see the zip jacket page and now he can buy it. so this is obviously to avoid that all your clients start accounts and automatikally get access to better prices. so you definitely have to manually approve all the new accounts that have been created and you have to manually deci.

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How To Add Wholesale Area To Your Shopify Store | Simple tutorial (2022)

how to add a wholesale area to your shopify store. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in today's video, i'm gonna be telling you how you can add your very own wholesale area in your shopify store, and by the end of this video, once we're done with all of this, your customers that are wholesalers will be able to access and see items that your regular customers are not able to access, so keep that in mind. so, having said that, let's just jump into it. so, as you can see, i'm logged into my shopify store over here and what i'm going to do is i'm going to click on online store over here. i'm going to straight up, jump into it now, over here. what you're going to do is you're going to find your store over here, right, you're going to click on action and what you're going to do is you're going to go ahead and click on edit code. but before you do that, i want to show you that, if i come over here into my store, let's just say we would like this watch to be only for wholesalers and not anyone else. so, as you can see, right now i can see this item. i can see all its- you know- description is pricing and stuff like that. like, i can access that and i don't even have to be, you know, logged into it. so, uh, one minute, all right. so over here, as you just saw, i can access that. so now what we're going to do is we're going to go over to edit code and we're going to start editing code first. what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and we have to come over here at the top and we have to come into layout and click on theme dot liquid. now, over here, we're going to be searching for a specific part of the code and to quickly do that, we got to click this button, ctrl f, and command f on. uh, you know, mac. now what we got to do is we gotta search for content for layout. let's see if we can find it. there we go, as you can see, this is the bar over here and there's only one of them. right, there is no other bar, so search for this over here. as you can see, there's no one else, it's only this one. so what we're going to do is we're going to remove this bar and we're going to add our own piece of code over here, which i will show you where you can get it. so, as you can see, this is the code that we are supposed to plant over here. so i copied and pasted this code right here and, don't worry, uh, you can find this code in the description down below, and so that you won't have to go find it anywhere else, this will be it, and once we have done that, the next thing what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and go into the snippet section and we're going to go ahead and create a new snippet, and we're going to call this snippet the wholesale mode, and you got to make sure that you uh, name it the exactly the same thing, so that you confused later on. so wholesale, no, so over here, this is it. so this is how it looks like, right and remember: no spaces, all right, no capitalization of any letter and nothing at all. just add this blank between wholesale and note instead of a space, and you're good to go. and once you've done that, just simply click on create snippet, wait a couple of seconds and boom, there you go, your snippet has been created successfully. now we can go ahead and write a code for it as well, and in this snippet, we're also going to be pasting another piece of code that i will provide you. it's very basic, it's really simple, and this is the code that you can go ahead and change on later on in the video. so, basically, this is the piece of message that customers will get when non-wholesalers will come into a page and view that item. so, as you can see, this page is approved for wholesale customers only. so if someone is not a wholesale customer, they will get this message as well. so log into your account, contact us, request a wholesale account, blah, blah, blah. like all of this, you can go ahead and change this as well. you can change this specific message i would recommend to anything you want, but it all depends on you. okay, next thing, what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and create a new template. so click on template and over here you simply click on add a new template and over here we can change this template type to page all right and dot liquid, and we're gonna change the alternate to wholesale all right, create template and boom, we have a page wholesale, dot liquid template created. now we're going to go ahead and repeat this exact same thing and create two more template. first is page right, the second one is going to be product and the third one is going to be collection. so let's go ahead and do that. all right, liquid from artikle to product and wholesale liquid- there we go, create so page product. now we're going to go ahead and create collection one. we go ahead and search for collection. here we go, collection liquid and also create template. boom, all three templates are created successfully and after you've, you know, created the snippet, you know the theme and everything. once all of that is done, what we're gonna do is we're to go ahead and save it. as you can see, i've