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Wholesale Sources for Ebay Selling...

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Wholesale Sources for Ebay Selling...

Wholesale Sources for Ebay Selling...

okay here's part two of the video on
making money online this is gonna tok
about physical goods and finding sources
for it and where do I get it and where
it would I want to sell digital cameras
where do I get them wholesale I want to
sell this other okay I got one word for
liquidations go check out Liquidators
and liquidation Goods and closeout man I
made a ton of money with liquidated
goods for example I bought pallets and
pallets and pallets of collectibles from
some ploy distributors that went out of
business there was all kinds of Futurama
future Amma's of probit look it up China
and Mystery Science 3000 statues and and
I bought pallets of it for I don't know
maybe I paid 500 bucks for five or six
pallets of this crap I put it on eBay in
a special way and said it was highly
collectible because packages were
this that and I did some investigation
another long story I digress anyways
that 500 bucks I probably sold for maybe
20 grand but when it was all said and
done so you know liquidation goods are
great because you can find some great
deals you pay pennies on the dollar
otherwise you don't buy it's gotta be a
screaming screaming deal otherwise don't
buy it
here's some places you can go and
right now for some Screaming deals go
check them out okay guys I'm gonna go
through this real quick these are some
old bookmarks from some of the old
places I used to go shopping for
merchandise you guys can go explore
these on your own I'm not going to go
through every little nook and cranny of
these things you know it's been a long
time since I've done this so you guys
check out the legitimacy of these sites
this one is by for less and it's
electronics and they do this by bid and
quotes and here you can see their weekly
specials and let's just go over here and
take a look they do everything they've
got Big Lots high-volume deals
accessories camcorders digital cameras
based on megapixels all the way up to 10
megapixels DVD players and recorders GPS
home audio mp3 and mp4 all kinds of crap
in here and most of this stuff as you
can see is refurbished and they always
have several items in a lot and it's all
by request so for example here's a
samsung camera I'll click on that and
this one says it's a take all deal some
of them you can buy less some of them
you have to take it all and I look at
this one it's a s 850 digital camera 8.1
megapixel blah blah blah refurbished in
a plain box and there are 40 of them he
says they say they're $200 retail and
then you request a quote and you make
them an offer kind of deal that's the
way you go with these things and again
lots of crap here to look at check it
out you may be able to find something
cool and make some money with on eBay
again be careful
but I think this stuff comes with some
kind of a warranty so anyway give that a
look that's your first one buy for Less
electronics CWS marketing okay these
guys are interesting this is all the
government sales whoops this is
government seize property from the you
know different different government
agencies this CWS is the agency the
government uses to auction off a bunch
of their crap so this is not one of
those places it says oh hey send us 50
bucks and we'll tell you how to buy
stuff from the government this is it
this is the government place you don't
need to pay anybody a dime for this crap
anyway residential properties aircraft
autos and motorcycles jewelry inventory
all kinds of crap I'm looking they got
something here what is this customs of
Border Protection General Order
merchandise online auction automobile
parts aircraft parts computer equipment
consumer electronics anyway that's
currently coming up anyway check out
that site again links will be in the
CWS marketing com that's another one
okay liquidation calm this is another
one where you bid on crap it's kind of
like eBay only big lots of crap I've
never used these guys you got to kind of
be careful with them because a lot of
this stuff they show you a picture one
item is good and then the rest are all
trashed and you also got to be careful
on shipping but anyway that might be
worth a look be careful
next one hotel central calm and this is
kind of a clearinghouse where they have
a bunch of people that advertise through
these guys and it's all categorized by
what you're after
now obviously you got to be really
careful with this kind of crap because
these guys
you know they're not really monitoring
it they're just providing an advertising
service so be careful with who you deal
with in here under whatever category you
go after but use your due diligence
check it out and you may find some cool
stuff to eBay and they go everything
from apparel to all this crap computer
products electronics sporting goods toys
and watches and everything in between
anyway due diligence be careful let's go
on to the next one oh this one okay this
is a an email that I get about once a
week and it's from the Internet
Marketing Association of surplus dealers
I am ASD and they send this email and
it's all these guys it's all different
sellers that have listings of surplus or
liquidation goods here's a 50 inch
plasma TV factory-sealed and you got to
go and check out these deals because
everyone is different
here for example Banana Republic and
arrow postal 200 pieces of clothing for
275 bucks it's a little over a buck
apiece now you think you can sell that
on eBay bundle that up sell it in dealer
Lots you can sell it piece by piece
whatever it's a buck you know if you
sell it for two bucks a piece you're
gonna double your money here's another
one 200 pieces children's kit lot 275
Oshkosh gap side out old navy blah blah
anyway you go on you you check out each
one of these links make sure they're
legit some of this stuff is huge lots
you know big big some of it's truckloads
you know so check them out everything
you know you're gonna have to do the
footwork on this I'm just giving you
ideas here
so there you go I think that was the
last yeah that's the last one
okay again you sure due diligence check
those places out good luck and links are
in the description
bah-bah-bah mine are

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