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why am i getting ads with twitch prime

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Changes to Twitch Prime Ad-Free Viewing

so there is only one big change occurring for people who have twitch Prime- and if you don't know what twitch Prime is, it's essentially if you have Amazon Prime, you can link that to your twitch account and you get a couple of benefits there, one of them being Universal ad free viewing, another being a free sub per month, another being a bunch of different gaming loot to whatever the heck that means. but the only change coming is you no longer will be getting Universal ad free viewing. so, according to twitch, starting on September 14th, new members will no longer have ad free viewing monthly. prime subs will get ad free viewing through October 15th. annual subs will have ad free viewing until their next renewal date and since you do get that one free subscription per month, if you subscribe to a channel, you will not see advertisements on that channel, so you do still get that benefit out of it. now, everything else associated with your twitch Prime subscription account thingy will remain consistent. the only thing changing is those ads. so I think it's important to ask: why is twitch doing this? and twitch came out and stated they are doing it to offer creators more opportunity to get support from their viewers and also that ads allow them to continue making twitch the best place for creators to build communities around the things they love and make money doing it. now, surprisingly, given how much I just trashed YouTube for non skippable ads, I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, do I think you're going to be getting hundreds of thousands of dollars for ad views? probably not, because it's a lot more difficult, or seemingly a lot more difficult, to get that level of views on Twitch. I don't know what the CPM rate is there. maybe it's a lot better than YouTube, though. now, of course, I will tell you how you go about getting no ads on Twitch. and surprise, surprise, it's another monthly subscription service, because, lord knows, that's what we've all been needing more of: another service to pay 10 bucks a month - or, in this case, 9 bucks a month- and what you get when you sign up for twitch turbo, which is what it's called, you get a free viewing, you get exclusive emojis and a customizable name color in the chat rooms. you get a turbo badge in the chat, so everybody knows that you pay twitch and you get priority customer support. cool, another subscription servus, what I have always wanted. oh, is this good or bad? I honestly don't know, and the reason I'm saying that is I don't create enough on Twitch to get ads. or even if I did have ads, I don't have enough views to get anything out of it, and I also don't watch enough twitch to know what the experience is like when you get showing ads. so I'm not the best person to ask here. but I can say that I understand why twitch is doing this, or, I guess, why Amazon is doing this. when I looked at twitch Prime a few months ago when I first heard about it, I was actually shocked to see how much money they were losing by doing this. they give away 250 a month for every twitch Prime subscription by allowing you to sub to somebody's channel for free. if I'm not mistaken, the Creator gets 2 dollars and 50 cents of that five dollar subscription. so that's 250 down the drain. also, no advertisements, all the free loot, everything. it is a tremendous value given everything else you get with your Amazon Prime subscription. so I am personally not too offended by this. I think it's perfectly fine to ask: hey, if you do not want ads, go ahead and pay us 9 bucks a month. but I know I'm being a hypocrite because I just critikized YouTube. I would like to hear from you guys, though. if you are a twitch creator or a Twitter viewer, are you ok with this? do you hate this? what are you going to do? are you gonna pay that 9 bucks a month? what are you gonna do? and I'll go ahead and link an artikle from twitch or a blog post from twitch, as well as a link to the twitch turbo signup page. [Music]: you.

Twitch Prime Explained - Why Amazon Prime is Awesome!