already saved it. now what we're going to do is we're going to go over to products and i'm going to show you right now, and i'm even going to open my store up over here into another tab, so that you guys can see, now i'm in my products. all right, this was the product, that we would make it officially for the wholesalers and not for our regular customers. we're only going to save it for the wholesale customers. so, over here, what we're going to do is we're going to scroll down over here online store over here theme template. we see that we're going to switch it over from here to wholesale, all right, or you can create a tag called wholesale. they both work perfectly fine, but for now, i think that the theme will look much, much better. now that that's over here, we're gonna go ahead and click on save. all right, wait a couple of seconds for it to be saved, and once it does that, we're going to go over to the website to see if it actually worked. all right, it's saved. now we're going to go over to the website. right, this was the product, as you can see. i can see it over here, but if i click on it, uh, okay, i can actually view the product, which is weird. this should not be happening. let me add the tag as well. all right, now, if i see it, it worked before. i don't understand why it didn't work. now it's saved. all right, now let's go ahead and check it out. i come over here. there we go. as you can see, this page is approved for wholesale customers. only now. if someone logs into your account- you know contacts you- then you can request a wholesale account. so, for example, let's go ahead and log in. all right, over here, you got to create an email. let me just go ahead and create- right, it can be anything- sign in. we got to save that account over there. now, if we come over here, it's still not available for us. so what we're going to do is we're going to go back into our home over here and we're going to go into customers. right, we don't have a customer yet. let me just go ahead and create an account. actually, all right, once we've created an account here we go, that's done. now we should have a customer over here who still can't. i don't know why, but what would happen is we would have our customers over here. customers list. whoever you know signs up or signs in. i think i can't sign in because i'm still logged in with my official account for shopify. but for you it might be different. for other people it might be different. what they'll basically do is they'll create an account, sign in, your will be over here and what you'll basically do is you'll give them the access. you'll just do the exact same processes with the products. they're going to do that with the customers and then they will be able to see the product for the wholesalers. now you will have to do this manually, right, there is no other thing, because you can't just give every single one of your customers a wholesale rate. you gotta give the special customers the special discount. so you gotta do it manually. you can't do it automatikally. so that's the only thing. so that's how you.

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Best Wholesale App For Shopify

hi guys, in this video you'll learn about the best shopify wholesale apps. if you're thinking about adding wholesale or signing up to shopify plus to use their wholesale features, or wanting to run a b2b shopify store, this video is for you. my name is rory hughes and i am from acquire convert, the place where entrepreneurs go to learn shopify growth, and in this video you'll learn which app is better: wholesale club or wholesale all-in-one. so keep watching. so why wholesale? some stores have b2b and b2c customer bases and therefore require wholesale pricing. we reviewed the top requirements merchants have when it comes to wholesale app features. we cross-reference that with top apps to make a handy table, which is shown here. common feature requests include: minimum order amount, next 30 day terms. integration with shopify's account system, purchase order manual order, quick order form and quick reorder, import and export prices, tax, wholesale canada charge tax and charge tax for some us states. integration with pdf invoice, for example evada or sofio, reporting, shipping, wholesale pricing and, last but not least, email automation. stop the video and study our table to see which apps have the features you need. wholesale club: wholesale club from pixel union can help you improve your average order value on your shopify store by encouraging bulk buying for discounts. despite a slight drop in shopify average rating recently, the support issues that seem to have caused this drop have been resolved, according to users, so it's good to see a responsive team behind the app. the price starts at 24 us dollars per month and allows up to 300 monthly orders. they also offer a deal for 49 us dollars per month for unlimited orders, and not only that, they also offer a 14-day free trial. average shopify rating: out of 5 stars, they get a 4.3. the positives: they offer wholesale discounts on selected collections and products for selected customers. they provide multiple pricing levels and customizable order minimums. use your customer tag system to apply discounts to only signed in customers. create a tiered pricing system for gold members, vip, wholesale customers, etc. offer net payment terms to selected customers. integrates with other inventory apps compatible with shopify sales channels and third-party inventory management. and, last