all right. so I wanted to make a quick video about twitch Prime, and this is the most recent Amazon product coming in collaboration with twitch. so, if you don't know, two years ago amazoncom bought twitch for I think it was about 1 billion dollars. this is a huge deal because at the time a lot of people didn't know- who are in the investment in stok market community- what twitch is. and if you're a gamer and a youtuber, you probably already know what it is. but if you're not, and you don't know, it's twitch TV and it's a service where people primarily stream and watch video games. so that's kind of the thing in the future: people like to watch other people play video games, people like to stream. it's kind of like hanging out with your friends. that's what twitch is all about. but if you probably watch this video, if you watch this video, you probably already know what twitch is all about. so, anyways, now they're paired with Amazon. Amazon owns them. so they're coming out with twitch Prime and this is really great, because I love Amazon comma, I love Prime. I've been using it since I was a student. it has a lot of great benefits, even though the cost has gone up. there's just a lot of stuff that it provides. so basically, this is one of their newest products. so this was the post. let's move on to like what it is. so, basically, what twitch prime is offerings: if you already have Amazon Prime, you can link your twitch account and get free in-game loot every month. so this says you'll get characters, vehicles, skins and boosts for games like hearthstone and smite, plus surprise, surprises, like a copy of streamline the day it launches. you also get and free viewing plus a free channel subscription every 30 days. so so support your favorite streamer. Plus get exclusive emotes, more chat colors and crying yourself with the chat badge of royalty. so again, if you don't know how to works, basically you can just watch somebody for free. a lot of the system on Twitch is like tipping people. they have like account setup in PayPal so you can like tip your favorite streamer. this might sound crazy, but if you watch someone day in and day out, you eventually want to kind of pivot, because they're doing it for free in a sense. they might have some ads or some marketing or whatever and they might get paid through twitch, but it might not be that much. so this kind of. just to give an example, I watch a video game news show from like 1 to 2. I don't watch it all the time. a lot of times I'm just listening to it at work and I don't listen to it every day, but I've been listening to about for like a year now so I almost felt like donating money to them, and I did at one point because it was so much free content- and that's kind of how a lot of people view things- that a lot of kids in the younger generation will just pay because they're getting so much free content. they recognize kind of the work and it's it's. it's a great system. I like it because there's so many people watching it so they only need to pay like a dollar or so or whatever if everyone pays fifty cents and that person makes enough money to make the content and it doesn't hurt the people that are viewing it really. so I just think it's a really great system. and on Twitch you can actually subscribe to somebody and then you could pay them monthly like, say, five dollars to subscribe. then you get all these bonus features. so this is giving you those features free. every thirty days you get it looks like an additional subscription that you can do on somebody else, and then Prime probably takes that out of a portion of the annual fee, which is a hundred dollars, and gives that to the twitch subscribers in some kind of way or some kind of partnership. so in general, just to go through what Amazon is and how that works. I mean, most people know, but I don't know. if you know, everybody understands Amazon to its fullest, so you might as well just follow that. if you're here just for twitch, you can leave now. but if you want to hear my opinion about Amazon Prime, stik around for the rest of this video. so I'll do it kind of quick. basically, Amazon Prime has increased its price over time. when I first started was a lot less, and when I was a student I had to pay even less for it, and now it's about a hundred dollars a year and if you pay monthly it's about ten dollars a month. so you saved twenty dollars for just signing up for the year and what you get on this is two day free shipping. that's how it all started here at the bottom. that's what made Amazon famous. but now it's turned into kind of like a mini Netflix where they have a lot of movies and TV shows for free. but the unfortunate part of that is they don't always have the best shows and best movies. they are making their own content, like Netflix, to try to compete with them, but it's not as good and a lot of times some of the TV shows you still have to pay to watch. so it's not ideal. it's not like Netflix, but you can use it to watch a lot of free stuff and hook it up to your TV or Xbox, which is great. they also have their own musics like service where you can like, kind of like iTunes, which is great. I actually like using it because you can get it on your phone. any computer that you ever go to you could just log into Amazon and get all the songs you've ever paid for, and just this week they announced that they're doing their own streaming system like Pandora or Spotify, and it's also at a discount if you over Prime membership. so they're just bundling all the stuff together, which is then on top of that, if you have a Kindle, you can read books for free on your Kindle, like one or two, three books a month, and now they're also expanding that to people who don't have Kindles, but it's the selection of books is less, so basically, you can to day free shipping. you get movie, songs, books and there's probably a few other small things that I'm forgetting, but those are like the major benefits and things that I use on the rag. and then what's so great about Amazon is that I have like an Amazon credit card and all the stuff that when you use their products that give you bonuses for other things. so, for example, like if I defer two-day shipping and say like I don't need it, I'm not in a rush, I can get it next week- they'll give me like a couple dollars to go buy some free music and etc. so it's just really nice. and if you buy- like I've had things where I bought this like whole CD on like a deal or like a CD bundle and then I got money towards something else and they give you discounts on video games and all this stuff. so it's really great. and if you're a gamer like myself, they do make sure that you get the game on the day that's launched. so if you're getting called duty, you will get it on launch date etc. which is really nice. and if you get a physical copy, then you don't even have to worry about that. so that's my rants on Amazon. I'll end it. there's longer than I planned, but I just think that Amazon is amazing and also that twitch is cool and now that they're combined they can do a lot of cool stuff. but Oh, before I finish it, I do have this link here. so this is just once you sign in to that twitch dot TV, like prime, once you link your account, this is what you can see. you could get your free loot. you can browse the games that are on sale and get your free subscription here at the bottom. so, as always, thank you all for watching on blitz 5 and peace out.