but not least, they have excellent merchant support. and the negatives: it's slightly more expensive than other apps reviewed here. wholesale all-in-one: this app helps you create tiered discounts for specific groups of products and customers in your shopify store. it is one of the fullest feature sets of all available wholesale apps on shopify and even includes add-on features like countdown timers. the pricing starts at 14.99 us dollars per month for the basic plan and 24.99 us dollar per month for the premium plan. does it offer a free trial? yes, it does, and you get it for 14 days. the average shopify rating out of 5 stars is 4.8, so it's pretty high. the positives: create multiple wholesale pricing for variants, products, collections and store-wide. allows multiple volume discounts or quantity breaks. can offer discounts for all guest customers, only logged in customers and or wholesale or vip customers. use this tagged base customer pricing to show pricing to certain groups or all customers. offer discount in percentage or specific price. set special shipping rates and apply minimum order limits. this feature is available from standard plan upwards. provides checkout without coupon code and with coupon code. does not duplicate variants or hide products compatible with checkouts. selling in multiple currencies. can set activation and expiry dates or time. offers add-on features like net terms 15 through 30.. any negatives: infrequent complaints about bugs and slow. support shopify plus. so should you upgrade to shopify plus for the wholesale features? if you have at least 750 000 us dollars per month in revenue, then yes, the credit card fee saving alone is worth more than the cost of shopify plus. so upgrade today. if not, then you will need to review shopify plus in detail and figure out which other features you will need. if it's only wholesale, then an app will be much cheaper for smaller businesses. you can also simply open another shopify store for wholesale and sync the inventory between the two. again, this is a cheaper option than plus. so did you enjoy today's video? then make sure to like the video and subscribe to acquire converts youtube channel right now. all you have to do is click on the subscribe button below the video, then click the notification bell to make sure you never miss our free videos. if you want exclusive shopify app discounts and shopify marketing tutorials that we only share with our subscribers, then head over to acquireconvertcom yes and sign up for our newsletter. it's completely free of charge. now it's over to you which app from today's video will you try- wholesale club, shopify plus or wholesale all in one? we strongly recommend wholesale club from pixel union. got more questions? leave a comment below the video and we'll get back to you soon with more free advice. goodbye.

How To Add A Wholesale Area To Your Shopify Store 2022 - No Coding - Shopify Online Store 2.0

so you want to have a wholesale area on your shopify store, but the solution provided by shopify is extremely expensive and all the available apps are either very complicated, very expensive or, even worse, they don't do the basic things that you essentially need. well, the struggle is real, but you don't have to worry anymore, because in this video, i'm going to show you how to create a wholesale area on your store in the easiest and cheapest way possible. hi there, i am rehab and e-commerce coach, and on this youtube channel, i share with you videos related to e-commerce, entrepreneurship and more. and in this video, i'm going to show you how to create a wholesale channel on your shopify store so wholesalers can come to your store, apply to your wholesale channel and only when you accept them, they can come back, log in and get access to unique offers, products, collections and even pages that your normal customers can't see or get access to. in this way, you will be able to manage all your inventories, your sales within shopify, and not only that, you will be able to give your wholesalers a totally different experience than your normal customers. i will start this video by showing you how to create the sunup page for your wholesalers. then i will show you how to add them to your store and how to give them the right access. and, finally, i will show you how you can hide or show products, collections or even pages for your wholesalers or your normal customers. after watching this video, you will be able to create a wholesale area on your shopify store and you will be able to give your wholesalers a totally different experience than your normal customers. they will get access to different products, different offers and different pricing. so if this is something you are looking to create, i highly recommend you to watch this video up until the end. before moving further with our topic- and since you are already watching this video- so this means you are very serious about your business- i want to invite you to sign up to the free workshop i'm currently offering. in this workshop, i show you the exact framework that you should be applying to your business in order to make it sustainable and strong. so if you are looking to grow your sales and attract and convert more customers, i highly recommend you to check out this free workshop. you will find the link below in the description. just click on the link and sign up. it's 100 free. and now let's get back to our topic. so now i'm going to show you how to create the wholesale area on your shopify store. this is