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Do You Have Amazon Prime? Then You Have TWITCH PRIME TOO!

hey everybody. i just wanted to take a second to tok about something that i think a lot of people probably don't even know that they have. um, so, as many of you may know, i uh do youtube videos, but i also stream on twitch. now. it's something i used to do, but i got back into it recently and, um, if you have amazon prime, if you pay for amazon prime, you also have twitch prime. um, if you don't know, twitches, it's a live streaming platform where you can go, hang out and watch people play games. you can watch people, just tok, you know, you can tok and chat with them and all kinds of different stuff. i personally play games online and i also do a lot of kpop related content, obviously, um, where we watch shows together and we just watch youtube videos of live stages and we all just hang out and tok about k-pop. but if you have a, an amazon prom account, you also can have twitch prime. you just have to link your accounts up and what that means is that you will get a free subscription to a streamer of your choice every month. um, just one subscription and you have to give it to somebody every month. it could be the same person over and over again. you could alternate and go to different streamers that you want to give it to, and what that subscription does is it unlocks their tier one emotes or any perks that they pro they have for tier one, and also will help you not get ads for that streamer. um, because i know people have come into my chat and they hate that there's ads when you first get there. trust me, i hate it too. so that is something that everybody that has amazon prime has and i think a lot of people probably don't know that, because most people are buying amazon prime for amazon prime. they're not buying it for twitch. a lot of people probably don't even know really much about twitch and amazon owns twitch and that's why this is something that's part of amazon prime and, like i said, people probably just don't know that they have it. it's pretty simple: you just link your accounts together and then you have that to give to somebody and that subscription, besides being beneficial for you, if you do like to go into streams, use people emotes, hang out with people you know not have the ads. besides that, that subscription benefits the streamer, the content creator, because they get a monetary value from it. so anybody that subscribes to my channel. i have three tiers, just like everyone else. first tier is five dollars, second tier is ten dollars and third tier is 25 a month and, like i said, it unlocks emotes and unlocks perks that i have for each of those tiers that i've set up and stuff like that. like my tier one, you can re, uh, request a reaction for me to do, like a music video reaction. um, my tier two is you can request, like a show or an episode, a k-pop episode or something that you want me to watch. my tier three is that you can ask me to do a choreo for a dance, uh, a k-pop dance, and i will do my best, but anyways, um, so people have all that stuff and they get a monetary kickback from that. obviously, twitch takes their percentage, but that's something that you're paying for. you know you are paying for that and you can help another streamer or content creator, because some of these people- you know some of these streamers- do this as their full-time job. so, but yeah, i was just thinking about that recently when i got back into twitch and i thought i'd let my friends know because, like i know that stan twitter, there's probably a lot of you guys that have amazon prime and you have no idea that this is something you have. so i figured i'd let you guys know by making a video, because sometimes a little bit easier to explain and obviously twitter has a character limit, so it'd be really hard for me to write this all out. thank you guys for watching the video. hopefully it helped you guys out if it was something you didn't know, and i'll see you guys on youtube or twitch.

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Twitch Prime Benefits

[Music]. what's up guys, brother, for physics, here is another video. in this video, maybe teach you guys about twitch prime, amazon. a couple months ago they brought up twitch for a lot of money. it was a huge D, it was a huge thing. and so now there's twitch prime. if you don't know at which partners it's basically Amazon and twitch. they partner together, linked. which prime you have to have Amazon Prime to get to its prime. but you can have a 30-day free trial, as you can see right here, and I'm going to go over the benefits of twitch prime and why you should get it, along with other reasons. so I'm so I hadn't start here. get free in gaming: every month I've reviewing and loads more with which part if we go over here and learn. so they chose a Roger chief and I like overwatch on more. here's the thing: get a golden loop box with at least one guarantee legendary item here and 10 Center loot boxes for just for just this, for just over watch a special view. there's a bunch of other deals for hearthstone, heroes of the storm, warframe, player backgrounds and watch other games. but you can the Amazon Prime for $2.99 a month, but you get a 30 day free trial. you can cancel at any time if you can't afford to pay it or you can get it for just 99 year, which I have a hunch account and valid credit card for I'm going payment and obviously, and the best part is, if you already have Amazon Prime, you did no additional classes. you have to connect your twitch account and this, the best part here, is it with with Amazon Prime, just hit our new. you already killed little bit. if it's for the money, which is completely worth it anyways, just to get Amazon Prime by itself is you get the two day shipping. sometimes. you get really good deals having Amazon Prime and overall Amazon loves you a lot more and you get up specifically Amazon Prime, not to mention twitch prime- gives you one subscription free to subscribe to any channel per month. get the twitch Prime badge. you get emoji so you can use on everything. you get lots of benefits in other games. of course, the monthly loot. you can hit a bunch of all of this stuff for just having Amazon Prime with those benefits, plus twitch prod benefits and overall uplink, it's completely worth it. like there's no reason why you shouldn't get this guy's if you don't Ernie how much time you should really get it. you can add free stuff. you get. there's daemon. haven't inch to inch t-shirt right now. it's exclusive from somewhere. you can rub the twitch, you can watch it. you can rub the twitch prime shirt. you know that you've got Twitter Prime and it screws. in first view it was short, but if you did like it, please like on the video. if I helped you out, maybe like on the video. if you're going to your Twitter part, leave like on the video. if you have to its prime, you would like on the video and all around. just keep like. so you know we can get on the recommended page for some people to show them, share the mana, some kind of how twitch prime works. and it'd be if you guys could subscribe the channel. why not see if you want more videos? and if you guys want to see end of the video or a new video, you should probably subscribe to the channel so you can see all those new videos all upload and I'll see you guys in the next video and have a nice day pizza.