an example store that i'm using for this tutorial. as you can see in the menu bar in here, i have two pages. the first one is a page where people can go to apply to become wholesalers, and the second page in here is a non-sailor, non-wholesaler collection. only customers who didn't sign in or customers who are normal customers- non-wholesalers- can see this collection. when a wholesaler sign in, this collection will be hidden and instead wholesalers will see a collection that's only dedicated for wholesalers. this can be helpful if you want to remove distractions from your wholesaler dashboard. so instead of allowing wholesalers to see all collections, they can only see the collection dedicated for them, with the offers, the bundles and so on. let me take you first to the page where the wholesalers can apply. so this is a page that i have created. it's a very simple page. in here, you have an application form that a business need to fill in order to apply to become a wholesaler on our store. after filling this application and sending it, you will be receiving an email from shopify telling you that someone has submitted this form. you can then check their information and if you want to add them as customers on your store, you can do that, and you must give them the tag wholesalers if you want them to become wholesalers. when you do that, you can invite them to create an account and they will be receiving an email from your site asking them to create an account and then, this way, they will have their own email and password and account on your store. i'm going to show you how to do all of that in a few seconds. now, as i told you, this collection is only available for customers before signing in or for normal customers. i'm gonna sign in to a wholesaler account to show you how this collection will be hidden and instead of it, i will be only seeing the wholesale collection. so from here, i will click in order to sign in to my wholesaler account. after signing in, you can see that this page disappeared and instead of it we have now the wholesale collection. you can also hide this page if you wish. it's something very easy to do once we move to the part where i'm going to show you how to hide and show collections and the pages. now let's start with the first thing we need to do in this tutorial and it is to create this page. and in here we have two different options. if you are using a professional theme, a paid theme, you will have a different way to create this page than if you have a free theme, like the dawn theme, for example. i'm going to show you two different examples. the first example: i'm going to create a page on a professional theme, and in the second example, i'm going to create this page on the dawn theme. if you are using another free theme from shopify, you just need to follow that don't thin tutorial and get inspired from it. and if you have any question, don't hesitate to leave a comment below and i would be more than happy to help you out. now let me show you this example store from here. it's using the focal theme, which is a very professional shopify theme. i like this theme so much and i have toked about it so many times on this youtube channel. so, as you can see, i have created this page in here. it's my wholesale page and here i have included my unique selling propositions, a way to allow people to log in if they want. and then here i have the contact form with all of these information- required information. you can add as many feeds as you wish, but be reasonable. you don't want to overwhelm your wholesalers with a lot of questions, so keep it short and ask the most important questions. now let me tell you, or show you, how i have created this page, and this is almost the same thing that you need to do if you are using a professional theme from the shopify theme store. from here, you go to pages and you click on create a template. what we are doing in here is to create a template for the wholesale page, so you can call this template in here. i'm gonna call it trial because i have already created my wholesale page, so i'm gonna create name it trial. i can start by giving it the contact page template as a like, as a base. okay, i don't care a lot about the content in here, because i'm going to hide it anyway, but you are seeing this because we didn't assign yet this template to any page, so shopify is showing this by default. anyway, i'm gonna hide this part because i want to create my own sections. so this is the default contact form with the default like required information, but i want to add more fields to it. so what i'm going to do is to go in here to this section which called contact. you can, in here, change the heading and add content near it, near to it. these options in here will be different depending on the theme you are using, but let's start in here, for example, by by changing the heading, we can put, for example, apply to become a partner and in here you can fill the other information if you wish. i'm not going to do that, but from here, if i want to add a field, the only thing i need to do is to click on add block. when i do that, i have two options: either i choose to add a text field or or a drop down. i'm gonna go with the text field first and let's say that the first information i want is the business name. so, as you can see, now i have a new field on this contact form and it is the business name. i can make it required and i can make it big if i wish. i'm gonna keep it as it is. i can go back in here and add another text.