Twitch Prime Will Run Ads Because of Free Loot

before we start this video, I like to say that I actually don't use twitch that much because of my own personal experience, and we'll tok about that in a different video. today we're gonna tok about changes on twitch, so I'm not gonna go too far. I just use like 30 seconds. so let's go to start reading banging em, let's go. when we launched which Prime, we were determined to give streamers and their viewers the best value in caming, and since then we sent the twitch community to take advantage of the twitch prime perks, like monthly game channel subscriptions to support favorite streamers, free games with Prime and in-game loot for games like fortnight pub G, hearthstone and more on top of that- everything you get on Amazon Prime. this year alone, we offer members more than $1000 in game and loops. as we continue to add value to twitch Prime, we have also reevaluated some of the existing twitch prime benefits. as a result, Universal F reviewing will no longer be part of twitch prime for new members starting on October 14. now this is what trigger people. they're taking ad free viewing. now let's look at these crazy like this is okay, before we get into this. this is this is just my perspective and my view on this. on the prime loop. maybe this prime loop for you guys is amazing, but we're gonna give you my personal reaction. pup G, I don't even play that game. why the hell would I want some crate that I don't get? I don't even play warframe. does it look like I want some of this crap? I don't even play warframe. what the heck is up with this? up the wrecking ball, loot boxes. I stopped playing overwatch long ago, my brother long ago. I don't give a crap, I don't play overwatch. Bruce cape, god, what is this 2007? sure, might be even exaggerating. maybe I'm sure I'm just trippin, maybe what? let me rephrase that: Oh, what the heck is this 2004? I don't know. you know I don't play runescape. anyways, called or even known this game either internal strata, another game I don't play: wizardry bundle. this is a free game. okay, these are free games. no, that wasn't a free game. no, I know it's not freaking salute. I don't know what this game is. I don't know what this game is. I don't know what this game is. I don't know what this game is. neither is that one. so I'm looking at the games right now: ten dollar game and a 15 dollar game. I guess there are very positive games but, to be honest, these are not really free games because one you're paying for Amazon Prime and these games are not games you're actually wanting, so at the same time, they're pointless games. they're decent, decently price. steam world is nine dollars, but on sale, I'm pretty sure, probably three dollars, and this game on sale, like on Black Friday or whatever, or Humble Bundle will probably be like five bucks. they're not really whoa. you're getting like Grand Theft Auto 5 or something. nah, nah, nah, that you didn't get none of that crap. let's go back to the twitch prompting and let's keep reading this. really, let's read this part. but why? because advertising is the most important source that supports for the creator's who make twitch possible. this change will strengthen and expand their advertising opportunities for creators so they can get more support from their viewers for what they love to do. if off its add free view is still possible on Twitch, yes, you gotta buy turbo more. what matters this prime is still, and will always be, packed with premiums, benefits that you don't actually need. we're just getting started on giving you crap and skins and loot boxes that you don't even want and, worst, be doing it every month. monthly channel subscription, exclusive badges, along with new benefits and surprises, like taking your ads and other stuff and giving you some lube so you can move yourself up, because we're gonna give you the best advantage of what position you want. that is Amazon Prime. so prime video on prime music is all-access thanks to every twitch Prime member that likes it up. then we'll see you in the chat. [Music].

How To Subscribe to Your Favorite Twitch Streamer for FREE with Amazon Prime (Prime Gaming Tutorial)

in this video i'm going to show you how to support your friend, family member, fellow streamer on twitch. first thing you need to do: go over to twitchtv, click the sign up button in the top right. if you haven't already created a twitch account, fill out all the information. hit sign up. you're probably gonna get a confirmation email. you'll have to go to that, confirm it and then come back and go to the login page: login to twitch. i recommend you setting up this two-factor authentikation too, because your twitch account will be safer so that hackers can't get a hold of it. so it texted me my security code on my cell phone. i'm going to type it in. now we're logged in. you can see the profile picture in the top right now. head over to your amazoncom and just click the button up here that says hello, whoever you are. don't even worry about the drop down, just click right there. click now. in the middle of the screen it says twitch settings. right here that i'm where i'm circling. click that button and here it's going to say link account. so you'd click that button and then log into the same account that you just created. that's going to link your twitch account once your screen shows that it is linked and it's saying unlink account like mine is right here. you can go back over to twitch. go to any one of your favorite streamers and hope there's not an ad. then you can hit the subscribe button here for whoever you want to use your twitch prime for. and then there is a button right here that says subscribe free- free subscription with twitch prime. let me mute this. subscribe two ways to subscribe. tier one subscription will renew monthly at five bucks. you can gift people subscriptions to your brother or cousin or brother, uncle- any of that. you can subscribe yourself right here with this button. it'll ask you for your information and you will pay monthly to whoever you want to subscribe to. now there are higher tiers which unlock more emotes and other things, depending on the channel. these are 9.99 and 24.99 for the tier 2 or tier 3.. to use your amazon subscription each month for free- that section's right here. if you want to learn more about it, there's learn more here. or you can just hit subscribe free. that's going to then pay your favorite streamer 2.49 and it costs you nothing because you're already paying for the amazon yearly package. then it's also going to give twitch the other half of the 4.99. if you guys have any questions or need any further assistance trying to set up your accounts or have any other tutorials you'd like to see, let me know down in the comments. and don't forget to subscribe to the channel to see more how-to videos, gameplay videos and all that peace.