Best Shopify Theme for Large Stores & Wholesale Capabilities

so in this video, I am super excited to share with you a brand new Shopify theme that is really dedicated to stores with a large amount of products or stores that are doing wholesale options as well as retail options on their Shopify store. so stay tuned and we're going to check out this new a theme. hi, if you're new here, my name is Elle McCann and I have been a Shopify expert for over 6 years now, so I get this question a lot of what to do if your store has a huge amount of products and it's kind of confusing in terms of just organizing and also it's a good user experience- or how do you do wholesale when you are using Shopify? a lot of these options aren't really built into Shopify and while they can handle a huge amount of collections and products actually putting into your Shopify store- know all the themes actually really work with that- and it can get really confusing for your customers and just not a good user experience, which, of course, could hurt your conversion rate. so one of my favorite Shopify theme developers is pixel union and they just released a brand new theme called superstore, as well as an app that goes along with it as well, called wholesale club. so we're gonna hop into my screen now and I'm going to show you both the theme and the app. that work great together, so let's check it out. so this is the pixel union website and you can just go to pixel Union dotnet or click the link in the description below to view the site. they have a lot of different Shopify themes, so if we click in themes here at the top, you can see a list of all of them and as we scroll down this page, you can see all of the different themes that they have available. there really so many different styles, so many different types of stores. for example, this one is great for one product or doing like a Kickstarter launch, and they have a lot of different styles- how you want your site to look. but I real wanted to highlight their new theme, which is this superstore theme. so if we click, you superstorm. but what's great about it is it is really built out for large catalog stores as well as wholesale stores. so they have a couple apps as well, and those apps- one of the big ones- is for wholesale, so that app actually ties in seamlessly to this theme. so they have two different styles. if you see here they have a fashion one and a tik. of course, you can make it be whatever you want. so if we hit to view this demo, we can then see it here. so again, as you're looking at this, you can see just how much it's catered to very large catalog stores. so so many people have asked about: you know, how do you manage a store that has a thousand products and make it to where it's still a very user friendly experience and people can get in to the products that they are wanting to view and you're not overwhelming them? and so I think this store design does a really great job of breaking it out to where it's still really nicely designed and there's really cool functionality like Twitter feeds, and, of course, it is very much responsive and it looks great on mobile devices. but it's still going to be a good experience for your customers. so if we click here for the menu, you can see that they have a ton of different- this is their example store, but they have a ton of different collections of different types of products that you can see. so if we come in now, two cameras and you can see how those pages are laid out. so, again, a lot of cool functionality of filtering, which is really crucial for a large catalog store- of making it to where people can very quickly say, okay, I just want to see the red color cameras. boom, it's just one. and now they can see either the options and choose it straight from there and Add to Cart, or they can click in to the individual product page where they have more capabilities of seeing the products. you have reviews enabled for this store as well, so if you had reviews, you would have those show up. so this is a beautiful theme that is not only just really nicely designed, but it's also really thought through of how to manage a lot of products in one store and to make it user friendly. but what's really great about it is that it goes directly with their wholesale app. so if we come in back to their store now and we click on apps and their wholesale again, they have a lot of different apps here that are really nicely done. however, their wholesale Club app: if we click in and check on it, this app makes it really easy to have one store for both your retail purchases as well as wholesale customers as well. now, if you were on the Shopify Plus plan, you would be able to have wholesale functionality to your site. however, I know that a lot of my audience here on YouTube is not Shopify plus customers, and you have been looking for a way that you can have wholesale on your site while still having retail from the same side as well, so you're not having to do two separate Shopify stores, which is kind of a lot to manage. so what their app does is it lets you have wholesale discounts and member-only pricing. so, for example, you can see here that the product was originally $42 and now it's 21, so that's a 50% discount for wholesale customers. but what's great is no one that is just a regular consumer would be able to see this discounted pricing. only whenever they set up a wholesale account and you approve them through this app would they then be able to see the wholesale pricing. and again, they just log into your store- it's a normally would- and then they would instantly see this wholesale pricing. so it makes it really easy to have wholesale and retail customers all in one store and it works really nicely together so that you can also make sure that you have order minimums for a wholesale account. so they have to order one hundred and fifty dollars worth, or whatever it is to be able to get that wholesale pricing. so I really highly recommend checking out this wholesale Club app if you're wanting to do wholesale pricing on your store and also take a look at their new superstore theme as well. I'm gonna put links in the description below to both of those, but I highly recommend checking these out if you were looking at doing wholesale options on your store or if you're looking for a new way to really showcase all the different products and categories that you have on your Shopify store. okay, so I hope you enjoyed that video, so let me know what you think in the comments below. what do you think about the new superstore theme design, as well as the wholesale club app? how many products do you have on your store and are you going to be needing or already using wholesale functionality for your Shopify store? I would love to know. so make sure to comment below and tell us a little bit more about you. also, I'm going to put a link in the description below so you can check out the theme and the app and again, just linking that below so it's easy for you to go in and check out on your own. if you haven't yet, make sure to subscribe to get more videos like this- all about Shopify and how to grow your online store. also, check out some new videos over here, as well as our traffic blueprint guide that you can download on our website.